rebelling against low expectations


Clayton McDonald: The Boy Who Knew He Was Going to Die


UPDATED 11/06/14: Our website has been crushed with traffic to watch this video. Why is that? Here’s my best guess after reading hundreds of comments on Facebook and in the comment section below: Almost every Christian in America has heard the story of Brittany Maynard — a brave and beautiful person whose life was rudely interrupted by a malignant brain tumor. Rather than continue to deteriorate...

Have You Met Clayton McDonald?


Have you ever met Clayton McDonald? If you had, you’d remember him. His personality and life mission are hard to forget. Have you ever met him? Probably not in person. You see, Clayton went to be with Jesus almost exactly four years ago. But don’t worry! You’re in luck, because Clayton McDonald will continue to change the world as long as his life and message are remembered...

rebelling against low expectations

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