rebelling against low expectations

A Call to My Generation


Brett and I firmly believe we are living in historic times. We further believe that God is raising up a generation of young people, specifically those in the Christian, homeschool community, who will one day assume positions of leadership in all spheres of life: social, political, and spiritual. This is not a call for the complacent or the lackadaisical. This is not a call to those who are willing to lower their standards to meet the expectations of their culture. This is a call to the rebelutionary.

While these posts are usually made at the inception of a blog, even in the past 5 days our vision for this blog has become more clear. Announcing The Rebelution… a journal of our thoughts, if you will, through which we seek to discipline ourselves to both contemplate the many things we observe and then to write our thoughts down. However, on an even deeper level, we would pray that God would use this blog to mobilize Christian young people; causing them to 1.) wake up, and 2.) catch fire.

Suffice to say that we would greatly appreciate all of your feedback and support. We would even more greatly appreciate your joining ranks with us to make a mark for the kingdom of God. The beauty of technology is the ability to network. It is both of our hope that we would be able to network with high-quality, like-minded, and motivated young Christian bloggers and then draw from one another in order to firmly cement our existence in the online community, and to do so in such a way that the world sits up and takes notice. I pray that we might make the word ‘rebelution’ a “household-name” in the online blog community, not only as a group of godly young people, but as a reliable source of truth utilized to its full world-changing potential. None of of us, with our limited schedules and busy lives, can be more than a drop in the ocean-sized bucket of the internet community on our own… But together, unified in Christ and through His grace, we believe that we can fill a gap that needs to be filled.

This blog challenges you to throw off the shackles of what society expects of you.

The teen years are not a vacation from responsibility. They are the training ground of future leaders who dare to be responsible now.

Let’s start a rebelution.

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • I am a fast aging baby boomer, and I totally agree with both of you. Your generation will have to, unfortunately, undo the harm that my generation has inflicted on society. You all will have to be the next, “Greatest Generation”.

  • I read your article, and I think its great! This isn’t the normal blog, so I guess ‘keep up the good work’ isn’t exactly the best thing to leave as a comment. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. I’m a teen and I wanna be part or The Rebelution!

  • hey,

    Im an aussie girl, and i was homeschooled too. We dont have quite the support base for homeschoolers that you seem to have in the U.S and i struggled with being ‘different’ especially in my early teens. now im 19, and am eternally grateful to my parents and God, for the privilege of homeschooling. Anyway, i love Josh Harris’s books, and love this website and find it so inspiring…well done to you Harris boys! Its great to see people willing to stand up for God, especially at a young age.


  • u guys are definitely a breath of fresh air!! just a week into checking out your blogs, i have been challenged as well as encouraged. Count me in boys, I will be sharing the rebelution with our youth group and it is my prayer that they as well sense the responsiblility that the Lord has placed on this awesome generation! May the Lord continue to bless your paths as He births new and awesome desires in you both!!
    -your bro in Jesus

  • I’ve already commented on this site concerning the modesty survey and I’m pleased that this site is run with such excellance and it is so glorifiying to God. Several months ago, my pastor gave statistics of the people reached for Christ in generations past. When he came to the group of people born from ’77 -’94, the percentage was only 4%! All the youth were appalled, and now we are all working hard, living out our faith and I KNOW that the statistics will be reversed! Praise God for you guys! You’re really living out 1 Tim. 4:12.

  • One thing that annoys me more than anything is when people say “each generation is worse than the last”. Thankyou so much for giving teenagers a place to get away from that generalization.

  • No words can describe how grateful I am for this blog. All praise and thanks be to God for raising up a generation of on fire young people for His kingdom – to shine like light in this dark world.

    May Jesus always be our all in all.

  • This is soooo exciting. Our God is so great. I agree with you both, the Lord is raising up “leaders” out of this generation. The first thing I think the young people ought to do is “Kiss Dating Good-by”, so they can focus on the Lord. I thank Our Heavenly Father so much for families like yours that are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the kingdom. The Harris Family is truly glorifying the Lord. Don’t get weary in well doing, and you shall reap in due season. You are truly an answer to prayer, and I will do all I can in my small part of the world by telling all the youth that I know, about your site and the conference. I am so sorry for the mess my gereration has gotten us into, but I will do all I can do to help you and those seeking “His Truth”, to get us back on course. Thank you so much.

  • I’m just discovering the Rebelution . . . the more I read, the more I’m interested. I love that you guys are taking the initiative and accepting the calling to prepare yourselves to be godly leaders during this season of your lives. Because the willingness to accept this undertaking often seems absent from the lives of kids my age, it is exciting to see that such willingness does still exist! What an encouragement. I will be praying for wisdom and endurance for both of you.

  • Wow, is this a welcome change! I’m just so grateful that there is someplace, like this, where teens can come and actually be on fire without being ridiculed. Has anyone noticed how dead the church is today, and how much we just sort of fit in? I just have one teensy little disagreement with alex, and that is that we CAN make a difference. Nothing is impossible for those who believe, right? I worked at a newspaper for a little while, and I kept wishing there was something like this that I could write about. (I’m a newcomer) There has to be some way to reach the masses, if only we could find it! Can you imagine what would happen if all of us that see this blog could wake up and really be obsessed with Jesus?

  • you are right. This generation is placed with expections. Expections going through life like everyone has always done and everyone always will. But i believe also , like you said, that this generation is different. I have full faith in God that he has a plan. I hope its a crazy one. I was homeschooled all the way up till highschool. I am thankful for that time that i was able to further grow in Jesus before I was faced with the everyday simple hardships that teens face in society. I pray that someday we could all be different and i praise God for all that He’s doing now. God bless and thank you for your encouragment.

  • thank you so much guys for giving us all hope that we can step out of the mold we’ve fallen into. we CAN change the world, little by little. if not in our time than for the sake of our children. keep on fighting for it, people!

  • I am new to the Rebelution, but I love it. Thank you guys so much for being willing to stand up for what you belive and to get others to do it with you.

  • hello yesterday i went to rolling hills church at west lynn and alex and brett were speaking there i really was kinda bored at first but then i started to get really interested in what alex was saying and he really opened my eyes to what he was saying he was such an incouragement to me….THANK YOU ALEX!!!!!

  • Ok, so you know the movie “Field of Dreams'”? It’s where a farmer played by Kevin Costner here’s the voice of God while he works his fields. God tells him to make a baseball field out of his main crop field by saying “If you build it, they will come.” The whole movie is based around the fact that because Kevin Costner listened to the voice of God and made the baseball field, even though his crops were his source of income, he was able to restore his relationship with his earthly father, as well as his Heavenly Father. God blessed him for his obedience. It’s a great movie, if you haven’t seen it. But anyway, there is a correlation that I’m getting at. As I have been reading your and Brett’s blogs, I couldn’t help but hear that phrase in my head…”If you build it, they will come.” Build what and who will come?

    You are helping build an army, as I’m sure you know – and many, many soldiers are coming. This site – this Rebelution – is the catalyst. It seems to me that people minimize the impact teenagers and young people have in society. With types of media that are shoved at us from all angles, the rates of suicide, alcoholism, the use of drugs, and sexual activity should not be appalling, but rather expected. The reason that we young people are driven towards these things is because we want to hold fast to SOMETHING, even if it means demoralizing themselves; there HAS to be a reason to live. I think that when that desire to search for something, to strive,to succeed, and find the fulfillment of the Lords desire for us, goes unsatisfied – we are perfect victims for the traps the world sets before us.

    Bless you and Brett for being willing to take a stand against the things of this world and to help us young people realize there is another – a better – way. Now, the choice is before us – are we willing to turn from the ways of our society or not?

    …I believe we are.


  • I agree with 4HisChurch as well
    We made a mess of it. We had no examples because God was taken out of the school, then the church and finally out of lives. After college I rarely went to church except to go to passing generations funerals or someone in my generation getting married outside without God we made up our vows and made up our own god. What a horrible legacy we left our future generations. Because of free sex or the sexual revolution I was unable to bear children. Now childless, I look for ways to spread God message to those of your generation and especially mine who are in darkness and lost. I’m glad God was able to help me and show me what I needed to do for this I’m grateful. Change the landscape and generations to come there is a whole field of people waiting to be harvested.
    God bless you in your endeavors.
    Sincerely from the Lost Generation

  • wow! i read your book and i was totally inspired, i’ve never heard a message that i agree with so whole heartedly. i want to help spread the message, i’m thinking about starting a blog of my own!

  • Hello,
    I have an observation to share. Many people around my age (30’s and 40’s) are looking to the youth for guidance on how to dress, how to act, and what to get into. I’m a homeschooling mom with 8 children and have always homeschooled. It seems that in generations past kids looked up to the adults and wanted to be like them. Even grown men wanted to be like the resident grandfathers. Every boy knew what a man was, because men were everywhere, chopping wood, building things, protecting the innocent, etc. Girls knew what a mature lady looked like as well. Now it seems like there is so much confusion among the youth because there are SO FEW role models any where near them that are real men and women. So many people are focused on worshipping the youth culture and becoming famous that they have almost no compass. When you spoke about babies learning how to walk, talk, and crawl, that was something missing. The babies have examples, not just expectations. Even if the expectation was removed, babies would eventually learn because of wanting to be like all those very plentiful people who are obviously more advanced. Does this make sense?

    Christian adults need to quit getting caught up in the most popular TV shows and how to look like the youngest 40-something year old on earth, and start acting like a grown up.

    Another concern is that it seems to cost money everywhere one turns to be able to gain knowledge and experience because those who’ve been handed it are now charging to share it. It’s becoming increasingly hard to find anywhere affordable to hunt or fish because the government is gobbling up all the good land.

    I haven’t read the whole blog of course so I may not have seen this talked about. Has it been?
    Tanya (concerned mom of 8)

  • i just read your book, and it has definitely caused me to “wake up” and “catch fire”. i hadn’t really thought about the fact that i can do something big for Christ right now, i was just preparing to do something when i’m an adult. thanks so much for your thoughts and insight. it’s so helpful. praise God!

  • This is awesome. This is what we are trying to do in our church. But we are only about one or two teens trying to make a difference in the Hispanic and African American community. We are currently trying to organize a youth church in another church, but it is difficult to find teens that are willing to be on fire for God. Please pray for us!

  • I agree with you guys on most all the things you have written on blogs books and every other recsource my church has a youth group called GenNext we meet at my house watch the do hard things dvd and socialize with other teens our main goal is to get the teens in our church to do hard things we started 3 weeks ago and are continuing the dvd. my dad read do hard things and this summer well he gave me and my brother a stack of books to read by labor day. He got a hold of the publisher of do hard things and got alex and brett to leave a message to his companies prayer chain. our family and church has been blessed by this book thank you alex and brett for doing these things to make a diffrence God bless you ,Thomas.

  • Wow, Alex and Brett, this website and the Do Hard Things book are absolutely incredible!! Very inspiring! And convicting!! Ya’ll are major blessings and definitely shine God’s light! Thanks so much. 🙂

  • So… what can I say. I’m a french guys from quebec and i’m reading your book…

    What I learn from it, it’s what my father always ask me to do…do my best and more, try more and go outside my confort zone… I always tought that was a little bit to much for me but with God’s help i’ve always been able to do more… like Now…

    Last year I gave my summer to God and worked in an french christian camp… this summer i wanted to do the same thing but I asked God to try something more… so, now i’m (for the first time in my life) working in an english christian camp…(first time immerge english so sometime it’s really funny but from the begginning i guest i improved my english….i hope XP)

    I just realized that ( with the help of your book) I really can do everything with God. I’m eighteen years old and i’m gonna be 19 in october so I just ask if some people want to pray for a french guys ^_^ I just dont want to waste my last year as a “teenager” thanks, really for your work and i want you to know that your work (with god help) can even have an impact in french part of Canada . God bless you

  • Yay for homeschoolers =)
    I’m 16, and i’ve been homeschooled my whole life. I didn’t really feel a call to serve God in a specific area till just last year. And now i’m involved in missions (local, and in Mexico) and as i look into colleges that i might be interested in, i’m looking for a major in music performance, and possibly minors in spanish and youth ministry. The youth group i attend is AWESOME! I love them, and i love that they love and stive to serve God.
    Alex is right, we are not a generation that is to sit back and be lazy! We are facing major spiritual warfare in our world! And we need to stand up, put on the full armor of God, go into all the world and share the good news of Jesus Christ, and thru God, win lost souls.
    I myself have one friend in particular who isn’t saved, and i want nothing more to see him come to Christ. My heart breaks for him, and my heart breaks for this lost nation. This lost world.
    Count me in. Lets start a rebolution.

  • What a joy it is to discover a network of fellow radicals for Christ, rebolutionaries, as I must now call us, committed to sharing with the entire world the incredible Call of the most amazing God! Knowing that others of my generation are taking a stand against contemporary apathy and expectations, I feel renewed once again to fight with my whole spirit. I commend both of you for your passion and it’s wonderful results. I will be praying for you, Alex and Brett, and those you work with, that God may continue to flood you with His wisdom, eloquence, love and fire. Though we may never meet, know that a sister is happy to fight beside you, for the Rebolution, and for the King.

  • Im so glad I found this website. Im so on fire for the Lord right now. I cant even control it. Thank you guys so much for being who you are. Its true that God can use anyone to make a difference. And I believe us homeschoolers arent at all what the world thinks we are. We can deffinitely make a difference in the world. Just cause we’re at home a lot doesnt mean we’re sitting around doing nothing all day, that gives us more time to serve the Lord and grow closer to Him. So thanks. =]] and I plan to be on here ALOT. I may only be 16, but I know I can make a difference in the world. And I hope I will.

  • i have lost a lot of my passion in the last few years and it had all kinda settled to the bottom..but as i read you guys’ book it stirried it all up and i am just ready to run.i am am worship leader for my youth groupo now and am so excited to have this “rebolutionary” attitude and heart..i would love to share this book and the stories and dreams within this book with my team…please..if it’s okay with you guys..

    i hope you are having a wonderful time at college and hope to hear from you soon.thank you for the encouragement adn the CHALLENGE..the youth of this nation could use a good challenge..

  • After reading Do Hard Things, I’ve been telling everyone about it… even total strangers! I have personally bought more than 20 copies to hand out to teens and families I want to read it.

    Being a baby boomer myself (I turned 55 this year), I am at a point in my life where I’m thinking about three things: 1) What do I want to do with the second half of my life (new career, etc. since there will be retirement for my generation); 2) How can I make a difference in the world and for the Kingdom; and 3) What kind of legacy do I want to leave my children, grandchildren, etc.
    I found a direct correlation with the challenges put forth in the book… for me… not just teens… I am so excited about what God is going to do in our lives and our world through those of us who are willing to go do hard things…
    I’m excited to see what hard things our youth group at church will come up with while working through the book as a study… and how I can help them to do the hard things they set as goals…
    I would love to hear from other “older” folks like myself … have you also felt the message was written for you at this time of your life?

    I look forward to hearing about all the hard things that these youth will be doing in the months and years ahead… and hope you will all post your experiences here to continue to encourage others as they also strive to do hard things…

    Brett and Alex… thanks so much for getting the ball rolling!
    We can all make a difference being in the world, not of it… serving Him and loving one another through this rebelution…

  • Please insert the word “no” before the word retirement in the 3rd line of the 2nd paragraph of my previous post… thanks!

  • Wake up and Catch Fire… that is exactly what I want to do. I am a high school senior and I want to get rid of the “low expectations”. I have just started to read your guys book. I have to admit that I started to cry. I dont know excatly why, but I did. Then I realized what I was lacking in my life. I want to wake up and be on fire. I look forward to exploring more of what exactly The Rebelution is all about. Thank you for opening my eyes and want to rise above.

  • I can totally agree that our generation is at a bad time and it is up to us to fix it. We see it in magazines, on T.V, we hear it in music. But the part I don’t understand is why you said that it was a time for specifically homeschooled teens to stand up. I am not homeschooled and am just as much a Christian as someone who is. I can’t afford to go to private Christian schools but does that make me any less of a Christian? Public school may teach that monkeys evolved into man, and that the world started with a bang but that doesn’t mean we have to believe it. I spoke with my science teacher about the fact that I don’t believe it and the next day she spent about half the class talking about Science VS. Beleifs. She said that she has to teach science because it’s a rule, not because it’s her belief. So that isn’t correct when you say that homeschoolers speciffically should stand up. I can never be homeschooled but that doesn’t mean i can never be Christian.
    -Andie H.
    P.S. love the book

  • I am Alesia.
    I live in Canada and I am almost 18 and I am also homeschooled.
    When I first heard about “Rebelution” a few days ago, I was a bit unsure what it meant.
    But reading “Do Hard Things” has proubably changed alot in my spiritual life with God.
    It’s opened my eyes to important issues in todays society.
    Teens today ARE expected very little off and it’s somthing I’ve just recently begun to notice.
    I always used to think my parents were very hard, and strict.
    But I’d rather have parents that want me to BE somone in life, then let me sit around all day and have life served to me on a silver platter!

    When I found out that “The Rebelution” was started by two teen guys, who were also homeschooled, I just thought that it was amazing!

    It made me excited to read the book!

    I love the book and I am learning alot from it.
    Thank you for writting it.
    God Bless

  • I love your cause, and I’m all about starting a rebelution! BUttttt, I don’t think you should put emphasis on homeschooled kids. I’m not homeschooled, but I know I can still do great things for God. I don’t think being homeschooled entitles a better relationship with Jesus … besides being in school gives you more opportunities to be an example for Christ and witness to people. In other words, I don’t think Christians should have to be homeschooled, or that being homeschooled makes you more likely to do great things.

  • What you are saying is so awesome it is true that the teenagers around this world should stand for our Lord Jesus Christ and for every thing they believe in. In the school house and in the Chruch yard to the homes around our country and to the cities in our great nation

  • Hi guys!
    This is my first time on your website. I’m 15 years old. For about a year now, I have wished that just once, I could see the world, and myself, through the eyes of a guy. I wanted to understand how guys struggle with their eyes, and what I could do to make things easier for them. Thanks to the Modesty Survey, I feel like my wish has been granted. I think I do dress modestly but I didn’t understand how something as simple as iddly playing with my hair could stumble one of my brothers in Christ. The Modesty Survey has really opened my eyes and granted a wish that I thought was impossible to grant. What you’re doing with this website is definately God glorifying! Thank you sooooooo much!
    God bless!
    Laurie Kehr

  • I am reading your book and it is fantastic! Icant tell you how great it is for someone to step up to the plate and do something about the scorn teens get from adults. I am trying to apply do hard things to my everyday lifestyle.

    I am the oldest of six kids in my wonderful christian home,with my two God loving parents. I am 13 (only just a teen),but I am determined to live with Christlike expectations,and hold myself to his standard of perfection for all my teen years and on into my adult years. Thank you so much for inspiring teens everywhere to live up to life!

  • hi.
    im a high school stude from the philippines who had just read your book. . . and i was pretty pushed by it. . . pushed out of my comfort zone and away from complacency and mediocrity and towards, well, hard things. . ^^. . we really are bombarded with low expectations– and some of us dont even TRY to meet them (myself included. . .) God has truly used you guys to get us teens up. . we can do way more than just stay away from drugs, gangs, computer addiction, or whatever. . . (many of you have proved that. .) we can do hard things for God’s glory!!!!!!!

  • Hi. Im’m Caleb tasker and i’m 13 years old
    I go to a christian school on Coffs.
    I won an award for a bible class and they gave my eacher gave me a book
    called “Do Hard Things”. My life has been great my whole life but i haven’t
    gone anywhere. I’m now not going to complain about doing chores, make my bed,
    and help out my mum around the house. It encouraged me to do Hard i’m
    starting a band and recording. I’m gonna rise above low expectations.
    Thanks for the book!
    (plese reply if possible)

  • Hi. I’m Caleb tasker and i’m 13 years old
    I go to a christian school on Coffs.
    I won an award for a bible class and they gave my eacher gave me a book
    called “Do Hard Things”. My life has been great my whole life but i haven’t
    gone anywhere. I’m now not going to complain about doing chores, make my bed,
    and help out my mum around the house. It encouraged me to do Hard i’m
    starting a band and recording. I’m gonna rise above low expectations.
    Thanks for the book!
    (plese reply if possible)

  • I think the Rebelution is an amazing thing. I am trying my hardest to “do hard things”. I pray that God will continue to use me for His will. I think it is so cool how in the bood Do Hard Things it talks about do “little” hard things. I agree that those are also very importans.
    I don’t know if Alex and Brett read all these, but if you do, I tried sending an e-mail to you and it wouldn’t let me. It said the email address was too long. So if you could possibly help me that would be great. Thank you.

  • This is great, Alex! Thank you guys so much for reminding teens of this in a world where we can so quickly forget…
    I’m with you guys in this rebelution. Count me in!

  • hey guys, i just wanted to say thanks for all you’re doing with this website, “Do Hard Things”, and, soon, “Start Here”. im new to the rebelution, but its already been such a blessing to see that there are other teens around the world who are on fire for God! Also, the modesty survey was soooo much of a blessing! to see that there are Godly brothers in Christ out there who notice and appreciate when we dress modestly is such an encouragement!! thanks guys!!!

  • Hey guys, i love what you guys have started and am looking foward to being a part of it!!! i found out about you through “Generation Change”. i love that book sooooooo much, and am looking foward to reading “Do Hard Things” next. i hope that no one who reads this or hears about the rebelution will see some teenagers who happen to have a passion for something. i hope that they see and hear about us, and say, “Wow God is doing big things in their lives!!” thank you soooooooooooooo much for creating this website and i only wish i knew about it earlier!!!!!!!!!

  • I totally beleive this and am working hard to change my entire outlook on life to fit this “do hard things” mentality! I think that most Christian teenagers are just “living life” “just floating along”. Brethren, these things ought not so to be! Christ challenges us to “live godly in this present world” – which means we stand up for what we beleive in and live a life that invokes persecution and ridicule from others! People should know we are Christians just by the way we act and the things we say and even the way we dress (Modesty Survey). Our faith must change every aspect our lives and be integrated so deep in every area. It will radically change your entire outlook on life! Jesus wants to be a part of you – a very real part of you. He wants you to be focused on Him at all times. This is a huge concept, but one I am learning and realizing the joy that it brings!

  • Hi! I’m 13, and I just started you guy’s book (Do hard things.) And I just wanted to let y’all know I think the work you are doing is awesome!. . . Count me in!!

  • WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to the Conference , and it has made a HUGE impact on me, and my friend who went!!!! Keep do what your doing!!!!! before the conference i had felt that God had put on my heart to make a change, and the conference showed me that, i need to start responding to what God wants me to do! i had no idea that you guys were homeschooled until yesterday!!! i was like “IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS EDUCATED AT HOME!!! YAAA!!!” 🙂

  • This is great! i love what you and your family are doing it’s really helping people to do their best and rise above their low expectations. I’m starting now to do hard things by raising money so i can go to England. And what i’m going to do there is teach to people about this book and show teenagers that there is more to life then the low expectations.
    I’m Twelve years old and i hope to raise money before i turn sixteen to go to England.
    I am ready for the challenges couse i know my God will always be with be! 🙂 rise above the standard be great! 🙂 thanks soo much! -Kia

  • hey guys.. I just recently discovered the REBELUTION when i have come across your book entitled “do hard things”..i don’t have enough money to buy it but i scanned and read your book..sadly, i didn’t finish reading it because we’re not allowed to read the books in that store unless we’re going to buy it but i was already blessed by reading the first few pages..that’s where i have seen your website..i am a daughter of a pastor here in the Philippines and i am really saddened by the deterioration of the spirituality and morality of most youth’s very nice to know that there are still so many of us out there who would continue to fight a good fight of faith despite the difficulties of life..i really want to become a rebelutionary also by God’s grace and show the world that our being young could not hinder us from doing great things..GOD BLESS US ALL..

  • I love the fact that you said, “We further believe that God is raising up a generation of young people, specifically those in the Christian, homeschool community, who will one day assume positions of leadership in all spheres of life: social, political, and spiritual”. And you mentioned homeschool teens. Well, I’m homeschooled and I 100% agree with you. I am such a firm believer in homeschooling but it just seems like everytime someone asks me where I go to school and I say that I’m homeschooled something negative (usually not intended to be rude) comes out of their mouth such as “Well, I just couldn’t do that, being at home all day and not having any friends.” Urrghh I have to bit my lip and explain that I do have friends. In fact, I have the most awesome friends because I got to pick them – not just because we’re in the same class at school. In fact, my best friend is a year older than me and if we went to school together we probably wouldn’t hardly know each other. I just see so many benefits of homeschooling and the traditional schooled community needs to take homeschooling more seriously and accept it as a legitimate (and in my opinion way better) means of education. I’m not judging anyone – both of my best friends go to traditional school. I hope the homeschool community stands up for our rights and that we continue to have the freedom to educate the way we see fit. Just a thought. 🙂 Sorry it’s taken so long.

  • I agree with you, we do need to help as much as we can in this changing world and bring as much glory to god as we can. I struggle with that a lot having some overbearing family members who want me to do what they want and not what i want. With stress and every thing else in my life some times I feel like I am not even supposed to live here or any where for that matter.

  • hi, brett and alex. your story was really inspired. in fact, it has inspired me to the point to where i want to make my own website. one for christian kids and preteens. if you guys can give me some help on how you guys set up your website, that would be great. even though i am young, i feel that me and my friends can do hard things.

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