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100 Hard Things Challenge


One of our favorite things about the new book (Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are) is the way it includes the voices of so many different rebelutionaries. The book includes our answers to the 30+ most common questions we’ve received from teens around the world, but it’s also full of stories from teens just like you.

Because of that, we’re really excited about a project we’re calling 100 Hard Things. The number one question we get in emails and at our conferences is “Where do I start?” To help answer that, we’re compiling a list of a whole bunch of hard things (big and small) that other rebelutionaries have actually done.

Over the next two weeks we will be collecting submissions of hard things you have done. These snapshots should be carefully crafted, preferably in 10 words or less (20 words max). Here are some examples of the range of things we’re looking for:

100 Hard Things – EXAMPLES

    • Share the gospel with a friend.
    • Write a song and perform it.
    • Increase your GPA this year.
    • Start a Christian club at school.
    • Volunteer on a political campaign.
    • Hold a bake sale to fight human trafficking.
    • Babysit for a single mom at your church.
    • Start a band, practice hard, and book some gigs.
    • Do a chore that you weren’t asked to do.
    • Honor your parents even though you disagree with them.
    • Sponsor a child through Compassion International.

If you have done one of the things listed as an example, go ahead and submit it. You can submit your “hard thing” here on the blog by leaving a comment here. However, if you’re on Twitter, we encourage you to get your friends involved (and possibly catch the attention of the Twitter community) by tweeting your submission with the tag #100HardThings. Multiple submissions are welcome (one per tweet)!

We’ll be taking the best submissions (with a target number of 100) to share in Start Here. But if we receive more than that, we may make it a permanent feature on — giving rebelutionaries a growing list of big and small hard things that other teens have done, and (perhaps) that they can do too.

Because we’re trying to finish up the book by the end of the month, the deadline for submissions is less than two week away — September 20th. So get tweeting!

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


  • Awesome I’ll get started right away!!!!
    Thanks for doing this it really helps those of us with no creativity

  • Memorize a verse or passage of Scripture.

    Serve as a Sunday School teacher or nursery worker.

    Volunteer as a camp counselor.

    Mentor a younger student at church.

    Write down what God is teaching you and share it with others.

    Apologize when you’re wrong.

  • Choosing to spend money on others, rather than on things for myself that I don’t really need…it’s small, but it can be really hard…

  • Small Hard Things (they are by far the hardest!)… being faithful in laundry, dishes, daily chores, keeping my room clutter free, and going above and beyond what Mom or Dad asks. Trying as hard as I can not to waste a moment of my day. Starting College at 15. Learning a new language. Supporting and encouraging my family through adoption. Being faithful to wake up early and spend more time in the Word and in prayer.

  • -Debate and discus your views with your friends (Christian and non-Christian)

    -Bake a meal for your family.

    -Read a chapter book aloud to your siblings.

    -Turn off all electronics (including music) and spend an hour in prayer.

    -Write a letter to a friend or relative (rather than an email)

    -Make the choice to put others first in your friendships.

    -Spend as much time with God as you do on the computer (If you don’t time for three hours with God, you don’t have three hours for the computer).

    -Write a speech on something you feel passionate about, deliver to family/friends or a school group.

    There are a few, I’ll post more later. Thank you so much for doing this! I can’t wait to see the list! 🙂

  • debate with an agnostic friend about moral relativity

    attend a discipleship training program (The HA) to grow closer to God

    went on a week long missions trip to an Indian Reservation in Idaho (with people I didn’t know)

    Moved away from home to be near my ill brother

    Next year I plan on donating my kidney to my diabetic brother if I’m a match.

    took care of my grandma after she fell

  • ~ Write a book

    ~ Help a hurting friend

    ~ Apologise and ask forgivness from someone you’ve wronged

    ~ Let your sibling win an argument

  • I have many hard things I am doing, but the hardest thing I’m doing is:

    “I’ve been proclaiming my faith louder then ever, even though people keep trying to silence me, I will continue to speak out loud about Christ and my faith!”

    God Bless

  • Some things I have done:
    -Work with a group to pack care packages for military.
    -Take a Christian worldview class

    And few that I am working on:
    -Host a night of prayer with your friends/family.
    -Get to bed earlier, get up earlier, be more energized to do hard things. 😉

  • Share the Gospel with a complete stranger!

    Volunteer at a local pregnancy crisis center.

    Pray hard and ask the Lord to reveal to you your Holy Ambition.

    Tell someone Jesus Loves Them.

    Offer to pray for a friend.

    Do an extra chore without being asked.

    Admit when you are wrong.

    Answer your homework questions in complete sentences tonight 😉

    I’ll tweet some of these right now and let you know if I think of anymore!

  • I just wanted to quickly add that by doing the hard thing I am doing, my cousins and aunts and uncles have all begun to cast me out of the family for sharing so openly with my family, but it wont stop me from sharing what I believe in, even if I end up alone in the end, because even if my family has cast me out, God never will!


  • -Stop wasting my time.

    -say “I was wrong, please forgive me”

    -To pursue emotional purity.

    -To share the gospel with people I don´t know.

  • -research an aspect of Christianity, then discuss it with a parent or mentor
    -watch the news
    -take a sibling out for soda
    -don’t give up on something new your first try

  • – Start a drive at my church to help end modernday slavery/human trafficking
    – Miss Paramore concert for above thing =\
    – obey
    – respect those in authority even if you think they are wrong
    – Finish things all the way

    Peace and Love

  • start a book club for young ladies

    spend time with siblings doing what they love to do

    help out at the local homeless shelter

    adopt and train a Mustang

    ride 1,000 miles on your bicycle in six months

    audition for and join a youth symphony

    plan and lead a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon backpacking trip

  • -Discipling a new Christian from your church that’s had a hard life.-

    (There’s a girl from my church that just got saved at our summer camp who’s had a SUPER hard life; she feels hated by her family, she’s been abused, she’s been ignored, she’s been the “cast-off”, no one has liked her because of the family she has come from. Our youth group recently started a discipleship program where all of us older kids take a younger one in our group and we are their accountability partners to keep them reading the Bible everyday, and to be their mentors, basically. I thought it was odd at first that even though I am one of the “younger” older ones, I got what I thought would be the “hardest” girl, but, it’s been an absolute blast! At times I can get frustrated, cause, I’ve never really had a reason to doubt God’s love, but now, I can see from her standpoint. I’ve been able to show her so much. 🙂 I LOVE IT! It’s so fulfilling to me that I can give some one God’s love.

    (Sorry for the long description, I just had to explain how it can be a “Hard thing”.

  • Here are some things I have done that I think can encourage others:

    >Take action to help a friend struggling with tough life issues (walks to class, lunches, little favors).

    >Pursue a friendship with someone who may have an alienating personality (eternal pessimist, defeatist, socially awkward)…
    note: You’ll make some very close friends this way if you stick with it.

    >Raise your hands during worship (especially if this isn’t the norm at your church).

    >Take a risk and talk to someone with whom you have a damaged relationship.
    note: More often then not they’re more open to talking than they appear to be.

  • Hey,
    This is my hardthing i wanted to share.I seem to talk more than I listen so I’ve commited to just listen to what other people have to say before I talk. It gives me a moment to consider what I’m going to say so thats its something that actullay is worth talking about, not just the latest gossip or a hurtful judgement.

    -Play board game with your family
    -Have a campfire with friends and family
    -Invite that particular “annoying person to hang with you and your friends

  • A submission from a previous teen and newly married person:

    Don’t kiss till you’re married (I know, a bit cliché ;-). It’s way harder than it might sound!! And, it’s an amazing powerful testimony to our world.

  • Started college at 11
    Started playing piano for church (main services) at 7 yrs old (you don’t have to be a teen to do hard things)
    Leader in my youth group
    Volunteer for childrens ministries to teach them to do hard things ; )
    Get friendly with neighbors to reach them with the gospel

    Awesome opportunity for those of us who read your blog. I love your book and I’m so excited about your upcoming one!
    God bless
    Charity hall

  • –don’t give up on a friend who has some dirt in his life
    –love persistantly
    –invite a lonely or searching person into your life
    –don’t turn away people God has sent your way–there’s a reason God has them to YOU.
    –open up to your Christian family
    –memorize a chapter of the Bible
    –join a praise team

  • -Get together with a group of friends and make a Christian Movie. Invite people to come watch it when you’re done.

    -Volunteer at the Homeless Shelter. eg. Make food and distribute it one night, minister to them for a night, or preach the gospel.

  • have a personal Bible study every day

    help out at a nursing home

    write God-honoring songs and preform at your church

    participate in a walk for a cause

    tutor your younger siblings

    make a blog and write about important topics

    pray for our government

    teach music lessons

    design modest yet fashionable clothes then make them!

    have a purity tea for girls at your church (we did this at our church and discussed Sarah Mally’s book “Before You Meet Prince Charming”)

    spend time with your family! Serve together, study the Bible and pray together, research a new hobby you don’t know about and try it together, etc. It can be hard to pull away from yourself in some situations but it’s really great to be with your family.

  • Oh yeah, and lead a small group…that’s always good. Especially if it’s the “transformation type,” such as the Truth Project by Focus On The Family.

  • -Give up a bad addiction some friends may think is ”cool”
    -Fully surrender to God again even though you might be embarassed
    -Start a bible study even though you think you cant speak in front of other people or write a lesson(anything is possible with God)
    -Stop trying to fit in, or be popular, start speaking out and standing firm in your belief in Jesus Christ even though you know you might be pursecuted by friends or family
    -if you have a gift stop hiding it and show your love for Christ by using it!!!

  • Share one extraordinary story about a time you really felt God’s presence with someone who you know is a non-believer.

    Write a note to the principal of your school, encouraging him/her in what they do – a small time out of your day, a great deal to them

    create a survey about Christianity – stereotypes, etc – and give it to your friends. Defeat those sterotypes.

    Tutor another student in your school or at another school

    raise 300$ to build a well (Marion Medical mission)

    clean your room, have a yard sale, and donate the proceeds, or donate your stuff to the salvation army

    All these are things I’ve done, they are all 100% possible and effective

  • This is great!

    How about…
    ~Pray out loud. (Praying in a group is so difficult for me.)
    ~Talk to widows at Church. (Maybe even ask to sit with them)
    ~Read a book you’re not required to read. (Such as “Crazy Love” or “Reason For God”)

    You may have to make this 1,000 Hard Things. The list is growing rapidly.

  • not killing your little bro!
    befriending that shy kid
    trusting God
    fund raising for something big

  • Hard things I’ve done: Won the reading contest when I was in first grade, shared the gospel with someone when I was eight, gone to Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, Israel, and Mexico on Mission Trips, started a purity blog, and wrote a 40,000 word novel in a month.

  • Teaching a Bible class.

    Turning conversation to the Gospel.

    Moderator people, I DID write a article on this that is in the Living Room Greenhouse. Should I post it here…???

  • Here are a few ideas (oh yeah, kudos to what you guys are doing, it truly is awesome).

    1. Send out an e-letter talking about a current issue in light of the Gospel
    2. Memorize one of the epistles
    3. When confronted to drop your morals by someone, boldly proclaim Christ
    4. Pray for half an hour
    5. Talk about God with your friends

    Just some food for thought, keep doing what you are doing Brothers in Christ, I know that with God’s help our generation and our country will turn back to God.

  • I’m not a teenager any more, but I’ve encouraged the kids in the youth group I lead to write letters to imprisoned Christians using

  • ~Sponsored two children with no guarantee of continued job or income.
    (P.S. He’s providing!)

    ~Served God and kids as head counselor at camp, though I was expecting to be a regular counselor!

    ~Learning to be patient. (Enough said!)

    ~Left school to help my family.

    ~Cared for those lost and suffering so much it hurt.

    ~Finished college in 10 months while working, campaigning and helping at home.

    ~Learning to communicate well for the glory of God.

    ~Organizing a Bible Bee competition without panicking.

    ~Getting started on my plan to write a book.
    (Still haven’t done that hard thing yet, but hopefully soon!)

    ~Looking at each person the way God does.

  • – Step away from friends who are bad influences on you
    – Write letters to your representatives in Congress
    – Reach out to your neighbors – bake bread, make lemonade, etc
    – Turn off the computer!
    – Don’t fight your parents when you disagree with them

  • Be a neighbor to the people God puts in your life.

    Go out of your way to make a loner feel loved.

    Love refugees in your community and help them adapt to the new culture and language.

  • One extremely hard for me lately is:

    ~Speaking to and encouraging the entire Sunday School class.


  • This year will be my 3rd year of doing NCFCA speech and debate. It definitely has not always been easy, but I’ve learned so much from it! I am currently working on a persuasive speech on ‘Why Americans Must Protect the Lives of the Unborn’. It has NOT been a simple task, but my eyes have really been opened to the need to take a stand against abortion in our nation. Before this speech, I knew what abortion was, and believed that we should be against it, but I never DID anything about it. Now, my eyes truly have been opened, and I have begun to identify with the silent screams of the unborn. This may seem like a small hard thing, but my prayer is that God will take my humble efforts and use them to change people’s minds about abortion! Together, we CAN save lives!!!

    Alex and Brett, thank you so much for your ministry!!!! Before you book, I was content to simple live my life as I always have. But you really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and do hard things!! I am currently leading a Bible Study on your book; I couldn’t keep such wonderful material to myself!!! May the Lord richly bless you both, and may your work continue to grow!!!!!

    Always for JESUS,

    P.S. I am looking forward to the DC conference!!!! ( I hope I get a chance to meet you!!! :-D)

  • – Don’t buy ANYTHING in secrecy (without your parents knowing).

    – Always say, “Yes ma’am,” and “Yes sir” to a command from your parents.

    – Occasionally say “Thank you” to your parents (for they did so much for you as a child).

    – Don’t waste your life lusting for the pleasures of this world.

    – Love Christ above everything.

    – Join the Rebelution! 🙂

  • Friends,

    Remember “Do Hard Things for GOD’s glory!”

    The majority of the hard things ya’ll have posted on here do ultimately glorify God, but remember, doing hard things just for the sake of doing them is kind of a waste of energy, don’t you think–especially when you could be channeling that youth and vigor into His service?

    Just a thought, not meant to discourage anyone.

    Keep up the good work!



    P.S. My “hard thing”;
    Share the message of the gospel calmly, convincingly, yet urgently! There’s an angry ocean, people are drowning, and YOU know the Lifesaver! Witness! Time is running out!

  • ~Forgive and show that you have — I believe showing this is the hardest (God challenged me to this now I challenge you give your greatest enemy a hug and tell them you love them)
    ~do your chores without complaining
    ~start a prayer group
    ~say hi to five new people a week
    ~tell your family that you love them at least 7 times a week
    ~go on a mission trip – even for a week – it makes a difference
    ~help out in the children’s ministry
    God Bless you all,

  • Get up early for your devotions! (And yes, this probably includes going to bed a little earlier…) God says to meditate on His Word day AND night, so I try to have devotions in the morning and read in one of those One-Year Bibles at night.

    And I like that one a few comments up, about not kissing till you’re married 🙂 haha I thought I was alone on that one! Glad to find out I’m not 🙂

  • -Read Bible and spend time in prayer every day! It’s really hard when you’re tired.
    -I agree on not kissing until you get married.
    -Go on a mission trip
    -Remembering to stay away from the things of this world and dwell on Christ instead!
    -Recently my pastor asked me to talk about the Rebelution in front of my entire congregation-public speaking is very hard!
    -I’m in the process of trying to get my youth group to help out the widows and elderly in my church.

    God Bless!

  • I’m not on Twitter, sorry!

    -Counsel at a Christian camp

    -Do special music at church

    -Choose a good Christian book to read with your siblings

    -Ask your dad to clothes shop with you (girls AND boys can do this!)

    -Extend kindness to people who only try to tear you down

    -Pray for someone you dislike

    -Joyfully volunteer to assist your mom with housework (she’s more tired than you think!)

    Those are just some things from my own life… I’m so excited about this! Great idea!

    God bless!

  • -Practice your instruments EVERY day.
    -Take a cause you are passionate about and DO something to help it.
    -Help Mom more around the house

  • Raise money for a cause. (i.e. well in africa)
    Get up before everyone else to spend some quiet time with God, and read the Bible.
    Let others have their way.
    Do a Study on a book of the Bible.

    Great Idea!

  • I agree that the small things are the hardest! Here is my hard thing that I’m still working at (and failing up to seven times!):

    Don’t talk. Rather than being controlled by anger,, be patient and speak in love.
    One of my favorite Bible verses is Isaiah 30:15, “In quietness and trust is your strength.”

    There are many other small things, such as going the extra mile in chores or waking up earlier to create more time with God, but I think everyone else has done a splendid job describing such things.

    Alex and Brett, may God bless your new book! I’ll pray that God would continue to strengthen you and impact this generation for his glory through you.
    “So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and steady, always enthusiastic about the Lord’s work, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” 1 Corinthians 15:58 (NLT)

  • smile and be friendly to people in stores.

    pray for people that you see that seem unhappy or sad, especially for their salvation

  • Living everyday in accordance to scripture is one of THE hardest things that anyone can do. But being faithful in Bible devotionals everyday is very important and hard. I mean, I enjoy my Bible times, but some times it is very hard for me to keep at it!

    So my encouragement to all christians reading this, is to keep studying the Bible. It is SO important.

    Another hard thing for me is to work hard on school work. Some times it is a temptation to just do the bare minimum, to just barely get by. But intsead we should all work hard to do the best we can possibly do.

    It is very hard for me to remember that some of the hardest things are the smallest things.

    God Bless all of you reading this!


  • honoring the wishes of my girl friend’s father, even if I don’t agree. And it can be tough.

    Waiting on God’s timing for my life.


  • ~ Write an encouraging letter, or make a card and give it to one of your Youth leaders or your pastor.

  • This is a great idea! I hope it encourages many teens.

    Hard things I have done that come to my mind right now:

    Teached in my youth group.
    Showed love to people I don’t like.
    Wake up every day at 6:30 AM to have a special time with God

  • These are things I have done:
    ~Babysit your siblings for a few days so your parents can go off.
    ~Run errands for your parents. (This one gets hard after awhile, when you want to do what YOU want to do).
    ~Help take care of little children in your family or others’.
    ~Forgive and pray for the person you have forgiven.
    ~Rise above the examples around you and be an example.
    ~Start a business.
    ~Help lead a children’s choir for a bible conference. (this is actually something I’m planning on doing within the next few weeks).
    ~Pray for miracles.
    ~Take the Love Dare and practice it on your siblings. The concept is pretty much the same. It works!
    I could go on and on. As I was looking over everyone elses’ responses, I started to feel upset that my list was very plain and simple. I started to feel like I have done nothing. Then I knew, the hardest thing I have done yet is to give up my dreams for glory and exchange them for what God has in store. So I’ve never been on a mission trip: my mission is here, at home. I’ve never led a worship service: I sing daily to my God. I’m not going to college: learning the Bible and living it out is much more powerful for the mind. It was hard when I had to watch the kids for five days so my mom and dad could go on vacation. I was only fifteen. It was hard to watch my best friend go on a mission trip when I stayed home, but I got to bless her by planning a surprise birthday party. Coming out of the childhood I had without any emotional scars was a miracle of God, and I can use that to minister to people I know who are going through the same. For me hard things are being content where I am and knowing that God works in small things, too. I hope that everyone takes that into consideration, too.
    God bless! 😀
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • Getting along with your brothers and sisters.
    Doing what’s right when no one else is.
    Loving the unlovable.

  • -Doing Algebra.
    -Babysitting as a ministry for kids you really don’t like
    -Playing a level five song on the piano after playing nine months

  • A few really hard things:

    Fighting sin: “Be killing sin or sin will be killing you!” John Owen. (Putting to death what is earthly in you, Col.3:5)

    Set your minds on things that are above where Christ is (Colossians 3). Keep your mind on Christ.

    Picking up your cross daily and following Christ (Luke 9:22) living for Christ not wasting your youth.

    Even though we never completely conquer these, we must strive to be like Christ.

  • Some hard things I have done:

    ~Write a song. I have not performed it yet, but I will be recording it at a friend’s studio.

    ~Smile at a random person and walk up to say hi. [This is especially hard for me since I am a mostly introverted person.]

    ~Say Sorry and Ask for Forgiveness. Hard, and often forgotten.

    ~Take time off from whatever you like doing [texting, chatting, blogging, reading, video games, etc.] and spend some quality time with your siblings, study the Bible, do a few extra chores…

    There are a few more, which Lord willing, I will post later.

    Ever His,

  • Hey! I agree with others: thanks for this post, it really does help for those of us with NO creativity. Thanks so much and God Bless!

  • Make sure a large portion of the books you read are classics.

    Keep a Journal and write in it every day.

    Use people’s names in conversation (both with family and strangers)

    Serve your family without complaining.

    Set yourself a bedtime and keep to it!

  • I haven’t done this Hard Thing yet, but I am planning on doing it this fall/winter

    Donate money earned babysitting to a charity or missionary/missionary project

  • Small Hard thing: Be content with where God has you and start preparing with the gifts, and abilities he’s given you.

    medium hard thing: Choose to go against the current of the world, and ride the waves with Christ through every season of your life.

    hard thing: Take up your cross daily, and obey God’s word through faith that he is the author & perfector of your faith.

    very Hard thing: keep the faith. It’s all worth it. it’s supernatural.

  • concrete hard thing: write your parents a love letter.

    abstract hard things: Ask them questions about life, and adulthood. Ask them to share the hard things they had to do in order to live a life in reverance, and obedience to God.

  • -Share the Gospel with unsaved teachers

    -Introduce yourself to new people at college when you don’t know anyone because you’re in another state

    -Commit to your calling of creative writing

    All of these I’ve done personally. That’s all I have right now…hope it helps!

    Sister Alesia…press on!

    In His bonds of Calvary,


  • One other hard thing I am doing is, I was at our library a few weeks ago, and I was thrilled to see “Do Hard Things” on their shelves, but I became very upset when I realized it was sitting between buddhist books.
    So I have decided to complain to the library about this, but since they run a whole chain of libraries (About 50 of them) It is going to take allot of hard work.
    I am going to petition for the right that Christian books get their own section, far away from buddhist books!

    God Bless

  • Help a non-profit organization during the holidays to help feed poor families in your community.

    Set up Bible clubs for kids in your neighborhood to teach them about Christ and the Bible.

    Start learning new languages so that you can be a witness to more people.

    Help out in a nursing home ministry.

    Witness to peers.

    Pray without ceasing.

    Help your mom school your younger siblings (if you home school).

    Teach music lessons.

    Don’t forget to let the joy of the Lord radiate in your life…in other words – SMILE! 😀

  • Raising a guide dog puppy and then giving it up after two years.

    Learning to trust God no matter the circumstance.

    Sharing my faith openly in a secular college.

    being faithful in schoolwork (not always easy in college).

    Keep a positive attitude at all times! 🙂

  • Raising a guide dog puppy and then giving it up after two years.

    Learning to trust God no matter the circumstance.

    Sharing my faith openly in a secular college.

    being faithful in schoolwork (not always easy in college).

    Keep a positive attitude at all times! 🙂

  • The hardest things I’ve had to do in the last year:

    Caring for kids so drunk they can’t breath (but can still vomit with terrible accuracy)
    Learning to fight depression to pursue God, joy and ministry
    Asking my parents to come to church with me

  • Passing bar exam for helping more people.

    Keep caring friends even they didn’t feedback.

    Read and meditate on bible every day.

    Advance a language actively.

  • great idea! looking forward to the results. it would be cool if it could be a permanent-ish feature too….

  • – really take action on God’s call for your life
    – show an act of kindness to someone you have difficulty with
    – write a story

  • Memorise a book of the Bible.

    Last year my friend and I were amazed at how people could memorise so much. ‘Imagine memorising a book of the Bible!’ he said.
    And I’m not sure what it was, but this crazy thought jumped into my head and leapt out my mouth before I could think too hard about it.
    ‘Do you want to do it?’ I asked.

    And with that, we set about memorising 1 Corinthians. As a result of memorising it, God brings to mind scriptures about issues that I’m facing throughout the day. I can recognise passages that others talk about, and it boosts my faith as I understand the concept and its context.

    I never would have guessed that I would do something like that, and it happened on such a spur-of-the-moment that it could so easily have not happened. I suppose that’s when you know it’s a God-thing.

    Thanks for your ministry. Loving the new book idea.

  • one hard thing my boyfriend had to do was ask me to dress modestly for his purity and then face my dad when he said i’d lost my freedom.

    my hard thing is: Do Gods will, no matter how it might seem to badly affect your other relationships – His is the important one.

    Thank you for Boy Meets Girl Josh!

  • volunteer (make sure you do) to help a widow from your church ~ such as cleaning their house, garden, etc. or just simply spending time with them.

  • by the way, i really, really, really like this idea…so awesome (and surely, God-sent!).

    after reading, i’ve been thinking of doing this with our group (the young men i am leading), (all credits belong to you guys and of all those who contributed one way or another).

  • Start university (college) at 16.
    Spend time with siblings doing what they want.
    Do a sibling’s chores for them.
    Help someone self-publish their book.
    Write letters to your great-grandmother.

  • Start writing my own ministry (God Heals the Broken)
    Decide that I can do math
    Get second in State at my FCCLA event
    Rise above a bad mistake
    Stick with my commitments even when they take over my life and make me want to scream.

  • I don’t have a twitter : (
    Some hard things for me have been
    – stepping out of my comfort zone to play in the highschool and middle school worship bands at the church I attend ( I now love it!)

    -Accepting the challenge of going to college at 15, even though it’s only a community college

    – Taking time to watch my siblings so my mom can go shopping by herself

  • Start a blog! I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, there needs to be more Christian blogs out there. I just started mine and I’ll put the link up later.

  • the title reminded me of something my pastor chalanged us to do:
    give away all but 100 of your personal things, this includes anything you couldn’t live without like the family computer, and things like socks can count as 1 item.

  • — Show Christ’s love to my probably unsaved younger sibling, even when she hurts me
    — Play my violin for people when they ask, even if I don’t feel like it
    — Take over a bunch of the housework now that my mom has to work
    — Be GLAD where God has placed me, not wish for something else for my life
    — Helped Organize an Operation Christmas Child at my church

  • 1. Ask someone to go to church with you
    2. Ask a new friend where they go to church
    3. Offer to help a friend even when you’re already too busy

  • Hey, guys, I don’t know how many of the people here live in Florida, but we’re going to be having a conference in my area and I just thought I would give a shout-out about that. Everyone here is praying that God will bring lots of people who need to hear the Gospel. It’s led by a South African pastor named Keith Daniels. If you’re interested, you can go to .
    Anyway, I like everyone’s suggestion’s so far!!! Keep going!
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • . volunteer as a counsellor at a summer camp for the mentally and physically handicapped
    . witness to random people on the street
    . help out at a soup kitchen
    . speak up when your friends are talking about/doing something you know isn’t right (so hard!)

  • Staying focused.
    Trusting God.
    Organising an international DWYL study’s small group. (International timezones anyone?)
    Being a Godly Example ALL the time
    Making time for others.
    Not fobbing off those who come to me.
    Honouring Parents (I know it’s been said, but I thought it worth mentioning again.)
    Doing hard things I can’t see results for quickly.
    Being consistant in prayer and reading the Bible.

  • * Organize a trip for 9 to the Chicago Rebelution Conference by myself (over 2 hr drive)

    * Volunteer to help babysit 75 kids at a Single Mom’s Morning Out activity

    * Ask friends to change subject when they’re talking about something I know is wrong

    * Lead a group discussion on the book Do Hard Things with no help

    * Go through two years of feeling like my fam (6 people) will NEVER move into a house bigger than 2 bedrooms! (we’re moving next month! :D) God is so good!

    I’ve done other things and they may not seem very hard to some people but at the time I did them, it was beyond anything I’d ever done or gone through and that’s what made it hard.

    Blessed to Be a Blessing!

  • — Fast once a week; praying on behalf of the hungry “pour yourself out…satisfy the desire of the afflicted” (Isaiah 58)

    Reading all of these and realizing that we’re all on the SAME team fighting for the SAME goal is more encouraging than words can describe. It’s amazing that so many teens are out there striving to do hard things. I’m so jazzed about this project 🙂

    Praying for all of us…

  • Handing out tracks to strangers is hard, especially when you’re shy (like I am).
    And right now I’m helping take care of my grandma who fell and broke both wrists. I’m really learning to put others first. And to be patient.

    for His glory,
    Micah 🙂

  • Love others the way Jesus does.
    Trust Him to lead in your future.
    Try not to get upset when your older brother is courting and you feel left out. And you also feel like your turn will never come.
    Strive to live each day for God’s glory.

  • Hard things I’ve done:

    –Memorized 9 books of the Bible in the past 4 years (1&2 Cor. are up next for this year)
    –Built/Remodeled 5 houses with my Dad and sister
    –Started a business with my sister when I was 10, all the profits of which went to charity.

    Can’t wait for the new book!!!

  • Start a discipleship group for younger teens of the same gender

    Create a newsletter & website ministry for teens

    Regularly write notes of encouragement to siblings & friends

  • These are some hard things for me personally that I’ve been working on/toward:
    ~Being consistent in my exercise plan.
    ~Opening up on spiritual and/or personal issues with my family.
    ~Leading an in-depth devotional for my youth group.
    ~Sharing my convictions on relationships/manhood/femininity.
    ~Stopping to pray with someone spontaneously in public.
    ~Regulating my time on the computer.
    ~Faithfully practicing my Spanish.
    ~Worshiping fearlessly with no cares for what the people around me may think of my voice, eyes closed, or hands raised to my King.
    ~Getting along with my sister.
    ~Keeping a steady journal.
    ~Memorizing several books of the Bible (Philippians, Colossians, and 1 John).
    ~My first huge hard thing was sponsoring a child in poverty through Compassion. I picked the girl I did because we share the exact same birthday (month, day, and year). I love being her sponsor, but now a small hard thing for me is writing to her faithfully, believing that such a simple, somewhat boring task is vitally important!
    Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Design a gospel track, get it printed, and carry them around with you to give to people you run into during the day.

    Become accountable to a friend to wake up an hour earlier every morning to spend time with Jesus.

    Plan and put on a conference with your Christian friends based around your testimonies and what God has shown you in your study of the Bible.

    Awesome idea! God is so good to give us “hard things” to do! 🙂

  • REFUSE to stop after failure.

    Reaching for God during your fear.

    Rejecting ‘things’ for comfort, turning to God instead.

    Giving to those who prefer to take.

  • Here’s some hard things that I’ve done. I want to stress that without God’s gracious help, they would’ve never been possible, so may He receive all the glory!

    – Photographer and lead role in skit for Vacation Bible School (two children came to Jesus!)
    – Worked at orphanage in Mexico
    – Taught Sunday school at church
    – Served as STM (short term missionary) at Joni and Friends Family Retreat
    – Went to Romania three times on mission trips to share Gospel with Roma (Gypsies)
    – Dual-enrollment at college (credit for high school and college) while in high school
    – Certified with American Heart Association to perform CPR and First-Aid
    – Church door greeter
    – Raised thousands of dollars for local pregnancy crisis center
    – Organized church youth group to do Operation Christmas Child several times
    – Donated ten inches of hair to Locks of Love twice
    – Won Presidential Champions Challenge Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards

    God bless your efforts in finishing the book!

    In awe of Him,

  • Dressing modestly.
    honoring my parents when I do not agree with them.
    using kind words and kind actions to express myself.
    Sharing the gospel with friends and people that are your neighbors.
    Teaching and being a titus 2 woman to younger girls even when its not convenient.
    Staying at the church I go to because my dad is the leader of our family and chose this church. I don’t agree with some of the leadership, I don’t think its a good idea to woman as deacons and elders. I don’t think its biblically sound so its really hard for me when the whole church does not agree with my conservative views.
    Dressing in a modest and feminine manner when everyone around you does not in your church besides your sister and mother. Its hard being the only teen besides my sister who strives to do so intentionally because the Lord has convicted me of this.
    Obeying the Lord and praying and doing Bible study daily. Now its something I want to do, a year ago I did not do so. I love listening, talking, and reading what my Father has to say.

    I could post so many! these are just a few! I love doing hard things! thanks for your encouragement from you blog Brett and Alex to keep doing it even though its hard!

  • – Volenteer to help a teacher at school
    – Compose a piece of music and perform it
    – Put together a OCC box or do something else to benefit another Christian charity
    – Donate some of your own money to your church

  • Do a subject in school that you don’t like with a good attitude

    Find areas in your life that need work and be ready and willing to work on them

    Spend time in God’s word even when there are so many other things to do

    Be a servant to others

  • my hard things that i’m working on:
    -spending time with God every day!taking time out to spend in serious prayer.
    -responding in a Christ-like way to those around me.
    -keeping a pure heart

  • Lik alot of you other rebelutionaries, I struggle with doing the small hard things inside of my home. Especially since I got back from a missions trip to Africa. Like taking out the trash cans or watering the trees.
    I have a quote I love from Charles Spurgeon it says, “Seek preperedness not opportunity.”
    That quote helped me realize that I must do the small things in order to prepare for the big ones. I’ll be praying for all you others that struggle with the small hard things! 🙂

    god bless

  • I’m trying to think of hard things I’ve done in the past. I can’t think of many. Anyway, here’s a list of some hard things teens could do:

    -Invite some kids to a Christian summer camp
    -Invite your teen neighbors to your church or small group
    -Preach in public. I know people may think you’re crazy for doing this, but it might be worst a shot.
    -Study to be a pastor or missionary. This may be hard, and I’m not saying you should do it. But if God calls you, go.
    -Pray to God and read your Bible every day, or at least try to remember to.
    -Try to stop people from bullying other people at your school, or some other place. If you look at the bullies in a certain way and very sternly say something like “Seriously, stop,” it sometimes works. Tell them to think about how they would feel if someone treated THEM that way.

    That’s it, I’m out of ideas, we’re closed!

    . . . Okay, whatever. That’s all I have for now.

  • Submitting to God, and your parents authority especiallly when it’s hard.

    Trusting that God’s plans will always be better than your own

    Loving those who are hard to love

    Giving a kind answer instead of an angry one to a sibling, parent, friend, or associate.

    In Him!

  • *Volenteered at my church bazzar auctions to help raise money,
    *Play with my siblings even when I don’t want to,
    *Put an extra effort into my schooling, especialy the subjects that I don’t like,

  • Let go of friendships that are damaging your relationship with Christ.

    Speak the truth (in love) because you know it’s the loving thing to do even when it means someone may hate you for awhile (or even forever).

    Give your hopes and dreams for the future to God and wait, and wait, and wait some more trusting that He wants the very best for your life.

    Thanks to everyone else who has also posted stuff. There are some great ones out there that have really challenged me.

  • *Am working on keeping my body healthy for it is a temple of the Lord and is special and am striving to keep my body pure for my future husband alone if that is what GOD wants for me.

  • Do something as simple as this, pray for your youth group when someone is asked to volunteer to pray and everyone else is too embarassed, scared or shy, ask God to give you strength when praying for the group…it works! He helped me pray an awesome prayer in front of my WHOLE church!!! God is amazing, he gave me courage, He’ll give you courage too!!!

  • – Teach a dicipleship to other teens
    – Lead the church prayer ministry
    – Get up early to study my Bible and pray (one of the hardest things to be constant at!)

  • During an argument, let your sibling/friend/etc. “win”, no matter how well you knew you were right, and they were wrong.

  • -Pray without ceasing.

    -Don’t spend any money for a month and then donate the money you saved to ‘Free the Slaves.’

    -Learn a foreign language.

    -Refuse to skip your quiet time with God.

    -Go on a missions trip.

    -Overcome your greatest fear.

  • I thinks that somke of the hardest things, are the small ones. I mean going to Africa to help the poor kids is easier than going to a group of kids at school, and telling them about God’s love. Not that going to africa is exactly easy, it is just easier to some big things than the small ones. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but that is how I feel.

  • – Stand up for something when it isn’t popular.

    – Volunteer to do the chapel service at school and talk about doing hard things.

  • Say NO to drugs, which is actually a lot harder for teens today being pressured at school everyday to try them, pot included!! Say no, pray about it!

  • Listen in church and try your best to get something out of the sermon or lesson…even when talkin or txting seems more fun, that does take strength!!!

  • Get a purity ring this year and promise God, Pastor, and parents you will save your gift till marriage for your spouse…that is hard for so many teens today so make a promise that will constantly remind you, I already made that promise and you should too.

  • *Put aside an extra plate of food to bring over to an elderly neighbor.
    *Volunteer at your church(nursery,hospitality,greeting,ect.)

  • Our youth group raised money for an orphanage in Guadalupe, MX. Rather than earning money, a lot of us cut back on unnecessary spending. I personally stopped spending money on fast food and drinks (Starbucks, Coke, etc.) It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

    Over 20 words; sorry guys.

  • – put on a benefit concert to support missionaries

    We did this with some friends and put it on at our church. We were able to earn more than $2,000 for a missionary family who was starting an orphange in Mexico!

    – sing, play music, recite scripture at a local Nursing Home, then visit with the reisidence there

    A group of Christian families have set up a monthly Nursing-Home-vist. It is lots of fun, and such a blessing to us and the people in the Nursing Home!

  • Evangelize!! Proverbs 24:10-12 says we need to evangelize to people because we may be the only chance they have of ever hearing the gospel proclaimed. God is completely capable of saving them without our help, but this is the job he has given us to do, to plant the seed of the gospel in the hearts of non-believers so that if God so chooses, he can cause it to grow. We can’t let all the dying people around us perish without at least giving them that chance. We can’t save people, but we can tell them of the One who can!

  • Spent summer months studying for Bible Bee.
    – memorized aprox. 430 verses
    – memorized aprox. 200 Bible facts
    – read six books of the Bible

  • – Give more to the Lord than you think you can afford.

    This is a great idea! It’s very encouraging and inspiring to read through the growing list! Thanks guys!

  • -Run (or other exercise) regularly
    -Trying to keep a friend from running away, even if it meant ruining the friendship

  • Give up something important to you for a while to help you make more time for God, like txting, watching tv, playing video games will learn from doing this hard thing that there really is time to pray and read your bible, no more using that excuse ”i dont have time to do that!!!!

  • I started a girls bible study and that wasnt to hard but keeping at it like taking time to prepare the lesson and pick out songs is the hard part sometimes, but i pray and ask God for wisdom and strength and oh my gosh guess what!! He gives it to me and helpse bunches!!!

  • Try to stop lying if you do! I know i struggle with that everyday, that is one hard thing to do since i got into that horrible habit!

  • # Do a chore that you weren’t asked to do.

    # Honor your parents even though you disagree with them.

    # Share the Gospel with a friend

    # Started an organization to help children who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS

    # Holding an event for organization

    # Write letters to God

    # Be in the world, not of it

    # Stand up for what you believe in

    # Obedient when God gives you a vision about the girl your family will be adopting

    # Make meals for siblings

    # Be above reproach and low-expectations

    # Never give up

  • Dress Modestly

    Be pure in heart, soul, body and mind

    Save yourself for marriage

    God is my best friend

    Be a loyal and true friend to all

    Forgive always

  • Read the whole Bible.
    Teach the missionary story in your church’s Children’s Church.
    Volunteer for VBS-something out of your comfort zone.
    Don’t watch TV on Sunday.

  • Be slow to anger, thats really hard for me…But i trust God to know that he’ll help me overcome that…Keep up the good work, EVERYONE!!!!!

  • -Host a “Backyard Bible Club” in your backyard.

    We did this last year and reached over 30 children. This year we did it again and reached over 60 children and were able to share the gospel with many of different faiths. It is easy to start small and can grow and impact SO many!

  • Listen to other people’s problems first, if someones trying to confide in you about something dont immediatly start talking about your bad days or problems that can be annoying and make that person feel like you dont care…can be hard for us all and especially us who love to talk, remember listen first!

  • ~Start a youth group
    ~Defend your beliefs when questioned
    ~emotional purity
    ~dare to be different!

    God Bless,
    PS-Looking forward to seeing you at the D.C conference!

  • Love a homosexual–welcome them, befriend them, care about them.

    Ask someone of a different faith to explain what they believe. Don’t argue, just listen.

    Share a meal with a homeless person and hear their story.

    Fast one day every week.

    Prefer nothing to Christ!

  • One “hard thing” I think many young-people, especially dog-lovers, should do is puppy raising a guide or assistance dog. I am currently raising my 3rd puppy for an organization called Guide Dogs of America. It’s *so* much fun, but is also difficult emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically. It entails accepting an 8 week old, non-housetrained, adorable puppy into your home and training it the basics. You keep the puppy for 18 months, which is a difficult amount of time because one, 18 months is precisely the time the puppy is no longer misbehaving; once you have a perfect dog, you have to give it back. Secondly, it’s difficult because that’s the perfect amount of time to get severely attached to your puppy. It’s incredibly hard, but once you see that dog helping out someone with a visual or other physical impairment it makes it all worth it.

    To get involved, check out organizations within your area. Most of them accept younger puppy-raisers, though some of them have an age limit.

    Here are just a few examples of organizations.

    Guide Dogs of America, Sylmar, CA (
    Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, CA (
    Canine Companions for Independence, Santa Rosa, CA (
    KSDS, Washington, KS (
    Guiding Eyes for the Blind, NY (

  • Staying focused on school work
    Speech and Debate
    Lead a Bible Study
    Aim for number one in my class
    Devoting every part of my life to my Savior
    Being who I am in Christ and not what the world wants me to be
    Staying committed to never watching TV

  • I gave up listening to a band that was not good to be listening to as a Christian and it helped me have better thoughts

  • Hard things I’ve done lately:

    – Refused an acting part, because the lines went against my conscience.
    – Got *ahead* on my homework.
    – Gave a friend the right advice, even though it wasn’t what she wanted to hear.
    – Took my Bible to work, to read during lunch.
    – Prayed for my enemies.
    – Decided *not* to quit going to youth group despite my being busy [God’s the priority].
    – Got tutoring in my Chemistry class, rather than giving up.

  • Got through the first two years of High School without ever getting involved in alcohol or drugs, even though a lot of my friends did.

    Also, I became Vice President of my youth choir and am working to send us on a tour to Canada next summer.

  • -Lead a Bible study
    -Give up all secular music to keep thoughts pure
    -Tutor younger kids
    -Visit widows in the Church
    -Visit the older people in the Church
    -Trust & obey your parents

  • Hard thing: Pray for the president of the United states, and all the parties. Many people believe that because we are so small we don’t have a voice, but just as our voice is heard through prayer as Christ intercedes for us, our voices can also be heard through our actions to people in our home town, our nation, and through out the world if we persever & fight for justice.

  • ~Hold a movie screening/fund raiser for a pro-life group.
    ~Show a pro-life film to a church youth group.
    It’s really sad how little teaching there is on this in some churches!

  • Join the worship team at your church,
    Reach out to people who aren’t popular and be their friend,
    Be the best secret keeper you can, be a trustworthy friend,
    Give money to Speed The Light, don’t be satisfied with just tithes

  • Making small gifts for elderly people and on new years eve. Get the family or some friends together and go visit a nursing home, blessing the patients and even the staff.

  • Editing above comment: Making small gifts for elderly people and on Christmas eve get the family or some friends together and go visit a nursing home, blessing the patients and even the staff.

  • These are just some of the things I have done.. you guys have great things! It’s awesome to see so many teens doing hard things for God.

    -Go on a mission trip, went on a mission trip to Guatemala with 500 people and I didn’t know anyone! 🙂 (awesome experience!!)
    -Team leader of the Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society
    -Forgive someone even if they don’t deserve it, afterall we don’t deserve it either
    -Volunteer to lead a devo or maybe some worship time during youth group
    -Strive to have the gentle and quiet spirit in total submission to God
    -Get out of your comfort zone in some way in total surrender to Christ whatever that may be for you

  • 1. I said some words of greeting or some kind words to complete strangers.

    2. I worked on a play where I was being critiqued and challenged to be better.

    3. I introduced myself to new people and tried to make friends.

    4. I wrote an outline for a Bible study.

    5. I loved someone, even when they were distant.

    6. I ended a friendship, because I knew it wouldn’t be healthy for me.

    7. I get up every morning and spend some time talking with God.

    8. I did what was best for a friend and gave her the room she wanted.

    9. I learned let other people be who God called them to be, and not hold that against them.

    10. I spoke to a group of people about what God has been teaching me.

    11. I’m learning to relax into the reality that I’m loved by a Father with no strings attached.

    12. I was a teacher in a girls group that my sister and I started.

    There’s not much. God hasn’t called me to do a lot of big things yet. Maybe God will lead me to do more later, but for now here’s what God has done in my life so far. Though Gods helping make a lot of the things on these things easier by the day. So many of the have moved into the not-so-hard category. Isn’t it funny when the things that I thought so hard last year are becoming easier the more I do them.
    He’s still teaching me and working on me.
    Being shaped by His hand,
    Rose Holman age 18

  • Work hard and graduate from high school/college early

    Memorize the book of Proverbs

    Take up responsibility and get married at a younger age then what our society considers normal.

  • Be totally different from the world in your, dress, talk, actions, life, movies you see, and books you read. (Rom.12:2)

  • Don’t conform to this carnal world. Be a light and example for Christ’s sake! (Phil. 2:15-16)

    Accept smaller responsibilities that may go unnoticed as well the jobs you may consider “more important.”(Phil. 2:1-11)

    Don’t compromise the standards your parents and spiritual elders have worked so hard to cutivate in you. (Eph. 6:1-3)

    Be dilligent and faithful to not only read your Bible, but to study and pray over what you’ve read. (Heb. 12:1-2)

    If you are dilligent in studying the Word, boldness will come with spiritual understanding.

  • Here are a few more!

    * Debate and discus your views with my friends (Christian & non-Christian)

    * Make dinner for the fam by myself

    * Say “no” to peer presure and stand out in a world full of junk!

    * Decide to save myself, stay pure, and not date even when the world tells us that we should

    What you guys are doing is awesom! Kudos! Can’t wait till the book is published!

    Blessed to Be a Blessing!

  • take an EMT class and volunteer in your community (you can take the class when you’re 17, but you must be 18 to get your license)

  • *Go to nursing/assisted living homes in the area to play/sing or just help out with any work they need done

    *Help lead Praise & Worship at my youth group

    *Do Chores/homework without being asked and with a good attitude

    *Babysit/do extra work for my parents without pay

    *Act responsibly and set an example for my (7) younger siblings

    Good luck with the new book! I’m looking forward to reading it!

  • Practice everyday skills sans eyesight.

    Stop everything and rest a bit partway through your day. (Trust me, it’s a hard thing!)

    Improve your posture.

    Study and practice the rules of etiquette.

    Learn hymns by heart.

    Read through the Bible in a short period of time.

    Find something to be thankful for on a constant basis.

    Do whatever it is you’re currently shrinking away from.


    Whatever it is you’re hoping won’t be mentioned here for fear of conviction, do that. 🙂

  • I try to

    ~persist in daily devos

    ~work hard in school and realize that all your studies are for God’s glory, not mine.

    ~Welcome new kids that visit my youth group/church. It’s not that easy all the time.

  • Never let the sun go down on your wrath. No matter how hard it may seem at the time, you need to make things right with the person that you may have wronged, or need to forgive. There may not be a tomorrow …do it now.

  • Make a movie with a Christian message.
    Make a devotional to a youth group.
    Share the Word in church missions.

    “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You shall seek me, and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

    Jeremiah 29:11-13

  • Pray. Wrestle in prayer. Make a habit of kneeling by your bed as soon as you awake. Pray without ceasing throughout the day. Maintain a consistent time in your “prayer closet.”

  • Greetings,

    I do not have Twitter, and I probably won’t for a while.

    -Start a forum for a solid, challenging community.

    -Start a blog chronicling your Hard Things and challenging others to think and do Hard Things.

    I am doing both of these, and they really make a difference.

    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes

  • Listen to God when He is telling u to do something, Fully trust in God, lean not on your own understanding…Listen to God, follow Him, and focus a goal for all of us is to stop ignoring Gods tender loving call

  • This hard thing I’m working on right now, in fact. My youth group at church is one that has never done any service projects or something to reach out to the youth in our community. These are two things that God has put on my heart, so I said “ok God.” i am not officially a leader in my youth group, but I don’t think you have to be to get involved.

    -plan a service project and a youth rally for your youth group

  • Here´s one!
    Help your parents by paying for an extracurricular activity, such as soccer, basketball, swimming, etc. It´ll be hard to find a job, but that´s the point, right?

  • Accept and try to befriend the strange, new kids at school. Especially if they are exchange students, be nice to them and EXPLAIN THE CULTURAL DIFFERENCES between their country and ours. Sometimes they do things that in our American culture that are not acceptable, when in theirs it is.

  • I’m 15 years old and I’ve already done something most adults think I shouldn’t be able to do. I’ve actually gotten a job as a nanny. I worked two full days per week doing housework and schooling the kids. That in and of itself is unexpected, but it wasn’t the hard thing. The hard thing was getting fired a few months later. I shared the Gospel with the kids’ mom. After that she became extremely touchy about what I said to the kids. About one week later, she called me up and fired me. I knew that I would probably lose my job for the sake of the Gospel, but that was the hard thing that I was willing to risk.

  • Stop using sarcastic humor. There are better ways to be funny. What is funny to you, may be hurtful to others.

    Be a leader in your place of work. Become a manager, or just offer extra time and services for free.

    Realize that you can’t be everything for everybody! God has a specific calling for you; don’t distract from your main gift by diluting it with everything else.

    I’m sorry these are more than twenty words! They could be shortened, I suppose 🙂

  • I incountered the same thing that Cassi posted today at around 3:00. I really felt that I need to get me and my church or youth group to go out and do somthing for our communtiy. There have been other groups that have come in to street walk but never our own church. I am really nerve racked about street witnessing but I think it has to be done. I am currently organizing my church to do just that.

    My sister and I write songs and have performed them two or three times now. If that isn’t a hard thing, I don’t know what is! It is always been worth it every time though.

  • You can’t please everyone. Aim to please God.

    Speak in front of your congregation/youth group about a cause you strongly support.

    Deny yourself material desires when God asks you to do so.

    Strive to overcome shyness for the purpose of reaching out.

    Head up “See You At the Pole”.

    Sponsor a child through Compassion International

    Advocate for children in poverty.

    Give a speech challenging fellow classmates to “Do Hard Things”.

    Become an AWANA leader.

    Strive to be a continual role model for younger siblings and other kids with whom you associate.

    Participate in Operation Shoebox through Samaritan’s Purse.

    Spend time making memories with your family.

    Let your parents know how much you appreciate them.

    Your money is really God’s. Use it accordingly.

    Talk to God about EVERYTHING. He has a plan for even the minute details of your life, which you will only find if you are seeking it.

    Remind yourself that minor irritations ARE NOT A BIG DEAL in the grand scheme of things!

    Wait on the Lord.

    Spend time seeking God-not a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    Ask yourself continually if what you are doing is for the purpose of glorifying God.

    Retain a heart, mind, and body of purity.


    Oh man, that’s quite a few. God’s really been working in my life lately. Some of these tasks he challenged me to do this past year, and others are things that he is continually reminding me to do.

  • Understand, and accept that we do not know everything, and can’t fix things in our own strength.

    “Apart from me you can do nothing”

  • stop breaking down the people in the church who unintentionally or intentionally hurt you, and decide, and commit to build them up in prayer.

  • Hard Things (done not by my own merit, but by Christ’s):

    Lead worship at church.

    Get up and speak about persecuted Christians in front of church.

    Go downtown for the sole purpose of witnessing to random girls.

    Dress modestly for purity’s sake, even when you feel like a frump around other girls.

    Fight the temptation to bring attention to yourself by your actions and behavior.

    Honor and respect your parents even when you do not agree with them.

    Spend more time with God than you do in La-La Land or Electronicsville.

    Guard your imagination from day-dreaming about romance or things you aren’t ready for

    Share your testimony and play an instrument for elderly ladies in a home.

    Do a chore that you weren’t asked to do.

    Cook a meal and dessert for your family.

    Join your church’s mission and outreach team.

    -Sorry, I don’t have twitter! Thank-you so much for doing this!

  • I don’t have a tweeter but here’s my contribution…

    >lead a Bible study in our campus

    >invite non-Christian friends for a Bible study

    >lead a large group fellowship of IVCF

    >being a leadership camp counselor

    >being hospitable towards strangers (trust me, it’s hard!)

    >planning a church-camp schedule

    >setting a good Christian example for my 4 siblings

    >being 100% honest in the campus

    Philippians 4:13

  • – Tell a Muslim worker not to pray towards Mecca in our family home.
    – Stand up for Christ’s cause in a hostile classroom.
    – Ask an acquaintance, not a friend, for forgiveness.
    – Travel into a remote rain forest to find aboriginal Christian brethren.
    – Maintain a respectful silence towards someone who wrongfully accuses you.
    – Maintain a respectful defense towards someone who wrongfully accuses Christ.

  • Practice a foreign language with a native speaker.

    Completely immerse yourself in a different culture, even if it’s only for a few hours.

    Befriend someone not from your country.

    Have an around-the-world feast with foods from different countries to raise awareness about missions.

  • Don’t let your past determine your future.

    ” If you always do what you’ve always done – you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

  • I am in the National Bible Bee tomorrow (, and they have you memorizing 300 Bible passages, and 200 facts about the Bible. I have been trying to find a hard thing to do for a while now, but I just figured out that I was already doing a hard thing. I am very scared at what will happen tomorrow, but it is all in God’s hands.

  • Olivia,
    I am doing the Bible Bee too, but I didn’t take it seriously till about a month ago, so I have been cramming in studying as much as I can. I only have to memorize 300 Bible passages (although I only memorized about 40), and I also have to memorize 200 Bible facts. I am on my brake from studying right now (about 10 minutes), and then I will go study again. It is overwhelming, but with God’s help, we can all do better than what we thought we could. I pray that you will also do well in our challenge tomorrow.


  • I dont have a tweeter account so here are the things i’ve done.
    I have-

    Babysat for my mom and dad so they can go have a date

    Supported a child through Compassion International

    Volunteered at my church to work with the Childrens ministry

    Shared my faith with my morman friend

    Shared my faith with my Jewish friend

  • I have…

    ~ Shared a word that God gave me to kids in a class at my church.

    ~ Am going to an adult prophetic class and I am the only thirteen-year-old there but hope to see more come! 😉

    ~ Working harder on getting my Jesus time in early in the morning before i do anything else.

    ~ Shared “Do Hard Things” with my BFL.

    I really can’t think of any Hard Thing suggestions right now but will think of some though out the day! 🙂 This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to see the list!!!! 😀

  • Oh, I forgot to say that I can’t wait to read the book! I am getting more excited by the minute!!!! 😀

  • Definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done is choose to keep some distance between myself & the young man I most admire in the world (whom, I might add, apparently has mutual feelings). He is not yet ready to start a relationship, and I am not either. So purposing to put things “on hold” and keeps some distance between us…it’s hard, but worth it!

  • Read your Bible when life is normal.
    Sponsor a kid in another country.
    Do Operation Christmas Child.
    Teach a Sunday School Class.

    Hope these help–I can’t wait to see the book.

  • I don’t have Twitter

    Hard things I’ve done:

    Compete in the National Bible Bee (I haven’t actually done this one, but I will have by tomorrow evening! 🙂
    Read my Bible daily
    Do what’s right (dressing modestly, being respectful, not saying bad words, etc.) even when it’s not popular
    Strive to improve my grades in school, even though they’re pretty good where they are now
    Try to do everything as if it were for the Lord

    That’s all I can think of for now.
    I LOVE your book, and can’t wait for the next one!

  • At this point in my life, my hardest thing is deciding what to do after high school. I want to make sure I’m on the right path for the future God has for me, but there are so many options that it can be overwhelming!

  • Ask some one you don’t know if they need prayer.

    Pray in public.

    Tell a friend not to talk badly about someone you both don’t like.

  • Prayed with homeless people i’ve NEVER met B4 off the streets in the Tenderloin.

    Kept a possitive attitude of serving God even when we were rejected

    Held a prayer station in the middle of a city park in front of many people,

    asked random buisnesses if we could do anything to help them (like cleaning)

    prayed with a guy at school

    prayed FOR a girl at school that i wasnt very fond of

    did an un wanted chore with out getting asked

    got into the habit of spending time daily with God

    Prayed even when i thought nobody wanted to listen

    tell a friend that I’m not comfortable hanging around them when they are talking smack about certain people

    Forgave people that it was just really hard to forgive

  • Anna,
    It looks like we will both be competing tomorrow. Are you stressed or overwhelmed? I am trying to figure out how other people are feeling. I am stressed and overwhelmed. Getting some last minute studying in right now. How about you? Well, thats about it for now. Gotta keep studying! I pray you will do well tomorrow! God bless!


  • OOOHHHH Wait

    I have been trying realllllyyy hard to get up 30 minutes early and read my bible before anything else. If it takes me a little longer, i just wont get to do my hair, or my make up, or text or anything…My God time is better than any of those

  • Another hard thing I am doing is committing to honor and make my own, my father’s decision for courtship and the age I have to be to be courted. It’s really hard because I want to start young, but I know my dad knows what’s best for me and 20 is young, but it still seems so far away (3 years today). Being content where I am is very hard, but I know will be worth it.
    ~Kay Morris♫
    P.S. Is anyone here going to Disney’s Night of Joy?

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart! <3

    Love the Lord your God with all your soul!

    Love the Lord your God with all your mind!

    Love the Lord your God with all your strength!

    Faith, Hope, and Love.

    But the greatest of these is Love.


  • I have:

    1. Memorized verses

    2. Done a chore not asked to do

    3. Stepped out and made friends when I really didn’t want to

  • Here’s a few things that I’ve be working on…
    ~memorize chapters in the Bible
    ~leading a small group of middle schoolers at my church through a book study
    ~sitting with people at lunch who I don’t know or who are sitting alone
    ~i’ve been trying to discipline myself to wake up earlier in the morning to have my quiet time instead of doing it at night

  • I’ve…
    Become a voice for unborn children by leading a Pro-life group and organizing Pro-life events and speaking on Pro-life issues.

    In more details than just 20 words…
    – I’ve become a Pro-life leader by leading a Pro-life group at my high school called Warriors for Life (I just graduated high school this year, but the group is continuing!), organizing two city-wide baby showers for a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, and speaking about Pro-life issues. A picture I took of my shoes on Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity ( in 2007 has become the picture on the day’s official postcard for 2008 and 2009. The postcard can be viewed here:
    – I’ve gone on two missions trip this year: one to Ecuador and one to England. Both of which were absolutely incredible!

  • -do “quiet time” with God every night

    -send out verses to friends through text

    -transformed my “my”space into a place that glorifies God over myself

  • OK, I would like to make something clear here. Anything that is not done FULLY by Jesus is worthless. If hard things are done in self-will, self-effort, and for self-glory than they are filthy rags.
    Self-will, “I really want to have a ministry for God, I like babies, maybe I should join a pro-life movement and serve God!”
    Self-effort, “I want to DO something for God. I need to be a strong Christian and WORK in this ministry.”
    Self-glory, “We then raised four thousand dollars by our hard work! I’m glad we were able to do so much to help a good cause.”
    I’m afraid as I look back, many of my hard things were done in self-effort for self-glory, so here’s my list of dirty laundry:

    – From being a shy homeschooling boy that rarely talked to strangers, God changed me into a boy that has witnessed to many strangers, gone to the local public high school and shared Christ with kids in the parking lot, and fulfilled a self-made challenge to share the gospel with one hundred people in one month. Praise God ONLY!

    – Fasting once a week.

    – Reading Christian non-fiction books rather than secular fiction.

    – Playing accordion for hospital and nursing home patients.

    – (Working process) Stop making excuses when parents ask for things to be done.

    – Writing and making a personalized website to lead people to the Lord with business cards.

    – Not watching videos with the family when God directs.

    Only one life, will soon be past. Only what’s done BY Jesus will last.

  • haha, wow, I don’t know if you guys really need anymore suggestions, but I guess one more won’t hurt. 🙂

    – If you’ve never had something like this happen to you before, then pretend that your parents are sick/in the hospital/dying(or just unavailable) and they can’t do anything around the house. This means that you take over the responsibilities of cleaning, cooking, watching siblings (if you have any), running errands (or just making up the list if you can’t drive), paying bills etc.

    It might be a good idea to do this as a summer project, or even just for the weekend. It will give your parents a well deserved rest, and it will help you grow in responsibility.

    When you first start you might also want to take on one thing at a time, if you don’t normally perform any of those tasks.

  • Get up earlier

    Run three miles at least three times a week! (or one:0 ) Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Make yourself do jobs that you really dislike.


  • Some things I need to work on personally….

    ~Doing the dishes when I see they need to be done (even when my mom doesn’t ask), and helping my sibs with the dishes when it isn’t my turn

    ~Getting up early on school days to walk the dog (I am NOT a morning person)

    ~Trying to stay out of my younger sib’s arguments and be a part of the solution, not the problem

    ~Taking shorter showers so I don’t hog the bathroom (gulp)

    I know this isn’t like, world-changing stuff or anything, but I think it’s what I need to start with before I can move on.

  • Hard things~

    Go to a Christian school that has become wordly and try to lead it back to its original purpose (Thats what I’m working on right now)

    Read the Bible daily

    Keep your mind set on God

    Pray daily

    Search God out

  • One I forgot: be a good sibling to my two older sisters, my younger sister and my younger brother (More general: Be a better sibling)

  • -Listen in church
    -Respect your parents at all times
    – Voluteer instead of text or chat with friends
    -Be a Godly example to other sat all times
    -Read my bible every morning before school
    -Stay calm, not angery
    -Be honest
    -Resist pressure, even from those that you love
    -Turn in a friend to the authorities, because you know that it’s right.
    -Dress modestly

  • Today´s the day the Tea Parties are happening in our country. One thing that I have noticed here in the States is that most teens are not connected about what´s happening in the political arena. What the leaders in our nation decide to pass laws will DIRECTLY affect our future, our children´s, and grandchildren´s future. First, we need to PRAY for the U.S. and her President. I personally don´t agree with what Obama is trying to pass, but we still need pray for him. We really need to pray, it´s scary some of the things the politicians are trying to pass. For me, praying for our President and his cronies is difficult.
    So two hard things:
    1. Stay in tune with the news, both foreign and abroad.
    2. Pray for our leaders

  • Minister to a friend who doesnt believe in Christ even if it might damage your relationship, you just have to trust that God will work things out

  • Stop gossiping, we say we dont do it but so many of us do. When we talk about the way someone talks, dresses or looks we are gossiping and God wouldnt want u to make fun of someone He made the way He wanted them. When you do that your making fun of Gods creations, and its horrible. Lift people up rather than putting them down, even though they may not hear you gossip about them God hears you are your still making fun.

  • Dress modestly, this will keep us pure in heart, soul, body, and mind this will help our boyfriends or girlfriends stay pure too

  • If a friend confides in you about something bad their doing like cutting, drinking, doing drugs or having sex and they wont listen to you do something very hard by trusting God enough by bringing a trusted adult into the situation. You are risking losing your friendship but you could help keep that person from so much pain and hurting deep inside there soul and when theres nothing left you can do…Call upon the name of the Lord by PRAYING He will surely help you in your time of need

  • -Explaining to people that you are not going to University or pursuing a career and that you are choosing rather to be a daughter-at-home that furthers her fathers vision and calling.

    Believe me this is really hard, most people don’t get it and/or think it’s an excuse for doing nothing with your life. The pressure is intense and I get looks from people as if I’m lazy or just plain wierd.

  • Standing up for something you believe is right even if it means losing all your friends and standing alone.

    Doing something you believe in even if people discourage you.


    Keep up on school work even when theres a million things i’d rather do

    Work for the glory of God even when I dont want to be at work

    Show Christ through my life

  • Oh, I am so sorry!!! I forgot to make my first post 20 words or less! I apologize for that, and here is the condensed form of what I said 🙂

    ~Wrote a speech on protecting the unborn

    Here are some other hard things that I have done:

    ~Started my own flower business
    ~Supported a national pastor each month
    ~Begun to debate

    Keep up the great work everyone! I am really inspired by reading all of these posts!!!!!!

  • – Sarah,
    Yes, I was really scared! And I’m glad to have it behind me, though I still have to wait till next Sunday to find out how I did. 🙂
    I’m excited about next year, and I’m glad to learn those verses and Bible knowledge questions, because even over the summer, I’ve used them!
    Thanks for praying, and I hope you did well!

  • Only one to drop out of a dance because of suggested content.

    Organized Christmas presents given to non-Christian girls whose dad’s died.

  • Despite being really shy I volunteer at the local Republican Headquarters. I love what you are doing!

  • I am very different from my peers ’cause I dress modestly and am homeschooled and interested in spirtual matters.

  • Sit at a Christian vending table on a college campus to help share Christ

    Give up going out with friends when you have homework(small thing but hard, especially when your other teenage siblings are going too)

    Thanks Alex and Brett! 🙂

  • Things that God used Do Hard Things as a catalyst to get me going:

    Teaching a Bible Club.

    Spending more time in the Word and with God.

    Coming up with a way to track of my finances.

    Investing in my family.


  • I got involved in a political campaign; got my family involved; met a state senator who invited me to be a page at the capital.

  • Anna,
    I actually just got home from the Bible Bee. What age group were you in? I was in Juniors. I got all the Q’s in the 1st oral round, 1 verse in the 1st oral round, and I got no verses in the 2nd round, and I am pretty sure I got at least 3 Q’s in the second round. How about you? I am so glad it is all over, though. I can go back to normal life…but then again, if I am selected for nationals, all the studying starts ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! 😛 Well, let me know how you did. You too, Olivia. God bless,

    Sarah 🙂

  • ~Host a 30 Hour Famine through World Vision to raise awareness and funds for 3rd world countries
    ~Write a speach/do a project on the physical AND spiritual needs in the world.

    Everything World Vision does massive and helpful to people all over the world. Being involved with their ministry is huge. The 30HrFamine made a huge impact on my life.

  • Sarah,
    I’m in the Juniors. Like you, I got all the Qs in the first oral round, and two and a half (unfortionately, they don’t give credit for half! 🙂 ) verses. In the second round, I got one verse and I think two Qs.
    Most of my points will come from the written test, I think, because I was able to finish all of the Qs and Bonus Qs, and I think most were right. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait ’till next Sunday!
    In Christ,

  • It’s great to read about the things that everyone is doing!

    – Start a Bible study for younger girls.

    – Join a group that goes into middle schools to talk about abstinence.

    – Make it a point to say at least one encouraging thing to a sibling you have trouble getting along with.

  • These are things that I do:
    -Play piano every other week at church
    -play in an orchestra that helps sponsor people (orphanages, kids who can’t afford to go to school; both in Kenya)

  • Anna,
    I think most of my points will come from the written test too, but I didnt get to finish it. Oh well.

  • Love your neighbor as you would yourself…. if you dont like someone, what someone does its hard to love them!

  • Seek to hide God’s word in your heart. Set a monthly goal and memorize a specific number of Bible verses each month.

  • Be there for my mom and pitch in to keep the house going when she had stage 4 breast cancer six years ago. (She’s alive and well today!!!)

    My sister and I watched six of our younger siblings at home when my uncle had cancer and my mom went to stay with him for weeks at a time, and my dad had to work.

    Raise money for missions by playing instruments and singing with my siblings at our local flea market.

  • – go an entire day without listening to music, watching tv, or getting on the computer. use it to focus on what God is saying and doing in your life, and reset yourself on how important electronics are to you.

    – give your friends to God. Realize you can’t change them without Him, and that the wrong friends will lead you away from Him no matter how hard you are trying show them God’s love.

  • really care about what the teacher is saying at school (study without desire spoils the memory and retains nothing it takes in, leonardo da vinci)
    start a morning bible study at school
    be willing to take a group of the younger kids at school to a fast food place of something and talk about Christ with them.
    decide what ou want to do when you get older and try to do that now.

  • Bring a christian band to our public school and have a closer relationship with my mom. I really want to try to get our friends christian band to play at our school and give a message of the gospel. I know that it is legal, now the only thing that I have to do is get permission to use the school’s facilities.

    Also I want to have a closer relationship with my mom. I know that I haven’t been the kindest person a lot of the time so I want to be able to find that common ground with my mom and become more kind.

  • – Not making a sarcastic response. (which could [un]intentionally hurt someone)

    – Living what you believe, especially when others don’t.

    – Playing with my siblings when I really don’t want to.

  • – Keeping my thoughts and emotions pure in a dating-saturated country.

    – Doing the mundane things of life with an attitude of doing them “unto the Lord.”

    – Spend time at an old folk’s home. You might find it hard but you’ll be truly blessed when you leave.

  • – Spend a week of my time to help someone on a mission trip.

    – Putting others before my self

    – Giving up Eating for 30 hours to support someone who needs food

  • * Do hard choices
    I don’t know if you understand what i’m saying or if you guys speak about it in your book, but to me do something hard starts doing a hard choice, sounds like simple but it is not to me. God give to us the chance of to make our choice, including the choice of serving Him, and this choice about serving him, it is my first hard choice(by the way.. hard and amazing). And our lives in this world has a lot of hard things that the world calls hard things…do not have sex before get married, do not drink, do not lie, do not disrespect parents are one of these hard things…
    but even the christians are doing “these hard things”, that are not doing any difference, these things are not changing anything, these thigns are not motivating people say yes to jesus christ in their lives. But i believe when our choice by do hard things become more deep, growing in a real relationship with God and not just doing because sounds like good to us, And if we instead of bothering to go out to preach the gospel events missionaries PREACH IT FIRST WITH OUR LIVES, because probably people who we preach the gospel are not gonna read the bible instantly, but they probably will be reading our lives everyday as christians, then we will be making a hard choice that will lead us to do hard things, whatever that will be, because first we choose to be a reference of the kingdom of God here on earth, just like Jesus.

  • Give a Christian book to an unbeliever who scares me

    Going half way around the world to adopt 2 younger siblings who spoke no English (Even after two years it’s still hard!)

  • —-Take some tracks and go out to any beach, park, or around your local mall(s) and start sharin’ Jesus with ppl. It is easy and fun, plus planting seeds is something we START with, it’s been great for me and has helped me get comfortable with going out of my comfort zone. If you are still uneasy with that, remember your not alone ask a brother/sister in Christ and have them join you. You will be amazed in how God will use you when you step in out in faith (even with the little things)!

  • Victoria,
    where do you go to run a half marathon? I might want to try it…I am 13, but with God’s help, I might be able to do it!


  • Spreading the Gospel, standing up for what you believe in (such as homeschooling, purity, and creation), not being judgemental, and being faithful to something you started (like the Bible Bee or Ballet lessons! Ha!)

  • Every halloween, at each house we go to, we hand out little cards that say “Jesus Loves You”

    And I am planning a special trip to the mall. I am going to make cards that say “You are beautiful, Jesus Loves you” and hand them out to any teens girls I see =)

    God Bless

  • Be Kind even when you don’t feel like it

    Work in some kind of volunteer kitchen doing dishes for a week (camp,homeless shelter,etc.)

    make a point to help around the house more

    pray for your pastor and leaders of your church (not really a hard thing but a much needed one)

    Work with Right To Life whether it be working a booth at the fair or praying in front of Planned Parenthood or raising money or doing the highschool oratory contest they have.

    Ask your pastor what need or job you may be able to help with at church.

  • ~ Give a Christmas gift to the least likely person you would ever give a gift to.

    ~Teach Sunday school classes

    ~Give a card of encouragement to a friend or neighbor

    ~Pray for everyone you love!

  • When I was 21 I had a unique opportunity to do a challenging thing. I tutored four homeschooled children in my church for one year while their mother was recovering from a stroke.

  • -Starting a dance team in your church
    -Making films that glorify God and speak the gospel clearly and that are good quality
    -Speaking boldly about what Christ has done for you
    -Staring a small groups for teens in your community that need/want Jesus
    -Speaking boldly about subjects of Injustice(Slavery, Human Trafficking, Abortion)
    -Mission Trips around the World
    – Loving as Christ loves US!

  • Hard Things:

    ~ Make the right decisions–even when no one is watching to give you credit!

    ~ Write a book

    ~ Pray. Truly pray. For 1 hour.

    ~ Learn to view yourself and others around you the way God does, and not the way the world does.

    ~ Share the gospel with friends at school.

    ~ Read the entire Bible.

    ~ (And a hard one for me), don’t hold onto worry but hand them entirely over to God.

    ~ Fighting the desire to have the material things of this world.

  • Awesome idea! 🙂


    *Finding time for family when you’re taking 6 hard classes, working and involved in church
    *Reading your Bible faithfully
    *Spending time with God in prayer for even 20 minutes
    *Not blaming yourself for every bad thing that ever happens in life (for me at least)
    *Truly accepting God’s forgiveness and giving EVERYTHING up to Him
    *Sharing one’s faith on a daily basis
    *Dressing modestly when others tell you that you don’t even look like a girl if you do cover up even just a little (girl problem, at least)
    *Getting your homework done ahead of time
    *Saying the right thing when you should and not saying anything when you shouldn’t

    That’s what comes to mind off the top.

  • Since I’ve become a cell leader, here are some little hard things I’ve had to do:

    ~Stay accountable with my QT.

    ~Keep others accountable

    ~Mentor our younger members

    ~Make time in my day for more prayer than i used to

    ~Prepare a sharing of the Word

    Here are some things our Cell member/leaders are expected to do,

    ~Prepare a worship period

    ~Stay accountable to one another

    ~Reach out to pre-believers

    ~Pray for each other

    Little hard things in my family life since my mom’s been ill

    ~Help younger sibs with Homework

    ~Check their homework

    ~Help with more chores than usual withount being asked

  • – start the day by reading the bible
    – join catechism for the kids every weekends
    – trusting God no matter how hard things are instead of leaning on your own understanding
    – eat your pride before it eats you

  • gave up my Saturday morning sleep-ins to volunteer at a soup kitchen

    giving up my (home)school holiday to serve on a mission trip

  • 1) Apologising completely when in the wrong
    2) Volunteering in an after school program at a homeless shelter
    3) Interning at a church
    4) Being flexible and offering up my talents to God
    5) Remaining focused on God in a world filled with distracting relationships

  • One more!

    – Improving time management so that you can accomplish all that you say you’re going to do.

  • – write an email against injustice, and get your friends to send it round

    – add bible verses to the bottom of emails to non-christian friends

    -support other Christians as best you can

  • Give up a computer game and instead use the money you would have spent for something that glorifies God.

    Talk to someone who sits alone and may be considered an “outsider.”

  • 1. Organize and perform a benefit concert for a worthy organization.
    2. Get up in front of a crowd and share something edifying.
    3. Read Pilgrim’s Progress unabridged.
    4. Read articles on important events in American and world politics so you can know where you stand.
    5. Learn to play an instrument.
    6. Habitually wake up five minutes earlier than is necessary to beseech God for a refilling and bask in His presence.

  • Hey Kay Morris! I doubt that you’ll find this comment way at the bottom of this page but I wanted to say that I’ve heard Evangelist Keith Daniels preach up here in MN and I personally know his son Roy Daniels. They seem like a nice family! God bless!

  • -memorize a book of the Bible (1 Peter is the book i’m almost done with)

    – lead “See You at The Pole” at school

    -start a Bible study for your sports team (volleyball and basketball)

    -pray daily for the persecuted church

    -play guitar for your church’s music team

  • Singing in front of a big audience with your family (scary!!).
    Honoring your parents, even if you don’t agree.
    Stop trying to ‘fit in’ and just be yourself.
    Join a team and do something you’ve never done before. (This has been really hard for me. I joined a team at my local 4-H last January. It was so scary to begin with because I didn’t know what to do, how to act, and I wasn’t very good at it to begin with. Now I’m going to a national competition and having a lot of fun!)
    Trying to be a good example for your younger siblings.
    Learning to play an instrument
    This list looks like it’s going to be more than100!

  • -Playing violin, joining an orchestra, and being supportive, and knowing that, even though you are there to learn music, more important then that is being understanding and working as a team.
    -Starting a pro-life group at church. I am in the process. It IS scary, but I am more excited then scared, and being a part of the fight to save the lives of the million or so children who are murdered every day is worth the uncomfort, the nerviousness, and the fear.
    -Volunteering at a organization for disabled kids. I am considering this, and am going to test it out for the first time, tomorrow!

    Some of the “hardest” hard things are doing things you have never done before, but, hey, who says hard things aren’t fun?! I am glad I am doing the things I am!
    Thanks, Alex and Brett!

  • *Keep a journal (which has already been addressed in at least one comment)
    *Take time to spend with younger siblings
    *Exercise regularly
    *Limit time spent on blogs, social networking sites and other recreational websites
    *Record family history from a grandparent, great-uncle, etc.
    *Be willing to lovingly confront someone when you see that they are in sin

  • Woops! I didn’t read the original post very well. (gulp) I didn’t realize that this was things that you’ve actually completed. Let me try that again:

    -Take time to spend with younger siblings

    Although I have completed some of the other things I mentioned, I’m not sure I’m qualified to post them as things I’ve done. =)

  • Here are some of things that were hard for me

    -getting up early (seriously)
    -breaking the habit of randomly surfing the web
    -helping a family member who is dealing with anxiety/depression (for those who’ve never experienced something like this, it can be very difficult to keep being patient and helpful, especially if the person in question never seems to be getting any better).

    Plus there’s one other thing, but it’s personal. Someday I’ll tell the story to someone, but I’m not ready to do it here on a comments section.

  • One of the hard things I have accomplished this year is that I have been baby sitting for a single mom. What is hard about this is that she doesn’t get payed much, so I don’t, either. I learned to let it go and babysit for less money to show the love of Jesus Christ. That is what it is really all about.

  • Doing Child Evangelism Fellowship was hard when I didn’t know anybody else who was doing it and had to go away for a week of training. Reading the Bible is difficult too.

  • sometimes the hardest things revolve simply around our words. these are some hard, but rewarding things for me that involve speech:
    ~ don’t join in on the gossip.
    ~ better yet, have the courage to say “hey, guys… we shouldn’t be talking about _____ while he/she isn’t here. this is gossip.” have the courage to leave if the conversation doesn’t change. – this is the hardest thing for me.
    ~ don’t allow bullying. stand up for the new kid, the awkward one, the nerd… whoever it is that’s the butt of the jokes.
    ~ start a converstation with the new kid… it feels awkward and uncomfortable, but it makes a world of difference.
    ~ respect your parents even when you talk about them when they are not around. — just because they’re not there to hear you doesn’t make it okay.

  • -look beyond yourself and your pain when it comes to broken relationships.

    -surrender your addictions to Christ, and let him wash away that sinful stain!

    -pray for forgiveness for your enemies, whether it’s that kid who mistreats you at school, or even your loved ones.

  • Campaign to change an unjust policy at school or in your local government.

    Say No to premature romance―even when it hurts.

    Exercise daily and eat well to keep your body at its best.

    Direct at least one person’s thoughts to Christ every day.

    Dress modestly to help guard your own and others’ purity.

    Instead of judging others, make an effort to show them the love of Christ.

    Use critical thinking skills to make mature, informed decisions about the world around you. Don’t let others make up your mind for you!

    Meditate on a particular passage of Scripture each morning; let God’s words fill your heart and mind throughout the day.

    Practice those scales! Whether you play the piano, guitar, violin, or flute, those boring progressions really pay off.

    Gather some friends and start a volunteer youth outreach; get to know your community.

  • Alex and Brett,

    let us know how the book has been going. I would love to buy it when it gets published! You guys are doing an awesome thing for this generation, and I LOVE it!
    Keep up the good work,


  • well, before, waking up early each morning is really a hard thing for me.. i call it “the battle of the blanket”. But now i had already dealt with it.. thanks for the book..
    another hard thing for me is trying to disciple the person that i had shared. evangelism is not a problem, whats hard is when you keep them on the Christian life track. I’m still dealing with that.

  • A hard thing is when you say sorry to someone. Specially when that someone hurts you a lot and its her/his fault. In other words, it’s trying to be humble to someone who is tearing you apart.

  • – Don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend for a year.
    – Listen to Christian music instead of secular music.
    – Read a book a week.
    – Only watch TV for an hour a day.
    – Ask your friends not to curse around you.
    – Do homework on time.

    Also guys, you should look at the words to Rebel Intro and Fall Back by Lecrae they are amazing. Rebel Intro is about not conforming to this world but instead being different. Fall Back is about not listening to the media but doing what God wants you to do and living a life of purity it’s really great.

  • ~My friend and I started studying the Old Testament with “The Message of the Old Testament” by Mark Dever.

    (we realized we’d been ignorant of the Old Testament and wanted to learn from it… and we have, so much!)

    ~Made a goal to practice piano at least 60 minutes a day, plus at least 15 minutes of flute.

  • Start a small group Bible study

    Go on a mission trip

    Befriend someone at church or school that is unpopular or has trouble connecting with others.

  • I think a simple, but hard thing to do, would be to get involved with a speech and debate league ( notebly the NCFCA national homeschool league). It is important for young Christian people to be able to speak to others about Christ; and to think critically( especially in this day and time). God put us in this culture for a reason, and He created us for such a time as this.

  • Preach the Gospel to someone you know needs it. Like I said before, it cost me my job to preach the Gospel, but I was willing to take that risk. Remember, the end result when you’re in heaven is much greater than keeping your mouth shut because you’re afraid you’ll lose friends or jobs.

  • Winning everyday battles like gentle answers to siblings(aka patience and slow to anger)

    Go the extra mile and when doing chores clean SPOTLESS

    Play with your siblings when needed (and or to help Mom)

    the list is endless 😀

  • Ask God before you make a big decision – and listen – even if you already know what YOU want to do.

  • This list has a theme of gospel-centeredness:

    ~ “hold fast to your confession”-have a deep sense of confidence in the gospel

    ~ be comforted by God’s sovereignty. The gospel is the greatest good that God could ever give us.

    ~ Understand more intimately what it actually means to be saved. The gospel has placed a claim on our lives that dictates how we are to live. Our lives have been altered in the greatest way ever.

    ~ See Jesus as the “fountain of living waters” (Jer. 2:13) Everything else good are just drops from the fountain.

    ~ Enjoy mundane life; it provides countless opportunities for experiencing the joys of living for the Savior.

    ~ Fully embrace your current season of life. God has given it to you to bring Him glory in.

    ~ Don’t become condemned if you don’t meet up to your resolve. The gospel is powerful to redeem; in fact, it is the reason and motivation for resolve in the first place!

    I have been blessed by countless resources and teaching on centering your life on the gospel, Do Hard Things being one of them. So, maybe this isn’t anything new, but it because the gospel is the true center, it will lead to all hard things we do for God!

    Thanks for asking for thoughts!

  • One hard thing that I started out to do became an easy thing. I fasted from TV for two weeks and spent that quality time with God instead. I thought it would be hard but it I really did not miss watching TV and I grew in my walk with the Lord. After a while I added a little bit of TV back in but still spent more time with God.
    Hard things always have to start from the smallest. In Matt Jesus said, ” Well, done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make you a ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
    Some things don’t seem as important such as housechores but in relality they are very important. We honour God when we do the small things.

    A few hard things I found was………..
    Helping out instead of fullfilling my own desires
    Singing for church events
    Witnessing to classmates
    Believing in myself
    Putting God first in my life
    Not letting my peers or parents influence me if it is not in line with God’s word

    All of you reading this follow God with your full heart no matter what others think of you.
    Sister in Christ,

  • dont lie to friends just to make them feel good.
    join the club you are intresyed in and not the club your friends are.
    memorize a verse and apply it to your life.
    by the way…..
    thank you alex and brett, this site is just what i needed! i recieved your book “do hard things” and it has really changed me. im not sure what “hard thing” i want to do yet, so this list is perfect! ive beem carrying your book around with me at school and everyone keeps giving me weird looks and saying ‘do hard things? ew why would you want to do that?” it was amazing, how right you guys are! thanks again 🙂
    mark 10:45

  • Reached out to abused street girls, and then wrote a song about the pain in their faces and the hope they can have in Jesus.

    Went on a month long novel (fiction) “fast”, in order to spend more time with God.

    Fully surrendered everything in my life to God.

    Learned guitar and accompanied my youth group’s praise time.

  • I started my own newsletter for kids. That is hard because you have to make sure you do it every month, and make sure you have enough entries. But if you do it for God’s glory, it will come out good. Thanks, Alex and Bret!

  • I’ve been writing for years, but it was always just me. In other words, the dozens of unfinished books I left lying around were my loss, and no one else’s. That’s what scared me the most about making movies. It can’t be just you – and there are other people relying on me for schedules, and coordination, and looking at my script. My work is a part of me, and there is something in me that will shirks from giving it to other people to criticize, even when I need that criticism. God’s been teaching me how to put something together that is my responsibility, involves tons of people, and I can get blamed for if something goes wrong. To be honest, it scares the life out of me. And then there comes that moment when I see someone watching our completed movie, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • – Play music by yourself at church. (I had to do this without realizing it until we got there.)
    – Compete in writing competitions that are way out of your comfort zone.
    – Do devotions, every morning and evening, no matter what’s going on.
    – Get involved in conversations that are hard, and serious.

  • -Make dinner so Mom doesn’t have too
    -Help with my severely diabled sister, including doing daily needs
    -Befriend and reach out to people who don’t have many/any friends.
    -Do little things for the older ladies in church like opening the door for them, handing things out so they don’t have to go get them from a table,or just listening to what they have to say. They have many great storys including ones showing how God can work in someones life and answer prayer.

  • Muriel Truax, I know exactly how you feel about supporting a family member with anxiety and/or depression. I’ve had to do the same, and still do. I’m praying for you!!!
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • Hey, Noella, I did see your comment, and I think that’s great! I’m very excited about the conference. I’ve left a whole bunch of flyers for it at a Christian owned resturant. Hopefully people come!!!
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • Hard Things
    ~ Fast from TV for a month
    ~ Be faithful in little things such as housechores
    ~ Help out at you church volentarly
    ~ Do something you dread such as singing in front of a big audience
    ~ Give a speech
    ~ Giving when you don’t have much
    ~ Put God before everything including family

  • Well I’m 17 years old and the son of an American missionary in austria
    the “awakening” of christianity in this country started about 30 years ago
    it started with two people who heard gods calling and came to this beautiful country
    I always was under the impression that i had to be older to do hard things
    but then i started a band with some unbelieving friends and this gave me the chance
    to share the gospel …. and what do you know lukas our go bassist t saved after one conversation
    to make a long story short a lot of my friends got interested in the bible and want to read it with me
    so that would be start a evangelistic bible-study for friends

  • ps learn how to spell

    I’m hoping to start a network to share ideas for youth bible-studies
    a friend of mine is starting one in linz (austria)
    I’m in salzburg … Mozart city

  • reach out to someone who is not popular.
    love people who are hard to love.
    donate baby items to a crisis pregnancy center.

  • Remembering to thank God for the simplest things. Such as thanking Him for granting you another day, or another breath of air. That always gets me, its small, but its also the hardest, because we take every day, and everything in that day, for granted.

  • Attend college classes while still in High School

    Go on a mission’s trip overseas

    Volunteer at your church

    Do missions work in your hometown

    Spend time with a younger sibling

    Don’t argue or complain when things don’t go your way

    Be positive in times of trouble

  • mentor younger girls, taking the time to pray for them, and invest in thier lives

    pray to know what God’s will is, and do it

    pray for your enemies

    accept what God is telling your parents, even if it means moving 1000’s of miles to a different continent

    faithfully exercise and spend time with the Lord

  • I’m going against the flow and homeschooling myself through the college years. That’s weird. 🙂 And hard.

    I set myself a goal of recording one new thing that I learn each day. It’s definitely harder than I thought it would be.

  • Become a friend to someone a lot younger than you. younger kids like hanging out with older kids. you could make a new friend even if their younger.

  • I think that going up to someone who is new to a group, striking up a conversation, and getting to know them is really.

    Sometimes just doing what your parent’s ask you is hard, espically is you don’t agree with the decition. Like whent they say you can’t go somewhere or do something. REALLY HARD!!!

    Being kind to someone who you know dosen’t like you. You just have to show them kindness and hope that you might get a little in return. And even if you don’t, God calls us to continue doing so.

    Just my two cent’s

  • Dear dunkleberry and ths
    ok. just because we would rather do something RIGHT for the one who saved our lives, does NOT make us “wackos”. i’ll be praying for u. maybe one day you’ll see that something bigger than u and me loves you, died for you, and would gladly die for you again. and this is a christian site so quit vandalizing it.
    thanks, liz

  • doing something hard is accepting your calling.
    hold your hands out to the Lord and let him put something in them.
    ull feel like u matter.
    i had trouble accepting my calling…i think everyone does. i kept thinking “but God! idk wat to sing to them! wat will they think of my voice? ther’s too many older ppl that dont like my style of worship!” but the Lord is good. and he assured me that it would be alrite. it was hard the first few times i lead praise and worship. but it got better. and the support i got from my church was AMAZING!
    so wats in ur hands???
    let God put somthin there. u wont regret it.

  • To Dunkleberry and THS:

    I’m sorry you feel that way, but it’s a free country so far and people can believe the way they wish…Christian or otherwise. I do pray that you would come to fully understand the God that many of us serve and that you would come to know Him personally. He’s way more than you realize, based on what you both say. It’s a hard life because people telling us to be tolerant of them, refuse to be tolerant of us. But, in the end it’s sooo worth it…we’ve got Heaven to look forward to. God bless you both!

  • *Dress modestly, even though most young women don’t and get attention because of it.
    *Refuse to watch movies, even when all your friends have seen them, because their content goes against God.

  • Dunkleberry and THS…
    I don’t think that my life is horrible. In fact I have found the only way to be saved from my sin, JESUS CHRIST! Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” I’m ready for him to come, are you?

  • First of all, I think all those rude comments are being left by the same person, second, I am proud of my beliefs. I will not force my oppinions on anyone and but I will stick up for what I believe in. I have been shunned my my own family for sharing my faith so openly, and I am not afraid to be shunned by strangers.
    God loves each of us more then we could ever imagine, and His son died so that we may all live.
    No matter the sins we commit, God can never love us any more, or any less then He already does!

    Nicholas K: I agree with you, Romans 3:23 is an amazing verse and I am ready for him to come, and I wait patiently untill that day comes!

    God Bless You All!

  • What hard things I daily deal with in my ministry at school is standing up and encouraging your friends in the Scripture either Saint friends or Non-Saint friends. I know sometimes we all get stuck and think that you fear of losing that friend if we tell them the truth that they don’t want to hear. I think that friend will truly understand if you show them out of love because you care for them and want them to follow Christ and not drift away from Him. Also, I started a Bible study club at my school which is very hard because you have to get lessons ready and organize things so this could work. So I think it would be great if we could all start up Bible studies or prayer groups at school if you guys haven’t already!
    Your Jesus Freak,

  • Lance D: That is one hard thing I have on my list, and I hope that God can use me to write a book that will inspire people to allow Christ into their hearts and become followers of Him!

    God Bless

  • I looked up the word “wacko” on It’s a great word!
    it also leads to the word peculiar, set-apart, Not having the same center. I take that as a high honor to be placed in that category! As Christians our center is not of this world, our center must be Christ. The mere thought of us being wacko, peculiar people is right on! Praise God! we are not like this world, and we make the choice daily not to conform to it. I’m encouraged that you see a difference in us, and a peculiar light in us. For we know it is not us, but Christ in us doing his great ans mighty work for his glory alone.

    and if we “creep” anybody out, I also looked up the word crepy, and it means: having or causing a creeping sensation of the skin, as from horror or fear.

    WOW! This is so great.

    Praise God for transforming us into The likeness of Christ. The bold, courageous, Almighty Lord, who’s enemies tremble in fear at the sound of His name.

  • a few of these comments are inappropriate, and taking away from the very reason we come to this site. Please deter yourself from neglecting this site. We come here to praise Our Lord, God, and it’s great if you want to stay and veiw the great community we have here by his Grace, and for his glory but if you’re going to post unacceptable posts, and hinder us from our focus, I reassure you that it won’t happen. You’re in my prayers tonight, and I thank God that you came here to witness such peculiar people. 🙂

  • I also think it is a high honor to be called ‘wacko’. We are not of this world, we are just passing through to tell others about Christ. We are going to face times in our lives where people will think we are ‘weird’, but they are right! We are ‘weird’ in the world’s eyes cause we don’t do the things they do. I am very honored to be called ‘wacko’.

  • dunkleberry and ths, I agree, word for word, with what R said. I remember the first I realized the reason that I was the outcast, odd one out, the one that was shunned by the popular (even in my own church). I realized then that I was IN the world and not OF the world and that automatically made me an outsider. It was then that I finally was able to be happy with who I was as a person and I soon discovered that interaction with people wasn’t that hard with Christ in you, and as long as your not totally self concious the whole time.
    I guess what I mean to say by all this is that Christians have something that no one else can have, and that’s fulfillment. We have hope. We have a God who loves us and that we don’t have to walk on eggshells with so we don’t make Him angry. We have a God we can be honest with, and who restores us, not wastes us into nothing. We have eternal life. You can, too, if you would listen to what God says and believe that He gave His ONLY son to die for YOU on the cross.
    dunkleberry and ths, satan is telling you that we have something good by “creeping” you out like that. satan hates us and would do anything to stop you from realizing the truth. If you don’t feel creeped out by things like lying, stealing, and hating, but you do by people (even if we weren’t Christians) who just want to do some good in the world, then you know satan is trying to keep from something good.
    I’ll be praying for you, dunkleberry and ths.
    ~Kay Morris♥

  • Do not talk about other friends or co-workers negatively. Only be positive. If you do, apologize to that person (whether they know you talked about them or not)

    Go above and beyond what is expected at work, whether you receive praise or not…..remember it is for the Lord!!

  • Step out and ask those hard questions about life. Get people thinking about those hard questions. Even if they shun you for not agreeing with the popular belief on a particular subject, don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Get others thinking about life, God, purpose, future, philosophy, and other big ideas! Get them thinking! Share with them the Gospel! Combat all of the ideocracy that they are being taught in school! Offer an alternative! They may think you’re weird at first, but they’ll thank you later! And do all you do in the name of God!

  • Try not to fight with sibilings!!!
    Do your homework.
    Find a way to help someone else every day.(sometimes just being cheerful and smiling can impact someone in a way)
    Accept critisicm graciously.
    Read the Bible/Talk to God daily
    Judging people without really getting to know them.
    Not gossiping.

    I know that alot of these have probably already been said but these are some things I’m trying to work on and thought I’d share.
    God BLess.

  • Consider whether the show or movie you are watching would be glorifing to God.

    Look to glorify God with your life.

  • Sarah,
    Did you make it to the Nationals? The results just got posted. I made it, so my next Hard Thing on the list is to compete in the Nationals! YAY!!!
    Sorry, I’m really excited!

  • Anna, Kay Morris,

    I have been watching the website all day to see if I made nationals, and *shrug* sadly, I didn’t make it. They didn’t post the top 150 yet, though, so I still might have a chance. No one in my local competition made it. 🙁 I am upset,, but I still have a chance. I am praying now that I am in the top 150. PP (Please Pray) that I am in the top 150. I am praying so hard! Thanks!


  • By God’s grace, here are a couple things:

    -I have participated in Steps for Life (fundraising for a local pregnancy resource center) for ten years.

    -I decided to improve my communication abilities by joining a Christian speech/apologetics club even though I am shy.

    In Christ alone,

    P.S. I don’t have twitter.

  • Sarah,
    I’ll be praying that you’re in the top 150, I really hope you make it! Wouldn’t it be cool if we saw each other? I’ll be praying!

  • I don’t know, Sarah, I’ll try. Probably won’t write much, though. It’s 10:30 as I right this.
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • -Set a time at the beginning of each day to seek God’s face (Psalm 5:3)

    -Don’t be afraid to use your talents in church – e.g., music, video filming

    -Get involved in evangelism (e.g., Way of the Master street witnessing)

    -Volunteer your time to serve those younger than you (e.g., being a camp counselor)

    -Learn about your Christian worldview everyday- theology, history, response to current events

    -Spend time talking to and learning from older people (Prov. 12:15)

    Hard things I wish I had done/am currently working on:

    -Spend time exploring life with siblings and family! They are your best friends!

    -Write something and publish it – a story, a blog, etc.

    -Talk with others about mutual spiritual growth

    -Find an accountability partner!

    -If you see a need, fill it (e.g., starting outreach ministries at your local church)

    -Speak up when something’s wrong (e.g., Lord’s name used in vain)

    P.S. I don’t have Twitter

  • I held the door open for my peers because they were all holding fishing poles, and one of the guys in ou8r class said to me ” yeah, you better hold the door open for me” I didn’t say anything, although I wanted to rool my eyes. later, He stepped in front of me as I was talking to the other students.

    After class we all went our seperate ways, and i was on my way to read my bible, and the guy from my class stopped to talk to me, and he said ” You go to church” …then he proceeded with some lustful talk about woman, questions about God, woman, and satisfactin. I wasn’t suprised, but my heart was hoping for him to get at least a glimpse of light. I told him about one of our male professors who loves God with all his heart, and he now wants to meet my friend, and brother in Christ.

    I witnessed to him, and to another guy who asked me to canoe with him earlier that day.

  • It’s supernatural to look past someones physical apperance, and see their soul, lost or found. we all need Christ, and female or male Christ has used us to be the salt, and light of this world.

  • Many christians are more than willing to do hard things when there is even the slightest possibility that someone will notice what they are doing. But really a huge part of doing hard things is doing them when you know that no one but God will see you doing them. So I would say that a very “hard thing” to do is doing that “hard thing” when no other person will see you (or praise you for) doing it.

  • oops! just read the part about 20 words or less!

    so to paraphrase…

    -Do hard things when you know no one but God will be watching. 🙂

  • -Donate blood (the US banks are always short)
    -Read a book about a modern crisis that interests you. (Slavery, abortion, political corruption, etc.)
    -Pray as much as (or more than) you worship. (prayer, in various terms, is mentioned 512 times in the Bible while worship, in various terms, about 394 {Both important but we were told to pray without ceasing not to worship without ceasing})
    -Write a note of encouragement to everyone in your family.
    -Schedule your days and stick to your schedule.
    -Find the job no one wants to do (at home, at work, etc) and do it.
    -Pray about and write down long term goals, career and otherwise. Girls make goals for what you believe God would have you do if He calls you to be single.
    -Ask you parents (or older Christian friends) what area they believe you are weakest in and purpose to grow.
    -Take notes at church and review them several times during the week.
    -Exercise (muscle and aerobic), strengthen your body so you can do whatever task the Lord brings to you.

  • Maybe someone has already said these but here’s some I’ve done:

    * learn Biblical Greek (for Bible study)
    * start a Christian forums for a specific group
    * sing with the worship band at church (even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone)
    * write a Christian allegory novel
    * read a chapter of the Bible every night

    It’s easy to look at our accomplishments and become proud. I know that’s something I struggle with. But we couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for God’s grace. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

  • – Taking time out of my schedule to spend in God’s word and praying
    – I’m memorizing 1 and 2 Corinthians this year with a program called quizzing
    – saying no to certain activities even though your friends are doing it

  • Planning, Running, and Speaking at a conference for 200 teens (all at the ripe old age of 16!).

    Being a leader within your youth group.

    Loving your family almost as much as you love God!

  • – dont text for a week and read your Bible instead.
    – make time in the morning to read your Bible.
    – dont hang out with the wrong friends.
    – stay strong in your walk with Chrst.

  • Go to a different country to preach the gospel and not no any body or even speak the language. By the way I loved the confrence today! Great job! You guys really opened my eyes.

  • Today I did a hard thing, I gave up my whole saturday to help out at a “Cops For Cancer” charity car wash. The car was was a huge sucess and raised a ton of money!
    Praise God! =D

    God Bless

  • Praying and waiting w/ patience for God to answer and being content w/ the way God answer’s me and trusting him w/ EVERYTHING!!!!!

  • talking to people at school about God, ive always been rather unpopular at school so that is very hard for me. admitting that im wrong. very hard

  • Make 150+ apple pies, twice, for a mission trip fundraiser.

    It was fun, and hard 🙂 But hard things tend to get easier if you keep doing them.

  • It’s hard to be real. Shrug off the weights of popularity and be yourself. The group you currently hang with may not like it, but they will respect it and you will be a leader before you know it.

  • – Using my spare time for a worthwhile cause instead of frittering it away on useless pursuits.

    – Trusting God to answer my prayers in His own way and timing.

    – Not reading “christian romance” for the sake of protecting your thoughts — it often results in fantasizing about people you know.

  • I had an awesome moment with God the other day when I was sitting in my car. There was a big black guy standing nearby, looking rough and ready to hurt somebody. God was prompting me to go and share this rap song I was listening to with him [The Truth, by Lacrae]. After a lot of arguing, God finally won, and I stepped nervously out of my car (in very shady downtown), walked across the street, and approached this guy. He was probably about 7 feet tall, and me being the short 5.3” that I am, it was pretty terrifying. There’s no punch line, I showed him the song, it was really freaky, we said a few words to each other, and that was it.
    But I always think about Jamo. He helped show me that it was okay to obey the Lord, even if you think you’re gonna get hurt, or you’re terrified. Step out of you comfort zone, and watch where the Lord takes you! Maybe for Jamo it was just a small seed. But that small decision to say yes to God launched me into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus.

  • Ruth, I think I would be scared, too. But you never know, you might see him one day in Heaven and he’ll thank you for pointing him in that direction.
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • Tell all the people you love that you love them!
    When you think of your siblings, ‘Ya, sure I love them. But Ewww…that’s gross to acutually SAY it.” It was awkward at first, but now there are always random out of the blue, ‘Love you Allie’ that pop up and she’ll respond with, ‘Love you, too Zach.’
    One day when everyone is gone, you’ll wish you had actually SAID it, rather than leaving it to your actions. That is definitely a hard, and very important thing.

  • Hope I’m not too late! Here are things that God has been teaching me, hard things I’ve done, and hard things I’m doing/trying to do.

    – Not listening to secular music even though it fills your natural desires
    – Trusting in God even when He takes away all your spiritual encouragement
    – Trusting in God even though it feels like He’s not there
    – Saying no to things that, while they can be good, take your focus off God
    – Giving attention to younger siblings even when their interests seem childish and meaningless
    – Learning to be longsuffering – suffering for a long time
    – Picking up a tiny bit of trash you see on the ground as you’re walking
    – Co-administrating a forum with hard-to-work-with people and a huge project
    – Interviewing a scholar and book author on-the-spot, and nearly un-prepared [first time I ever interviewed someone too!]
    – Choosing areas in speech/debate that you purposely know will be a challenge and will grow you
    – Being attentive to God’s voice, no matter how much you can’t understand WHY He cares if you fold that towel.
    – Being humble and learning from mistakes when you had the opportunity to do hard things and didn’t
    – Going for the Bible Bee even though you know you aren’t ready and won’t do well – and giving it to God
    – Letting go of people, youth groups, churches, and ministries that mean the world to you
    – Walking by FAITH, and I mean real faith.
    – Read God’s Word and pray EVERY DAY.

  • One of my hard things is to focus on intentionally honoring my parents. I’ve been looking at all circumstances in my life as opportunities to ask for their perspective and stay under their authority.

  • Starting a worship dance summer camp, Starting a girls Bible study, First steps that seem small but if GOD blesses them can become lifechanging. It can be overwhelming to try to think of the big stuff so just take it one step at a time and see where GOD leads. Its not you doing it in your own strangth. That would be scary. Its God working with those of us who are ready to accomplish a bigger plan then we understand.

  • I got a group of friends together, and we support a little girl in Guatemala with compassion international

    I have been “rearranging the furniture of my life” like you said to do at your conference, so I can do more hard things, and give up the old time wasting things!

  • A hard thing for me right now is trusting God.

    PLEASE PRAY; my mom has disappeared and we do not have a way to get in touch with her- her cell phone is broken. She has been gone since yesterday afternoon.

    Thanks, guys

  • 1. Make a habit of always being respectful (to your family and everyone else)
    2. Let annoying or offending things slid past you–“it’s not what comes in, but what goes out of your mouth that makes a man unclean”-Jesus. This can be applied to everything, actions and words. (this is what I find really hard)
    3. Trust God, learn what his word says.

  • Give God at least an hour each day

    Go on a missions trip

    Give time to your family

    Lead a youth event in your area

    Keep a reading journal

    Start an instrument or a sport and stick with it

  • Dropping a class that you think will compromise your purity.

    Working for someone to whom your best will never be good enough.

    Keeping your word even when it hurts.

    Telling a friend what they’re wearing is immodest.

    Flying alone to help a family who needs your skills.

    Caring for someone who is dying.

    Convincing people that “homemaker” is an honorable life-goal.

  • Start a charity carnival.

    Make a committee, get a location, and pick a charity to donate money to. It’s that simple!

  • Hi Alex and Brett!

    These Do Hard Thing lists are awesome!! Its so amazing to see how all us teens are coming together to make a change in our generation.

    Thanks so much for all you do and it was great meeting you both yesterday at the D.C conference!

  • From personal experience, I would have to say breaking off a friendship with someone you’ve known forever and only recently discovered was bad for you. I’ve been best friends with this one girl for years, but then I realized she didn’t share my passion for God and His Word. Ending that friendship and choosing to be around more godly people was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done for the Lord.

    I loved seeing you guys at the D.C. conference yesterday! I took seven pages of notes! I think it’s wonderful how your family works together to serve the Lord. I’ve been talking to my parents about doing more things together, and they’re pretty excited, too!

    P.S. Also maybe give up a closet addiction that itsn’t neccessarily bad for you, but that distracts you from your walk with the Lord. Use the time instead to glorify Him.

  • Oops! We were supposed to do twenty words or less? Let me rephrase: (sorry)

    1) Break off a relationship with an good friend who doesn’t share your passion for Christ
    2) Give up your closet addiction and use that time to glorify God

    Let me add one more that my 11 year old sister did:

    3) Hand out Bible tracks in an public area (like a mall)

    Sorry for posting twice! 🙂

  • Just a couple of things I thought of while reading this:

    — take college courses at a secular school while still in highschool.

    — pursue a friendship with someone who has a very shy personality.

    — continue friendships even after you’ve moved away.

    — lead a bible study.

  • Dear Katelyn-
    I will be holding you up in my prayers. I pray that “the peace that passes understanding” would be yours. May the Lord Jesus Christ uphold you and your family during this trial.

    Under the Mercy,

  • 1. Write a book that glorifies God
    3. Conquer your fear of man
    4. Learn to not complain
    5. Pray
    6. Learn a language
    7. Share the Gospel
    8. Say “I’m sorry” and forgive

  • Push yourself to achieve the most in everything you do.
    Pray for those people that need it even if you don’t get along with them.
    Go out of your way to make new kids at school comfortable.

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Be informed about what’s going in in your community, state, and nation.

  • – memorize and recite the BOOKS of the Bible not only as a part of the school curriculum, but for daily life application as well. (So far, I’ve recited the book of Proverbs, John, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians. Praise God!)
    – shove off negative thoughts about people such as wanting to get back at them or saying straightforward things in a negative manner.
    – FAST AND PRAY for a week. (including TV, internet, and other favorite activities)
    – Give half or more than half of your money to the Lord, out of a sincere heart. 🙂

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