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Looking Forward To: Awesome Worship


With the Orlando conference just days away — you can still at the door — we are getting more and more excited about the final tour. One of the things we’re looking forward to is worshiping our Savior with two of our favorite bands:

  • Tour-favorite Reilly will be returning for San Diego and Baton Rouge.
  • The incredible Generation Letter will be joining us for the first time on this year’s tour — in Orlando, Williamsport, and Indianapolis.

Those of you who attended the 2009 conference in Chicago or any of our stops last year will remember Reilly for their skill, energy, and love for the Savior (not to mention the dueling violins). We are über-excited to continue the partnership.

If you are not familiar with Generation Letter, you are missing out. This is a mega-talented group of musicians and songwriters with a passion to lead God’s people in worship. Get a taste in the video above, from NEXT 2010.

And as always, our brother Joel Harris will be leading worship with Harlan David. The two of them may or may not have just finished recording The Rebelution Tour EP — a collection of original songs from the tour. More details coming soon!

So that is one thing we are looking forward to on the conference tour this year. How about you? What are you looking forward to on the final tour? Drop us a note!

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • I was so impressed by Reilly at the D.C. area conference last year. They struck me as extremely committed and sincere, even beyond their musical talent. Happy to hear that everyone attending the 2011 tour will have a chance to hear them! Even though I likely can’t attend, I’ll be praying that God will work through this season’s conferences. He wrought incredible change in the hearts of my friends and I when we attended last year. The things we heard and saw are still very fresh in our minds and continue to inspire us daily.

  • I just finished reading “Do Hard Things” and it’s really got me on fire for Christ! He has used this book in so many amazing ways in my life and I’m looking forward to meeting new people who are just as excited about furthering His kingdom as I am =)

  • Hi. Hope it all goes well, it sounds fantastic. Crossing the Atlantic is just a bit too far for me to be able to attend. =) But I hope God will bless you all during the tour and in whatever he leads you to do next.

  • What am I looking forward to on the final tour? Haha… everything! 🙂 Hearing the Do Hard Things message for the thousandth time, worshiping the Lord with likeminded rebelutionaries, serving others while on the volunteer teams, seeing you guys, and finally getting to hear Reilly in person!

    See you in San Diego! 😛

  • Awwww. My mom and I love Reilly. We will definitely miss them. But we are very excited to see Generation Letter in Williamsport with my little brother 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  • Alex and Brett, thank you so much for impacting my life. I often thank God for you. I found ‘Do Hard Things’ in a second-hand book shop here in Dongguan, China and was challenged by the message. Since reading your book my mindset has changed. I am now more brave, more eager to step out of my comfort zone and more aware of all that I can do with God’s help! You have given me inspiration and been a catalyst for change in my life! I wish that I could come to your final tour. Sounds like it will be amazing. Thank you again for challenging me to do more than what’s expected and for changing my life.

  • Thanks. I really enjoyed the conference in Phoenix last year. What ever happened to Twenty29? You haven’t mentioned it in a while.

  • Wow amazing worship, I cannot wait!
    This is the first year I will be able to go and I am so excited.
    I was very surprise that when I sent out the rebelutions wonderful brocher, that 4 of the people I sent it to are now coming to the Portland conferance with their youth groups! I know the conferance will be such a blessing to them and to my family.
    Thanks guys for all you do you are such a blessing to our generation!

  • Wow, you can sense the passion. If I cannot attend, I will be praying for the conferences, wishing the Lord to bless everyone involved.

  • I am hoping to get to travel to a conference (my second) to help out this year. Not sure whether I will get to go or not. I also have been wondering about Twenty29. Not that I hold anything against you. I know you guys are busy and already running one super-fantabulous website 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do! You guys and what God does through you bless many! Your Sis in Christ, Georgie.

  • I wish I could go! We’re in CNY and money’s tight…I’ll be praying for you and all other fellow rebelutionaries.
    Keep up the good work, guys!
    May God bless you in every way.


  • Oh, guys. If anybody wants to go to the website under my name, click on my name on this post.
    I put the address in wrong in the last one;)
    Anyway, the website is my church website…hopefully soon I’ll be able to talk my parents into letting me have a blog…


  • Emily, if finances are the issue, don’t forget about the pay-what-you-can-policy. You can email them at [email protected] and explain your situation. They have never turned anyone down for lack of funds! 🙂

  • Reilly is great! My whole group enjoyed them at Chicago in 2009 and afterwards I promptly bought “Limited Time” from iTunes!
    I really do wish that I could participate in this final tour but I am grateful to God that I had the chance to go 2 years ago. God has done amazing things through this conference tour the past few years and I believe He has more in store.

    Keep fleeing those youthful desires and pursuing righteousness!

    In Christ,
    Gal 1:10

  • I am incredibly excited for the conference I will be able to attend in Williamsport PA, but I think that I am most excited that I will be bringing my little brother, two other youth from church, and three other girls from Erie PA with me! I’m just so excited to see Rebelutionary passion inspired in those around me.

  • Dear Alex and Brett,
    You might remember me from your conference yesterday. Y’know, Alex, the girl with the colorful Foohy pen and, Brett, the one who guessed which one of you is older? I just wanted to let you know that after the concert, I felt energized to do something (especially because I was starting to read about the stories of other teens changing the world in your book “Do Hard Things”) but I felt, well, just plain sad because I couldn’t figure out what exactly my “holy ambition” is. I figured that I should just take it one step at a time: being a Rebelutionary this month by trying my hardest to excel at even my least favorite chores, then being on this year by fasting on things each month for a month. But I have to wonder: am I destined just to do the small hard things for the rest of my life? I’m praying, but all my interests seem so…. scattered. Like they could never fit together. Am I missing something, some vital clue or piece? It’s not that don’t want to do anything- trust me, on the contrary, I have a nagging itch to change the world. But what needs to be changed that I can change, that God wants me to change? How do I figure that out? Sorry, I’m starting to write a book, not a blog post. Thanks so much!! I’m gonna read your book “Start Here” to see if it’ll help. Thanks!

  • Alex and Brett, is “Reilly” or “Generation Letter” going to be at the Kansas conference? Just curious.

    Taylor, I have thought along those lines as well. What I’m doing right now is praying praying praying, and doing my best at whatever God has given me (for instance chores). It occured to me that maybe I had to get good at having a good attitude, doing the jobs all the way, etc, before God gives me my next step. Otherwise, like I said, just pray. He will reveal it to you in due time. His timing is perfect. 🙂 I know your post was titled “Dear Alex and Brett”, but I hope you don’t mind me putting my two cents worth in.

  • Leah, your “two cents worth” is a goldmine! Thanks so much! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one going through this. Thanks again and God Bless!

  • Do hope this kind of worship can be revival in Japan. Esp. young people. it is necessary to inject living life into the land。

  • I asked my parents if I could take my senior trip a little early in order to go to the PA conference. Unfortunately, that is not something we were able to work out. 🙁
    I went to the D.C. conference in 2009 and the encouragement I brought back from that has propelled me forward in many areas of my life. I pray that every heart will be touched to Do Hard Things for God through this final tour.


  • Dear Alex and Brett:

    Just a thank you note from someone who is not in your target demographic – a 32-year-old-woman who subscribes to an inter-faith or “universalist” approach to spirituality. Nonetheless, I’ve followed you guys for several years and been inspired by the “Do Hard Things” message of the Rebelution largely because you guys “walk your talk.”

    Also, I think you’ve found. in the tone and content of your work, the perfect balance between the biblical injunction to evangelize and the need to speak humbly and respectfully about the beliefs of others in a pluralistic society. To me, that’s your most impressive achievement to date.

    I look forward to continuing following your careers, and wish you the best in your endeavors even though we have different opinions about a lot of things 🙂

    All the best,


  • I guess I am looking forward the most to being encouraged to continue doing hard things. Too often I find myself thinking that I am the only one around trying not to be a “typical teen.” I need to know that there are other teens around me who are stepping out as well. I am working really hard to get as many other teens in my area as possible to go to the Indy conference. Do Hard Things is a message that needs to be implemented by more teens, and I want to help make that happen. Thank you Alex and Brett! Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell you that in person someday.

  • Wow!!!! I so wish I could come to a conference, but it didn’t work out this year. 🙁 I went last year, and that was awesome!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! Thanks for recommending me to Sovereign Grace- I love them thanks to you!

  • Awesome! I wish I could go to one of the conferences, but being a farmer’s daughter, we hardly ever go anywhere. But, I will be praying that your message will touch deep into the hearts of everyone that hears it!

  • I am very excited about attending the Williamsport conference. This is the first Rebelution conference I have been to. I am really looking forward to being with other teens who desire to do hard things for the glory of God. I am also looking forward to being encouraged to continue doing hard things in my life where I am at now. Thank yo, Alex and Brett, for touching my life with this message of doing hard things.

  • The first time that I heard about you all was when I read your book. It gave me a lot of inspiration. I have now started my own teen help website but somewhat different then your all’s. How do I get people to join or check it out? I’ve posted it on facebook but teens today seem not to interested in the change and more in the parting and being part of the so called “failing” generation.

  • I have heard from a couple sources that you are recording this tour and making it into a DVD. Is this information correct? 🙂 I was a volunteer at the Winter Park conference and really enjoyed it. God has used you guys in awesome way!
    In Christ,

  • Ways…sorry. I just looked back through this post and noticed that my grammer was off on that last sentence. (And what do you know, I think I spelled grammer incorrectly.) 😉
    In Christ,

  • I was just at the conference in Williamsport, PA. It was awesome in every sence of the word. You guys are very encouraging. My sister and I drove out from Green Bay, WI not really knowing what it was about, but we were far from disappointed. Thank you for doing the conferences! I was wondering where I would find the guitar tabs or chords for “Goodnight, mama” so if you would let me know that would be wonderful! Thanks again!

  • I was at the conference and I’d like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! One of the friends that I was with excepted Jesus as his savior. He was to young to have a key pad, so he wasn’t counted, but God knew where he was!

  • I just want you guys to know something.

    I won’t be coming for various reasons, unforntunately, but I bought your book a few days ago while looking for some good Christian reads. I had heard of it from our youth group’s summer reading list, but I never got around to it until now. I am currently devouring it. I don’t know if you’re reading this or not but I just want you to know how many people I am sharing this book with.

    I just returned from my second mission trip to Butler, PA. It’s a community I fell in love with despite the low income, extreme drug abuse, and so many other serious issues. We hosted a VBS for the kids and I got home and bawled because I won’t be going back for maybe two years. It was a spiritual high for me; every worship I would cry and let me say that nothing is as powerful as praising God with an acoustic guitar and heartfelt songs while you lift one hand in worship and have the other wrapped around another Believer as you both sob because of the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and the truthful words you’re singing. While there, I gave dating advice to a 57 year old man, played piano for the Salvation Army, witnessed a prophecy in the bathroom, met a demon-possessed man, saw a friend reunited with the brother he had thought dead for three years, and saved three souls :3 But I didn’t want my mountain top experience to end.

    Now I am striving with team members to mke a difference at home, too. I am a member on a website for young people and we’re all very close, and I am glad to see that multiple people have come to me with faith questions because they know I am a Christian. SOme hard things I am doing now that people my age usually don’t do include working on a graphic novel/comic book and editing a full-length trilogy that I hope to publish. And, of course, proclaiming the name of God.


  • Hi! I just finished reading your book Do Hard Things, and it really put into detail so many thoughts that have been running through my head over the past couple of months. I’ve been wanting to do something huge for God for a while, but the only thing that I could figure out was something that I want to do when I’m older – as a career. But now I want to still continue down that road, but still do big, hard things while I’m still in high school! Thank you so much for helping me get on fire for doing something for the kingdom of God!

  • Olá! Paz de CRISTO!!!!

    É um prazer pra mim estar escrevendo pra vcs! Sou brasileira e tive o previlégio de comprar o livro de vocês “Radicalize”! Estou experimentando algo novo ao ler o livro!
    Agradeço a DEUS pois, mesmo não os conhecendo pessoalmente, vocês são espetaculares!

    Um forte abraço e espero mesmo um dia poder conhece-los!

    Fiquem na Paz!

    DEUS os abençoe!

  • hay alex i am preaching this sunday and im really nervous can you give me some advice please write me back you and your bother are awsome i have i have read all of your books they are great. oh and i was wondering if you and your borther whould come to are church in providence kentucy we are located near the sureway we are the providence church of christ



  • I wish I could go I was so inspired by do hard things its a great book so great that I even did a report on it thanks for writing it < 😀

  • I especially liked the part on doing hard things that take you “OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE”

  • I think you should take the rebelution tour to the Austin Texas next year ….. its where I live 😀 😮

  • I can’t say how much you guys inspire me to go against the cultural norm and do hard things…..THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  • Have an incredible time! The Lord will work through you in mighty ways — He does not expect us to be perfect, only faithful. May you be blessed!

  • Hello!
    I helped with publicity (and with registeration and was a sidekick with photography) for the Winter Park conference. I loved every minute of my work and time spent there and made some amazing friends. I certainly hope that the rest of the tour is going well and that there a few complications. Not a day goes by without me praying for you guys.
    Thank you for all that you have done and God bless!

    In Christ,
    P.S. Congratulations Brett! I am very happy for you! By the way, how do you become part of the forum?

  • There aren’t any places close enough for me to go…and we’re so incredibly busy. I hope evryone has a great time, and you can bless many people the way you have blessed me. Thank you guys.

    In Christ,


  • The Rebelution conference really changed my life, and changed my perspective on the way I look at things and the way I do things. The message that was preached about how teenagers really can make a big impact on the culture struck. The message about how teenagers are looked down upon struck me too. I have never heard anything like what you guys talked about. It has changed and I know it has changed many people around me. Thank you for what you guys are doing.

  • I am so sorry. I keep finding typos in my comments! I meant that you would not have many complications. Sigh….I hope you did not take it the other way.
    Sorry again.

    In Christ,

  • im currently reading your guyses book DO HARD THINGS. i love it i take it with me everywhere. i’ve recamened it to almost every one i know and alot of them say it so inspiering. and they are al right. your words have inspiered me and my friend to start a campous ministry at our school the up coming year so the people at our middle sschool can realize how much god can do in their lives in religion wise ane the society wise ae well and as much as i want to go to the confrence it is to far away for me, but you should consider bringing your confrence here to enumclaw WA. we are big in the christian events we are having creation in our little town this week.

    chrit in me 🙂

  • I am lucky to find your book at the book store, at first I am hesitant to bug since it’s kinda expensive. lol. But when I flipped the page, I was mesmerized with the fact- the authors are younger than I am. It helps a lot! thank you for sharing your words, it encourages teens and young adults to make a difference, because this is what God wants us to do- to be happy and have this great faith to Him.

    I am HIV/AIDS positive, alone in this world. no family. The only thing that makes me live is the belief that life is a God given treasure in which I should cherish no matter what I have been facing right now. It’s been a year now, since my diagnosed. I am pretty fine- my health is getting better and better each day. Thank you for your book. I enjoy reading it every now and then! I hope no matter how busy you are- you will find time to email me. I will be waiting Alex and Brett!

    God Bless Us Guys!

  • right now for school im reading your book DO HARD THINGS. it is a amazing and life changing book. it is so goodto know that people are sharing Jesus Christ with others. you guys r truly blessed. 🙂

  • next year im gong to my brother harrisons school it is called fellowship christian school. the book do hard things is a inspriation for me to do hard things like move to a diffrent school that i dont no anybody. God bless u!!!!!:)

  • WIsh that you all could come to our little town of enumclaw wa. would love it so many people have read your book and want to meet you personily. think about it. we just had creation. i beat that you would be so much beter and bring so many people would come and it would help so many people to hear what you have to say. thnk about it and let me know.

  • Before 1 week, i read a book.
    (That name is “Do hard things.” It’s Korean version!)
    It was very interesting for me.
    And gave me a hope and challenge. 🙂
    So i want to tell that thank you for Alex and Bratt brothers.

    P.S/ By the way, i want to join in this assembly!
    But there is very far! Please come to South korea!!!

  • im reading yalls book right now. im having trouble with my faith and your books is opening things up

  • Your book is very inspiring in some aspects, but you have to realize Christians aren’t the only ones reading it. I was required to read this book for summer reading, and it seemed unfair that i had no other choice but read a book that i felt wasn’t meant for me to read. Your book only has one main message, if you are faithful to God and Christ then you will be successful but like i said earlier we’re not all Christian. In fact, 21.5% of the people in the US are not Christian. It might not seem like a lot but it still counts.


  • It’s just a pity this is the last one. I never got to attend any and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will change for this one.

  • my connection is bad and it loads slow so itll take a while for my stuff to appear but pretty good man

  • We’re not missing this tour because of financial concerns, the tour is NOT IN OUR AREA!!!! When will you come to SW MIchigan?

  • Jacob,
    Do you know that there is a pay-what-you-can policy? Maybe that would work. Too bad that it is not in your area. 🙁 So maybe you should chech out the policy.
    In Christ,

  • I bet the hardest thing most people nowadays could do would be to stop listening to rock and rap music (even supposedly Christian).

  • Hey, I am starting a blog called SIC which stands for sisters in christ, but I haven’t been getting many bloggers lately.

  • Laura what do you think is bad about rap (maybe even christian) i love rap (christian) and if there is something bad about it i woul definitely like to know

  • Tell your sister thank you! She is one of my first bloggers, this blog is fairly new. Help me get the word out on my blog 🙂
    sic means sisters in christ


  • not trying to sound demanding and mean but seriously go to the website and help get it started dont worry it just needs to get started

  • My family has been going through a real hard time my dad has been out of a job for almost 2 years and we just got a house so please pray for us 🙂

  • I need your help! Anybody! Please help me get more people to come to my blog!
    sic means sisters in christ
    come on sisters!

  • for goodness sake just help the girl out how hard can it be just visit the i promise you wont die

  • I know right, sadly not many people are visiting my blog. And for some reason wehnever I post my websi e for my blog, it will say ” your comment is awaiting moderation”:(

  • i wonder what we could do oh im going back to school in a couple weeks ill try to spread the word there 🙂

  • Thanks so much for an UNBELIEVABLY INCREDIBLE conference in KS last weekend!
    You guys say the same things with teens not settling for low expectations, just like our pastors say about the expectations of religion today…the expectations for us as followers of Jesus are simply TOO LOW! Check out

  • Wish you guys were coming near enough that our youth group could go! I love the emotion and energy these guys put into their song!

  • Yeah, that woman on stage, rockin’ around and playing her guitar, really looks feminine to me: short hair, tight paints, fairly low cut shirt. Interesting…

  • @ Isaiah Leupold: First of all, the beat is repetitive, obnoxious, and rebellious. Secondly, the music is the fruit of an extremely immoral culture, not a Christian or Christianized culture. Thirdly, the words to most ‘Christian’ rap and rock are shallow, devoid of life, and only energized by the loud beat and the loud yelling of the ‘singers’. Please compare Handel’s Messiah to ‘Christian’ rap or rock, and note the difference.

  • okay so this IS the answer to my question i almost forgott about it thanks i still would like some more evidence likee maybe from the bible that ‘christian’ rap is bad i think its good because in this generation kids listen to alot of rap like 50 cent wiz kalifa young money lil wayne and sll that stuff that is bad because all they do is encourage kids to swear do drugs smoke drink and join gangs but the stuff i listen to is great substitute because kids already love the music style and they both sound alike christian and unchristian rap but christian rap has a good message you should find out for yourself what i mean go on youtube and look up make em lean by lil prophet or just type in papa san and it will give you alot of great results of gospel rap please at least check it out before you get judgemental about rap just because “the world” corupted the understanding most peeople have about rap. : to laura

  • Question guys, what happens if the spuds don’t meet our price ? do we give in and let him go on the cheap ?

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  • Hi!
    I’m kinda new to this website, however the ideas here are fascinating. Keep up the excellent work. p.s.-I’m lovin’ your books!!!!=)

  • I’ve got to indicate my own adoration for your current kindness promoting people who may have the requirement of support on your specialized niche. Your current actual commitment to getting the material throughout continues to be immensely sensible and has constantly allowed individuals much like me to understand their own objectives. The insightful tips and hints requires anywhere near this much in my opinion and also drastically much more for you to my personal partners. Good luck; through every one of people.

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