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Halloween: Best Day of the Year for Door-to-Door Evangelism?


All my life I have thought of Halloween as something to be avoided. I didn’t have much trouble avoiding it since I live in the country, and we never get any people “Trick-or-Treating” at our house. I always treated the day as if didn’t exist, but this year, I found out that I was wrong to ignore the day.

While asking God what I could do to further spread his gospel message, God gave my mom and I an awesome idea. I’m sure you’ve heard of people giving gospel tracts to every one that comes to their house, and I think that is great. If you can, you should do that. However, like I said, we never get people at our house, so we can’t give them a tract, because they aren’t there.

Then it hit us, if the people won’t come to you, then you go to them. So Dad took some of my cousins and me loaded down with gospel tracts and the movie “180” by Ray Comfort and we went door-to-door.

The response was amazing! Not only were people surprised and willing to take a treat from us, they jumped to open the door! I have never in my life done such easy door-to-door witnessing before. We also were able to have contact with parents of other children that were out “trick-or-treating” and we were able to give them the gospel as well.

Naturally, this is something that you have to be careful with. It isn’t always safe to be wandering around on Halloween, that is why my dad came, and why we went in sets of two.

We were able to give out 292 tracts, and 375 DVDs. People jumped to open the door for us, and they really seemed to appreciate the fact that we were giving them something, instead of asking for something.

I’m just praising God for protecting us, and for allowing us to touch so many lives. We still need to be in prayer that the hearts of the people who got the gospel, would soften, and that they would see their need of a Jesus Christ.

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About the author

Priscilla Krahn

is a 16-year-old homeschooler from northern Minnesota and the youngest of seven children. She read Do Hard Things at the age of twelve, which help spark a passion for evangelism. She has since distributed thousands of gospel tracts and over a thousand gospel DVD's in her community.


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  • That’s a great idea! I have always thought as Halloween as a day to be avoided. It’s time fro Christians to retake Halloween! A great article! Thank you for sharing!


    James W.

    • Everything doesn’t need to be “Christianized”. If you think Christians need to retake Halloween, then do they also need to “retake” Valentines day? At a school Valentines party should we distribute tracts instead of candy?

      • Excuse me, perhaps “retake” was a poor choice of words on my part. Allow me to clarify my previous comment. Firstly, I did not mean that everything should be Christianized. But, as Christians, our day-to-day walk with Christ should influence all of our actions. Whatever we do, whether giving out candy on Valentines day, choosing to participate in Halloween is a reflection of Christians and Christ (Ecclesiastes 9:10). I believe that everything we do is an opportunity to evangelize. At times, our outward lifestyle shows our faith more than our mere words (James 2:18). I believe that handing out tracts is an excellent opportunity to express our faith to the world. Does that answer your question?


        James W.

        P.S. For information of the ability of tracts to save souls I would direct you to this story: Yes, the quality leaves much to be desired. But it’s an amazing story!

  • Is there any research that says tracts actually work? And when I say research, I mean actual research, not a personal account or experience. Think about it, if you got a tract from someone who believed in Zeus, would you say that it opened your eyes and now you see Zeus in a totally new light? If you want people to believe in God, why don’t you just talk to them about it personally rather than letting a tract do the talking for you? If you are distributing tracts in the U.S then people have probably already heard the name of Jesus (I would be very surprised if they hadn’t) so I would encourage you to join them in a conversation and see WHY they arnt believing in or following Jesus. People probably don’t believe because they have a different belief (different religion or they don’t believe in any god) therefore, I hardly see how giving them a tract, with a story that they already heard but don’t accept, will help them see things differently. I respect your passion, however, I question your method.

    • Well, guest, I think that we can do it in our lives as well as with tracts. The idea is we share the gospel IN ANT WAY WE CAN. If their is the slightest possibility that we could have an impact on that person, at least I would take the opportunity.

  • This sounds a lot like me. We live in the country and we don’t celebrate Halloween. Way to go! That is a big step to take, and like you said. You have to be careful. I don’t usually like going door to door. So hearing this really encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. Keep up the good work and God bless you!

  • This is such a good idea. We get so many people coming to our house, so this would be a good way to plant even the seeds of the gospel.

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