Published on April 8th, 2015 | by Jaquelle Crowe

How to Stop Being Bored And Start Being Wonderstruck

Do you ever wonder at the world?

Not in a tired way. Not like you’re upset or frustrated. Like you’re in awe.

We live in a world of marvels, glorious complexities and breathtaking beauties. Every day we are surrounded by them.

Yet we drink them all in without a shred of wonder or an ounce of awe. We are bored.

How poignantly G.K. Chesterton assesses our condition:

“We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.”

Consider with me just for a moment the sky. One day it’s grey and cloudless, the next it’s deep blue and crowded with puffy whites.

Then it’s black. Then it’s red. Then it’s pink. Then it’s yellow. Then it’s orange. Then it’s navy flecked with silver stars.

The sky is cloudless. Then there are millions of clouds. Then they drop rain, billions of pellets of water.

From the sky.

Though really, this was actually condensation from the earth that was somehow sucked up into the clouds which hung onto it until they got too heavy and dumped it back on the earth.

When it gets cold, it snows. Every snowflake is startlingly unique.

Right now it seems like it’s spring everywhere except where I live. We had a snow storm last night, and now my front lawn is layered with trillions of snowflakes. Yet every snowflake on that lawn is different.


What about the mechanics of the human body? The playfulness of our pets? The taste of food?

God didn’t have to make food taste so good. We didn’t have to have taste buds. But He created them, and He gave them to us for sheer pleasure — to bring the glory back to Him. For good food.


Look around your house. Look closely at whatever technological device you’re reading this on. Computer, smart phone, tablet, iPod — how amazingly inventive this technology is. How grateful we should be for fridges and microwaves. How blessed we should feel for the creativity of our fellow man.

Looking around my living room alone I am awed by not one but three laptops, my grandmother’s beautiful Heintzman piano, a cat perch, an electric fireplace, a coffee table, a ticking clock, books, a phone, a rocking chair, electric lamps, picture frames, fake plants. and speakers.


Daily we are surrounded by wonders. Pine trees and sunsets, running cars and coffee, pillows and thunderstorms, hand cream and chicken nuggets — don’t waste them.

Take a moment to truly wonder at God’s glorious creativity and the marvelous, intricate world of beauty He has created.

It is wondrous.

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