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Daniel Myers, Age 18: Produced a Full-Length Christian Album


Thinking It Out

My story begins a few years ago as a sophomore in high school.

Things were going along fine and dandy. Between family, church, school, friends, activities and basketball I was plenty busy. I was living the classic, Christian high-schooler life, but gradually a thought within me began to grow, and it became harder and harder to ignore.

I began to think about the fact that the majority of my busy life was being spent on things that weren’t making any difference.

I was doing a lot but making very little progress in actually helping the world in any way. Most of my time was consumed with solving the irrelevant, made-up problems presented in my school books, and a large part of the rest of my time was spent practicing how to win a game of throwing a ball threw a hoop.

The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed. Don’t get me wrong, school and basketball can be good things and they have certainly helped me in a lot of ways, but my thoughts about doing something more meaningful began to blossom into a serious desire.

Working It Out

I’ve always loved singing and recording music, and I would often think about how neat it would be to spend each day putting my time into producing music, rather than doing schoolwork.

As a junior in high school my desire continued to grow and I finally made up my mind to do something hard, graduate a year early.

The idea may have been too intimidating to even try but my best friend had just graduated his junior year and proved to me that it was possible.

By graduating early my dream of working on music instead of school and basketball could become a reality.

With that as my motivation, I began working diligently with determination unlike I had ever known. I worked all the way up to the last few days before the graduation ceremony and turned in my last tests and papers with little time to spare. It was an exciting and gratifying experience!

By keeping my end goal in mind, I was able to push myself beyond my comfort zone and I experienced more success and maturing that year than I ever would have.

Living It Out

Graduation passed, and it was finally time to reap the rewards of my work and live out my desire.

My goal was a bit ambitious: produce an album on my own that would be professional in quality. I wanted to create conservative, Christian music that was modern, and enjoyable for young people.

I saw and personally experienced a big need for music that young, Christian conservatives could listen to and be encouraged. The idea of helping meet this need truly did and still does excite me.

I began experimenting and learning online, and the more I learned, the more I realized how difficult it would be to create quality music. When I started, I knew nothing.

The task was daunting but I was determined.

Over the course of the next year, with the help of my dad and a few others, I studied, experimented, wrote music, had a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for equipment, built a studio, purchased equipment and software, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced a whole album.

It was an incredible experience! I developed a lot of musical ability and technical skills, and learned valuable, lifelong lessons. As God provided time after time, He made it clear to me that this was really His will.

It was truly exciting and humbling as I began seeing that God was doing His work through me.

Sticking It Out

The messy middle was truly messy, but graduating early really helped develop the ability I needed to set high goals and stick it out to the end.

I learned my most valuable lessons during the most difficult, undesirable and uncomfortable time – the fundraiser.

It did not go over nearly as well as I had hoped. I worked hard and stepped out of my comfort zone to run the campaign and at the end of it all, I didn’t even make the minimum amount I needed to keep the money that had been pledged.

It was truly disappointing, but what was even more disappointing is that many people I thought would be excited about helping me didn’t even pledge a single dollar.

This was a painful experience but it taught me some valuable lessons and really helped to humble and mature me. The failed fundraiser could’ve easily seemed like a closed door.

Without making the minimum donation amount, all the money that was pledged would go straight back to the donors. We decided to request to those that had pledged money to donate independently in spite of the campaign failing to meet the minimum goal, and fortunately, enough funds cam in to get the things we really needed. What a blessing!

Finishing It Out

The album has now been done for a few months and with a lot of hard work and the help of a few others, the quality was professional enough to make it to Spotify. This is a dream come true for me.

I hope this story challenges young people to dream big and start working hard to turn the dream God has given them into a reality. It’s the most wonderful and rewarding life you can live.

Just remember the most important lesson I’ve learned – the greatest thing I can possibly do, is spend quality time with God every day. It’s the greatest privilege any human being can have, and it’s the greatest thing any of us will ever accomplish on a daily basis.

Check out Daniel’s new album, Surrender, on iTunes.

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About the author

Daniel Myers

is 18-years-old and lives in a small town near Branson, MO. Daniel is a soloist, musician and videographer. He produced his debut album, Surrender, in the spring of 2015. Daniel helped found Freedom Focus Ministry, and currently travels with the ministry and helps develop multimedia presentations called Freedom Encounters. Daniel plans on continuing his work with Freedom Focus Ministry as well as producing music and video independently.


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  • Congratulations, Daniel! I just looked you up on Spotify. (That didn’t sound creepy, did it? 🙂 I have been looking for music like yours — someone who has a good voice, and does the good old songs.
    Finishing school early — congratulations! I’m in the beginning of my junior year right now, and I’ve decided to do something similar, by finishing around December of next year. It’s so encouraging to see that it really is possible! Two years in one is a crazy-good accomplishment!

  • Thanks for the encouraging message, Daniel, and for your

    closing statement and spiritual depth =vD Praise the Lord!

      • I tried looking you up on Spotify, but it said that Spotify has not yet launched in the country I’m living in (South Africa) and therefore I couldn’t access the site. Is there another way for me to be able to listen to your music?

        • Although I never thought of building a studio (I don’t have a house nor am I in one town for more than 2 weeks) I have considered recording an album–if it’s God’s will–so your success in this is encouraging =^D

          • That’s great Louis! Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad to hear it! The cool thing is, if you remain submissive to God, and it really is His will for you to make an album, it will work out.

            Let me know how things go. I’d love to help answer any questions you might have, or at least take a listen to what you’re working on! You can contact me at

        • Sorry Spotify didn’t work out. The album should also be on some others similar players, such as applemusic, googleplay and amazon. If you would like to download mp3’s of the album, it is available on itunes and If you would rather have a physical copy of the CD, you can order one at

  • This is so encouraging Daniel! Im in my Freshman year and my hope is to finish high school a year early as well! I keep seeing more and more people decide to do so and it just encourages me that it IS POSSIBLE!

    • That’s exciting news Laini! It’s good to hear that you’re a freshmen and you already have the goal of graduating early! That gives you a bit of a head start! If you dedicate yourself, and stay determined, I know you can do it. I’m quite certain you’ll be glad you did.

  • Wow! I’m going to look it up right now, and I’ll be back with my thoughts on the music.
    But since I’m here.. This story is amazing. Music has always been one of my passions, and you have no idea how excited I was when I saw the article.

    • Thanks Joseph! Music is an amazing thing! I think often about how awesome it is that God allows man to create our own musical compositions. It’s a beautiful way to express ourselves, and bring glory to God.

      • Okay, I’m back! Sorry for being late. No offense, but my expectations were low, probably because I’ve heard too much “meh…” stuff on Spotify. But it totally broke my expectations. Just wow.

  • Wow… I’m listening to this right now on Apple Music right now! It’s fantastic! I’m definitely going to buy it. Fantastic job! Thanks so much for recording this!

  • Hi Daniel! Currently listening to your album on Spotify. Did anyone ever tell you that you kinda sound like Michael Buble? haha but not exactly like him and that’s good 😀 I’m into music as well, esp singing. I picked up several things from your article (also on spirituality). God bless you bro. This is from all the way from the Philippines!

  • Wow….This story is so amazing Daniel!! What really stood out to me was that you willingly gave up something you love (well, I’m assuming you loved basketball) to do something you felt called to do instead. And on top of that, to graduate a year early, you had to probably give up numerous other things at different points as well! Your determination and perseverance really stood out to me reading this story….Not to mention that I’m a music lover myself and DREAM of doing something professional in that field one day (though I’m not certain that is where God is leading me) so I was drawn to your story…Thanks for sharing and thanks for setting an example! Just by sharing this story you’re making a difference in lives. =)
    *leaves now to go listen to your music*

  • Thanks Daniel! This is SO true and encouraging…I found this to be true when I moved across the world earlier this year….At first I had little desire to move and I had all my priorities mixed up, but slowly God changed what was important to me and now I’m BEYOND content with where the Lord has me…though I’m also content if the Lord leads me elsewhere….Thanks again for the encouragement and story! =)

  • Your story is so encouraging and your voice is AMAZING!! I have been listening to your album on Spotify and it’s definitely incredible. 🙂 I reallllllly hope you make more music. You could sing a grocery list and I’d probably buy it. Oh, that’s too weird? Okay, well anyways your voice is wonderful and I’ll be listening to your music for a while. 😀

    • That’s very kind of you Brooklyn. I do plan on making more music. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Glory to God.

  • I just found your album on youtube, and I really like it, really picks me up during a hard day.
    Also, did you write some of the songs by yourself i.e find rest?

    • Hey Johnathan. I’m glad it’s an encouragement to you!

      I did write “Find Rest”, “If I Could Only Comprehend” and “Keep on Believing”.

By Daniel Myers
rebelling against low expectations

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