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Who’s your unsung hero?


JOHN WRITES: There are so many people we look up to who are in the spotlight or stand on public pedestals. But there are heroes all around us, in our homes and on this website. Is there a specific person on The Rebelution that you look up to? Or is there someone else in your life who has impacted you? What have you learned from them?

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  • Oooo there’s a lot of people who I look up to on the Reb! I can’t begin to list them all, so I’ll just say the people I know best and look up to most. 🙂 That would be…
    @Natalie J… who I can’t tag…
    Steelers Fan (He’s gone now, but he’s really cool anyway!)

  • I don’t know if I really look up to people on the Rebelution, but there is this one guy his name is Tony and he attends my church. He is really on fire for God and he has gone through so much. Just a little of his story is that when he was 6 (I think) he was on a riding lawn mower with his dad and he fell off and part of hid right arm got cut off and now he lives with 3 fingers (he can only move 1 or 2) and less than half of his lower right arm is missing. How he just loves God and he just shows love to everyone is really why I look up to him. In Christ alone.

  • Jaquelle does a ton of work behind the scenes and is really sweet about it, so I definitely look up to her. I also really admire the people in my church especially a few older women.

          • It seems rather mysterious…. a blogger in disguise of a puppy (oh wait that’s just a profile picture…) posts articles as an editorial assistant, and the next week I learn that there are more of these “employees”, who work in secret and are unknown to the civilian commenters….

            Oh wow… you have exactly 900 comments….

            Wait, now I sound like a stalker….

          • Our flag is red. Our emblem is the Koala. Our scripture memory verse is 1 Timothy 4:12. We are theRebelution, but we look like Koala pirates!!!

          • Because koalas typically are. Which makes it a little strange for them to be pirates.

          • Sure. . .We hug our teddy bears if that counts! But we’re also like ninjas and pirates, and are very wise. A koala never lies, which makes us, um, half-koalas.

            Our flag is red. . .because practically everything on theReb is. Now everyone knows I love Koalas! I need a Koala character in my book.

    • I can’t stop thinking of people! From an athletic perspective, I really look up to Michelle Warnky, an obstacle runner, and Meagan Martin who’s a slightly-more-sung, professional rock climber.

  • Most of the leadership at my church. They are amazing.
    My top pick would be my mom. She is the most amazing woman I know. She is so strong and takes such good care of me and my sibs.

          • *whisper fight begins* “Mines better!” *Wait. I said that out loud.* “I don’t care!” *Tries to tell self to shut up*

          • *writes composition about her mom entitled “I have the best Mom”, records it and gets it published* *Can’t stop singing it*

          • *Starts playing the piano with eyes that are worlds.* Not even aliens have better moms! *Singing war begins. We’re both blown out of this discussion.* Oh, no! Now we both lost. Our mom’s aren’t unsung hero’s anymore!!! *Guitar with Arms starts chuckling and playing himself.*

          • *Hires a 100,000,000 voice choir* *Hires 100 Pianists* *They start singing her song Very Loud* *Everyone starts crying* *Every one starts agreeing, shouting AMEN!!* *War Ends*

          • *Fills the moon with orchestras and baby koalas**There’s a big crescendo so loud it brings about the Apocalypse**NOT EVEN ALIENS HAVE BETTER MOMS!**The whole universe shouts in glory**There’s dancing*There’s singing**There’s baby Koalas**And the Koala promises that my mom is the best!!!**The universe is subdued by my mother**An AAAMMMMEEENNNN that makes the first sound like a whisper**Who knew that the best mom in the universe could start Universe War I and the second best World War III**It’s epic**It’s scary**The koala promised*WAR ENDS*

            Are avoid the whole war and just have everyone who dares question my mom actually meet her. She could become a celebrity, but as the best mom in the world she probably wouldn’t want to.

          • They’re the ultimate emblem of everything good-printed on Rebelution money. . .written about in Rebelution articles. They’re pretty much at the soul of the movement. . .AND THEY NEVER LIE

            Basically, they’re the national animal for theRebelution, but since theReb isn’t a nation. . .

          • Oh ok then, lemme see what I can come up with. I hope I meet the KOALAfications. XD

          • Haylie’s doing. . .and is there even such a thing as going overboard with the Koala thing?

          • This is my last attempt: *Millions of Koalas start singing song* *The biggest crescendo that ever existed occurs directed by an elderly Koala with glasses on his face* *He fires the old koalas and exclaims that my mom is the best* *But then a thought occurs to him* he remembers that all mothers are wonderful, and then he rehires the koalas he fired.* *Next, all of the koalas burst into a melodious song!* *It embraces and uplifts all spirits and all the awesome mothers are moved.* The war is officially over. All mothers are remembered, and recognized.

        • What if my mom’s like specifically the best? Who gives these awards anyway, are they just arbitrary or are they special Guitar with Arms certificates?

    • Ok @everyonemixedupinthismess. I want to issue my formal apology to the entire site. I am sorry for answering a discussion question and taking part in convos on a Christian site. I’m the future, you shall see me no more. I herby disappear as a punishment for saying that my mom is the best. She clearly is not (I’m lying) and yalls are so much better. I forgot that my mothers name is Cruela (I’m lying again). My apologies.
      *walks away whispering “my mom is the best” over and over again*

  • My Pastor and Bible teacher Dan Lloyd. I came to his church about 3 years ago and for that time his sermons have really strengthened my faith. Through his teaching and discussions with him he’s been a Spiritual mentor during some hard and confusing days in my life.

    And my parents. God has blessed me with AWESOME parents who have raised me and my big brothers well. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

  • I definitely look up to my parents, they’ve always done whatever they could to be at every one of my brothers’ and mine activities that they possibly could and they always make time to spend with us as much as they can. They taught me to not give up and follow what God is telling me. My dad is one of the smartest people I know, he can do almost anything. And I’m a lot like him, so he always understands me. My mom is also very smart and she’s an amazing writer. She’s really good at listening and knowing what to say when. And she showed me that, even if it’s not my favorite thing to do, I’m actually fairly good at writing.
    My older brother because he’s is so nice and encouraging to everyone he meets and has always supported me. And whenever I’m feeling down he always encourages me and helps me.
    My younger brother because he never gives up, always gives his best, and isn’t afraid of what people will think of him and he encourages me to do the same.
    Several adults at my old church, including my old pastor and youth pastor, because they treat the teens like friends, not just like little kids. Seeing them treat the kids my age like that taught me that I should treat the kids younger than me the same way. And because they encourage me and my youth pastor taught me that ministry is about faithful in the little things.

    • “My dad is one of the smartest people I know, he can do almost anything.” I was nodding the whole way until, “And I’m a lot like him. . .”

      • I just realized how that sounds, sorry. I meant that he and I think the same way and he understands me. I didn’t realize I said that, I stopped in the middle of typing that and then came back to it and I guess I forgot to read what I wrote before I posted it. I’ll change that now, sorry. :/

  • I look up to a lot of people. My parents, because they are awesome,and even when we might not agree on all of the same things, I know they love and care for me. I’m so thankful for them, and wouldn’t trade them for anything!
    My Grandparents, who encourage and invest in my life. They are a great example for us kids, by living in a Godly way and always have a listening ear ready for us when we need to talk (and always willing to pray for us).
    Women at my church, because they are a great example for young women all around them.
    My mentors and older girl friends, who take the time to invest in my life, talk to me, and listen to me. I really appreciate them because they invest in my life, even though I am several years younger.

  • Parents I see are a big one and I’d have to agree. God’s also blessed me with two amazing sisters! They’re like the best. And their friends include me and are like extra sisters to me. Also, the assistant pastor of my church is really awesome.

    For people on theReb,
    I’d echo what I heard further down. Jaquelle is awesome! As are all my other buddies on the editorial team. @a_haylie:disqus, @Hannah Leake (for some reason I can’t tag her) @christopher_witmer:disqus. Thx for being great!

    I’d also have to say I look up to all the writer’s for theReb. (@Sarah Phillips and others)

    Sadly, some of the people I did look up to on here are now gone. . .but I’ll get to see them again someday (either in this life or in Heaven.)

  • My first choice would definitely be my parents, they are really wise and are raising me and my siblings right. I also admire the fathers in my church, they are so Godly, and are have some awesome kids. My dance teacher is AMAZING, and challenges me in my walk with God. Last, but not least, I would look up to John Oxide (I don’t know how to tag), who actually got me on theReb in the first place.

  • My parents and my siblings… because they have to put up with me all the time XD they rock.

    Continuing the echo… @jaquellecrowe:disqus is awesome! (and all the other editorial team people who John already tagged… you guys are wonderful!) Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  • My mom!!! She just died February 17th! She raised us kids in church against all odds! I am forever grateful for the stands and sacrifices she made!!!

  • Another hero is one of my good friends. He lives across the street from our family home and started coming to church with us when he was 4 years old. He has been faithfully and consistently living for God without the support of his family since he was 12-years-old. He is now a preacher of the gospel, and one of the wisest and kindest people I know, he very much exemplifies Christ like character to me!!!

  • Wayne Jones, a good friend of my family, owns and runs a rehab center in Logansport, Louisiana called Freedom Mission. We sing at their big revival meeting every year in March (usually over my birthday. Not that that’s relevant information…) Anyway, he is an incredible man of God, and although he doesn’t get much recognition, he is one of my biggest heroes.

  • On the Reb, I look up to Jaquelle 🙂
    In real life, I look up to one of my Sunday School teachers, Miss Anne. I admire her because she has learned so much about the Bible. She’s even taken seminary classes. I can see how knowledgeable she is when she teaches us. I’ve noticed how another form of low expectations has developed: the idea that women don’t need to know theology like guys should. That idea drives me crazy, and I love how Miss Anne defies low expectations in that way.

  • I’m going to have to say my mom and my big sis. They’re just awesome!!
    My sister has had a really rough pregnancy, morning sickness etc. but she just continues to do her best and complains way less than you’d think she would!! I can tell she is trying to be ‘content in whatsoever state’ she is in. She is such a trooper! ♥
    My mom does a lot. From being a kids club leader, to working part-time, to helping with homework, to cleaning up my sibs and I’s mess, to just doing what seems like EVERYTHING…she is amazing. ♥

  • I look up to my dad. He is awesome!!! He helps me go through all my fears, he prays with me, he helps me see the silver lining in tough situations, and he’s always there for me. <3
    I also look up to my friend, Savannah. She's like a big sister to me. She's wise, fun, and awesome!!!!! <3

  • @mimeforjesus:disqus @disqus_51z6RclyYG:disqus @a_haylie:disqus, and all my Reb friends! Also my dad, grandpa, and my very awesome, adopted big sis, Danielle Watters! She is so amazing. I also really, really admire people who are not afraid to be different from the crowd and stand for their beliefs. They are my heroes big time!!

  • my youth pastor, who taught me so much. But the largest thing he taught me is that youth group is a safe place and he showed me what being loved by a youth pastor looks like.

  • The waiter in the restaurant my friends and i go to for smoothies nearly every week…He always turns the menu to the “smoothie” page and is just so thoughtful to go out of the way for us if we want to share something or whatever. He always asks how we’re doing and smiles so much!!

    A man named Kelvin. A strong leader who exemplifies exactly what it means to be humble and content in your role; even if you disagree with those in authority. Yet not shying away from speakign truth!

    Steve. He works at our house and is poor beyond poor…(we live in Zambia btw) The owners of our house (we rent) provide a job for him and it allows him to provide for his family; but his pay is minimal and he has VERY little money!!
    Even still, he ALWAYS smiles and alwasy has his head up! He’s been cheated out of money and has put a good chunk of money into constructing a small house and it has been destroyed yet he still smiles on and exhibits the joy of Christ!!

    A orphan girl I know who was raped when she was 12…who had a child from that… and chose to get back into school after her pregnancy anyway to work and be able to provide for herself and her daughter.

    The list could go on…

    On the Reb. though, I’d say @martialartists:disqus @GuitarwithArms:disqus @programguy:disqus @TatianaWood:disqus @faith_bevins:disqus @DannyLyn:disqus @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus

    I’m sure there are more Reb. peeps but those are the ones off the top of my head! XD

    • I forgot to mention you, Megan! Just know that you are definitely on my list. I know I left Revive, so I don’t know if you got my message, but I would love it if we can keep talking. I love connecting with other ministry kids! 🙂

      • LIANA!!! i forgot to mention you as well!! SO SO SORRY!!!
        And YES! I did get your message and in fact, I tried to send you a couple different emails, but I’m guessing they just didn’t go through?? Or perhaps they ended up in a *junk folder”?? I felt so bad that I didn’t get to connect mroe with you before you left! Hopefully the emails went through…if not, let me know and we’ll see what we can work out to stay connected!! XD

        • Lol, I just looked in my spam. It’s insane! I even found stuff from my boss that was pretty important! 🙁 argh. I didn’t see anything from you, so maybe try again and I’ll see if it comes through? it’s really weird what went in there. I definitely want to stay connected! So keep trying! Or I can always try to contact you too 🙂

          • HAHA! OH NO!! I sent another email just now…Let me know if it went through! if not, let me know, I have an idea. ;D

        • lol. I used to be an MK. My parents were missionaries in Spain as church planters for 12 years. We’re currently back in the states, doing ministry. But we have a giant love for missions and missionary families! So I”m always super thrilled to meet other MK’s. 🙂

          • Ah, ¿es verdad? I went to a bilingual school for 6 years in elementary, so I love meeting people who have lived in Spanish-speaking countries ^^ I’ll be going back to the states in just over a year (ahhhh!) for university and I have no idea where God wants me to go after that, so I’ll be in the same boat. And to respond to your other comment, yeah, I’m in Malaysia 😀 We’re in a very urban area though; lots of highrises, apartment buildings, etc. My house is in a more suburban area, but the rural “kampung” areas of Malaysia tend to be more on the mainland (we’re on an island to the west of peninsular Malaysia) So I’m not living in the jungle or wrestling cobras or lions or anything. Quite urban, just very Asian. 🙂

          • I’ve never left the U.S., but my Mom lived in Mexico as a missionary for a year and a half before my parents married. She absolutely loves the Mexican people!

          • That’s awesome! I went to a bilingual school where half the day was English and the other half was Spanish, and we had a lot of Hispanic people there. I love all my Mexican friends and their culture 🙂

          • haha! Very cool! That’s awesome! I don’t speak spanish very well, (i sort of forgot it) but, I can scrape by :p Do you know where you’ll be going for school? I’m planning on Liberty and I know they have an awesome scholarship program for MK’s.

          • Liberty? I have a lot of friends there from my school!! Lots of us go there because the cost is affordable and the environment is great. As for me, I’m planning on going to George Fox university in Oregon, but I may end up down near Liberty if I’m visiting friends 🙂

          • I’m an Oregon resident, haha 😀 I grew up in Seattle, but my grandparents are in Oregon, so they’re our mailing address and stuff. George Fox (the uni I want to go to) is in a city right in the middle of Salem and Portland, two cities where I have family; so that’s a big reason why I chose Oregon.

          • gotcha! My dad’s family live in the DC area, so that’s sort of why I chose Liberty. My cousin is going there and because going to college in state is not an option, being near my extended family is next best! 🙂

    • Those are some pretty cool people! Reads “The waiter in the restaurant my friends and i go for smoothies nearly every week..He always turns the menu to the “smoothie” page and is just so thoughtful to go out of the way for us if we want to share something or whatever. He always asks how we’re doing and smiles so much!!”

      Wait! So Mr. Whitaker really does exist, and he lives in Zambia?!?!?!?!? @eugenuis:disqus, we need to go to Zambia! Are there koalas Zambia?

  • Probably my dad’s best friend, Rick, he was like my second dad, and he was definitely one of my heroes. Sadly, he passed away when he fell of the roof of a church he, my dad, my older brother, and some other guys from my church were helping put on. You can honestly say that he died serving Jesus, and he was one of the most godly, sweet men I’ve ever known. He was special. There was nobody like Rick. He died 5 years ago, when I was 9. As a 9yo I went through a lot of grief and depression alone, because people just didn’t understand how much he meant to me. I still miss him. I miss his jokes, his sweet smile, and his hugs. I miss seeing how much he loved Jesus, and how much he loved people. I miss watching him serve the Lord joyfully. God used him to impact so many lives. You should’ve seen the crowd at his funeral. There wasn’t nearly enough room for all of the people! He is my unsung hero. Because I want to live a life like he did. He showed Jesus in everything he did, and that’s who I want to be.

    Other than that: My dad, @a_haylie:disqus @programguy:disqus @disqus_Sh6PyJ3MsP:disqus l@disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus & @jaquellecrowe:disqus 🙂

  • My dad, because God has used him to teach me about stepping out in faith and following God. No matter how big of a step required, from telling a stranger God loves them to do the impossible. A close family friend named Mark, God has used him to teach me about how a Christian should look in the modern world.

  • I just interviewed for a volunteer position on Wednesday, and the lady who interviewed me asked me to share the path to salvation. When I was finished, she pointed out that I need to focus less on what we do in return for salvation and more on what He’s done. And she asked me “Can you give grace to yourself?” And I’m like “Uh, do what?” Then she went on to tell me that she had struggled with much the same thing for four and a half decades, and her advice is “Breath and give yourself grace.” Man, do I need that! Thank God for those who have gone through what we’re going through.

        • I’ve heard a few of his songs…I really like Hold Me Jesus. 🙂 I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I want to!

          • The movie is really good–real and hard sometimes. (He wasn’t as serious as he’s portrayed in the movie.) I can sing Hold Me Jesus and mean it. I like most of his songs, but a few I like are “The Love of God”, “The Color Green” and “Hard to Get.” I hope you can watch the movie soon! 🙂

  • I love this community and I am glad I met some of these people. 😉 I still don’t know these people here personally, but I respect @mimeforjesus:disqus,@programguy:disqus, @martialartists:disqus, @GuitarwithArms:disqus, @brooklynmm:disqus and @TatianaWood:disqus.
    In real life, I look up to my parents even though I sometimes have a difficult time understanding them and their decisions for me. I also look up to a youth leader at my church. He is respectful, honest, and a strong Christian.

    • Thanks for the shout out! What puts me on your list?

      And I’m with you on the parents thing. Hard to understand, but I know that God’s teaching me through them.

      • You’re welcome! I think it was because you’re the first person who gave me advice on a discussion question at the Reb. For the past 5 months, I have appreciated the helpful advice you give to the other Reb people and me. That’s why I put you on my list.
        Yes, it’s still hard for me to understand…. I am glad God is teaching you! thumbs up!

  • Okay..on the Reb, Alex and Brett of course!!

    Other………there’s several…Hmm…….my Dad, the Duggar Family. My cousin, my pastor, an older sister in my church who is literally like my own sister; the Kendrick Brothers, Ken Ham, Billy Graham, Kirk Cameron, Sadie Robertson, and Ravi Zacharias. Also, teacher of three classes I took with a place for homeschoolers.

    What have I learned? As an overview of all these people….how to seek God, think critically about my faith, (#Taylor B), stand for truth no matter what; hold to my convictions, actually be informed about evolution vs. creation, and what i believe about Science according to the Bible; encouragement and inspiration to grow in my faith, and challenge the cultural norm, especially in relation to modesty, etc.

    • @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus@nathantasker:disqus@disqus_aeGm5xMIfo:disqus@jaquellecrowe:disqus@disqus_Sh6PyJ3MsP:disqus


  • My Mum – definitely, and my Dad…also my grandparents and some older people in my church.
    And of course, Alex and Brett! 🙂

  • Definitely my mom and dad. They are truly unsung heroes in my life. I do not know where I would be without them.

  • My mom and dad, definitely. Also, all of my classmates who make me laugh when I feel like crying and my sister.

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