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We Are (Still) Too Comfortable


I was running from many things.

The gospel being one of them.

When I finally saw the truth and succumbed to the light I knew the fight was over. God had won and He had my attention.

I later came to the realization that the reason I waited so long to turn my life over to Christ was probably because I was scared of what He would ask me to do. Where He would ask me to go.

It is not easy handing your life over to someone else and letting them take the reins. But now my thoughts are more along the lines of, what would my life be like if I would have let my fear control me?

But you know what?

I’m not scared anymore. God has my attention.

How could we change the world if we truly realized the weight of salvation? If we could see the people who have died without Christ? If we could visualize them running straight to hell?

Christians sometimes sugar coat the gospel, make it smooth and sweet, so it goes down easy. They try to make it more desirable by taking hell out of it, when in reality that is a big part of the beauty!

Jesus took your hell.

We have become churches with fancy light shows rather than a place where we, the lights, are recharged and sent back out into the world to shine in the darkness.

We live our little “Christian” lives trying to do good, but forgetting the reason for our Christian values.

We are faith wimps. The slightest bump in the road causes doubt.

Church becomes like a club where only the good people fit in and the ones who need the most love are turned away.

WE, the next generation, need to step up to the plate and do the hard thing of making church a place where we are raw, share our struggles, share encouragement, worship, and get expounded teaching in the Bible.

Do hard things.

Doing hard things begins with having a vision and working towards it.

One vision that all Christians should have is to see every person come to salvation. It is a hard thing to tell people about Christ, not knowing if they will reject you or not.

What I have found in the past year since I wrote the original “We Are Too Comfortable,” is that it is definitely not as hard as it seems. Approaching people at the local park and just talking and sharing the gospel is surprisingly easy.

Or hanging door flyers inviting them to your church.

You could witness to your coworkers. People at school. It is the initial fear that leaves you stranded.

God does not give you the spirit of fear though. You have the power to be courageous through Him. All things are possible through Christ.

My challenge to you this summer, this year, and for the rest of your life, is to do your best to be God’s ambassador.

You are His body here on earth.

But, being honest here, it comes down to you and your relationship with your God.

Is He worth possible cussing out, accusations, rude comments, and/or worse?

Is He worth it?

Your actions define your heart towards Him.

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About the author

Emma Underwood

is 20 years old and is currently pursuing a major in Biblical studies and Cross Cultural Missions. She loves being a young wife and homemaker. She regularly writes and expresses her thoughts on her blog.


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  • This is so true Emma! I went out with a couple of friends to ask random people on the streets where they thought they would go when they died. We would listen to the people’s answers and then make the transition to what we believed and ultimately share the gospel! I thought it was going to be really hard to have these conversations, but it ended up being a lot easier than I thought. Sure, we faced rejection, but we just had to remember that they weren’t rejecting us, but the gospel, and that we weren’t responsible for that. Thank you so much for sharing! I have to remember that we are God’s plan for sharing Him, even when it’s hard.

    • Good Job! That is exactly what we should be doing! I did the same thing last week with a couple of friends. Yes, exactly! They are rejecting the message, not the messenger! Good job girl, keep it up 🙂

  • This is an absolutely beautiful article, Emma. Thank you so much for your honesty! Your right, we are WAY to comfortable. Sometimes I think I get satisfied with just going to church, praying, reading my Bible, and just being quiet about the gospel to lost souls around me. And it’s all because I’m afraid of what they might think of me. Because I’m afraid of a little discomfort. Why can’t I suffer a little discomfort after all my Savior suffered: true pain, agony,and turmoil and He did nothing wrong. John 15:19 “If you were of the world, the world would love you as it’s own; but you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I say to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me. They will persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep your.”

    • Thank you Victoria. Your welcome 🙂 Honesty is something I think us Christians lack sometimes. If we shared our struggles with each other, we would be able to encourage each other. But instead it goes more along the lines of, “How are you doing?”, “Good”. Well, I hope it has encouraged you to get outside of your comfort zone! God has big plans for you if you choose to follow him. . . even when it comes to this. Aaah great verse! My mom texted that to me yesterday when I was going through a little persecution at work. It is so true. Thank you for reading and for commenting 🙂

  • This is so true! We cover up what we’re going through and fake a smile. Thank you so much for this!

  • Emma,

    Great post and can apply to all generations living now. I believe your last statement capsulized it all. “Your actions define your heart towards Him” should cause all to start examining themselves in the light of God’s Word.

    Thank you for speaking boldly.

    In Hin,
    Mrs. Jean

    • Mrs. Jean,
      I agree, this definitely applies to anyone and everyone. Your welcome,
      Do hard things! Thank you for your encouraging comment!

  • Hey guys! Im trying to start a blog but I have no idea where to start! I know a lot of you guys have your own blogs. Do you have any advice? 😀 haha

    • I use blogspot (blogger), but a lot of people prefer WordPress which tends to be a bit more professional looking I think. I also have a Weebly account, but don’t post on that one much. I feel like blogger is the easiest to use, but maybe that is just because I am the most familiar with it. I would say make an account and then just play around. Coming up with a good name for your blog is sometimes the hardest part. 😉
      If you start one than share it with the rest of us. 😉

      • Well thank you for all of the advice! My theme in life seems to be “too comfortable” good or bad name? Im horrible at titles! >_< lol 😉

        • It looks like you got one started! Excited to go read it!
          I always have a hard time with coming up with a good title myself. I always try to think of something super original or pithy and than later discover that it was a really horrible idea or something. Haha!
          I think that is a good title you have.

    • Thank you 🙂 and your welcome! I hope it has encouraged you to step outside of your comfort zone!

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