rebelling against low expectations

AuthorEmma Underwood

is 20 years old and is currently pursuing a major in Biblical studies and Cross Cultural Missions. She loves being a young wife and homemaker. She regularly writes and expresses her thoughts on her blog.

The Purpose of Your Suffering


I shook as the waves of grief ripped through my body. The pain of this one moment had left a scar on my heart that would last forever. My mind raced with unanswered questions. More pain. My thoughts quickly reverted to prayer. Why, God? Why now? Why this? Lord, I don’t understand. Help me to accept this. I cannot carry this burden on my own. It is too heavy… please… I beg you...

When I Asked God to Break Me


I asked God to break me. Little did I know then what the consequences of that prayer would be. I asked God to break me before Him. To create an environment where He was all that I had and He was all that I needed. I wanted to grow in huge ways in a short amount of time. I wanted to feel the presence of God like never before. Out of the blue, life took its toll and left me alone and hurting. Due...

Breathing Under Water: Trust In the Messiness of Life


It’s easy for me to sit here and say I’ll follow God, and be willing to give it all for him. But when the rubber hits the road, it’s incredibly hard. Life is messy. We don’t live in a neat little world, where if something goes wrong, we can just move on, forget, heal, and all our problems eventually fade away. This is real life. One thing is crucial for those who are suffering right now to...

God is Bigger Than Your Petty Prayers


I sat in my youth group, and my friend started to pray. However, I was still thinking about what the prayer requests were. We were praying over someone’s stubbed toe and a dead bird somebody else found in their yard. Now this question was echoing in my mind: Why were we praying over such petty things? We have the privilege of talking to the God of the universe about anything, yet we’ve gathered...

Make Your Youth Count: An Interview with Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird


I was privileged to be able to work with Girl Defined Ministries to present this interview to you. We wanted to encourage young people to do hard things, and these young women have worked hard to do just that. They have made an incredible impact on many lives, and they are true inspirations. I hope you will watch and be edified by this interview. What is Girl Defined? Girl Defined is a ministry...

A Call to Be Uncomfortable for Jesus


I recently took a trip to an island, to a Christian camp called Patmos. My senior class and I did team building exercises, industrious pranking, and then helped the camp by cleaning and winterizing it. Along with that, the camp administrator held bible studies with us. We studied Philippians and how confident Paul was that even the worst things that happened to him were for a reason. Philippians...

How To Change the Tide of This Generation


I can’t do this. God cannot be asking me to do this! The thoughts continued to tumble around in my head for a while. That guy looks like he could kill someone! He probably smells too. Does God seriously want me to go share the gospel with him? Surely He could not. I stare at my feet and chew my lip wondering about what my choice would mean to God. Ah, this guy is too tough. Would my words really...

We Are (Still) Too Comfortable


I was running from many things. The gospel being one of them. When I finally saw the truth and succumbed to the light I knew the fight was over. God had won and He had my attention. I later came to the realization that the reason I waited so long to turn my life over to Christ was probably because I was scared of what He would ask me to do. Where He would ask me to go. It is not easy handing your...

We Are Too Comfortable


Why are we so stingy with the gospel? It seems even the teens who are beyond their years in other areas are still pathetic in their sharing of the gospel. Questioning Yourself “I don’t have time.” “I’m shy.” “What if I don’t have all the answers?” The questions go on and on, but the point remains the same – there are people all around you running straight for hell, but you...

rebelling against low expectations

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