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How can I engage in this upcoming election?


ROSE WRITES: With the U.S. election just over a month away, how can I engage in it — especially if I’m too young to vote? How can I be active and involved? What can I do?

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  • One of the things I’m going to do this Election Day is be an election clerk! You have to be at least 16, but believe me, these elderly people that do it usually LOVE it when teens volunteer to help them out. Also you can help campaign for the candidate of your choice. There is probably some mom or dad that you know that’s really into politics and campaigning for their candidate. Don’t be afraid to ask them! Campaigning can be simply holding up a sign on the side of the road or even going door to door. Get involved with your community, and you will find opportunities to get involved.
    Keep shining

  • Anyone, regardless of age, can (and really should) pray for the upcoming election, candidates, and voters. Besides that, just read Hannah’s comment 🙂

  • Hello, Rose! Have you heard of Generation Joshua? They are a Christian organization that helps young people get involved with elections, government, politics, etc. They have teams they call SAT (student action teams). I highly recommend checking these out. They fly you in to a state and have you work on an election campaign or even just a conservative campaign working to get people out to vote. I did three of these a couple years ago and am doing another this month. Even if you did not want to fly somewhere and do something like that, I am sure their website would give you other ways to get involved as well.
    Hope this helps!
    Thank you for caring enough to want to get involved even though you are not old enough to vote yet. Our country needs its young people involved and caring about this sort of thing. So thank you! 🙂

  • As someone who literally hid from the sound of the last debate (and plans to do the same tonight) I don’t have a lot to say.

    Just make sure that no matter who you’re voting/champaigning/ect for you don’t make them an idol — that candidate isn’t a savior. And obviously, sift everything they say or promise through scripture.

    • To be honest I feel like doing exactly that- it turns into a shouting match and I honestly don`t have a high respect for either candidate.

  • I would say… learn. That’s huge, and something we have a unique opportunity to do, as young people, without the pressure of voting (because we’re too young).

    Listen to your parents’ views. Listen to opposing views. Research the topics. Understand both sides. Understand alternative sides. Take the role of silent observer. While it can be hard at times (especially when you’re passionately for one candidate or against another), try to understand why each side believes what they believe, so that in 2020, you can make the right choice, and not be a low-information voter who’s gullible enough to believe whatever the government tells them.

    I would highly caution against political Facebook rants, or going and purposely stirring up conflict in person or online. Because truly there’s nothing good that comes out of that. Discussing calmly is one thing, but arguing is another. Just be careful, and understand even if you “know” you’re right, you still might be wrong. Just be humble and wise about it.

    Me, for example, am a big Trump supporter. Not that I agree with everything he’s advocating (I’m 87% in agreement with his stances), but I believe him to be the best candidate. With that being said, you won’t (usually) find me going on the offensive about it, or trying to call out Hillary supporters. I used to do things like that, but I quickly learned how messed up it was – and how little it ever helped things.

    I hope this helps!
    Trent Blake

  • I would say, work toward witnessing to others about salvation in Jesus Christ. Do not spend your precious time, mental and physical energy, and money toward any political party, group, or cause. We are called, as Christians, to lead people to Christ. Jesus did not come to build a physical kingdom; He came to build a spiritual kingdom in the hearts of His believers.

  • As an admittedly rather naive teen, I have found this election a wonderful way to learn about our country’s complex politics. My dad majored in political science, so I hear a lot of politics around the dinner table, and I generally went with whatever my parents said. However, with this election cycle, I have been old enough to really study what is going on, and I am learning about the nation’s opposing viewpoints on immigration, gun control, abortion, the LGBT movement, etc. I have also been learning how the media twists the words and actions of whichever candidate that newspaper/news channel opposes. Although I am not old enough to CONTRIBUTE to this election cycle, I can LEARN so that I am prepared for when I can contribute on a national level, like when I can vote or participate in campaigns.

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