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You Don’t Have to Be Ready, Just Obedient


Sometimes living in this world feels like walking blindfolded on a tightrope. I know I’m called to walk the straight and narrow path, but I’m not always sure where that is. Too often, I stay where I am because I’m afraid of making a misstep and falling off as I move forward.

There’s this note I keep on my phone called “things I want to do.” It’s a mix of projects, goals, and issues I want to improve on. Occasionally, I’ll open it, to add an idea or see if there’s something I can do, and then soon after I’ll close it. The list grows, but nothing ever happens. I’m banking on being able to do it later because I don’t feel ready in the moment.

It’s easy for me to become so paralyzed by fear that I don’t do anything–even when I know, deep down, that it’s the right thing to do. Self-doubt is a vicious cycle, but it’s not a new struggle. So many people–today and throughout history–have faced this same issue.

Moses is a good example. God appears to him in a burning bush, turns his staff to a snake, and tells him “I will be with you.” Despite all of this, Moses offers excuse after excuse, saying the people will not listen, and he is not good at speaking. Even after further reassurance from God, Moses finally exclaims, “Oh my Lord, please send someone else.”

Reading this story, it’s difficult for me to understand how Moses can still doubt God after experiencing such an amazing miracle. But I can also sympathize with him–because I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing.

Instead of focusing on God’s promise that he will be with me, I focus on my own inadequacies, and expect myself to be strong–not God. Perfectionism is a lie that says we don’t need God’s guidance. It whispers: if you only worked harder, you could make it there too.

Perfectionism is a lie that says we don’t need God’s guidance. Click To Tweet

The harsh truth is, I am, and always will be, flawed

When I look at the excuses I make–I’m not good enough, not prepared enough, not sure where to start–I feel overwhelmed by how broken I know I am. These statements all contain a seed of truth, but fixating on it prevents me from seeing the bigger picture—the beautiful story of grace and redemption that has been laid out before me.

Due to my imperfect nature, I’ll never be prepared enough or smart enough to see exactly where my next step is. But that’s totally ok. God’s loving nature means he never leaves me there. Instead, he asks me to trust him.

I’ve been learning how to do this, and it’s not always easy. Still, whenever I remember all the times he’s been faithful in the past I am reminded that God’s perspective is infinitely superior to my own. While I may think I’m not ready to step forward, he knows if I stay where I am the fear, doubt, and temptation will shake me. Before long, I’ll lose my balance and fall off the narrow pathway. That’s why he is pleading for me to trust him. When I put my faith in him, he removes the blindfold so I can step forward in confidence.

When I put my faith in him, he removes the blindfold so I can step forward in confidence. Click To Tweet

Acknowledging that we don’t have the answers is scary. Acting out in spite of that knowledge is even scarier. We need to trust God knows what our next step is–and stop being afraid of slipping up.

We don’t have to be perfect, just seeking Him.

God will always be there. When he’s prompting you to move in a new direction, whatever it is, take the leap of faith. No, you can’t achieve this by your own strength, but he is arming you with his courage to face the day. That is so much better than anything you can accomplish on your own.

I still don’t think I’m ready for the life God is calling me to. There are still so many things I know I should be doing, yet I’m not. But today, through the simple act of sharing this truth, I’ve started to break down the protective barriers I’ve built around myself. In reality, they were never shielding me from harm, only keeping me from God’s best. God is the only one who can truly shield me, and I need to trust that He will.

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.” (Psalm 28:7 ESV)

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