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60 Second Answers to 5 Hard Questions


Raise your hand if you enjoy being on the hot seat.

No one? Really?

I get it. Neither do I. It’s awkward and uncomfortable when you find yourself in the middle of conversations about, frankly, really awkward and uncomfortable topics. Yet as followers of Jesus, we’re called to share the gospel and share God’s total truth about all of life.

That’s bound to make for some difficult conversations.

Especially in our current culture. There are so many sensitive topics such as sexuality, gender, abortion, and more. What do we do if we find ourselves facing a questions about something like that?

The best answer: be prepared beforehand.

Consider the topic of abortion. What if you were having a conversation and someone said, “I don’t like abortion, but I think it should be legal.” What would you say? Are you familiar with the key arguments against abortion and could you communicate them in a succinct and compelling way?

The good news is that you can–and I want you to be prepared for everything culture throws at you. That’s why I created my new resource 5 Basic Answers on 5 Controversial Topics (in 60 Seconds or Less). It covers abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex, gender, and the existence of God and provides a short, but power-packed answer on each topic. You can download your free copy by signing up here.

In that conversation about abortion, here’s a brief answer you could share:

“I believe abortion is morally wrong because abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being and it is wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings. Abortion doesn’t simply remove a “clump of cells” or “unwanted pregnancy tissue.” Instead, 96% of biologists agree that the science of embryology proves that life begins at fertilization and the unborn are fully human, unique individuals at every stage of development. There is no fundamental difference between a fetus and a fully formed child. Size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency make no difference to someone’s status as a human being and these variables are not good reasons for making it okay to kill an unborn child. Abortion takes the life of a valuable person and therefore abortion is morally wrong.”

These answers don’t cover everything, but they hit several main points and can be the first step toward a meaningful conversation. To be a teen who can navigate culture (and hard conversations) with clarity and truth, we have to be committed to doing the hard work of preparing beforehand. This simple guide is one step toward doing just that.

To get the answers on the four other topics of homosexuality, premarital sex, gender, and the existence of God, sign up here to get the full resource.

For a more in-depth look on navigating hard conversations, check out chapter 14 in our new book Stand Up, Stand Strong: A Call to Bold Faith in a Confused Culture.

It covers the best questions to ask, how to discern the difference between arguments and assertions, the best attitude to maintain in your conversations, and more.

Grab your copy today.

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