rebelling against low expectations


4 Pitfalls of Secular Music (and Cultivating Godly Listening Tastes)


I love music. I’m a musician and have music playing most of the day. I love listening to well-written songs, enjoy all different styles and genres, and I appreciate the craftsmanship and talent that goes into songwriting, mixing, and the whole creative process. In summary, if I had an obsession, it would be music. But I know that music is incredibly influential and have seen how it affects the...

5 Pillars of Burnout Culture


“Culture beats scheme every time.” – Chip Kelly The Chip Kelly fad was short-lived while he was in the NFL, but that little token of wisdom has outlasted his coaching career. In this quote, Chip is referring to the truth that in order to make lasting change we can’t just implement new strategies or schemes, but we have to change the overall culture. As of February 2021, 42% of...

4 Things to Know About Inclusion


I always had friends when I was younger. But I’ve never had a best friend. Often, I wasn’t someone people wanted to hang out with. I wasn’t the prettiest, the smartest, or allowed to do all the things other kids could—simply put, I wasn’t the “cool kid” on the block. I spent a couple years wishing for a best friend, above anything else. As I grew older, I finally started to find my people. People...

Truth Matters with Dr. Jeff Myers


What is truth? And why does it matter? Whether we realize it or not, truth is one of the most pivotal battlegrounds of our culture and Dr. Jeff Myers is on the front lines defending the existence, immutability, and culture-changing power of absolute truth. Dr. Myers is the president of Summit Ministries and has trained and equipped thousands of young adults in worldview and apologetics. Today he...

The Importance of Being Analytical About the Songs We Listen To


Music of all kinds is without a doubt a wonderful thing. The sound of varying instruments with the melodies and harmonies of vocalists all come together to create this beautiful tapestry we call a song. It is an incredible gift of God, something we can enjoy and give thanks to Him for. But not all music out there is good. We all know there are songs we don’t listen to, songs with explicit sexual...

A Look at Bad Influences – and How to Avoid Them


For a long time, people have been given to materialism and earthly things instead of pursuing God. We’ve valued entertainment over learning, what’s popular over what’s right, and what brings us happiness over what brings God joy. None of us, Christians or not, are exceptions. We’re all sinners, guilty of sinning, which is literally anything we think, say, or do that is against God. If something...

Why Our Use of the Word “Christian” Matters


“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” – Exodus 20:7 Most people interpret the third commandment as “don’t use God’s name as a cuss word.” But “taking the Lord’s name in vain” refers to any use that is irreverent or “empty,” if you look at the original Hebrew. With this in mind, consider the widespread...

4 Ways the Gospel Changes a Teen’s Life


Most Christians would say they believe the gospel. But not all Christians live like they believe the gospel. The gospel—the good news—isn’t like any other news in the world. The gospel hits deep into the core of a person and flows through every part of life. It shows us the true condition of ourselves—sinners who deserve God’s judgment—and provides the only way of salvation. Most of us who are...

Disney’s LGBTQ+ Agenda and the Degenderization of Society


When I was a little girl, I dreamed of one day being Cinderella. I would sit riveted in front of the TV as I watched my favorite Disney princess experience her happily ever after. Castles and fairytales, glass slippers and princes took up my five-year-old brain space and I was lost in the innocence and wonder of it all. The power fairytales have upon young minds is nearly as strong as the power...

60 Second Answers to 5 Hard Questions


Raise your hand if you enjoy being on the hot seat. No one? Really? I get it. Neither do I. It’s awkward and uncomfortable when you find yourself in the middle of conversations about, frankly, really awkward and uncomfortable topics. Yet as followers of Jesus, we’re called to share the gospel and share God’s total truth about all of life. That’s bound to make for some...

rebelling against low expectations

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