rebelling against low expectations

AuthorHaven Asnip

is a home schooled eighteen-year-old. She loves living in the Florida Keys and enjoys salty air, palm trees, and sailing. The Reb.deeply encourages her in that other teens around the world are striving to glorify God with their lives and preserve the world from sin. In return, she wants to encourage you to be bold for Christ! To find out more about Haven, check out her blog at Haven Asnip.

I Wanted To Be a Missionary


I was a little girl who read missionary books like they were Nancy Drew mystery novels. I spent Saturdays reading through the biography of my choice. I could be Amy Carmichael, smuggling girls from evil temples, or Elizabeth Elliott bravely facing tribe men who murdered my husband. I read Kisses from Katie, and dreamt of saving orphaned Ugandan children. I wanted to be a missionary. I babysat, I...

Growing Up Means Dying to Yourself


I am turning eighteen in six days. By the world’s standards I will officially be an adult. By the time you read this I probably already am. What is so great about getting older? Why as kids do we dream and imagine what it will be like when we reach the euphoric moment of becoming a ‘grown up’? What is so wonderful about it? It’s supposed to be fun, right? We’re reaching the prime of our life...

We’re All At War


I am at war. When that woman at church tells me she meditates in front of a Buddha figurine, I am at war. When that man glares at me as I try to share the gospel, I am at war. When that sailing instructor tells me I am no different from an ape, I am at war. There is a battle going on all around me. I cannot deny it is there. Above me, below me, behind me, and before me, I can see it. That...

I Am Not a Good Christian


I am a work in progress. I said the prayer as a short and plump five-year-old. I remember the day vaguely. I was sitting cross-legged on my mom’s bed as she led me in a prayer asking God into my heart. I don’t remember the conversation leading up to that prayer. I don’t remember the exact words I said. The words and the prayer didn’t matter. But the condition of my heart did, and it was...

What If Christians Were More Like Olympians?


I’ve never thought I was an athlete. Yeah, I like to go for a run every once and awhile. I can swim pretty well, and I have a sub-par sense of balance. But when it comes to the dedication, team work, endurance, self-control, and sheer will power to really love a sport, I’ve just never had it. I’ve dreamed of it. I’ve wanted it, but that’s just not who God made me. Or is it? I’m Fascinated...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →