rebelling against low expectations

AuthorMoriah Simonowich

is a 25-year-old who loves porch swings, wide open skies, lattes, lab puppies, and the crispness of October. Writing is like oxygen to her heart. You can connect with Moriah on her blog, Delighting in Him, and social media accounts: Instagram or Facebook.

What Getting a Tattoo Taught Me About Ultimate Security in God


Some insecurities run deep in the veins of our hearts. To soothe them, we believe the subtle lie Satan throws at us. Just do whatever it takes for people to like or accept you. Then you’ll finally be okay as a person. I’ve believed and acted on that lie enough to know that living to please other people brings more tumult, fear, and anxiety—never less. God’s Word tells us that...

What to Do With Guilt After Saying Yes to Sin


We’ve all had those relatively smooth “good weeks” when temptation isn’t shouting in our faces. Once sin has taken us out in battle, it retreats for a season, crouching quietly in the shadows (Gen. 4:7). Then, temptation comes in poisonous innocence. Just one more time. You haven’t done this for weeks, it can’t hurt to do it once more. A harmless offer, right...

Project: Valentine Card Challenge 2018


UPDATE: THE VALENTINE CARD CHALLENGE goal for 2018 has officially been reached! We ended up with 233 cards total. If you volunteered to make cards, please send them in by February 16th. Thank you, everyone! You’re the best! Three years ago, my heart ached for a Valentine’s Day that was different. I was eighteen, wondering if gifts of chocolate and a rose from my dad could finally come...

Believe the Glorious Reason Behind Christmas


Jesus left the riches and purity of heaven to become flesh for us. He put it all aside, exchanging it for poverty and filth. Why would the King of kings do something so incredulous? It was because He had compassion on us in the midst of our hopeless depravity. He knew we were desperately poor—without any hint of true righteousness to our names. We have never had one good deed to rub together with...

Slow Down this Christmas


Last Christmas, my mom and I tackled errands together in chilly December weather. As we buzzed through store after store with a list that always seemed to do more stretching than shrinking, I noticed how hectic everything was. A continual pattern of long lines, crowded aisles, and packed parking lots accompanied the bright, glittering decorations and festive music. People rushed to purchase gifts...

Wisdom For the Perfectionist


A hurricane of harsh words flung from my lips one morning. Another bout with sin. Another let down. In the aftermath, guilty frustration rushed through my veins; my heart felt tired and heavy. One glimpse at my reflection in the mirror and my face crumples into a cry. Broken, weak, and flawed, I stand there asking. In the multitude of my mistakes, can fragments of beauty be found after all? As I...

You Are Not Unnoticed


Late one afternoon, two tiny birds perched in dappled sunshine distracted me. I remembered this phrase with a surge of comfort, wonder, and hope: His eye is on the sparrow. Often, I know it in my head more than I embrace it with my heart. Most of us grapple with those eighteen inches and although we may drift into a rusty forgetfulness about certain truths, it doesn’t tarnish their authenticity...

How to Respond to Horrific Events


Some days, the weight of what the future might holds seems crushing. How will life turn out? Will seemingly broken pieces ever be put together again? For weeks, the news has broadcasted live footage of babies suffering from chemical gas. Dying. This unthinkable atrocity is enough to make you shudder. Conflicts are raging around the globe. Terrorist attacks. Shootings. Bombs. Cold brutality. How...

4 Ways to Embrace Your Family Legacy


My grandma is a quilter whose sewing resume stretches over three decades. The patience and perseverance necessary to maintain this skill of intricacy amazes me. Precise measuring and cutting. The hum of a sewing machine joining fabric together. An iron, hissing steam – pressing underside seams into smooth, neat lines. Undoing mistakes. Repeat, repeat. And in the end? A masterpiece of colors...

3 Ways to Fight Comparison


If only I could write like so-and-so does. Oh, and this other person is extremely gifted in drawing. Why can’t I be popular and outgoing like my other friends? Comparison clouds the heart. It saps the joy right out of you. God has woven a unique set of skills into the core of each one of us. You are incredibly gifted in ways I could never be–and vice versa. But if I compare my life to...

rebelling against low expectations

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