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Would You Rather Die Or Burn Your Bible?


“Would you rather die or burn your Bible?” A couple years ago, a group of middle-schoolers started an online debate about this topic. It turned out to be an interesting—and controversial—subject. Different students came from different perspectives, and some of the answers were surprising. But it always came down to one of two options. Option #1: Burn my Bible I found some students...

You Can Memorize More Than You Think You Can


How do you react when you hear someone talk about Bible memorization? I know for a lot of us, it’s with a vague feeling of guilt. I should probably do that. I should probably do that more. What stops us from memorizing God’s word? There are lots of reasons. I’m not good at memorizing. I can’t remember anything. I don’t have time. I’m going to do that…...

Why I Stopped Ignoring Leviticus


I have a confession: I have always skipped over most of the Old Testament. The Psalms are good and the Proverbs offer very interesting tidbits that I feel are very applicable. But what about books like Leviticus and Deuteronomy? I believed everything else was true, and the history and stories were great, but I didn’t think they had much application to my daily life. They were just for the...

Don’t Rebel at Reading the Word


In a recent article for GQ, the editors said, “We’ve been told all our lives that we can only call ourselves well-read once we’ve read the Great Books.” From there, they proceeded to call out the “Great Books” for being “really, really boring.” J.D. Salinger made the list twice, as did Ernest Hemingway. Brace yourself – Tolkien appeared too for The Lord of the Rings. It seems his meticulous...

In Studying Scripture, Remember the Context


Where do you start when you want to understand a verse, passage, or chapter of the Bible? There are a lot of things you could do to help you understand it. But the most important tool—other than prayer—comes before all of those. That tool is context. The Importance of Context My mom once said that every verse you study lives in an environment. If you were going to study an animal—say, a species...

5 Reasons To Make Bible Study a Habit This Year


What are your goals for 2018? With the new year just begun—and a new semester starting soon—most of us have some sort of goal in mind. Maybe you plan to read a certain number of books. Maybe you want to start running, biking, or working out. Maybe you’re just looking forward to starting school again refreshed and rested. But what are your goals in relation to God’s word? As Christian teens, our...

3 Steps to Start Reading the Bible Today


Imagine a world where no one watches movies. Think college guys in dorm rooms quoting lines from their favorite movies and thinking they’re hilarious. Except they never saw the whole movie from beginning to end. Weird, right? But you, the normal human being you are, go to your friends and say, “What if we sit down and watch the entire movie tonight?” Everyone looks at you with a face twisted in...

Three Reasons We Can Believe the Bible is True


The Bible is considered essential to the Christian life. We call it the “Word of God” and say it’s “inspired.” We talk about having “daily devotions” like we talk about “having dinner.” We question the rightness of an act by whether it’s “biblical” or not. In fact, if you’ve grown up in a Christian home, you likely have little hints of the Bible all around you. The Bible is really important to...

6 Tips to Memorize God’s Word Better


My memorization journey really began in 2009, when I signed up for the National Bible Bee competition. That first year, I probably didn’t memorize more than a hundred verses — and my motivation was definitely no higher than the $25,000 Primary division prize. But by God’s grace, over the past eight years I’ve grown so much — both in faith and in memorization ability...

rebelling against low expectations

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