rebelling against low expectations


You Are Not Behind In Life


Have you ever felt like life was leaving you behind? We see so many stories of Rebelutionaries seeking after God, doing hard things, and changing the world. It’s amazing to see the work other young people are doing. Writing books. Graduating college early. Starting ministries. Starting businesses. All of those are good and beautiful and amazing, and we applaud and rejoice with each of them. But...

Your Mundane Service Doesn’t Make You Less


Do you ever feel like you’re somehow lower, or serving God less, simply because you aren’t in a third-world country, or you haven’t started a 501(c)3, or you aren’t in a band changing the world with your music? Do you ever get discouraged with your daily little job, and you look over and see someone in the mission field getting all the glory, and somehow start feeling unspiritual for simply...

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Liberation for the Losers


Not many people know about the race, though its popularity has drastically increased over the years. The number of people who actually run? That’s a small figure. The number who finish? Smaller, if any. On Monday, March 26th at 9:33 p.m. local time, The Barkley Marathons, which are held at Frozen Head State Park in Wartburg, Tennessee, ended with zero finishers. That seems strange, even for an...

What Getting a Tattoo Taught Me About Ultimate Security in God


Some insecurities run deep in the veins of our hearts. To soothe them, we believe the subtle lie Satan throws at us. Just do whatever it takes for people to like or accept you. Then you’ll finally be okay as a person. I’ve believed and acted on that lie enough to know that living to please other people brings more tumult, fear, and anxiety—never less. God’s Word tells us that...

3 Ways Comparison Steals Your Identity


Everyone has a model to which they compare their lives, a kind of outfit they want to dress themselves in. As children, we had an unselfish kind of admiration. Our heroes, whether real or fictional, did good and left a beautiful difference on the world, so we resolved to do the same. But that was childhood. As we enter the teen years, our simple admiration turns to envy as we compare ourselves to...

“What If My Life Is a Failure?” Dealing with Anxiety and Fear


“Next episode playing in 15…14…13…” I turned my head to see my alarm clock across the room. The big red “2:00 am” glared at me through the darkness. I knew staying up late watching Netflix was a terrible habit. I knew I was gonna hate myself in the morning, but the distraction was too enticing at the moment. Besides, it wasn’t like I’d be able to sleep anyways. Tomorrow the cycle...

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rebelling against low expectations

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