rebelling against low expectations


Jonathon Montanez’s Great Assist


If the video isn’t showing up, try reloading the page.Mitchell Marcus is a basketball-loving high school student with a developmental disability and a team manager for the Coronado Thunderbirds varsity basketball team. For the last game of the season, his coach let Mitchell suit up with the others. Then, with little more than a minute remaining, Mitchell was put into the game. With their...

Tim Tebow: The Quarterback-Preacher


Tim Tebow is an amazing quarterback. But more importantly, Tim Tebow is a Christian, with a passion for proclaiming the gospel. From his missions work to his eye-black, Tim knows what really matters — and it’s not football. By God’s grace, he stands as a stellar example of how to use your platform to magnify the Lord. At our conference in Orange County this weekend, Brett and I read...

Malcolm Gladwell: How David Beats Goliath


Malcolm Gladwell is one of our favorite modern authors. Reading his book “The Tipping Point” was part of what inspired us to start The Rebelution back in 2005. It remains on our short list of favorites — along with his more recent book, “Outliers”. So imagine our excitement when we read this article in The New Yorker. In it Gladwell uses our favorite sport — basketball —...

Austin Gutwein: Hoops of Hope


Like many 14-year-old guys, Austin Gutwein loves basketball. Unlike most, however, Austin has used his love for hoops to raise over $450,000 for AIDS orphans in the nation of Zambia. Hoops of Hope began in 2004, when Austin was 9 years old. “I wasn’t as good as other players, and I’m still not,” Austin told CBS Sports. “But I’m really passionate about helping...

rebelling against low expectations

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