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5 Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination


Procrastination is an ugly word. A school assignment waits on your desk, but gets pushed aside in favor of something more enjoyable. A list of unanswered emails fills your inbox, but you ignore them once more because there will be time for that later. A deadline set weeks in advance is suddenly upon you, and you find yourself working until midnight because you won’t meet it otherwise. I...

How to Prioritize Your Relationship with God This Summer


The author of Proverbs writes, “He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame.” (Proverbs 10:5) Whether you’re a son or a daughter of the living God, resist the urge to slumber during harvest this summer. School’s Out For Summer Did you recently close the books on another school year? Well done. Graduating to the next grade is no small...

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Wherever You Are, Be All There


As humans on earth, we sure spend a lot of time waiting, don’t we? Waiting for the bus, waiting for the microwave, waiting to be tall enough to ride the rollercoaster… plus some more serious things. Waiting is good! Waiting is an opportunity to learn patience, to prepare for whatever we’re waiting for, and to learn to trust God with His timing. There are some things in life, though, that I...

The Preciousness of Time


Our last post focused on the distinction between busyness and fruitfulness — drawing on the writings of C.J. Mahaney. Today we’d like to expand on the topic of time-management — this time drawing on the writings of Jonathan Edwards. In an essay written in 1734, Edwards lays out four reasons to value our time, identifies three ways we can waste our time, shares four reasons for improving our...

Are You Doing Too Much?


Our recent post on a study linking teenage depression to bedtimes drew a healthy discussion in the comment section. One reader named Micaela asked a question about “busyness” — and we thought it was important enough to share with you. Micaela wrote: “I have question. The purpose of the rebelution is to encourage young people to “do hard things” and to “rebel against the low...

A Lazy Habit of Procrastination


When are you going to get your stuff done? Procrastination can sabotage more than a day’s work. Too many of us also procrastinate in much bigger areas of life — things like growing in responsibility, maturity and in our relationship with Christ. For young people this can be expressed in the phrase: Life starts later. Life begins after high school, after college, later, someday, but not now...

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rebelling against low expectations

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