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Published on April 16th, 2008 | by Alex and Brett Harris

Don’t Waste Your Life. Do Hard Things.

If we had to sum up our message in three words we’d say Do Hard Things (duh). But if we had to sum it up in four words we’d say Don’t Waste Your Life. You can guess, then, how excited we were when James Jennings uploaded the above video to The Rebelution Facebook Group.

The clip is taken from the Don’t Waste Your Life Conference last month in San Luis Obispo. For those who cannot view the video or would like to see the message in its entirety — and we encourage you to do so — the full video, text and audio are available by clicking here.

© 2008 Desiring God. Used with permission.


About the Author

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.

  • I was just reading the “Do Hard Things” book last night before bed and I am getting everything reinforced. I’m switching my schedule around because it is one of the hardest things for me. I always want to stay up late and work on my projects instead of going to bed and then getting up early. I waste so much time in my rut.

    As Piper said, don’t waste your teen age years! They are so important!


  • Christina

    That was great! If I had to sum up your message in 5 words I’d say: “Alex and Brett want you!” :) May God bless Mr. Piper and Desiring God ministries.

  • cj

    My youth Sunday school was studying the book ‘don’t waste your life’ and I’m trying to get my youth group to study your book ‘do hard things’. God bless!

  • I’ll join that youth group!

  • cj

    Sure! we would love to have you, as long as you don’t mind driving or flying to the middle of Texas every week.

  • Wow that was a great clip!!
    Don’t waste your life

  • I love the title of this post! Its so enduring. We’re always going to have to work at doing harder and harder things, even as we all grow out of teen-hood. And we will never cease being tempted to waste our lives. But by G_d’s grace (and with helpful reminders from you guys!), we can maintain fighting the good fight for our whole lives!

    Don’t waste your life: any of it. Always be DOing HARD THINGS!!

    ps CJ and Kole, keep pressing on!

  • Wow! i’m going into the military- something that the culture seems to view as a waste of life- and this was inspiring! God Bless and Rock ON!

  • emily

    awesome, guys! Great video!

  • wow… he needs to come to the UK, asap.

  • Natasha Victoria

    I was at that conference and wearing my Do Hard Things shirt during that very message! I was very proud..:-)

  • Austin

    Wow!!!What an amazing clip!

  • You lit the torch and others are lighting theirs with your fire! This is great guys!

  • Ben Stevenson
  • Great video – thanks for posting it!

    I heard most of your interview on the meeting house this afternoon while driving home, then listened to the beginning online at (click on MP3 downloads to find Alex and Brett Harris). It was great! It’s always wonderful to read something, but hearing you say it always makes it resonate more clearly! It was also neat to hear you guys on the radio station I listen to nearly every day! =)

  • Rachel W.

    I got my Do Hard Things book today and I totally love it!!! thanks so much for writing it and this blog!! you guys are a huge inspiration in my life! :)

  • Cj, how about you post what you guys talk about on the side bar on your blog? Or even post it? Just real short and basic for me. Thanks. :)

    I know you’ve checked out our (My friends and one of my Bros.) Blog thanks for commenting.

    For His Son’s Glory,

  • I also got MY book today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cj

    Thats a great idea,I’ll start posting as soon as I can.

    ps. You have a great blog.

  • Catherine

    I read the article about you guys in World Magazine. I was so excited for you both; I’m thrilled the word’s getting out to such a broad audience.

  • Megan Liz

    I just got back from co-op and saw Do Hard Things waiting for me…I’m halfway through it already! SO happy! :)

  • Thanks Cj. Your blog is really good and I’ll be looking at it frequently.

  • Sam S.


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