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Teen Author, Jaquelle Crowe, Wows Harvest Show Hosts (Video)


Even the hosts of the Harvest Show don’t know what to do when confronted with a confident, mature, articulate teenager!

Jaquelle Crowe, author of This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years, was a guest on the show two days in a row.

During the first interview, it was obvious that hosts Valerie Lowe and Stefan Radelich were impressed.

“I thought I was focused when I was eighteen, but I don’t recall ever writing a book,” Lowe says at the beginning of the interview.


Later in the interview, they ask Jaquelle how she would respond to the accusation that she can’t truly relate to other teenagers — given her accomplishments and “sheltered” homeschool background.

“My experience was unique,” Jaquelle explained, “but I’m not really different than any other young person.”

“Yeah… I don’t know about that,” quipped Radelich.

“No, no!” Jaquelle insisted. “I deal with the same temptations, the same struggles, and so I really am just writing as one young person to other young people.”

At this point, the hosts seem to acknowledge her point. Young people may come from different backgrounds, but they all need the same gospel.

Still, it’s interesting to note, once again, how our culture (including church culture) is so quick to paint mature, responsible teenagers as “exceptions” to the rule. Normal teenagers are immature and irresponsible, says our culture. They could never write a book like Jaquelle has. And they should not be expected to study the Bible, to serve the local church, or honor their parents the way Jaquelle does.

Fortunately, the interview turns to this very issue.

“You write that culture has hijacked the teen years,” Radelich says. “What do you mean by that?”

Jaquelle’s answer gets to the root of the issue. Culture has sold young people short, telling them to find their worth in everything besides Christ. And as she explains earlier in the interview, the church has fallen prey to the same temptation, treating teenagers as second-class Christians and not expecting them to pursue Christ in a serious way.

The question left in my mind at the end of the interview is this:

“What would happen if more young people spent their youth living for Christ? What if they spent more energy on reading their Bibles, serving in their local church, and engaging with older, more mature Christians? What if parents and youth workers raised their expectations and were more intentional about engaging teenagers in true discipleship?”

I think we’d have a lot more Jaquelle’s — and the Harvest Show hosts wouldn’t be so impressed anymore. Passionate teenage Christ-followers would be normal.

Watch the Interviews:

Despite the subtle low expectations, these are fantastic interviews and the Harvest Show hosts did a great job drawing Jaquelle out on topics like low expectations for teenagers, how the church has failed young people, the importance of spiritual disciplines during the teen years, how parents can disciple their teenagers, and much more.

You can watch both full segments below:

Jaquelle’s book is already a bestseller with 100+ reviews on

Click here to learn more about This Changes Everything.

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    • Bekah, what tremendous encouragement. I was so grateful to be given this opportunity (and I was nervous!), but God was working, and I’m excited to see other young people were encouraged/motivated by it.

  • Great job Jequelle! I loved what you said about how we all need to read our Bibles, memorize Bible verses, and having a vibrant prayer life. That is so true!

  • I’m so excited to read This Changes Everything! Jaquelle is a thoughtful, mature teen and it was so cool to see her responses during this interview! I will just say that for me, I often struggle with the feeling that no one else is even trying to pursue holiness, and that can be isolating. I’m really excited to read this because Jaquelle has been an amazing example for me of a teen who does not let the world’s expectations get in her way. 🙂

    • Honored, Maitlyn. Seriously. Thank you. Let me just reiterate: you are not alone. We really aren’t. There are so many young people pursuing holiness, and I’m so excited to meet more and more of them.

      • Jaquelle, thanks so much for the encouragement! I’ve loved seeing your passion for God in your publishing journey and the way you are pouring into us at YWW! Thank you for all that you do. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness these were AMAZING interviews!!! I thought it was really interesting how Jaquelle got some of her very first inspiration to write about God and the Gospel. I have thought about reading the entire Bible but I haven’t really gotten around to it yet… now, however, I have more motivation to read it. I have also thought about writing about Christ/God/the Gospels, but didn’t really know where to start. These interviews were REALLY helpful!! Also, I LOVE Jaquelle’s book This Changes Everything. I am only a few chapters into it, but I am absolutely in love with it. I didn’t want to put it down!!! (but i had to b/c it was dinner time 🙂

    LOVED IT!!!! I can’t wait to tell all my friends about her book and these interviews

    • Anna, I love that these interviews were so helpful – and that they encouraged you to start reading God’s Word all the way through. (And I’m really glad you DID put the book down to eat dinner…)

  • So excited to see how God is using Jaquelle! Knowing her personally, it has been exciting to see Jaquelle go from a blogger, face her “fears” and pursue writing a book, and than listen to her telling me about the writing and publication process. What makes me most excited about her book is probably knowing who she is and the joy that she’s not just saying words – she’s lives out what she writes. Jaquelle, thank you for your love for Christ and others, and your commitment to living a life according to the Scriptures – you are such a blessing to me!

  • Loved watching this! Your book was so amazing to read, Jaquelle, and I appreciate the time and effort you put into writing it. I admire your compassion and your heart for your fellow teens, and I thank you for investing in all our lives, here on theRebelution and on YWW. You are an inspiration to me and to so many others. 🙂 Can’t wait to tell my family and friends about your book! 🙂

  • Just got Jaquelle’s book, and I’m eager to read it! It’s so refreshing to see a teenager sharing her faith with humility, passion, and joy. Great interviews, well worth watching!

  • Jacquelle, do you know yet when it will get translated into French? Are there any plans yet? (Heidi, missionary mom in France. 🙂

  • Great interviews, Jaquelle! You were so calm and collected, and I love how your passion for Christian teens shows through in your words. It’s so true what you said about the church’s expectations for young people being so low, but with more recognition of your message, I’m confident that will begin to change. I loved your book, too, and I hope it inspires and challenges many more teens! You are an inspiration to us, and we are standing by you! 🙂

  • She really articulated herself very well in the interview. I can’t wait till I can read her book! This generation is truly standing up and bumping off the yoke that this nation has put upon us.

  • Great job, Jaquelle! You answered all of the questions really well! And I LOVE your new book: This Changes Everything! I just finished it and I can’t wait to share it with all my friends.

  • Jaquelle speaks with the same level of maturity conveyed in her writing. Although I was unable to finish this interview, I thoroughly enjoyed what Jaquelle shared. She is so inspiring! I love her book “This Changes Everything!”

  • So neat to see your passion, Jaquelle! I loved reading TCE, but seeing your face as you spoke about your relationship with the Lord was so special.

  • Congratulations on your book, Jaquelle–I can’t wait to buy it. Thank you for using your gifts and abilities to serve the Lord. As an aspiring writer, I would love for you to share sometime about the publishing process! =)

  • Great interviews! This Changes Everything is great! I wouldon’t definitely recommend it to all teenagers.

  • Great interviews Jaquelle! You were clear and well articulated, and gave great answers to the questions. I’m super excited to start reading TCE!! (once it finally arrives! I’ve been waiting patiently, albeit very eagerly :D).

  • Fantastic interview!! So inspiring, so encouraging. I know TCE will be a wonderful resources to draw our generation into pursuing deeper relationship with the Lord.

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