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Published on February 15th, 2016 | by Matthew Moody

101 Reasons to Love Your Parents

I hate you!

What’s the big deal?

Stop bossing me around.

Get out of my face!

If I could, I would report you to the Child Abuse Prevention Association.

Why can’t you be like other parents?

I don’t need you.

Why don’t you just die?!

Have you ever harbored those thoughts before? (Maybe you’ve even verbalized them.) I have.

In fact, I used to constantly think those thoughts in one form or another. Even when God saved me, I still struggled with loving, obeying, and honoring my parents.

Do words like prideful, selfish, and defensive characterize you?

By hating our parents, we say “God, you made a mistake. I know better, and I deserve more.”

In reality, God never makes mistakes, He knows all things, and He has the right to send us to Hell, but He doesn’t.

We don’t deserve more. We deserve less.

When we view life from this perspective, we may finally realize that God made our parents especially for us. After all, He created mankind to reproduce, reign over the Earth, and revere Him. But teenagers can’t and won’t do that unless they receive training in righteousness. And who gives us these lessons?

Exactly. Our parents.

We need your parents more than we think.

Have you ever seen a newborn? How about a puppy? Babies can’t eat, drink, walk, or talk. They can’t even hold up their heads. All they can do is cry, laugh, smile, and sleep. Puppies can’t see or hear. In both cases, each newborn needs help, training, and discipline to mature physically and mentally.

We’re the same way. Helpless. Dependent. Immature.

Our parents raise us so we can grow not just biologically, but also personally, emotionally, and spiritually. Without them we wouldn’t survive. In fact, we wouldn’t even exist.

When I finally admitted to myself that I didn’t love my parents and that I needed to, I decided to compile a list of reason of why to love them to motivate me. Here is that list.

1. God loved you first.

2. God commands you to love Him with all of your strength, heart, mind, and soul.

3. God commands you to love everyone.

4. God commands you to love your neighbors.

5. God commands you to love your enemies.

6. God commands you to honor your parents.

7. God commands you to obey your parents.

8. Your parents loved you before you were born.

9. You wouldn’t exist without them.

10. Your parents bore you.

11. Your parents love you.

12. Your parents care for you.

13. Your parents raise you.

14. Your parents provide for you.

15. Your parents discipline you.

16. Your parents train you in the way of the Lord.

17. Your parents teach you.

18. Your parents encourage you.

19. Your parents help you.

20. Your parents give you hope.

21. Your parents are gracious to you.

22. Your parents are merciful to you.

23. Your parents bless you.

24. Your parents protect you.

25. Your parents shelter you.

26. Your parents watch your back.

27. Your parents worked for you.

28. Your parents warn you.

29. Your parents impart wisdom to you.

30. Your parents listen to you.

31. Your parents talk with you.

32. Your parents sacrifice for you.

33. Your parents model Christ in front of you.

34. Your parents lead you.

35. Your parents surprise you.

36. Your parents enjoy you.

37. Your parents forgive you.

38. Your parents challenge you.

39. Your parents test you.

40. Your parents bear your burdens.

41. Your parents know you best.

42. Your parents guide you.

43. Your parents are patient with you.

44. Your parents show you your sin.

45. Your parents give generously.

46. Your parents put up with your friends.

47. Your parents comfort you.

48. Your parents patch you up.

49. Your parents bought you.

50. Your parents won’t live forever.

51. You won’t live forever.

52. God gave you your parents.

53. Your parents take you places.

54. Your parents pay for you.

55. Your parents pray for you.

56. Your parents influence you.

57. Your parents inspire you.

58. Your parents record you.

59. Your parents hold high expectations of you.

60. Your parents correct you.

61. Your parents ask you questions.

62. Your parents answer your questions.

63. Your parents make you laugh.

64. Your parents prepare you for the real world.

65. Your parents treat you.

66. Your parents actively participate in your life.

67. Your parents transport you.

68. Your parents confront you.

69. Your parents point you to God.

70. Your parents praise you.

71. Your parents tell you stories.

72. Your parents bring you joy.

73. Your parents discourage you.

74. Your parents cry with you.

75. Your parents rejoice with you.

76. Your parents cherish you.

77. Your parents love God.

78. Your parents offer advice.

79. Your parents do you favors.

80. Your parents tell you what to do.

81. Your parents notice you.

82. Your parents look out for you.

83. Your parents think of you.

84. Your parents speak of you.

85. Your parents praise you before men.

86. Your parents give you jobs.

87. Your parents keep you accountable.

88. Your parents communicate with you.

89. Your parents restrict you.

90. Your parents withhold from you.

91. Your parents play with you.

92. Your parents tell you the truth.

93. Your parents thank you.

94. Your parents are honest.

95. Your parents are who they are.

96. Your parents rescue you.

97. Your parents save (things) for you.

98. Your parents invest in you.

99. Your parents share with you.

100. Your parents read to you.

101. One day you may be one.

Feel motivated yet? Remember, the battle is worth it. Now, go off and go love your parents!

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About the Author

is a seventeen-year-old junior in high school, a beginning drummer, an amateur photographer, and an aspiring author who is working on his first sci-fi/fantasy series. Although he struggles with pride and selfishness, Matthew is slowly learning how to love his parents and carry his cross.

  • Dear everybody,

    Please read through this post because it is really good! :)

  • Louis Gervais

    Well done! =^D

    • Thank you! Originally, it was just a list. Then I thought I could turn it into an article.

  • Amen, Matthew!! This list is awesome. Thanks for writing. :)
    I wholeheartedly agree with @gbingo:disqus. Everybody needs to read this not only teens but kids and adults as well. Thumbs up, bro! (I hope it’s ok if I can say that)

    • It’s OK. How do you tag someone?

      • I just put @G and a name will pop up, but it doesn’t really tag that person….I mean if you put their name, Disqus won’t notify the tagged person. It just shows the profile of that person.

  • Hailey

    I love this!

    • Thank you so much Hailey! I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I hope it encourages all to love our parents.

  • Jenna Hisler

    i have a question. so i love to listen to country music and so does my dad, but my mom doesn’t like it and says country music isn’t uplifting or helpful to my spiritual walk. so what do i do….??

    • Let me get back to you on that, @jennahisler:disqus.

    • Riley Wilkins

      Well first you can mix up the songs little bit. Like every 2 country songs play a strong, uplifting song to show her you care about your spiritual life/walk.

  • Riley Wilkins

    This is so true on so many levels!!!

    • Thank you so much, @riley_wilkins:disqus! I’m glad it encouraged you. What other levels are you speaking about?

  • Nsb

    I second!

  • Jenna Hisler

    thanks so much for your feedback matthew!!

    • You’re so very welcome, @jennahisler:disqus! It was a great question. I’m glad I could help you.

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