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Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Brett Harris

Raising Motivated Kids (Our Free Video Series For Parents)

The number one question we receive from parents is, “How do I motivate my kids?”

Well, my dad and I have put together a video series focused on answering that question — and it is available FREE for a limited time.

You can sign-up and start watching immediately, or keep reading to learn more of the story behind this resource.

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The Survey That Inspired This Project

Last year we conducted a large parent/teen survey with 509 parents and 1,113 teenagers participating.

For parents, our primary goal with this survey was to identify their top questions and concerns as we prepared to launch our parenting course, Raising Kids to Do Hard Things, for the first time.

The survey was entirely open-ended. We didn’t offer multiple-choice answers. Parents could write anything they wanted in response to this question:

Survey Question: What are your top two questions about raising kids to do hard things that we absolutely NEED to answer in our upcoming book and online course?

And here’s what we discovered: The number one question parents had for us (by a landslide) was, “How do I motivate my kids?” Parents were asking things like:

  • “How do I help my kids become passionate about something?”
  • “How do I motivate them to actually do something?”
  • “How do you motivate kids without nagging?”
  • “How do I get them to be self-motivated?”

With virtually unlimited options to choose from, 27.6% of parents identified motivation as their biggest area of concern. And to put that result in perspective, more parents asked about motivation than about the next three top questions COMBINED. No other topic even came close.

This was very good news for us, because…

My Dad Is An Expert At This Stuff

I don’t know what you actually have to do to qualify as an expert. But I know from personal experience that my dad is really good at cultivating self-motivation in his kids.

And really, the entire message of “doing hard things” and “rebelling against low expectations” is just the natural outgrowth of how my mom and dad raised us. They were intentional about this stuff.

So when we realized that this is what parents want from us — we were stoked! Because we know about this! We know we can help parents raise more motivated kids.

Not surprisingly, our upcoming book and online course already focus heavily on how to raise self-motivated kids. But we also wanted to create a separate parenting resource focused on motivation — and give it away for free.

That’s why we created our video series, Raising Motivated Kids.


These videos are normally for members only, but are available for free viewing from October 30 – November 16, 2017.

So, check it out. This is some of my dad’s best stuff and it will only available for a limited time.

Acccess The Video Series

What’s Inside The Video Series

Here’s a preview of the first video in the series. There are four videos total and they will only be available between October 30 and November 16, 2017. After that the series will move into the member’s area of our online parenting course.


Video 1: The Dangers of Being Unmotivated

First, my dad shares the story of his first experience being self-motivated as a child (spoiler: it involves turtles), defines what motivation actually is, and outlines the dangers young people face when they are unmotivated.

Second, my dad shares the simple but effective strategy my parents used to try to keep us in a highly self-motivated state and responds to common objections, explaining why some parents might think they are doing this stuff already, but are actually missing out on the advantages.

Finally, he brings everything together, paints a picture what it’s like to have self-motivated kids, and introduces the powerful metaphor of leaky buckets and voracious fires.

Acccess The Video Series

The Executive Summary

Now, in case you like skimming articles, here’s what you need to know:

WHAT: Our free video series, Raising Motivated Kids.

WHEN: Available from October 30 through November 16th, 2017.

HOW: By clicking this link right now

WHY: Because raising self-motivated kids will make your life much easier (and the fruit much greater).

About the Author

is co-founder of and co-author of Do Hard Things, along with his twin brother, Alex. He is married to his best friend, Ana, who blogs at He is the founder of the Young Writers Workshop — an ongoing coaching program for serious writers.

  • Seriously?? No comments? These videos are great! (Yeah, I’ve been watching them.)

    • Haha!! We have loads of comments on the videos themselves… It’s just that everyone who reads this post signs-up for the series and never bothers to leave a comment (except for the one-and-only, awesome, Sam). =)

      • Hahaha!! Aww thanks Brett. You gave me the smile and laugh of the day. :)

        The one and only me doesn’t have a Facebook account to log into to comment on the videos themselves. 😉 I did read a few comments are it looks like you’ve got some great interaction!

        I guess it’s a little late to mention this now, but when I hit subscribe to get to the videos, the link is to an address that starts with “rmk” (like the addresses for videos 2 and 3), but the first video is actually at “raising-motivated-kids…” so using “rmk” drops me off at an amazing page that says new content coming soon. :)

        On a brighter note, Turtle World was a huge encouragement to me. 😉 I started watching this series when I was really lacking motivation and just not getting much of anywhere. After watching these videos and talking with my pastor, I have been a lot more motivated, and I’ve actually gotten some stuff done! This series was the spark I needed to help me start thinking critically about my current condition and help push me to do something about it. So thanks Brett and Mr. Harris!

        • Wow, that’s so awesome, Sam! I’m really encouraged to hear that. =)

  • Clare

    Well, having reached the end of the video series, I literally went to talk my dad into signing up for the actual classes, only to find out at the end of my spiel that we had already signed up for the course last year while I was out of the country! So I’ve got some catching up to do-looking forward to that:)

  • I keep clicking on your bait links “Access now” and “Click here” trying to get to the video and all it says is that it’s moved to the member’s section…which is where? If you want people to get there, make it easier, guys! I know you’re all about doing hard things but…come on! haha!

  • bbjanus

    Hi, my husband and I are very interested in this video series, but I cannot seem to access them or find them anywhere…are they still available? Thank you!

    • Hey there! The videos have been unavailable for the past year, but have just been released again. I hope you’ll be able to watch them!

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