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The Remarkable Story of Helen Cadbury


We weren’t familiar with the Pocket Testament League until a few weeks ago when someone handed us a pocket-sized Gospel of John. In the back it included the challenging question: “What’s in your pocket? Keys? Wallet? Small change? Why not use your pocket to change someone’s life by filling it with the power of God’s Word?”

We discovered that the Pocket Testament League has been around for 116 years and has distributed over 100,000,000 Gospels around the world! All of this has been accomplished through the work of enthusiastic volunteer members. Moreover, all of this was started by a teenage girl from England named Helen Cadbury!

From their website: The ministry began in 1893 as the vision of a teenage girl named Helen Cadbury, daughter of the president of Cadbury Chocolates. She was so excited about sharing her faith that she organized a group of girls who sewed pockets onto their dresses to carry the small New Testaments her father had provided. The girls called their group “The Pocket Testament League.” Using small membership cards, they pledged to read a portion of the Bible every day, pray, and to share their faith as God provided opportunity.

God uses young people. Perhaps more accurately, God uses anyone who is willing to follow hard after Him — no matter their age. Helen (pictured above, far left) gave her life to Christ at the age of 12 and never looked back. She understood that the Great Commission applies just as much to 12-year-old Christians as it does to 45-year-old Christians — and millions have heard the Gospel because of it.

Our Savior Jesus Christ said, in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Let us pray that many of those laborers will be young people — and then let us be some of the first to go forth.

Some questions for discussion:

  • Were you already familiar with the Pocket Testament League and/or Helen Cadbury? Have you eaten Cadbury Chocolate?
  • At your stage in life, how should you be involved in the Great Commission? Have you excused yourself because of your age?
  • When was the last time you shared the Gospel with someone?
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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • I have been familiar with the pocket testament league for about 5 yrs now. In college we used to give out the Gospel of Johns for our open air ministry in downtown Chicago. They are great b/c they have the Gospel presented in the beginning of the book as well as the complete Gospel of John. What i like about them is how you can change the design of the cover, the language (spanish, chinese, etc) and/or version of the Gospel in order to cater to the people you want to give them to. It is also FREE! Well, they would appreciate a donation to help cover the costs. I always donate b/c i love what they do and to help cover the cost for those who can’t afford to donate. You can get up to 30 a month! Ordering online is simple and they usually come w/ in 2 wks or so.

    They also have a great Pocket Reference guide that helps you quickly find verses relating to all the major topics: The Romans Road, difficult situations, the prophecies of Christ, Verses to help grow your faith, Bible Promises and more. you can find the guide here:

    We currently encourage our teens and young adults to take them and pass them out at schools and/or work places. Since they are high quality they are rarely turned down. Especially if it looks cool to them (ie-camouflage, race car, golf, football, rose, christmas covers)

    Alex and Brett, Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource!

  • I have heard of Helen Cadbury before, what an amazing testimony! At 15 years old I am involved in the Great Commission by sharing my faith with kids my own age. I am student leader at my church, so I have the opportunity to reach out even in a Christian atmosphere. Outside of church I am able to be a witness in subtle ways by just being who I am, a redeemed member of the body of Christ. Speaking words of encouragement, keeping my mouth free of foul language, and being respectful to both children and adults speaks volumes about who I am in Christ. Besides these subtle ways of revealing my servanthood to Christ, I actively share the Gospel, ready and willing to give an answer to anyone who asks for the reason for the hope that is within me, or the smile on my face.

    The last time I shared the Gospel with someone was probably yesterday as I encouraged my young tutoring pupil in diligence and godliness in his studies. I hope to never miss an opportunity to share the love, and peace, and hope that I have found in my glorious Saviour. And if any are brought into the harvest by my labors may Almighty God receive all the glory!

    Just want to let you guys know, whether you see this or not, that I am actively praying for you. As I complete my school work, and prepare for speeches and debates I am reminded to pray for you in all your endeavors. May the Lord bless you and keep you strong for Him. 🙂

    Love Forever In Christ,
    Tabitha 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this with us! What a testimony. It is very challenging and encouraging to hear stories like these. We should be ashamed if we excuse ourselves from serving because of our age. If a 12 year old can do it, so can we! Thanks guys!

  • That is great I had never heard about that before.

    I don’t think that I have excused myself from The Great Commission but I don’t think that I have lived it out like I should.

  • This is such a great reminder that at any age God will and can use you!! We just have to be willing to let Him use us! God Bless..

  • Amazing post!

    Sometimes I really have to wonder what God’s plans are for me, if He has any at all! I want to feel like I have a role to play in His bigger plan, but I guess sometimes it might be taking a little longer for Him to work through me. I LOVE reading about teen’s doing such amazing things for God. Serving him in so many ways! It’s absolutly wonderful!

    I hope that one day God will show me what His plan for me is, whether somone who works in ministry, or simply a stay at home Mother. I will eagerly litsen and obey Him!

    God Bless

  • Wow! This is amazing! Something you said really got me. It was this:

    “Helen (pictured above, far left) gave her life to Christ at the age of 12 and never looked back. She understood that the Great Commission applies just as much to 12-year-old Christians as it does to 45-year-old Christians — and millions have heard the Gospel because of it.”

    Sometimes I guess we just don’t realize that it does apply to us as much as any other Christian of any age. Thanks for sharing, guys!!! 😀


  • That is amazing! I feel challenged about how often I (don’t) share my faith with others. Mainly, because I am homeschooled and don’t really interact with others outside of church. I will definitely start trying to share the Gospel with others; Thanks for the article, guys!

  • Wow what an encouraging and inspiring post!!! I have never heard of the Pocket Testament League, but I have eaten Cadbury chocolate!! I will be perfectly honest and say that I haven’t been as faithful in sharing my faith as I should have. Yet through God’s infinite grace, I will try to follow the example of Helen and boldly proclaim JESUS to all!!! Even something as simple as passing out a tract can make such a huge difference in a person’s life!! Thank you so much for the reminder – it was exactly what I needed to hear!!

  • I had no idea that Cadbury was founded by a Christian family. That’s fantastic. Cadbury is the biggest name in chocolate here in Australia so I’m very familiar with it, I just had no idea that the founders were God fearing believers and Helen Cadbury started the pocket testaments. How awesome!

  • That’s cool. There’s a Rebelutionary for you. It’s too bad that there are not more people like her now. If you guys write future editions of “Do Hard Things”, that would be a good story to put in there.

  • I just realized that I forgot to answer the “Qeuestions for discusion.” so here are my answer.
    » Were you already familiar with the Pocket Testament League and/or Helen Cadbury? Have you eaten Cadbury Chocolate?
    A: No, I wasn’t aware of the amazing things Helen Cadbury had acomplished in her life. It really makes me feel ashamed because I havn’t done anythign NEAR that amazing, and I’m 18!

    » At your stage in life, how should you be involved in the Great Commission? Have you excused yourself because of your age?
    A: No. Would it be foolish to say that I am waiting until God tells me what HE wants me to do? Or should I be going ahead and trying to figure that out for myself?

    » When was the last time you shared the Gospel with someone?
    A: I realy hate to admit this, but it was 5 years ago. I just realized that and I feel awful. I guess I shoul get out some more. But the main reason is because we no longer go to church, and I don’t see people anymore. I am at home all the time. But, if my blog counts, then I share the gospe every week or more.

    God Bless

  • This was definitely the first I’d heard of either Helen Cadbury or the Pocket Testament League. I was elated when I saw this post, and her idea and contagious passion is awesome, but looking through the website a little further I wonder how the mission has changed since its inception.

    How often can the “ABCs of Christianity” produce true disciples? How many people think because they’ve “prayed the prayer” that they will go to heaven yet live in carnality, routinely betray God and His Truth, choose this world over God and are really only what you would call nominal Christians? Did you know that Billy Graham said that he’d be happy if just 5% of those who are “converted” at his conferences were truly saved? That’s heartrending to consider.

    116 years ago, I’m positive Helen set out to genuinely share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a world in need. As Rebelutionaries willing to “do hard things,” let’s be sure to do the same.

    Check out the following messages by Paul Washer and check yourself with Scripture to see if you are offering the Gospel Jesus and the apostles in Acts did and if you yourself really are saved:

    Just a short clip of a longer sermon —

    This message, quite famous now, was delivered at a youth conference —

    Also, if you’re interested, a few articles I wrote on the subject with Scripture references on the subject:

    “What If We Miss It”

    “When The Church Says Christianity Is Easy”

    “I Want to See You There”

  • Another great example of the kind of multigenerational impact that somebody who’s “too young” can have! The world needs more stories like this to see that this “Do Hard Things” mentality has been around far longer than it’s been absent!

  • I’ve never heard of that before. That is so cool! I think that a lot of times, the stories like these aren’t spread as much with the media and all but they are definitely the ones we need more of. That is so great, guys. Thanks for sharing! I also want to encourage everyone to be excited about your faith, just like she was! Be so excited that if you don’t tell someone about it, you’ll burst! Think about it, if you just got the best laptop or cell phone in the world, wouldn’t you immediately tell like everyone you knew about it? We need to be like that with our faith.

    Daughter of the King,

  • Sometimes it is just hard to believe how one person alone can do so much just by carrying a pocket sized bible around. It also makes me want to get out and change the world for the better. Stories like that a just inspiring and by reading that excerpt from that website doesn’t seem like they did anything but read the Bible and spread the Gospel and that alone is what it takes to change a small town or even a small country.

  • Did you hear about this at Mr. Klicka’s memorial service? I hadn’t heard of her before, but I just looked at the Gospel of John they handed out at the service and realized that it was a pocket Testament.

    At this stage of my life, I think I can be just as effective as an adult in the Great Commission. I may not be able to go to the ends of the earth, though I am going on a missions trip early next year, but I can minister in my own area. However, I am not usually effective in witnessing…I can’t remember ever sharing the gospel with someone. Part of this is because I’m homeschooled and all my friends are Christian homeschoolers, but I know that’s no excuse. I need to be witnessing to some people I work with, but I’m scared…thankfully, I was involved in the national Bible Bee, and these people knew about it, and that’s opening some doors in conversation. I’m praying now that I’ll take advantage of these opportunities, and others that God puts in front of me. Thanks for this post–I wouldn’t even have thought of this otherwise.

  • Also, those who could not hear Alex and Brett speak at the Bible Bee can hear most of what they said on Family Life Today (check out there are also interviews with some of the organizers and the winners. Though Alex and Brett were talking to the Bible Bee participants, what they said applies to everyone. God used it that night to convict the contestants and their families, as well as encouraging and motivating us! I encourage everyone to go listen to it online!

  • That’s so neat! And no, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of Helen Cadbury. Thanks for sharing her story! It’s a great inspiration to become more involved in sharing the Gospel.

    I think it’s interseting that sharing the Gospel is a simple thing to do, yet so many Christians come up with excuses to do it – myself included! One of my excuses has been my doubt of adults actually taking me seriously because I’m so young. And then again, since I’m homeschooled, I’m not out in public everyday, which makes it a little more difficult. Aside from handing out tracts, I haven’t personally shared the Gospel since this past summer (when I was involved in Bible clubs for children). But I know that, ultimately, I have no excuse!

    My church is offering an apolgetics/witnessing class that has “energixed” me to become more active and intentional about spreading the Good News. I’ve come to realize that I excuse myself from sharing the Gospel because of a love of myself. I love myself too much to go outside of my confort zone, possibly be ridiculed and rejected, and become a “fool” for Christ. My prayer is that my love for myself will decrease and my love for God will increase!!! Then, the ultimate result of my obedience won’t matter – I do it because of my love for God and for others!

    Thank you for the good reminder of our responsibiltity and for the encouragement that a young person CAN make a difference for Christ!

  • My grandfather was among those who went to Japan with Pocket Testament League (at the request of General MacArthur) to share the Gospel. And my Uncle Roy was Pocket Testament League’s director for many years, and served as a missionary with them to Spain. I even was a summer missionary to France once with Pocket Testament League. But I needed this reminder *today* about how one young woman was used by God to reach the world. That, and oh yeah, chocolate 🙂

  • I first heard of the Pocket Testament League a few years ago when AFA did an article on the organization. If they still have it, the DVD about it is really great!

  • » Were you already familiar with the Pocket Testament League and/or Helen Cadbury? Have you eaten Cadbury Chocolate?

    That is one amazing way to share the word of God, before today I was not familiar with it.

    » At your stage in life, how should you be involved in the Great Commission? Have you excused yourself because of your age?

    I don’t think I have excused my self because of my age

    » When was the last time you shared the Gospel with someone?

    Last July

  • Never heard of it–but I have now! Cadbury chocolate? Of course(It’s good stuff!)

    I don’t think I’ve excused myself because of my age, but sometimes because of my circumstances, being homeschooled.
    What a cool testimony of how big things start small! What a challenge! Praise the Lord for that young girl who really cared! I’ll definitely be interested in learning more!

    Ditto about the BIble Bee, Rebecca. It was such a challenge and it opens neat doors!

  • Were you already familiar with the Pocket Testament League and/or Helen Cadbury? Have you eaten Cadbury Chocolate?
    I am familiar with the chocolate, but not the Pocket Testament League

    At your stage in life, how should you be involved in the Great Commission? Have you excused yourself because of your age?
    I think I defintely should be invovled in activily spreading God’s Word with others. I don’t think I excused myself because of age, but more because everyone I hang around is (or claims to be) a Christian. I know they know the truth so it’s now up to the Holy Spirit to move them.

    When was the last time you shared the Gospel with someone?
    Oh wow, the last time was probably in February.

  • I guess you could say I was aware of the pocket league, I just didn’t realize it until I saw this article. Several months ago at the restaurant where I work, a man came in to buy a gift card. While I was ringing it up for him, he started asking me about my faith and church. At the time I wasn’t going to church because I was too busy with work and later school, so I kind of hesitated while talking to him. He went on to talk about Jesus and then handed me a pocket John. I was very impressed with the forwardness he had to speak to a stranger like he did, but it challenged me and made me feel very guilty for my lack of time spent in the Bible each week. Actualy that week he was the third guest at my work to give me something similiar to that.

  • Hey Guys

    Thanks for the article.Its great.
    I live in England so am very familiar to Cadbury chocolate but have never before heard of Helen Cadbury.What a great reminder it will be every time i have some chocolate!

    As I’m homeschooled i can really easily say that there is not that many people to witness to but when you think of it its not much of a excuse.I attend 1 of our churches club and love spending time with the teens (who some come from quite difficult back rounds)there,showing them the love of Christ.

    The last time i really showed the gospel to someone was about 2/3 moths ago with my none-christian friend.

    Thanks,Alex and Brett for the blog.Really encouraging:D
    In Christ

  • I have never heard of The PTL until now. Just checked the Web site and this thing looks cool. I definitely want to get involved.

    I don’t think I’ve been backing down from sharing the Gospel, but I haven’t been as active as I should. However, I am planning to go out with some friends here soon and start witnessing! Also, if i get some Gospels from the PTL, I will certainly start sharing more often!

    The last (and first!) time I shared the Gospel was to another guy around my age in September I think…

    Thanks for sharing this. I certainly will tell my friends about it!

  • » Were you already familiar with the Pocket Testament League and/or Helen Cadbury?
    No I wasn’t but I think that, that story is so cool!

    Have you eaten Cadbury Chocolate? Yes

    » At your stage in life, how should you be involved in the Great Commission? Sharing the gospel anytime you get the opportunity!

    Have you excused yourself because of your age?
    Sadly yes I have at times…Sometimes I think “well I am too young to tell that person over there they wouldn’t listen to me!” But in reality God has used teenagers for alot bigger things!!

    » When was the last time you shared the Gospel with someone? Its been a while. I think it was probably august 2009

  • What an inspiring story!

    No, I’ve never heard of the Pocket Testament League, or Cadbury Chocolate 🙂 but I do have a small Share Jesus Without Fear New Testament.

    I’ve been so busy of late that I haven’t had time to visit TheRebelution blog (fall college exams), but I have taken time to be a witness at college, or wherever I am.
    I gently told a self-acclaimed lesbian about Jesus’ love (and she’s been avoiding me since), asked one of my teachers if I could pray for her after she told us that life was very crazy for her right now (she told me later that her husband is an alcoholic), gave out Halloween Chick tracts to a bunch of people, and among other things, debated speaking in tongues with a man who claims to be a Christian but told me “that it’s all head knowledge, it hasn’t reached my heart yet.”

    Without Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and without the protection of my Almighty Father, I know that my tongue would be bound in fear and that my heart would not be able to give and share the power of His saving love.

    All praise and glory belongs to Him!

    !!Please!! keep me in prayer as I continue to live His love.

    God bless you all,


  • This is the first Ive heard about this. Thats awesome! who knew that their were rebolutionaries long before the rebelution even started. Thats just great. Thank you for posting this. Its a great encouragement

  • I never heard of the Pocket Testament League until now. Helen and her friends sound like they were very passionate about sharing their faith with others!

  • I have not heard of her before, so thanks heaps for sharing!
    No, I have not excused myself because of my age, a friend and I are just starting up a non-profit organisation to help financial support for overseas and to share our faith at the same time!

  • What a great story… and what encouraging comments from young people here! People are on our Father’s heart… all the time… of all races, creeds, colors, nations, ages, hair lengths and pant heights (ha).

    When I was 18 and attending the Air Force Academy, I attended a summer program at an Air Force Base where I knew I’d be assigned to room with a young Air Force airman. I prayed that God would give me opportunity to share Christ with the person I was going to room with. “… and if it be your will, that he’d come to Christ and I’d have a chance to disciple him.” Kind of a bold prayer.

    I was reading my Bible one evening, my roommate in the room laying on his bed when he asked what I was reading. I shared some. Then asked him some questions. He accepted Christ right there that evening and then I had opportunity to help him grow for the next 2 weeks.

    Jump ahead 27 years, now. I get this phone call from a fellow Air Force Academy friend. He had just attended his 25th reunion. He said, “I need to tell you what happened while I was there at the reunion.” “Do you remember freshman so and so? Well, she is in a high ranking position there at the Academy and I paid a visit to her office. And you won’t believe the story she told me.” So he told me that someone in my class 27 years ago asked her a question: “Are you a Christian?” Well, she got to thinking about it: “Am I a Christian?” … and it stuck with her.

    Then he told me how she remembers that I–then age 21– had simply invited her to escort some visiting missionaries (they were touring the Academy). She said yes, and while escorting a few missionaries and over a meal, they shared Christ with her. The question “Am I a Christian?” coupled with their powerful witness came together and she prayed to receive Christ right there.

    Anything can happen no matter our age because of the Great God we serve. Sometimes we see the fruit soon, others times not until years later! Don’t you love the scripture: “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that the all surpassing power is from God and not from us.” II Cor 4:7

  • This is a really nice post.
    No I’ve never heard of this league, but they’re pretty cool. And yes I L.O.V.E. Cadbury chocolates!!! 🙂 I think I could be doing something, but I don’t know where to begin, I just helping out with my church and hopefully I’ll be able to teach sunday school soon 🙂
    I really only talk about the Gospel and my religion with my friends who are of my same religion, (though I have had a very good religious talk with a Jewish friend.) I know it’s important to spread the Gospel, but I don’t like feeling like I’m forcing my beliefs on other people.

  • That is a cool story. I am already liking those headache producing chocolates better. No there is no age to young to be a witness to the wonderful things we have heard. So is the pocket bible league just for girls?

    In Christ


  • I shared the Gospel at a local Toastmasters club that I attend. For the impromptu speech portion of our meeting, I was asked to speak on what I thought it meant to be successful. I answered by saying that some believe success means a prosperous business or performing good works such as feeding the poor or giving away all their money. While these are worthwhile goals and things to do, I stated that I believe that ultimate success is bowing the knee to Jesus Christ and repenting of our sins, otherwise, all of the good things we do will be consumed and our souls will be lost. To tell you the truth, I was hardly eloquent and felt a bit awkward, but I hope that this experience of getting up and telling a bunch of strangers about Christ, even in an uneloquent
    way, will be a strengthening experience and help me to grow bolder in my proclamation of the Gospel.

  • Wow! I have never heard of her or the Pocket Testament League, but what an amazing story. And a challenge. Honestly, I have not witnessed to someone in …… I don’t know, I cannot remember the last time. But, lately the Lord has been convicting me through several sources. I received a book (One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven) by Mark Cahill as a gift. It was awesome. Definitely convicting. And clearly showed me how I can engage someone in a spiritual discussion and share the Gospel with them. I would highly recommend it! Then, my pastor preached a message on sharing the Gospel and now I read this article. Time for some action!

    This week I am going to put a tract in my purse and eagerly look for opportunities to share the Gospel.

  • I am familiar with the story of the Pocket Testament League and Helen Cadbury, (and yes, I have eaten Cadbury Chocolate – an Easter tradition at my house!! :-D) I love the story how a girl that young was so convicted on telling others about the gospel. It certainly puts me to shame!!
    I am not one who has been good at following the Great Commission, but this past school year I had a class in evangelism, and one of the requirements to pass the course was to share the gospel with someone. I prayed hard about an opportunity, and God answered by granting me a conversation with a woman who was very open to the gospel. Sadly, she did not accept, but I hope to talk with her again. Reading the story of Helen Cadbury has inspired me! Thanks for all you guys do!!

  • Wow, Helen Cadbury had an amazing testimony. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of her or the Pocket Testament League.

    No, I don’t excuse myself from the Great Commission. Currently, I’m fifteen. Ever since I was little and would go to my Nana’s apartment, I would play on the playground with other kids from the complex and tell them about Jesus. We established our own little mission field right there. Nana, my sister, and I would tell them about Jesus and were very blessed to be able to witness some of them make a decision to accept Jesus. After that, it was my friend who lived across the street and her cousin. Since then, I’ve kept at it. For the past three summers I have gone to a training camp that trains me to teach 5-day Bible clubs for kids and how to do fair ministry. It has made a huge impact on my life. For the past two years I’ve gone to a leadership camp where we do open air evangelism. Beyond that, it’s people I come into contact with. I’ve had people ask me, “So, you seem kind of religious. Why?” or “Why don’t you swear?” or “Why don’t you do that?”. It makes for some great conversations. Who knows if they believed the truth, but at least they heard it!

    Before any of you think “wow, she’s got it together” or “she sure seems to brag” or “i could never do that”, let me say something. Every time I share Jesus with somebody, I get terrified. But then I remember that it’s not me they don’t like, it’s Him. It’s not me that offends them, it’s Him. It’s not me that makes them uncomfortable, it’s Him. He died for them, and He died for me. Why shouldn’t I be willing to get made fun or even get physically hurt for His sake? We have it so tame in America. Christians around the world get killed for their beliefs and we are afraid to be uncomfortable. Once I convince myself with this, I take a deep breath and dive in. I have been so blessed by what God has done in my life and the lives of the people around. To witness it is amazing!

    Keep going and remember Who you are doing it for!

  • I have never actually heard of the Pocket Testament League, but I have handed out New Testaments in both German and English before. I love hearing stories about REPs (Rebelutionary Examples of the Past) like Helen, who had the same zeal for the same God years and years ago.
    You asked the question: “At your stage in life, how should you be involved in the Great Commission? Have you excused yourself because of your age?”
    I have to say that for some time awhile back I did excuse myself. Then I began thinking: “I can’t wait until I’m a grown-up so that I can be a missionary!” Then I started reading the Rebelution, and watching the Way of the Master and other Ray Comfort sermons. I realized that anyone who can talk, who knows about Jesus and is a repentant and born-again believer, has the obligation to tell others… either by handing out pocket testaments or tracts, having bold conversations, or simply by living out your Christian morals in circumstances where other “Christian” teens are behaving like the world. I have gone out “fishing” (street evangelizing) with my Dad and other friends, and it was only by God’s grace that I was able to speak the truth, because I was definitely scared. In our weaknesses, though, He is made perfect (hallelujah!). Yet I have also been in circumstances with other young people where the best thing I could do as a young lady was to boldy live my morals, and not to pretend like ungodly behavior was just a joke. Actions really do speak louder than words, sometimes.
    Oh, and I have never had Cadbury chocolates, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing :).

  • Whoa. Totally not familiar with the Pocket Testament, but it’s a cool idea! And yes, I have had Cadbury bars. Amazing stuff.
    I think a lot of it at this point is through school. I’m home schooled, but I do classes at the community college. It’s sad to see how lost those people are. Also, to some extent, the youth ministry is a good place to go. We have a really big ministry, and there are definitely “church kids” in there who have heard the Gospel over and over but have never turned to Christ. And, for the record, there is no age limit to telling people what God has done for us. Jer. 1:7-8
    I’m not totally sure. Too long ago. God give me strength!
    Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

  • I was not familiar with the PTL, but I have heard of Helen Cadbury and eaten Cadbury chocolate.

    I try to share the Gospel where ever I am. There are times I think of how I missed an oppurtunity, but I learn from it and try to be more aware next time. I’m blessed to be able to witness to my employers and their family. There are conversations that open the door all of the time. I share and then continue to pray for them.
    When I am flying I always talk to the people sitting next to me. People have not accepted Christ as their Lord, but I know that they walk away thinking about it.

    It is an encouragement to hear of other people who continued to do something when they may not have seen the fruit of their labor.

  • That was really cool, i am always encouraged when i read these posts. Thanks everyone!
    I also have a request though… I have been researching the “Cap and Trade” which is a document that Obama is planning on signing in December and it is an extremely disturbing document. In short he is signing away our freedom… this new document will over ride our constitution and we, America, will not be able to get out. The document is promoted as a attempt to stop global warming… however there is no real proof that global warming is happening, it is only a cycle that the earth goes through, so by signing this document Obama will raise our tax dollars significantly, crush our freedom, and have no positive outcome other than gaining power for himself. This is going to happen in 21 days… We do not have time to stand back and let our president sign away the freedom that so many people have died for. To stop this from happening we can sigh the petition on the web sight, We can also get the word out to other people, let them know the importance and urgency of the situation, we can call our congress and let them know how we feel. I would also encourage you to watch the videos and read the articles on the website, it is an extremely scary reality, that this our future, our freedom about to disappear. The website also explains the situation much better than i have, it is scientific and has all the proof, including a copy of the document itself.
    Thank you all for your time, and i pray that this document will not become a reality. Thanks for the encouragement that is on this website… you all really mean a lot to me! Thanks again!


  • This is so encouraging! I saw the picture and could have jumped with glee because I love stories about young christian ladies from the past!

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the “Pocket Testament League” or Helen Cadbury. Thanks so much for introducing us to her! Now I need to go find some Cadbury Chocolate to sample, my chocolate cravings have awakened!

    And, at the same time, my desire to go witness to the world has been encouraged too. I haven’t shared the gospel with anyone in several months, the last time was some door to door JW’s that came regularly to talk for several weeks. I need to be more willing to approach people everywhere, grocery stores, parks, streets, neighbors! I’m afraid “discomfort” and “failure” are two of my biggest downfalls when it comes to witnessing.

    Its interesting to me that Helens Father was the president of a chocolate company, sweeties for our taste buds 🙂 Helen went beyond that, she spread sweets for the soul.

  • It’s so encouraging to hear these stories and read these comments and posts. I know now that I’m not alone.
    I’d never heard of Helen Cadbury or her Pocket Testament League. I have eaten Cadbury chocolate…now I’ll think of this every time I eat it in future.
    I’ve always had a desire to tell people about the gospel, but lacked the courage to actually do it. Like other people have said, I’m afraid of rejection and failure. Plus I have a crippling fear of talking to anyone I haven’t known since primary school. Those, besides the whole ‘I have no idea what to say when it all boils down,’ are probably my most common excuses for not participating in the Great Commission. Over the last while I’ve come to realise that that’s all they are…excuses. My inaptitude for something doesn’t justify my trying to avoid doing what I’ve been commanded to do. The last time I shared the gospel was far too long ago. I can think of so many opportunities I’ve had for sharing the gospel that I’ve missed. I guess I’ve let my fear blind my reason.
    Thanks for sharing this story 🙂

  • Cool! It’s amazing that the Pocket Testament League has given 100 million gospels away. I had never heard of their work before now. It was a brilliant idea of Helen Cadbury’s.
    I live in England so Cadbury’s chocolate is probably the biggest chocolate company over here. It’s quite nice! But, sadly, the Cadbury company is no longer Christian. Thanks for sharing this article!

  • Although unfamiliar with the League, I have always thought this means the best to evangelism. After all, how can we tell others about the scriptures if we do not know them ourselves; how can we share the Word of God without adding or over-depending on the word of man?

    I know a guy who had the “revolutionary” idea to hand out Pocket sized Gospels of John instead of tracts. For a bit, we who he presented the idea to were to wary of the idea to emulate it. We thought that that it would be wasted, since people live in sound-bytes when the gather information. We had forgotten that only the Holy Spirit can convict or draw people to the gospel – tracts are our way of attracting people to the Message by simplifying or glamorizing it.

    Simple application of Biblical truth. God is the one who does the convicting, not our tracts and systems. And out of all the options, what could convict better than God’s Word?

  • I have probably heard of this before, but the name and story itself is new to me. What an inspiring story! If only we could all be like that.
    God bless.

  • Dear Sirs,

    I am in process of writing a Christmas Musical for our Church called, “The Woman’s Dream” and I ran across your info. on Helen Cadbury. I know you can’t copyright titles, but I would like to use the term “Rebelution” in our title. I am impressed by Helen Cadbury’s life and find it endearing. I would like to continue lifting up her work.

    Grace and peace in Christ,

    Pam Gudgeon

  • I’m commonly to running a blog and i in fact admire your content material. The write-up has honestly peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web-site and maintain checking for new details.

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