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The Rebelution Tour EP


It’s hard to believe that the last Rebelution conference is just over a week away. It has been an absolutely incredible past five years, and we’re so thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who have made these conferences happen.

This post is about two people in particular who have filled a key role on the tour — leading worship — and who don’t receive anything close to the level of appreciation they deserve: Our older brother Joel and our good friend Harlan.

Joel has lead worship on at every single conference (besides the two of us, he is the only person who has been at every single one), and Harlan has played at most of them, including the very first Sacramento conference back in 2006.

Worship at the Rebelution conferences has always been meaningful and unique, featuring upbeat contemporary worship, classic hymns like “Amazing Grace” and “Come Thou Fount,” as well as original songs like “Yours Alone,” “Ransom,” and “Made Anew” — now sung by thousands of people around the world.

This year, Joel and Harlan have collaborated to record The Rebelution Tour EP. For the first time, you can take the worship songs we sing at the conferences home with you — along with a beautiful recording of Joel’s song “Goodnight, Mama” (featured in the video above), written just before our mother passed away last year.

The EP will be available at the conference in Baton Rouge on October 15th, and is also available to download on iTunes or order on CDBaby. You can also find chord charts on their site. All proceeds go directly to Joel and Harlan, as a thank you for their many years of service to the mission of the Rebelution Tour.

Enjoy the music, and we’ll see you in Baton Rouge!

+ iTunes / EP Website / Chords +

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Thanks to the music we heard when you were in the Los Angeles area last year, our worship pastor, who came with his teens, recorded some of the original songs on his phone and brought them back to our church. “Reign In Us” (I forget the exact title…that may not be it) became a quick favorite. That song impacted me a lot when I heard it at the conference. Thanks so much Joel, Harlan, Brett and Alex!! You’re all a blessing!

    “Goodnight, Mama” made me want to cry…beautiful! Sono is always talked of in our house…my mom learned so much from her going back about 20 years ago, when she spoke in California some. Lovely and Godly woman!

    Praying that Baton Rouge is the best conference of all…God bless and keep you all!

  • I was at the Kansas conference and my sister and I bought a Rebelution EP tour CD. We Love It! My favorite is “Yours Alone.” These songs are so calming to me.

    Secondly, I want to tell you how much “Goodbye Mama” has touched me. My Dad’s mom died from cancer, much the same way.

    Last, thank you SO much for listening to God’s callings on your lives. Soooo many people have been blessed (and I’m sure will continue to be), and have come to a knowledge of Christ because you guys choose to follow Him. You have truly been instuments in God’s hand. Thank you!

  • Alex and Brett,
    I want to thank you(and your family) for all you have done. I went to the Washington D.C. conference in 2009 and I still think of it quite a bit. I also got my book signed by everyone in your family, except Joshua.
    Thanks again!
    Brady <3

  • Alex and Brett,
    I just want to thank you and your family for all you have done. I went to the rebelution conference in 2009 and I am still moved by it.
    Thanks again,
    Brady Armstrong

    P.S. When i was at the conference I got my book signed by everyone in your family, except Joshua!

  • What do you do when you’re so tired of doing life, that even comprehending “hard things” is unthinkable? I’ve reached the point where I’m convinced, in all frankness, that God is done with me. I’m a nineteen year-old, passionless, “has been” Christian that really would like to know what else I can expect from life, if the walk I imagined with Christ has come to an end.

    Please don’t tell me that there is a greater “sin problem” I need to straighten out first. I mean Duh; I know I’m a sinner, I know I fail miserably on daily basis, and I’m also aware of God’s sovereignty and grace through it all—the point is: I’m burned out and done with God, and I believe that he is finished with me. I feel like pharaoh whose heart was hardened by God’s own hand, and that nothing I do– no matter how hard I try– can budge it.

    I don’t even really know why I’m posting this here—perhaps as some last resort, or something silly like that. Anyway.


  • L-

    I hope you don’t mind if I answer you. I’m sorry that you are feeling that way about God. I know that it is hard to believe that God is there sometimes but don’t give up. I would ask God to show himself to you and to help you believe that He’s there. Know that God doesn’t let anything happen out of his will. I feel for you and am praying for you. We all sin, but God sent his Son to die for us, just think about it and Alex and Brett will probably help you more.


  • Dear L~
    I think the problem lies in your words “doing life.” God does not call us to “do life” but to live life! It seems you have lost the passion to truly live. You also say that God is “done” with you. This would seem to say that your faith is all one-way, that once God is finished with someone, too bad. This is a lie that Satan has placed in our culture, but that is not what God’s Word tells us! He desires a deep relationship with you, but it must happen when you open the channel to Him. I would ask you to look at your relationship:

    Are you reading your Bible every day, getting an intake of God’s Word?
    Are you talking with Jesus every day, not just pouring your heart out to Him but also quietly listening?
    Throughout the day are you meditating on what you read in Scripture, mulling it over in your mind?
    Are you plugged in to a firm church who is encouraging you and helping you grow?

    If you are not doing even one of these things, please start doing it! It is building the relationship with God through these that will change you, grow you, and affirm Christ’s love for you. And yes, it is possible there may be a “sin area” you haven’t given to God. That doesn’t mean something is really, really wrong with you. We are all sinners. But is there a friend or dating relationship you should let go of? A bad influence you are letting in through music or tv? I hate to even suggest this, and please don’t think I’m judging you, but you say you are a “has been” Christian. Are you sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that you ever had the faith to begin with? Or did you just grow up in church because your parents took you? You may say yes, I’m sure I was saved! Okay, then maybe it’s time for you to re-dedicate your life back to God.
    I guess what I’m saying is, examine yourself. Look inside you. Look at your life. Look at where you are. Ask yourself difficult questions. Why did you put your trust in God in the first place? Have you lost this “first love”? And above all, trust what’s in God’s Word, not the lies Satan wants to plant in your mind. Find a Scripture verse that will re-affirm Christ’s love for you and keep it in your pocket, even it is as simple as John 3:16. Read it every day. And then… the possibilities are endless! Live for Jesus Christ, the Living God! Give Him everything you are, and don’t hold back! Trust Him with everything!

    I will be praying for you in your relationship with Christ. Be strong L!


  • L –

    And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

    Don’t stop yearning to treasure Christ. God will hold you close. Be mindful that He never leaves His people. He never forsakes them.

    If you are His, there is no chance that anything will separate you from His love. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    I’m sure you know this. But be reminded of it. Obsess over it. Worship Him by committing to His ways and finding worth in the life, death, and resurrection of His Son.

    Megan H.

  • I just wanted to say how much Joel’s song touched me at the Indy conference, I am sorry that you guys lost your Mom. His and Harlan’s music blessed me and my best friend more than you know. Going to that conference was a dream come true for me, thanks for making the conferences possible. May God bless you guys as you finish College and beyond. I hope that you can do them again sometime.

    Your fellow rebelutionary in Christ,

  • Hi L,

    It’s true, life can suck and we get burned out. Bad stuff happens.
    But I know that in my life, sometimes I have thoughts going through my head that that have always been there – but they’re wrong. Thoughts I’ve never questioned, like how I’m the worst child in our family, i’m not a nice person, etc.
    But these thoughts and feelings were wrong, even when they felt true. These lies can hurt us. We need the truth.
    And the truth is, God is never done with us. He always loves us. Never leaves us.
    Even when we feel like we haven’t heard from him in a long time.
    Our feelings can be very, very deceptive. But they tend to change when we decide to believe that God does love us, and has a plan – even when our life totally sucks.
    The plan is often nothing like we ever imagined. And not all of it will be pretty. But God will never, ever give up on you. Please don’t give up on him.
    Believe it or not, we dont’ have to continually do hard things to please God. Yes, he appreciates it when we do things that please him. But sometimes it’s time to rest, and get back to the basics of the relationship.
    God’s number one priority is his love relationship with you, not your works for him.
    I hope this is at least a little helpful, I know things can be very hard sometimes.
    The thing that helps me a lot is talking it out with people, which I guess ur doing here.

  • L –
    I’ve been thinking about this verse all week. Maybe it can help you too.
    Ps 31:7
    I will be glad and rejoice in your love,
    for you saw my affliction
    and knew the anguish of my soul.

    I had a massive low period when I was about 17-18, feeling a bit like you describe – miserable and passionless. But it does get better. God is there.

  • Allison S, Megan H, and Kate:

    Thank you, all of you.

    I wish I could say that I feel emotion at your kind words, but unfortunately there is only cold nonchalance. I was silly to assume this would make a difference, but I appreciate your sincerity nonetheless.



  • I really can’t believe it’s almost the last Rebelution Tour. This is so sad. But I respect your decisions.

    I just want to thank you for all the work and effort that you and family have poured out to advance the Kingdom of our LORD. Your whole family and you are such a big inspiration. You’ve done so much and I really don’t know how to put into words my intense appreciation for all of you. You continue to inspire so many. Alex and Brett, the battle cry that you’ve started continues to ring across the globe.

    Thank you so so much!

    GOD bless you and your whole family!

    Please don’t stop! 🙂

  • At the confrenece right now!!:) Brett just saved me. In session 4 right now and idk if I spelled conference right…& btw I’m Cameron!!!!:):):)

  • Sad that this is the last conference! I totally agree with Alyssa C (above). Thank you for being such a blessing to all of us.
    Prayers for you guys as life moves on!
    Also, for those of us who didn’t make it to the conference, would you consider posting on the future of the Rebleution?
    Thank You to all of you!

  • (i know this is kinda off topic) but guys i need help!!!! i have a paper due tomorrow about guilt!
    Here is the issue: ARE YOU ONLY GUILTY OF A CRIME, SIN, OR VIOLATION WHEN YOU ARE CAUGHT AND PUNISHED OR IS GUILT UPON YOU REGARDLESS OF WHO SEES YOU? I wanna say that God always sees you, and even though no one finds out the guilt still usually plagues you…. but i need more help… somebody out there?!?!?!?!?!!?!!? I’d really appreciate it!!

  • Wow, this song was amazing yesterday at the conference!!! So sad that this is the last Rebelution conference, but so glad I got to be there! Thank you so much. God bless!

    (Sarah: I think you are so right in saying that God always sees you. The reason we feel guilt is because the Holy Spirit is inside of us and telling us what we did was wrong. Good luck on your paper!)

  • Alex and Brett.. I am 13. I want to thank you SOOO MUCH for comming to Louisiana on October 15th! It was the most amazing thing i have ever been to! It really changed the way I now act toward people. At my school, Parkview, the whole middle school is setting up a Bible study group. I also was wanting to start a Rebelution of bullying. I want to help spread how bullying is effecting people and i want to do something about it. Thanks again for everything you two have done! You are two amazing people! God bless you both!

  • hey guys i appreciate and like your blog. I am a very strong christian who loves God and I am striving to be a great christian example in my school. I just recently started a blog and would love for everyone to come visit it. The battle of life is tough but even blogging can help people. Visit me at

  • L –

    You say all you feel is cold nonchalance. Well, it’s a good thing that our feelings don’t really count for diddly squat.
    Sometimes we just have to believe and keep going, and eventually our feelings will follow.
    Don’t assume that because you feel bad, that you are bad. That’s one of the devil’s many tricks.
    Sometimes our mind and our spirit just have to pick up our emotions and drag them along, even when they don’t feel like it.
    The only way to lose is to give up.

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  • My mom showed this book to me and at first i didn’t think i would like. I decided to look into it. I found this page and i cant wait to finish this book and share it with my friends and family.

  • hey, im going on a mission trip to Guatemala soon and I dont have even half of the money i need. any ideas? I know God really wants me to go but It doesn’t look very possible right now.(Azaxx is not my real name)

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