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Save The Storks: Pro-Life Ministry


My name is Marcie Little and I recently started working for a nonprofit called Save the Storks. Their mission is simple: To empower abortion-minded women to choose life, and to share with those same women the gospel of Christ.

Their mission is not unique; a lot of pro-life groups and organizations do the same thing. But their method is something quite innovative and revolutionary.

Acknowledging that we live in an image-driven culture today, and armed with the fact that three out of every five women will choose life after seeing an ultrasound image of their child, Save The Storks approaches the pro-life cause with a fresh perspective.

They partner with local pregnancy centers around the United States who place sidewalk counselors outside of abortion clinics. These counselors only have to ask one simple question: “Would you like a free sonogram?”

This inoffensive, no-strings-attached question puts women at ease, and most will accept the offer.

The women then board the “Stork Bus” — a Sprinter that has been specifically built for Save the Storks and features ultrasound equipment, comfortable chairs with high-end massagers built in, a bathroom, and a peaceful and calming environment.

Once inside the bus, women receive the ultrasound and at this point many lives are changed … and saved.


Save The Storks is a relatively new nonprofit. They just moved into their first office. They just hired their first employee (me). And the first Stork Bus in their fleet was just released last year. A lot of new things have happened in the past 12 months, and the visionaries behind the organization are looking to exciting new opportunities ahead. But they could really use your help.

One of the main obstacles to reaching more pregnancy centers is money. The cost to build the buses are expensive, and most pregnancy centers don’t have the funds to purchase them, even when Save The Storks is able to help with the cost. And yet, their effectiveness has been proven time and time again.

Save The Storks is looking for innovative and creative young people to join them in this aspect of the fight against abortion. There is a whole page dedicated to fundraising ideas on the website (, and there are cool ways to donate monthly to the organization.

Individuals who partner with Save The Storks financially can know that they are helping to save storks and their precious cargo all over the nation.

The online store also includes lots of cool merchandise that sparks conversations about life whenever the apparel is worn.

For individuals who cannot financially give, there are other ways to join the cause. We greatly value our prayer partners and are launching a prayer update email list this year. If you would like to be included on the list, let me (Marcie) know and I’ll be glad to add you (marcie [at] savethestorks [dot] com).


And for all of you on social media: You can share the Save The Storks’ profiles with all of your friends. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram! We post updates, compelling graphics, information about abortion, and other news and opportunities.

We would love your partnership with us in the fight against abortion. We believe fighting to protect the lives of the unborn is THE civil- and human-rights issue of our day. If you believe this, too, let us know.

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  • This is so awesome! I will for sure spread the word and want to get a bracelet!! This is amazing!! This organizations will be in my prayers!!

    Your sister in christ,

  • Great idea but it isn’t necessarily innovative or new. A ministry called ICU Mobile in Ohio started this mobile ultrasound concept a long time ago and they have a whole fleet of these vehicles around the country that reach women at abortion mills and even before they ever get to the abortion mills. Are you aware of them? If not, you should check them out and partner with them or something. You can find them at

  • Save The Storks is amazing! Thank you for sharing. I’m posting this on my wall!

    What’s with Joshua? This guy obviously works for that RV company he’s advertising for.

  • Thank you all for your support of our Save The Storks! We are excited! Our next bus comes off the line next week! We appreciate your prayers for this ministry that God has called us too.

    Hi Joshua! It’s definitely true that ICU Mobile has been around longer and has a larger fleet; since we’ve only been around for a couple of years, we can’t have the same number of vehicles that they do yet. We can only hope to have as many some day!

    We were actually just at a conference with ICU and they’re great people engaging in the same fight we are — to save lives. We do believe we are unique from them in a few different ways. First, our vans are smaller and easier to drive, navigate, and park, along with a lot less expensive to drive and maintain. Pregnancy centers like the smaller model, as many people are intimidated by a larger sized vehicle. Second, the Stork brand engages with younger people and is a way to help bring them into the abortion fight; they like the branding and love wearing the merchandise and spreading the word that way. Finally, Save the Storks is just a separate ministry, trying to reach as many abortion-minded women as we can. We think our branding is unique, and we like the audience we’re able to reach that way. Ultimately, we’re all fighting against the same thing, not each other, but the evil of abortion.

    It must be noted that ambushing this blog with an add for your organization is a bit shady. Instead you should just write your own posts.

  • Campaigns such as this have the best of intentions but fail to address to root issues and contributories that leave many women with no choice but to abort– a difficult decision that is not made with ease. Women do not choose abortion out of selfishness (though there are instances where this is the case) but rather because they are left with no other choice, and feel that it is in the best interest of the child to not be brought into an unstable and potentially unsafe environment. I would argue that all women– especially expecting women– are well aware that they are carrying life, their own child, inside of them and do not choose abortions with haste. It is a very difficult decision to make, and therefore to say that some women are “Abortion-minded” is both foolish and unrealistic. If a woman is living in poverty and is subject to different forms of abuse daily and becomes pregnant, it is understandable that she would choose to abort. Who would want to bring a child into that situation where they may be victimized and subject to poverty? Showing a woman a sonogram of her unborn child is not an effective way
    to reduce abortion rates, as she is very much aware of the life inside
    of her. As the body of Christ we should seek to eliminate poverty through grass-roots efforts and social welfare reform, eliminate intimate partner violence and family maltreatment, sexual violence and to empower women through education so that abortion is not an option in the first place. And until this can be accomplished, we must meet women in pregnancy crisis situations where they are, and seek to help meet their current needs in whatever way possible, just as Jesus did for “the least of these.”

    • Paige,

      You are absolutely right that the root issue for the woman is very deep. However, in the fight against abortion, saving lives often means using immediate tactics to save individuals. From what I’ve read about the ministries of Save the Storks, ICU and other ministries that are similar, their mission is saving individual lives (both of child and mother)–and each life is an image bearer of God. Each and every life saved is a victory. Certainly, in the greater war against abortion–it may be hard to see how such ministries are changing the “numbers”–but that isn’t these particular ministries have solely set out to do. And the good news–there are other Pro-Life organizations (many who support ministries such as Save the Storks) who are out lobbying in the political realm, who are providing counseling for the root issues, who are exposing the evils of Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations. These organizations are all working together. With these organizations, and more importantly–with the church and with the truth–much is being done to combat the root issues. The various strategies and missions you will see across the different pro-life organizations are all helpful and necessary. And, when it comes to the matter of saving individual lives–whether few or many–I fully cheer on the cause and ministries of Save the Storks and ICU.

      Laura Beth

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