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What Should We Write About?


We’re getting the blog rolling again and we want your input! We’re asking our friends on Facebook and Twitter to share ideas for blog posts and they’ve been posting some great ideas. Now it’s your turn. What’s been on your mind recently? What would you like us to write about? Let us know in the comment section.

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Brett Harris

is co-founder of and co-author of Do Hard Things, along with his twin brother, Alex. He is married to his best friend, Ana, who blogs at He is the founder of the Young Writers Workshop — an ongoing coaching program for serious writers.


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  • Could you do a post about secular books? Should we read them, or should we be spending our time reading more edifying books? I know all secular books aren’t evil, but should we be spending out time on them?

  • I don’t know what you all should write about! I’m just glad that you all are back. You have been missed by many rebelutionaries! You’ve been so helpful in my life with just your general blogging.

  • Procrastination! And tips to combat it. Especially with school and daily devotions. And How about a Bible study on Proverbs? 😀

  • What about a series for “church kids”? The kids that have grown up in the church, been Christians for a long time and face many unique struggles as teenagers and young adults. I also think that something about guy-girl friendships and relationships would be great. I’m glad you guys are back!

  • How about a series on humility? Because it is easy to get puffed up about being “Rebelutionary” and thus better than the other teens. but really that’s not rebelutionary at all. Glad you guys are back!

  • I think it would be helpful to have regular posts with inspiring stories about people doing big and small hard things. Those have been inspiring and encouraging.

    Maybe also a post (or several!) with help for people trying to figure out what their big hard thing is. I want to do big hard things – but I don’t know what they are. No clue. So, I’m practicing for whatever God has for me by trying to be faithful to do the small hard things. However, some insight into how you discerned God’s leading would be appreciated!

    I second Roxine’s motion – Proverbs is perfect for the Rebelution!

    ~Felix Jackson

  • I’m currently reading your first book right now, and as much as I’m learning, questions and curiosity also gets into me. I am inspired and ‘in fire’ with your words and His revelations to me right now. I really hope this blog will be able to help me be a part of the Rebelution and be able to meet a lot of teenagers like me who’s just starting their walk with Him.

    Here’s some of my suggested topics that I’d personally wanna read about and learn about more.
    – Some pointers about being a ‘baby Christian’ on how to work our walk with God.
    – An entry or a series maybe about family and culture hindrances from pursuing our walk with God (for example, I’m personally experiencing that my family’s not so supportive about this but I’d really like to immerse my self more in this church that I’m attending and to reach out to more people, just like how I was reached by the instruments of God)
    – Religion contrast (like how to deal with breaking our cultural upbringing to fully serve God more)

  • I’d love to stories/testimonies from the next stage of life (adulthood?) about what it looks like to glorify God in a career path outside of ministry. How do you “do hard things” for God’s glory as an astrophysicist? Or engineer? Several years ago you laid out a mandate for teenagers, now here we are heading into our twenties and some of us see quite a long path ahead (*coughgradschoolcough*). Encouragement to keep on keeping on would be great. What does a Rebelutionary look like at age 25? 30?

  • hello, youths from our province are meeting up this December for our annual district youth camp. The theme would be In God’s Time from the text found in Ecclesiastes. If you could make a blog about it, it would be of great help in imparting knowlegde with other young people 🙂 continue to inspire! Stay blessed!

  • Not sure what you should write about – but I know that as your current audience gets older, don’t forget the importance of continuing to write what is relevant to the new crowd that follows in our wake.

  • What about authority? It seems to be a rather problematic issue among young people today. I don’t really know about anyone else, but here are a few questions that I personally have wondered about: Are some called to lead and others to submit, or is it a “one size fits all” deal? Does submitting to authority mean that you should allow tyranny or abuse? How can you submit without the “doormat syndrome”? How can you respect someone and disagree with them? Can you stand up for your beliefs and submit at the same time? (Those questions are all rather closely related, and I do apologize if any were duplicative.)
    Anyway, that’s my two cents, whatever it may be worth. Also, I am 13, so I’m obviously on the back end of the Rebelution, but all your work has greatly encouraged and compelled me. I am very glad that you are going to start blogging again. The world needs your message now as much as ever!

  • Yes I agree with Allison Kelly,thats a big question for me,”what does an adult rebelutionary look like?”
    Another topic is “Being young and married” how do we practically get prepped for that as rebelutionaries,I’m nineteen and I may be getting married in two years,how did you guys do it?
    “Preparing for child rearing as teens” is another suggestion.
    “Young men and women after God’s heart” is another topic, explaning and breaking down what this looks like practically.

    Thanks alot guys

  • Sorry for going on but I got an iea that I didn’t mention before. A topic on music in relation to Christian Hip Hop,I know some people struggle with the idea of Christian Hip Hop so I thought that would be a good blog for discussion. I’m a recording hiphop artist and I wanna know what y’all think.

    Grace and Peace

  • I don’t know if anyone has suggested this already, or if you’ve done a post about it already (if you have, can you tell me what it’s called/where I can find it?) but what about forgiving yourself. Like, accepting that you’ve been forgiven by God, that your record is wiped clean, and then moving forward, living a life for God, without being burried and crippled by guilt. Just an idea.

    In Christ,

  • I totally second the ideas about procrastination (school especially), guy-girl friendships, and relationships. The Proverbs idea would be super great too.
    Glad you guys are back!

  • Hey guys!! How about you write on how to lead and how to follow? I know I have trouble doing both and would bet others do too.

  • How about how to get other young people fired about about Doing Hard Things without appearing overbearing and self-righteous?

  • I think it would be nice to see a post about purity (courtship, etc.). I’ve been blessed to have many great examples of young men and women who are entering into marriage while choosing to wait on even the small things. I’m only 16, but I believe this topic is one not discussed enough by those our age. Christ desires purity, and I (and I’m sure many others) would be interested in hearing your experiences/advice. I agree with Grace. The world truly does need your message now more than ever!

    Yours in Christ,

    Nathan Tasker

  • Initially, my kneejerk reactionary reply was: “Anything BUT politics!” but then, I had to ask myself if, perhaps, you all had written about HOW young people view politics and how we as Christians should view them from a Christian perspective. Just a suggestion

  • I really feel like there should be a blog on how to listen for God or how to decipher that the answers your getting are from Him and not the devil. I know for me personally, I have issues with this. I know it’s something that we as Christians figure out, but it would at least be a good reminder for teens doing hard things to stop, look and listen for God.

  • What about writing about doing hard things in the mission field? I think God has been calling me to missions lately, and reading about other teenager’s story’s and experiences in the mission field would be really nice.

  • How about staying pure with the media all around us? It’s so hard for me to keep my thoughts clean, how do others do it?

  • Maybe you could write about Christian teenagers doing hard things or being a light and witness to their peers at public school and college?
    Another possible topic could be about secular movies and music. That is a huge struggle for teens especially in this dark generation.
    One last one could be how teens can learn to be bright beacons of light in this dark generation by doing hard things.

  • I think you should write adout how we get the kids that have no interest in there future, god, or low expectations on the right track to do the right thing. I feel God calling me to reach out to these teenagers but I don’t know how, and iI figured you could help.

  • lets talk about how MODESTY SEEMS TO ONLY BE A FEMALE PROBLEM. Is it my fault if a guy gets turned on because of what I’m wearing? No! What if I’m wearing big baggy sweats, an over sized tee, no makeupp and messy har and a guy starts having lustful thoughts? What then, and has no one ever heard of the nuns fantasy??? We each have to bring OUR OWN thoughts into captivity. Stop trying to change the world, and start trying to change yourself. Work out YOUR OWN salvation, not mine. Don’t blame the girl for your own sins. If YOU can’t stop thinking lustful thoughts about what SHE is wearing, it seems like YOU’RE the one with the problem, not her. Want a tip? TURN OFF THE PORNO!!!!!!!!!!
    If guys want girls to dress modestly, then they should stop working out, or taking showers or wearing suits, because I guarantee at least one girl is having lustful thoughts about him. Or is that not their problem either. JUDGE NOT THAT YE BE JUDGED!

  • You guys have really started getting me thinking. You made me realize just how big a deal low expextions really is. My classmates constantly annoy me with this. I would love for them to start showing the teachers that they are mature enough to be to start handling higher expectations. Maybe you have some ideas how? I’m alittle tired of their childish behavior. We’re freshman, not second graders. Sometimes though the teachers expect more out of us and most of the responces are bad grades or barely any effort. It makes me feel strange to be acually trying. But, the thing that aggrivates me most is that everyone in my class is capable of so many different things, and yet they choose not to show their show their full talent. If you have any ideas on how to get them to “wake up” without hurting their feelings please let me know!

    Your friend,


    P.S. I enjoyed reading your book.

  • I think my classmates are “slaves” to low expectations. They don’t act their age and in they usually don’t give it their all when it comes to “the dreaded schoolwork”. How can I get them to understand just how important it is to go beyond what the teachers think of you? Any ideas would be helpful.

  • I would love to read about a disciplined life. I’m semi homeschooled, and I found out this year that I am horrible at discipline. I would love to have some input on that.

  • Hi my name is Christa Evans and I am 25 years old, and God has been teaching me through the last year and a half about the power of forgiveness and overing-evil with good through forgiveness and looking at the cross of JESUS CHRIST:

    I don’t want to get into details, however as God is teaching me to forgive, God is setting me free.

    Many of us would rather want to give them a piece of our minds, which I would want to do. But God is in command, and through many tears, and hurts to restore as if nothing happened. But if we hold onto unforgiveness, and more pain. If I had my choice, I’d rather not forgive, but God is commanding me as a Christ-follower to forgive some people and let go. And not to dwell on the past.

    And to continue to over-come evil with good, and God is doing that day by day.
    So, my topic would be to challenge the young ladies and gentlemen can you learn to forgive those who have hurt you no matter how many years it has been?

    I hope this gives you and idea!
    (My story is very long, and don’t want to get into details, but God has been teaching me about the importance of forgiveness. What would happen if teenagers began to forgive?

    Christa Evans

  • I think an article talkoing about how you guys “did” courtship would be helpful. We’ve heard from your brother… what about you? 🙂

  • What about how to keep faith when you feel your losing it? Everyone goes through periods of doubt, and I think a segment about how to get through that could be really helpful.

  • I would love to read your thoughts on politics, especially given your education and experience in that area. And not only the ongoing events of the current election and other current events, but also about your personal experience working with politics, elements of our government, and a Christian’s responsibility to his/her country.

    Also, discussing the responsibilities of college and how to ‘do hard things’ in that setting would be very helpful!

    Thank you for your ministry. It’s a blessing!

  • It has been of some great concern of many christians that music and films are playing a larger role in christians young people that I should. We are constantly bombarded with what we should be like and what the world wants us to be. An the influence o0f music is so great, even if we don’t realise it.

    Music and films also influence the way we view matters like purity and not being part of the things of this world. I am 20 years old and I know that we often want to be accepted by those around us. maybe we think that being accepted according to wordly standard makes us speacial but it doesn’t. We should be accepetible to God and ONLY Him.

    I hope I’m not getting to sophisticated but we are in a fight against principalities in the air and satan is using all his methods to destroy young people’s lives.

    I trust that the Lord will bless this ministry and those that are helped through it.
    Thank you

  • I really like the idea of not becoming complacent. Just how to make sure that you give your all in everything you do… I love God but sometimes I tend to put Him on the backburner. I would love some ideas on how to keep a holy passion for God prevalent in my life. Thank so much for everything you guys do! God has made you an inspiration in my life. Working on doing hard things

  • How about a post on how to talk to people who are supposed “church kids”? For example, someone who has been raised in church all their life, who claim to be Christians, who go to church every Sunday, and whose entire family are Christians. But, the moment you mention God or anything like that, are uncomfortable and aren’t thrilled about talking to you anymore. Almost every kid I know is like that. They go to church and claim to believe in the Lord, but start avoiding you if you try to talk about anything spiritual. They don’t do anything bad and do all the right things, but it’s more because their parents make them. How do you talk to someone like that?

  • I agree with Nathan-I think waiting with the small things before marriage is a big part of purity. Hearing about middle schoolers starting to talk about dating-and indeed even doing it-is something that really pricks me. Even as a 14 year old, I’m having trouble with this, and I don’t think I’m the only one!

    Glad to see you guys back and posting!:)


  • Thanks for working on the blog! It’s a great blessing and encouragement to read it.

    Hmm… Perhaps a series on college and different challenges for Christians there (both at secular and Christian institutions)? Maybe something on vocation…

  • Maybe something on how what comes out of our mouths can affect those around us and what to do when others language is affecting what’s going out of your mouth.

  • Identity is a huge issue in my life (i am 14) it would be a great thing to write about or what about how to live as a christian because i have friends who say they are christians but are out at junior discos and kissing boys and using bad language and when you say anything they say “sure whats the harm?” What do you think??

  • A series on how to handle yourself in situations where all your peers are non-Christians would be really helpful. Relationships and purity would be awesome topics too! So glad you guys are back 🙂

  • How about what we as young people can do about politics….. I just turned 18 this last summer and was able to vote for the first time and I think that young people who are the future voters need to be informed on what is going on and how to respond graciously. I know that if my mom hadn’t had me study up on the election and those who were running for what positions (I am home schooled) I would have felt very unprepared and I know some of my friends felt that way because they didn’t know where to start.

  • Here’s another suggestion for a possible source of inspiration for blog topics. Maybe a section where other authors who share the vision of the Rebelutionaries can list links to their blogs or articles or plug their Rebelutionary-inspired fiction/nonfiction. They can leave brief messages e.g. Visit Beau’s blog or The first ebook in Beau’s Rebelutionaries Series for Y/A is now available FREE on Smashwords! Or Advance notice – Beau’s new fiction series for tween Rebelutionaries – History Changers – will be available on Smashwords shortly. This might not only be a good source of ideas but it would also make it easier for Rebelutionaries to find other ebooks or blogs that inspire them to grow closer to Jesus

  • Wow… I don’t think I’m going to add anything. There are lots of great subjects here.

    I’m so glad you will be starting it up again! I look forward to reading and discussing the posts!

    God Bless!

  • I’m so glad you guys have started up again! There have been a lot of other good topics to write about up there, and I don’t think I have anything else to add just yet. 😉 But I am hoping that through you guys starting up this blog again that I will be encouraged to “do hard things”-the small and the big- to bring glory to God alone! Thank you guys so much for encouraging so many people and being such a blessing!
    In Christ Alone,

  • I echo what several other people have written.

    As a college student, what does the Rebelution look like in college? What does it look like beyond that (adult life, work, graduate/professional school)?

    ~ Madison, Ohio

  • I am 13 about to be 14 and I want to do something to make a difference. Whether it’s in my church or my home school group, or something bigger I want to make an impact on people’s lives. Something on how young people can impact other people would be great!

  • I’ve had something at the back of my mind lately…What kind of impact would we see in young voters if a party (OK republican;) had young adults running their campaign? Targeting young adults in a new way…..Giving them a very real example of the impact they can have. Any thoughts???

  • First, I am thrilled that you asked! Second, I have several ideas for new blog posts.

    1. How doing hard things as teens continues to help you do even harder things (like starting a family or going to law school,) as young adults.

    2. How to deal with self esteem issues,

    3. Christians that were saved when very young who live in church attending families, who struggle with taking salvation for granted.

    I’d love to read posts on these topics! God bless you!

  • Thanks for asking 🙂 It would be great to see a post about how to deal with conflict/disagreements in a mature, Christlike manner when doing hard things as a group. It’s so hard when you’re all technically heading in the same direction, but personality clashes get in the way of productivity.

  • How to work up courage to witness to someone/hand them a tract…or how to do it anyways when you can’t work up the courage

    The importance of open and honest communication with parents about your life

    Living gratefully–living in a way that says “thank you” to Jesus (as we all know, actions speak louder than words! 🙂 ), living this way on a daily basis

    Thank you for asking us!

  • Thank you so much, Alex and Bret, for starting the blog up again! I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this next stage of life as it has presented its own set of challenges.

  • I would like to hear more about how to overcome fear and get out of our little ‘comfy boxes and do more for the glory of God!

  • l would like to get some pointers on how to find godly friends. Like the kind of youth who do not just talk about religion, but who are passionately living for Christ!!! This would be really helpfu for those of us who have recently been saved. Thanks a lot!!!

  • It would be cool if you could talk about what we can do as teens (words, actions, etc) to purposefully lead others to Christ. More than just setting an example and existing as counter-cultural – actively witnessing Christ to others.
    Also, I’d really like to see stuff on teens using apologetics. What are the resources out there for us?

  • I think it would be great if there was something for people who feel alone.
    Something that would encourage them to know that they are never alone and something that talks about how to work through it. For example, how to find other people who are lonely and to reach out to them, until you stop thinking about your own loneliness.

  • I think it would be wonderful to write about how in grade school, and even in the majority of college you should focus on yourself and your schoolwork, and not a boyfriend or girlfriend, because they are major distractions. Trust me, I’ve seen brilliant people who got involved with dating prematurely and their lives spiraled down. (serious life issues, emotional issues, getting throw out of college because they were failing)

    I hope this helped!

    May everyone see the Light!

  • How about writing about how ridiculously easy it is to live your life in i Godly manner, despite how other people make it seem hard or even impossible and despite almost everyone around you living a definitely un-Godly life.

    Could someone please tell me how everybody is able to put emoticons in their writing? I seem to be the only one who can’t.

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