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The Invisible Battle at the Texas Capitol Building


When I was a little girl I memorized one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. Psalm 91, filled with encouragement for the believer to find refuge in God, held the mysterious truth of an invisible protector who hides us under the shadow of His wings and delivers us from all wicked forces. I’ve always been captivated by the spiritual realm, knowing one day it would be my permanent home. But, as a little girl, I had no idea how Psalm 91 could resonate in my life here on earth, until July of this year.

On Monday, July 8th, I found myself wearing blue standing in my state Capitol in Austin, Texas, fired up and ready to stand for life. I arrived with some close friends, my mom and older sister just in time to cast our vote and head out to the Capitol steps for the pro-life rally. It was great. Senators and Representatives, leaders and organizational presidents spoke confidently about the bill the Senate was about to pass, HB2, and how it would bring an incredible victory for the unborn.


A sea of blue stood all around me, reassuring of the fact that I wasn’t alone. The days that led up to this event I had spent praying and taking in as much of the Word as I could. I spent time researching scriptures that spoke of being crucified with Christ and persecuted for His sake. I did that because I knew what I was about to stand for was hated by the world. I understood that this fight was so much more spiritual than physical, and I wanted to be prepared. Later that evening, I realized how important my preparation actually was.

When the pro-life rally came to a close, a band stationed on the stage began playing familiar worship songs. Songs like “Mighty to Save” and Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I fear” were being sung out by many voices when suddenly I looked to my right and saw what looked like an army of pro-choicers lining the street. The crowd of blue started to trickle away as the mob of orange burst through to the front of the building. I stood with my friends, raising my hands high in an outward declaration of my faith and sang as loud as I could.

“The God of angel armies is always by my side.”

They yelled, chanted, screamed and accused us. As the band grew louder, so did the mob.  As they screamed about their rights, I proclaimed the name of Jesus. Looking all around I could see Jesus’ words coming to life. “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” John 15:19.


They kept pressing us closer and closer together, but I was never afraid. I felt an unexplainable peace guarding my heart. It was at that moment I fully understood the war I was fighting. The orange team represented darkness, and the blue represented light. I could just picture a battle between demons and angels going on above our heads and we were just the representatives. That is why I was there — to represent Christ. I was prepared to take a stand for life, but at the same time I was standing for Christ.

Psalm 91 became so real to me while at the Capitol. I felt protected under the shadow of God’s wings and knew nothing could hurt me. I’m sure the bill would still have passed even if I hadn’t made the decision to go. But the message I want to proclaim to all young believers is this: We are called to stand for Christ.

We are called to stand for Christ. Whatever that means to you, don’t take it too lightly. We live in a world where darkness is trying to overtake the light, and with the smallest of steps we can put darkness back in its place. That step for me was physically standing for truth. What the world voted to be insignificant tissue, I saw as life; and what I deemed an insignificant sacrifice, God proudly declared a step of faith.  

Whatever your fight may be, take heart! You are on the winning team and no small step of faith is voted insignificant in God’s kingdom.  One thing is certain — “He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler” and all you will ever need from this life into the next.

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About the author

Bailey Jarrell

is a passionate young woman who decided at an early age to live life on purpose and to set the trend rather than follow the crowd. Some of her favorite things are leading worship at her church youth group, fashion designing and acting. Her goal in life is to love unconditionally no matter the circumstance and encourage others to see the potential she knows God has placed inside each individual.


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  • I praise God that you’re standing up to this and others with you. God loves and cares for sparrows so how much more does he care for us and the unborn. It’s our job as believers to stand up for Christ and tell of his love but also to stand up for what we believe in. You’re never alone in this fight. Life is precious!!

    • The constitution prohibits the establishment of religion and calls for a separation of church and state. Therefore, if you want to fight for the rights of the unborn child, you should be careful not to use God in your argument. Telling the president that you believe that abortion is wrong because the Bible says so will not work, the Supreme Court must make decisions that are not influenced by the Bible (at least they are supposed to). Therefore, instead of saying “life begins at conception” because the Bible says so, I suggest you frame your arguments in a way that doesn’t lean on the Bible for support. If your only argument is to use the Bible, then it is only a matter of time before you loose this war and soon the pro-choice side will win whole heartedly.

  • Bailey, you encouraged me so much today 🙂 Thank you for standing up and for encouraging others to do the same in whatever situations they might be in…we stand together! Blessings 🙂

  • Bailey, thanks for sharing how God is working! It was especially encouraging to hear about the invisible battle, as I am in the midst of one right now in Taiwan, the land of temples, evil, and idol worship. Thanks for being faithful, sister!

  • Thank you everyone for your comments! Old fashioned/Christian Girl, so true! Joanna, that is AMAZING! Keep up the good fight and you will see many victories for Jesus. Thanks Caleb! Dee, you are exactly right, thanks for standing with me!

  • God bless you Bailey! You are fighting a difficult war, though with God becomes easy. I could not help but think of Ronald Reagan’s quote that, “People who believe in abortion have already been born.” I find it quite ironic that people who are chanting the hateful remarks about how life should be a choice have already been given life. They just feel like they have to word it differently by saying it’s a choice that it is not killing the baby because it is only a few weeks old. Life starts at conception. Keep standing up for what you believe, Bailey and know the war we are fighting is not just our own.

  • Thanks Bailey for being a voice for the voiceless, for defending those who can’t defend themselves! Through you the unborn children are being heard.

    It might not change the whole world today, but it may change a few minds, and give life to children who wouldn’t have had a chance without people like you who are bold enough to share the truth!

  • You should be careful when talking about people who are pro-choice. Being pro-choice doesn’t make someone “evil” or on the side of the demons as you suggested. They believe differently than you, and, like you, they have very good reasons for those beliefs. It would be wrong to call someone “evil” just because they are a democrat and not a republican, so too, don’t call someone evil just for being pro-choice. On top of that, don’t assume because they are pro-choice that they are not a Christian. Someone can be pro-choice and still be a Christian just as someone can be for LGBT rights and still be a Christian.

    • Your right, but abortion is wrong. We all make mistakes and that doesn’t make you an unbeliever. I am pro life and proud of it, but i respect those who disagree with me. Could you explain some of those “good reasons” to me? That might help me see the other side a little better.

    • I think that too many people say things like this. While God does not completely remove sin form the life of a christian, he will not allow one of his flock to continue in a evil, wicked mindset (e.g., The ruthless murder of millions of defenseless babies, homosexual marriage, etc.). If a “Christian” remains in such a mindset, it is very strong evidence that they do not know Jesus.

      I agree, “pro-choice” people are no more evil than the next unbeliever (at least in spiritual terms), but what they stand for, along with the LGBT community, is some of the most egregious acts of defiance against God that sinners can come up with. Not only that, but they shove it in God’s face by being proud of it.

      While I agree that this is no ground to call some one more evil than someone else, it is certain that what they are doing is evil and satanic.

      And no, while it is “technically possible” for someone to be in the LGBT community or pro-choice and be christian at the same time, God will not allow them stay of that mindset. So think twice the next time a homosexual or so-called “pro-choice” advocate tells you that they are Christian. Thanks!

By Bailey Jarrell
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