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What’s a Biblical Worldview? (And How Do I Know If I Have One?)


Whether you realize it or not, you have a worldview and it impacts nearly every part of your life. But how do you know if you have the right worldview? Is it possible to have the wrong worldview? Sara digs into this topic today and gives you a crash course in biblical worldview. This episode equips you to evaluate your own worldview, understand other worldviews, and live boldly for God even in our crazy culture.

Also, join Sara in celebrating the release of her brand new book Stand Up, Stand Strong: A Call to Bold Faith in a Confused CultureGrab a copy today to go deeper into worldview and navigating culture biblically.

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Stand Up, Stand Strong
The Young Writer
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Trade confusion for clarity…and live boldly for God in a world gone crazy

How do I navigate LGBT+ issues as a Christian?
How can I know who I am in such a “be yourself” world?
How should I think about things like Critical Race Theory? Abortion? Transgenderism? Media?
How can I apply biblical truth to the hot-button issues of today and remain faithful to God…even in an anti-Christian world?

Stand Up, Stand Strong
tackles all these questions and more. With powerful examples from Scripture and stories from teens today and through the centuries, Sara Barratt, Editor-in-Chief of, equips teens to live with a biblical worldview, approach today’s hot-button issues with godly wisdom, and influence their generation for the glory of God. Tackling tough topics like sexuality, addiction, injustice, identity, media, and much more, Sara offers practical ways to stay rooted in God’s truth while engaging culture with the redemptive story of the gospel—no matter the cost.

Because, after all, if we live according to the gospel, we’re going to make waves. The way of Christ is countercultural. It doesn’t go with the flow, compromise on truth, or stay silent in the face of injustice….so neither can we.

It’s time to stand up, stand strong, and live with bold faith in a confused culture.

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