rebelling against low expectations

AuthorKatherine Forster

is a nineteen-year old writer, poet, National Bible Bee champion, and managing editor for TheRebelution. Studying the Bible changed her life, and she wants to see it change the lives of other teens too. You can find her writings on Christ, the gospel, and the immenence of eternity at her blog.

Spotify and Saul: Thinking Like Christians About Popular Music


It’s no secret that I love music. The Spotify app on my computer is almost always open. I have several albums downloaded on my phone. I memorize the lyrics for my favorite songs and sing them at the top of my lungs when no one else is around. I play both violin and guitar whenever I have time, and I’ve even tried my hand at songwriting (rather poorly). It’s no secret that our culture loves music...

You Can Memorize More Than You Think You Can


How do you react when you hear someone talk about Bible memorization? I know for a lot of us, it’s with a vague feeling of guilt. I should probably do that. I should probably do that more. What stops us from memorizing God’s word? There are lots of reasons. I’m not good at memorizing. I can’t remember anything. I don’t have time. I’m going to do that…...

Is Fiction Less Important for Christians?


I still remember the delight of sitting on the living room floor and drinking hot chocolate while my mom read The Lord of the Rings aloud to me and my brothers. I remember how invested I was in each and every character, the excitement of seeing them struggle and overcome, the surprise of each plot point. I remember trying to decide who was my favorite character (pretty much every one of the...

God Doesn’t Need Your Bestseller


Recently, we’ve published quite a few articles on TheReb about faithfulness in the small things. Different teen authors have tackled the idea of what it means to be faithful in the everyday services which are no less important or less glorifying to God, but can nevertheless feel mundane or even boring. You could call it a rebuke of society or culture or the unrealistic expectations placed on...

Why My Mom Can’t Use Snapchat (And That’s Okay)


There was a time my brothers and I tried to teach my mom to use Snapchat. In general, my mom is pretty good with technology—she even has Twitter and Instagram. So we figured she might have fun with Snapchat. Right? Nope. She kept complaining that she didn’t understand the app, it didn’t make sense, and it wasn’t intuitive. That didn’t make sense to me. Snapchat, I thought, was the most intuitive...

Because of Good Friday, Our God Won’t Forsake Us


Are you ever afraid God has abandoned you? It’s easy to fear that sometimes. When you see the depths of your own depravity and sin—when you give in to temptation again and search desperately for freedom—you wonder how God could still love you. How he could still be with you. Or maybe, for whatever reason, he just feels far away; doubts and despair come knocking on the door of your heart and...

Truth in the Face of National Tragedy


Valentine’s Day was stained with blood. The first thing I saw when I logged into Twitter was the words “school shooting” and “Florida” used in the same sentence. My first, selfish thought was, Where? Near here? And then, Oh no. Not again. Our collective hearts are heavy, not only with the news of this tragedy, but with the weight of similar horrors that seem to come on each other’s heels...

In Studying Scripture, Remember the Context


Where do you start when you want to understand a verse, passage, or chapter of the Bible? There are a lot of things you could do to help you understand it. But the most important tool—other than prayer—comes before all of those. That tool is context. The Importance of Context My mom once said that every verse you study lives in an environment. If you were going to study an animal—say, a species...

The Most Important Step In Bible Study


The coffee is steaming hot, its fragrant aroma wafting up to shake the cobwebs out of your brain. Pale morning light filters in the window as you sit down with your Bible and a notebook. Or maybe it’s late at night, and you have your study materials spread out on the bed in front of you for a good half hour of studying before you go to sleep. What now? Before you do anything else—before you dig...

Faithfulness When You Feel Inadequate


What has God called you to do? If you’re a Christian, you know the first, great, overarching calling God’s given you: to know him, and to bring him glory. We’re to grow in our relationship with God by reading, studying and memorizing his word—and then we’re to make him known to the world through our words and actions. Often, he also gives us specific ways to do that. Maybe he’s called you to...

rebelling against low expectations

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