rebelling against low expectations

AuthorQuiana Casamayor

Quiana Casamayor is a writer from Alberta, Canada. While aspiring to be a historical fiction author, her foremost desire is that her life, including writing, might bring honour to Jesus Christ and be used to shape the stories of those around her. When she doesn’t have a pen in her hand, she can be found enjoying the blessings of children, horses, family and friends. You can find more of her writing on Written Lives Blog.

Watch His Face–Where the Christian Looks In Troubled Times


The bus was just four yards away. They were so close! But between them and the vehicle stood a chain link fence topped with a coil of barbed wire. A Nazi soldier guarded the only gate. So close and yet still so far away! Havilah bit her lip until it bled. When she didn’t it quivered. Her hands trembled too, so she tucked one into her pocket and Martha squeezed the other tightly. “Take a deep...

Nicholas Winton’s Vacation – Appreciating the Monotony of Hero Work


An extra pair of gloves, one more sweater, ski goggles… With a relieved sigh, Nicholas shut the suitcase and snapped it latches closed. He pulled a small, white ticket from his pocket. It was actually happening! He was about to leave the bank till, his desk, and the endless rows of numbers behind to be surrounded by nothing but white snow for an entire month! His excitement was interrupted by a...

What Did You Do About It? The True Story of Hans Scholl and the White Rose


The train stopped, but no one stirred. Hans stared out the window. Amidst the dirt and rocks, a few spring flowers were sparsely scattered. Not ten yards from the train, a group of prisoners were working on a new set of tracks. Sweat ran down their faces as they swung pickaxes into the rocky ground. He frowned. Women shouldn’t be doing such work! They were prisoners, yes, but the bands on their...

Dear Teen, Do You Have the Right Key to Unlock Life?


Have you ever put the wrong key into a lock? The key goes in, but, try as you might to get it to turn, it will not open the lock. It can take a while to discover your mistake–some of us spend far longer trying to get it to work than others–but in the end, when the error is finally realized, we feel so silly! How could such a simple solution be so difficult to see? In our world today...

The Tragedy of the Unborn: Don’t Forget to Cry


They had never sobbed so hard. Several had even thrown up. They couldn’t help it, so great was their shock when they saw the things they’d permitted. One of the ladies tried to cover her eyes, but an officer pushed her hands away and the soldiers urged them on. Determined that they shouldn’t stop short of seeing every mangled body; that they shouldn’t pass by any of the rooms where such...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →