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Am I a Good Neighbor?


He crumpled to the dusty road as blow after blow landed on his back and head. Everything went black. Moments later, he felt something warm trickling down his cheek; then heard footsteps shuffling closer to where he lay. An audible gasp, and the shuffling faded off into the distance. Again, all went black. A second time he came to but instead of blows, he felt strong arms lifting him off the...

Presidential Elections and Picking Sides: How Should We Discuss Hard Issues?


The night of the last presidential election, I made a poor decision. I looked at Twitter. My feed was full of tweets and retweets rejoicing, mourning, celebrating, or decrying the situation as it unfolded, minute by minute. Praise and blame was heaped on both of the major candidates—and on their supporters. My birthday came just a year too late for me to vote in the presidential election. As I...

5 Ways to Share Your Faith at School


I used to be completely passive about witnessing to my friends. I would often shy away from witnessing opportunities and become embarrassed about my personal faith. “I’m too shy,” I would tell myself. How can I share the gospel? Thankfully, last spring God began to open my eyes through a combination of different devotionals and sermons. One day in church, we were singing “Let Your...

What Thomas Aquinas Teaches Us About Apologetics and God’s Existence


Does God exist? To many of us, the answer seems obvious. Of course God exists! But how do we know? Thomas Aquinas was a 13th century Catholic philosopher and theologian who had the same question, leading him to an intense study which produced perhaps his most famous work: The Five Ways — five philosophical arguments for the existence of God. These arguments give us a strong starting point for...

Don’t Misrepresent God To the World


As part of the Great Commision and our purpose here on earth, we are commanded to be an example of Christ to others in our lives. In John 13:15, Jesus states, “For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.” Christians stand out in the darkness of the world because of our joyful attitude, hope for the future, and ability to have faith through hard times. When...

5 Reasons You Should Study Apologetics


With a majority of churchgoing teenagers abandoning the faith in college, there is one thing us teenagers need more than ever: Apologetics. Apologetics is the rational defense of the Christian faith– using logic to defend the core teachings of Christianity: the existence of God, the authority of Scripture, the resurrection of Jesus and the gospel itself. Here are five reasons why I believe...

3 Questions to Ask When Considering Short-Term Missions


Americans spend $2 billion supporting 1.5 million participants in short-term missions trips each year. However, statistics show that up to three-fourths of these trips are poorly conducted, and teams rarely interact with unreached or unengaged people groups (you don’t have to travel far, for L.A. County alone has 400+ unreached people groups!). Although the church has recently exploded with...

Hold On To God’s Vision for Missions


Dear fellow missionary kids, We’re on a mission. We have a goal. A task to complete. Or do we? Many times, it seems as if we aren’t working to achieve this goal. We get bogged down. Forgetful. The enemy uses the troubles of this life to make us lose sight of the prize for which we’re fighting for so hard. We take our eyes off the goal–off the prize. I must be honest, I have done this...

Should We Have Friends Who Aren’t Christians?


Friends are one of the biggest influencers in our lives. They can be encouraging, uplifting, and supportive. On the flip side, they can also pressure us, make us feel uncomfortable, and even lead us to do wrong or illegal things. For us as Christians, it’s tremendously important that we surround ourselves with positive friends and influencers– people who won’t lead us away from God’s...

Three Reasons We Can Believe the Bible is True


The Bible is considered essential to the Christian life. We call it the “Word of God” and say it’s “inspired.” We talk about having “daily devotions” like we talk about “having dinner.” We question the rightness of an act by whether it’s “biblical” or not. In fact, if you’ve grown up in a Christian home, you likely have little hints of the Bible all around you. The Bible is really important to...

rebelling against low expectations

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