rebelling against low expectations


Scarlet Drops: An Easter Poem


Drip, drip, drip Scarlett drops streak down His face A Man is sweating blood In agony His heart does rip Will He choose life or sacrifice? Is not a question one need ask For there is no better reason to die than love He breathes in deep And breathes out slow Around Him the darkness seeps He puts Himself on the death row The crowd lurks closer He could cast them to their knees Instead He hands His...

The Second Adam: How Easter Reversed the Curse


For most of you, Easter is probably over. Your thoughts have turned to graduation, summer break, camping, etc. But for the disciples, I’m sure that first Easter stuck around in their minds for a long time. It was an incredible, life-changing miracle they had to process… and it probably took longer than three days. One day, their hope was literally dead. The next, He was standing before them whole...

3 Evidences for the Resurrection of Christ


Having celebrated Easter this past weekend, the topic of the resurrection of Jesus has been at the forefront of many Christians minds as we paused to express gratitude to God for salvation from our sins. Recently, I’ve been studying the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and have found that doing so has helped increase my faith. It has given me more confidence to face questions and doubts...

If Christ Had Not Been Raised: Why the Resurrection is Essential


It is undeniable that Easter is the center of history. All the Old Testament points to the death and resurrection of Jesus. All the New Testament is based on it. Often, however, we talk only about one part. The cross has become the symbol of Christianity. We emphasize the death of Jesus (which is good), but in doing that, we often forget to emphasize His resurrection as well. Most of us know the...

More Than Death: Why We Call Good Friday “Good”


Good Friday. The day Jesus was nailed to a cross. The day he was beaten. The day he died. When you first think about it, it seems illogical. Why would Christians call the day their Lord, their teacher, their God died “good”? The day after the Passover, about 2000 years ago, the Friday before Easter Sunday, was horrible. Gruesome. Sad. I have heard it been called the worst day in history. Death...

Easter in Narnia


It’s been a rough couple of weeks, what with cancelled plans and postponed weddings and last-minute homeschooling (for some–for others it was old hat). Cancelled Easter plans aren’t any less disappointing. My church has a tradition of camping together over Easter Sunday, which obviously isn’t happening anymore. Other people had Passion plays to perform or breakfasts to...

rebelling against low expectations

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