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Eight Reasons Why I Don’t Share My Faith


This video was originally posted several months ago upon the recommendation of Agent 507. Finally able to upload it to YouTube, we decided to post it again.

This well-made video effectively uses humor to convict all of us of some of the common “reasons” we can give for not sharing our faith.

As Christians and rebelutionaries, the spreading of the gospel is our greatest task. And yet how easily we rationalize ourselves out of it.

Our father always taught us to remember that the word ‘rationalize’ usually means just how it sounds: rational lies.

As you watch this video, ask yourself: What are some of the “rational lies” I use as excuses for not being more faithful to share the gospel with others?

UPDATE 01/10/08: You can download a hi-res version of this video here.

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Probably what discourages me the most is the fact that people just refuse to admit their sin anymore. Even after kindly confrontation with the 10 commandments, and after admitting that they are lying, theiving, blasphemers, when asked if they are going to heaven, they say: “You bet!” After being informed that God will punish every sin, they still refuse the reality that they are going to hell. They agree that the Bible is God’s inspired word, and then dispute with everything in it that confronts the sin that they love.
    By disputing the reality of God’s law, they are blinded to their sin, for by the law is the knowledge of sin. With no knowledge of sin, there is no perceived need for grace. With no need for grace, there is no need for the gospel. Thus, 90% of the time, people refuse to believe their conscience and never get to hear the gospel because, after being confronted in their admitted sin and finding no way to excuse it, they worm their way out the conversation or just, with a few parting words, leave as fast as they can, leaving the novice evangalist wondering if he is making any sense.
    But what I find the Lord calls me to be faithful in is not persuading all people to scream out in fear of their sin. We are not called to have a “quota” of converts or people who will listen to what we say. No, Christ called us to preach. We are to be consistent, faithfully preaching as much as we can to those who will listen until the last 10% of people who are listening to their consciences are drawn to Christ in repentence of sin and are willing to be made into disciples of Christ.
    That is what we are called to do.

  • for some reason the video won’t show up on my computer. it’s not because the page isn’t fully loaded, though, but for reason all i see is a blank square. do you know why?

  • That was really convicting. Especially the one “I’m afraid I’ll be made fun of.” I’ve always thought that someone would make fun of my modest clothes if I tried to witness to them. I’m afraid I’ve used every one of these excuses except “I’m afraid I’ll get beat up.” Thank you guys for this video. It has opened my eyes to my stupid escuses.

  • LOL! That was a really funny video! At the same time, it was also convicting–because it’s true that we often use those as excuses, but hell isn’t a joke and I want God to be able to use me in every opportunity He gives me.

    Thanks for sharing, guys =)

  • That would be a good film short for the SAICFF ( You would have to edit out some of the stuff though.

  • WOW!!! Totally cool! I sent it to all my friends. Great message. It’s so true. Very well made. You rock! Every time I watch it I laugh my head off.

  • How about this one: If I do try, what if I never have an opening with that friend again? What if he rejects me?

  • My family has watched it over and over again. We love it! Thanks a bunch! My excuses are #7, #4 and #5. Thanks again!!!

  • A great and inspiring clip to encourage me in sharing my faith
    Thankyou very much
    Great site by the way 🙂

  • Now we need to see a response video that shows,
    with humor, of course, 8 reasons why we SHOULD
    share our faith… I’m sure we can come up with at
    least 8 reasons… even if they are humorous! This
    was way funny!

  • I’ve seen this before, as my closest friend shared it with a guarantee that I would crack up! Of course, I did! (Hmm… Maybe she found the short lil’ movie through this blog…) Aside from the goofiness, it was interesting to ponder the excuses we use to try and validate our reasons for not sharing our faith. It was good to be reminded that NOT sharing when given the opportunity can reveal almost a selfishness on my part. Why should I withhold the truth I possess from someone looking for answers? If I’m afraid of being made of fun of, or if I’m terrified that I’ll not know what to say, (which has happened to me a few times,:) then perhaps those fears and doubts ought to be challenges to grow and mature in those areas. Just a thought…

  • Great job making the gulity feel even more guilty but the video is short on real understanding. It felt like a lecture How many times have I heard it before? It has done nothing to reduce the fear. The fear is real and should not be minmized. especially if the person who fears it is shy or socially anxious. We SA’ers don’t like confrontations or getting hurt.
    If evangelism felt more natural prehapeople would enange in it more. It feels more like a hard sell rather than a natural conversation . I hate one size fits all assumptions. Why not follow this video up with some strategies?

  • It’s interesting that we make Evangelism so difficult! The call is to follow in the way of JESUS as he modeled a life of works and words, in grace and truth. But we need to ask for more of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to convert our hearts, to pursue holiness, and to ask the Holy Spirit for boldness to proclaim the Gospel.


  • Hilarious! And convicting. Very well done! I’m sharing this with my youth group later. Thanks for posting this!

  • Ouch. That hurt. Alot of those excuses have come out of my own mouth, or echoed through my head. It was very good, and very convicting. Thanks guys.

  • I tried purchasing a copy of the DVD a few months back for my church, they took the money at Paypal, but we never received the video. Any info on how we can obtain a copy? Or how we can get our money back?

    Also, the Hi-Res link does not appear to be working.

  • Oh my goodness… I almost died laughing. Seriously, I was crying. Maybe I’m a little tired. I loved the “don’t know enough” one. I didn’t even understand the question!

    #2, though, isn’t so far-fetched, living here in Portland – they might not say it quite that loud, but that’s what’s running through their heads.

    Amazing, so funny, and encouraging. Thanks!

  • I thought the video was great. It was hilarious and completely true. These really are excuses that people use not to share their faith

  • LOL… This was so funny. But the sad part is that most of us really are afraid to share our faith for so many of these reasons. 🙁

  • I think I’m number #5. I start my wittnessing by asking what they think will happen when they die (not a good thing to be asking at night or to a younger person).

  • Wow, this was good. I have thought of every single one of those excuses as to why I don’t share my faith. Every single one..I’ve never voiced them aloud, but when I’m asked “Why don’t you share your faith?” I list those excuses in my head and answer the person by saying “Because..I don’t know.”

    Thank you for posting this up.

  • This is great! I laughed so hard and my brothers were hysterical! It was very convicting though. I have been guilty of using excuses number 1, 2, and 5. I have never been afraid of being beat-up though. 🙂

    Sarah 🙂

  • Wow that was great!!! Thanks so much!!! And it was quite funny too…=)!!! A lot of those “excuses” are ones i’m guilty of using…esp. #1!!!! Thanks again!!!

  • The officer does not give the teens a lot of credit. He doesn;t respect thema as police just because they are young. Who knows? They could be more mature than him.

  • oh I died laughing!!! I think the funniest was “I won’t know what to say” or something like that (number 1) where I didn’t even understand the question!

    It was also very convicting for me, especially the one about being made fun of…
    Thanks so much for posting that!

  • I’m really bad at evangelism, I have to admit that. I have told God all those excuses except for maybe #8. Here is seven reasons why we should evangelize though in answer to numbers 1-7 accordingly:

    7. Won’t make sense: God will give us the words to speak (Ex. 4:15, Ezek. 2:7, 3:4) and if we are speaking God’s words they will not return void (Isa. 55:11)
    6. Might be made fun of: We need only God’s approval, not man’s approval (Phill. 4:19). As Mark Cahill says: It’s a win, win, win situation (pm me to find out what it means)
    5. Don’t know how to start: Mark Cahill ( would say just to find something they have with them to start a conversation, or ask a question similar to “Can you give me some directions? I want to know how to get to heaven” or the living waters ( , “I’m taking a survey, would you like to participate?”
    4. I’ll be a bad witness: Maybe you should improve your relationship with God? Note: I’m not saying that you have to have a good relationship with God in order to evangelize. There have been plenty of people that have converted someone else within 24 hours of their conversion. In fact, the Bible says that there are pre-Christians that still convert people to Christ’s discipleship (Phill. 1:18)
    3. I’ll say the wrong thing: If you are echoing the Bible, how can you go wrong? (2 Tim. 3:16-17)
    2. I’ll be a religious nut: So be it!!!! Hallelujah!!!
    1. I don’t know enough: Study the Bible. Answers in Genesis helps with the scientific viewpoint on a biblical foundation. And, if worst comes to worst and you’re talking with someone and they have a question you don’t know the answer to, get their e-mail address, research it at home, and e-mail it the answer to them if at all possible. You may also want to get their mailing address and mail them some materials on the topic.

    Please, take this, modify it, add to it, make it better. I mean, I don’t even have #8! Maybe I have the completely wrong idea of what you were talking about with the top 8 reasons why we should witness, but at least it’s a start! I think it’s a great idea and we should stick with it!!
    Forgive me for being long-winded!! I have a bad habit of that!
    I hope this is encouraging!!

  • Great Video. It was kind of interesting though when I thought about this video afterward and realized that some of those reasons are mine. It is interesting because we know that God is the right way, yet it is hard to talk about him to other people. That is the truth for me and probably some other people as well.

  • Wow. That was a funny video. I know God was leading me to this because I think I’ve made every one of those excuses. It’s very convicting. Thanks for posting this, I know God wanted me to see this.

  • I can’t believe how true this is in my life. I’ve used many of these excuses myself, but I’ve never exactly realized how silly and inconvient they are. I know I can and should witness and this has encouraged me to follow God’s calling in my own life.

  • I went to Worldview Academy last summer, which is a camp that takes place in many different cities that is all about the Christian faith, evangelizing, and worldviews (hence the name). It lasted for a week, and about midweek we were taken into the streets of denver, CO (the camp took place there) to evangelize. And i dont think i’ve ever been more nervous about anything in my life!! All the reasons from this video to not evangelize came streaming through my head, mainly “am i going to make any sense?”. I prayed the whole thirty minute drive into town.
    It actually went pretty well. We were divided into groups of three (two girls and a guy, or two guys and a girl) and sent out all over the city. It was amazing to be able to do that. We even met some christians who offered to pray for us as we went, which was indescribable. But we were able to speak to a lot of people who were willing to listen. But we did meet people who really thought we were idiots, crazy, stupid, and annoying. Which is fine, you can’t get across to everyone. One thing you learn while doing this is the darkness in this world. In denver, to be specific. I was moved to tears by some of the people’s responses to the good news we were trying to give them. But ultimately the trip was a huge blessing, an eye opener and a preperation to do more evangelizing. i can’t wait until another oppurtunity arises. i thank the Lord that He took me to that camp, and then to the city to do that, it’s affected me greatly in many ways.

  • I have used all 8 excuses. Ha-ha. But I have talked to non-Christians about Jesus. I have been told “You think too much” (About life and God) and “You need to just enjoy life and stop worrying about other people”. But I haven’t given up and nether should you.

    “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” Mark 16:15-16

  • Have any of you considered that your beliefs are completely false and destructive to be a reason not just to avoid spreading them any further, but to abandon them completely?

  • Mike, we have considered out beliefs, and if we considered them false we wouldn’t believe them, if we considered them destructive we wouldn’t share them. But we do share them because we are wholeheartedly convinced that they are true. The Christian faith is not destructive, it is about spreading the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Sure, it’s counter-cultural, but that does not make it destructive. Our culture today is what is destructive. I will never abandon my faith, because I know God exists. I know it through reason and I know it because I have a relationship with God.

    As for the video….it’s very funny, but it makes me squirm every time I watch it! I have used every excuse a million times.

  • Anna Lyda (July 21st, 2009):
    I totally second what you have to say and I was going to make a post to the same effect, but you beat me to it! Here’s my impression:

    As to #8, think Acts 5:21–the apostles counted it joy to suffer for Christ’s sake!! And James 1:2-4 says “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

    1. I don’t know enough
    Read The Presbyterian Conflict by Edwin H. Rian. I am OPC and this is the best book to help you understand orthodox presbyterianism.

    2. I’ll be a religious nut
    Religious nuts are awesome!!! God’s glory is our chief end, so the more so-called nuttiness, the better!

    3. I’ll say the wrong thing
    Read a good book (like the one above)!
    Also, pray. Phil 4.6-7 God will put the words into your mouth like he did to Moses and Ezekiel and all the prophets

    4. I’ll be a bad witness
    If you are being a bad witness, pray (confess your bad example and your specific sin, and repent) and strive by the grace of God to be a GOOD witness. He wants you to evangelize, so he will help you if you are sincere. (And if you are worried about being sincere, he will help you with that too!)

    5. Won’t know how to start
    What Anna Lyda said was very good for this point.

    6. Might be made fun of
    Who cares if you’re made fun of? I know it might hurt a lot, but God is more important than your feelings and he won’t let a single planted seed return empty.
    If you lose friends because of your witnessing to them, then they probably were not good friends at all if they left because of your faith. God gave Jonathan to David for a friend “that sticks closer than a brother.” He will provide new and better friends for you that will be encouraging, uplifting, and spiritually edifying.

    7. Won’t make sense
    Once again, quote Scripture and read a good book to help. But prayer is the best. God’s answers can be amazing when you talk to him.

    8. Might get beat up
    See top for number 8.

    I don’t mean to be judgmental, but this is my take. Sorry if I offended anyone–I’m not the best at putting my thoughts into words, so I can be pretty harsh at times.

  • I agree with Anna Lyda and River la Belle!!! God didn´t promise us an easy life, but He promised to be with us all of our days just after He said go therefore and make disciples… (Matt. 28).

    I don’t know enough/won’t make sense:
    I once was told: when people ask difficult questions, don’t try to answer if you can’t, ask them if it’s ok that you think about it and talk with them later. Sometimes it turns out that people just want to distract attention from their own by asking difficult questions and make it look if christiannity doesn’t have answers. When people are really serious they ‘ll like the idear of talking further about it an other time. On the other hand sometimes you just can say you don’t know the answer either (the Lord ways are higher than ours), but know that the Lord cares for you, and that that’s your comfort. Than the conversation can be about how good it is to know the Lord.

    #9. Afraid of being cicked out of the country and being unable to witness to the people there again.
    What would you do if you’re living (as a foreigner) in a so called closed country? How would you evangelize?
    I was in this situation for 9 months and will be in a problably more difficult one in the future…

    Sorry if I made some (spelling) mistakes, English isn´t my first language.

  • Howdy would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m looking to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  • Hi from Australia, I have bben trying to purchase or get a better resolution version of this
    “8 reasons…” clip Does any one know who made it etc.

    Desperate as two leads from your site appear defunct…

    Blessings & thanks

  • Most of these problems seem to be problems with going up to strangers and talking to them in the middle of the day. Someone you don’t know and won’t ever see again probably. I would find it more usefull I think if it focused on talking to those who are people you know and see regularly. I don’t talk with strangers. Not really. Only if we are in the same place for the same thing or something like that but stopping people on the street? I don’t know….

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  • This video was very true and funny. I did a poll the other day about reasons why some people don’t tell others about Jesus and all the reason you guys represented in your video real on the poll. I’m going to use to video as a tool to help spread the gospel.

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