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Facing the Giants: A Landmark Independent Christian Film


At the strong recommendation of several of our readers, Alex and I went to see the film Facing the Giants with our family this evening. We entered the theater cautiously optimistic. We came out postively enthusiastic.

Despite an all-volunteer cast and only a $100,000 budget, Facing the Giants features an excellent (and at times brilliant) script, solid acting, and beautiful cinematography. It went beyond our expectations and several steps above almost any past Christian filmmaking effort.

If at all possible, go see this movie. Having attended two indie Christian film festivals and watched most of the popular independent Christian films in recent history, we can confidently say that this film has surpassed them all.

ACTION STEPS: (1) Visit The Official Website for trailers, plot details, theatre locations, etc. (2) Go watch the movie and take your family and friends with you. (3) Help promote the film by placing an ad on your blog or website.

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • I live in Massachusetts and the movie’s not coming to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, New Hamshire, Maine or Vermont! Most of the Christian stuff like this never comes to New England. It’s like living at the end of the world. Not many Christian bands or speakers come here. It get a little frustrating!

  • I had just finished looking at, when I visited your homepage! I’m so excited to see other people promoting this film. Our family enjoyed their first one, Flywheel, but it looks like this one exceeds that one tremendously! Unfortunately, Facing The Giants isn’t coming to a theatre near us, but we’ll be eagerly awaiting the dvd.

    It gives so much hope to the Christian film community. I hope this sparks a fire under people’s feet!

  • Awesome tip, guys. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely pass the word on to others locally and also posted something on my site(s). Plan on seeing the movie if I have time.

  • Thank you so much for posting about this movie… I watched the trailer FOUR TIMES and cried each time… We’re going to have to drive a good bit too find a theater, but I think it’ll be worth it…

  • It’s great: Facing the Giants is getting a lot of attention.

    A friend remarked, “It get’s a PG rating for a Christian theme.”

    Word needs to get out about movies such as this one because every ticket bought to view a movie is a vote for it. The message needs to be sent that these movies attract viewers -hopefully more viewers than your average run-of-the-mill, R rated films- so that we see more and more of them coming out.

  • Wow, just awesome. I saw the movie last night with my relatives, was crying through almost the whole thing, and have now definetely put it on the top of my “favorites” list. I have never before seen a movie so wholly and passionately dedicated to the glory of God; i found this movie extremely encouraging, and at times, convicting. Thanks Brett and Alex for letting us know about this, else I might not have ever seen it!

    I also find it so amazing that Facing the Giants was written, directed, produced, edited, and starred in by the same man – also that all of the actors in the movie came from one church!

  • I was really hoping to see it- I’ve heard alot about it. But unfortunately it is not in any theater in my whole state (CT). We need to pray for revival in the northeast!!

  • […] Below is an exciting excerpt taken from Facing The Giants’ 10/05/06 Email Update. To sign-up for these updates, click here. Facing The Giants is a landmark independent film in theatres now. Much like with a good football team after a key victory, Facing The Giants has another big weekend ahead of it. The movie had a good opening weekend (fourth-highest per-screen average among the top-12 films) and has been consistent this week at theatres. It even is the top-rated film by users on Yahoo Movies. […]

  • Me and my family saw the movie wednesday, i liked it a lot. Any1 who has not seen it should. Its that good, I was so guessing through the whole movie about wat was going to happen next. Its a great family movie night up. The only thing i found “bad” about it is “1” time the coach says “hell”. But that was it it!!! Great movie…

  • Cody: I believe you’re mistaken. None of the reviews I’ve read have mentioned any uses of the word “hell.” I believe you’re referring to the time when the assistant coach is shouting “WHOOOOO!” repeatedly on the sideline after an exciting win.

  • —————————————————————————————————–
    Katrina Says:

    October 1st, 2006 at 3:44 am
    I live in Massachusetts and the movie’s not coming to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, New Hamshire, Maine or Vermont! Most of the Christian stuff like this never comes to New England. It’s like living at the end of the world. Not many Christian bands or speakers come here. It get a little frustrating!
    Actually, there may be some theatres playing the movie in massachusetts. I checked the Flagship Cinemas website, and under coming atractions it had Facing the Giants! It didn’t say when it was supposed to be out, but I can’t wait till it does. Flagship Cinemas has theatres in Wareham, Quincy, and New Bedfod,(mass.) Thomaston, Auburn, Oxford, Lewiston, Waterville,(maine) Derry,(new hampshire) Churchville, Carrolltown,(maryland) and Homestead.(florida) Now again, I don’t know when its going to be playing, but you can always check thier website for further updates. I hope this was some help! (I also live in mass. and believe me, I know how you feel!)

  • I agree completely…”Facing the Giants” is completely beautiful and Christ-centered movie that deserves to be watched. I hope more movies come out like this. It was totally refreshing to me.

  • Facing the Giants is an GREAT movie!! We showed it at our church and every one loved it. My favorite scene is when Brook is in the doctores office. I cry every time I watch that part. I also love the songs they used! I would definitly promote this movie!!

  • I’m glad that you recommended it to everyone!! I have seen this movie 3 times, and my family owns a dvd. It is so Christ centered and it is so amazing to see how that NOTHING is impossible with our GOD. NEVER BACK DOWN. NEVER LOSE FAITH! NEVER GIVE UP! (I can’t stop qouting things from the movie) One of my favorite scenes is the death crawl…lol
    GOD bless ya’ll.

  • I’m a Christian, and I LOVE football…but this movie was REALLY bad. I couldn’t finish watching it, it was sooooo boring! The whole theme is nice, but the way they put it, and the cast was just…horrible. The cast were picked up from the street….only the black guy could act…but that was only in a 1 minute scene….and, well, I was disapointed with it. It was nothing like I expected it to be. The “death crawl” scene was kind of stupid….he’s just yelling at the guy, acting like the whole thing is a BIG deal, when it ain’t.
    If people are going to exult our God, they can at least make a decent film.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Amanda. I was REALLY disappointed with this movie. Not only the acting, but that everything they wanted they got by trusting that God would take care of them. I’m not saying that it isn’t true, I’m just saying we don’t always get what we want just because we ask God for it. What we want isn’t always what’s best for us. For instance my uncle and aunt have the same problem the coach and his wife had with not being able to have children, but no amount of praying that they would have their own children brought about a change. My uncle and aunt came to realize that as much as they wanted biological children God caused things to happen that showed them this wasn’t God’s plan for them. God has since blessed them with two little girls from China and Lord willing they will be adopting another child soon. I hope everyone understands that I’m not saying God couldn’t give them (the coach and his wife) their own children, I’m saying it might have been better to show that sometimes we have to change our desires so they conform to the desires of our Creator who knows what is best for us. Anyway that’s my two cents worth.

  • I thought the movie was ok. I really liked that Coach Taylir and Brook did’t kiss during the entier movie.

  • It was interesting to read the comments from your viewers. The senes in the movie came from real life events, you could take bad events and make a opposit type movie. I will close by telling you this movie changed the lives of the people in the movie…. MR. BRIDGES .. IN FACING THE GIANTS

  • Facing the Giants Rocks!!!!!!!

    I agree with Nicole on the fact that they respected the fact that the woman who played Brook was another man’s wife.

  • The cinematography was actually very decent, especially condsidering the low budget. However, the acting was just distracting(occasionally unbearable) and the script was faaar from brilliant. I actually think it’s great that the church went out and made a Christian movie with a positive message that seems to have resonated with alot of people. But I just think that Christians should be at the forefront of film-making…making the best movies in secular and Christian circles. Two parts that stuck out as especially grievous were: First, the whole death crawl across the field. This scene was so prolonged and so hyped up that by the end it had become completely powerless and fell flat as a book. The second, was just one line that I remember when the coach is praying( I think): “God I just want to win, that’s all, I just want to win” reffering to football!! Winning was what he cared about…talk about shallow. Anyway…I like this blog,=).

  • “Facing the Giants” is a great, entertaining movie!! It has a lot of funny parts in it (my family nearly laughed their heads off during the entire thing!), but it is still very touching
    in different parts as well.
    The “death crawl” scene is maybe a bit tiring, but I personally think that the black assistant coach makes up for that with the line,”All right! Who’s next?” That is one of my
    favorite parts in the whole movie.
    If you think you live in the ends of the earth, you should try living in small-town North Dakota! ;o)

  • I just wanted to put in a good word for “Facing the Giants.” This is my top favorite movie ever! It is funny (I was crying when I first saw it), the script was well written, the acting was great considering none of them were professional actors, and it gives God the glory.

  • I just wanted to say that I saw Facing the Giants DVD a few weeks ago and I think it is one of the best movies I have seen. My parents don’t usually let me see movies but this one was so decent they actually let me see it. I have to admit that when I first heard it was about football I kind of was like, “yeah, football, how boring can it get?” Now, I actually think I might like something about football! I know that some of you thought that death crawl scene fell flat but that’s my favorite part of the entire movie. I have always been someone that just thinks, “I can’t do that !” I realized that maybe God really can use me to do hard things through that scene in the movie. God has used this movie to help me actually take steps to do some of the hard things I didn’t think I could do before, like sharing my faith with people I don’t know. I can’t wait for the next movie to come out!

  • I have also seen this movie and it is a very good and encouraging movie however, if you beleive in God you will not automaticly get all kinds of payroll raises, new trucks etc. On the other hand God never fails to reward those who are faithful even though it might not be in this world! 🙂

  • Hi there,

    My name is Monique & I’m part of the PR team for Sherwood Pictures–creators of FACING THE GIANTS.
    Thank you so much for supporting the movie on your blog! We wanted to keep you informed of their latest project–FIREPROOF.
    It’s due to hit theaters this September in theaters nationwide. You can go to to view the trailer, read the synopsis, and sign up for updates to stay up to date with all of the FIREPROOF happenings! If you’re interested in learning more or need any resource, pictures, and downloads for your blog please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to get you what you need.

    Again, thanks for blogging!
    Lovell-Fairchild Communications

  • I love the movie. It’s a great combination of sports and Christianity. And the closing song is very inspiring. The Voice of Truth, by Casting Crowns. It’s an amazing song which speaks about stepping out of our comfort zones and following Jesus.

  • To people who think the movie is saying “you can get whatever you want by praying for it,” I disagree. Remember the coach telling the players, “If we win tonight, we will praise God, and if we lose tonight, we will still praise him”? The coach and players were prepared for the possibility of NOT getting what they wanted. And they were ready to praise God in any event. And remember Grant telling his wife, “Will you still love God even if He never gives us a child?” Brooke had to reach the point where she could praise God whether or not He gave her a baby. So I think the movie was clear that we do not always or automatically get what we want, but the point is, God is still good.

  • That was amazing. My favorite part was when David kicked the football at the end. Of course , my dad had to watch it five times.
    I cant wait to watch Fireproof.

  • I love this movie. The first time I saw it I was in tears. I love how they gave everything to the Lord, and I think thats what we need to do in everyday life. As they said if we win, we will praise you and if we lose we will praise you. That should be in everyday life.

  • That was a great movie! It was so nice not having to look it up online first to make sure it was appropriate! A rare find.

  • It was also really neat how they made David small and be the one who stood up to the giants…..(Goliath)!

  • Facing the Giants is an awesome movie. It shows how dependent we are on God, and that we should persevere through hard times. It’s one of those movies with clean entertainment without cursing or innapropriate behavior. If you like Facing the Giants you would like Flywheel with most of the same actors/actresses.

  • Okay I Love this MOVIE. But I think for one reason, its bc I played football, the other reason would be, I’d say its bc this movie shows so much, how teens can push past what they think is hard, and move on to harder things. Like the part when he makes that young man do the death crawl, and tells him that he thinks he can go to the fifty, But he ends up goes the whole way. But my favorite part would have to be when the whole school is outside, and everyone is crying and praying, and that young man walks up to the coach and says he excepted Jesus as his Savior, so he says he wants to go talk to his Dad, and goes and says what he says. That is by far my most favorite part.

    By the way Has anyone heard of Fireproof? Its the next movie by the company that made Facing the Giants. If not It comes out the 26th of this month.

  • I love “Facing the Giants”!!!!!!! My family and I have seen it at the very least, 20 times! In fact my dream is to one day act in one of their movies.

    By the way, make sure you all go and see “Fireproof” when it comes out on the 26th!

    God Bless!


  • I TOTALLY agree with everyone here. I think anybody and EVERYBODY who watches this will not be able to deny that the message was clear, strong and encouraging.
    My favourite part is definitely the death crawl.. and pretty much everything else! I just hope that I can put everything i learned into my life.
    My youth had a Movie Night and showed this movie.. we invited non-Christians and I’m happy to say even they loved it!

    greaat job!

  • I enjoyed the entertainment the movie provided. Definitely a feel-good flick. It is my belief, however, that God does not always give exactly what you want everytime. He will change the desires of our hearts to His when those desires don’t line up with His…and we all need to be willing to accept God’s “nos” as readily as we accept the “yeses.” I liked Flywheel much better..and I’m planning on seeing Fireproof too.

  • A must-see!
    I laugh and cry when I watch it-and I’ve seen it over 5 times! My favourite parts are:

    -the death crawl (reminds me that even if we think no one is watching, demons and angels are. It does matter how we react to situations-like Brock did though he didn’t know the other guys were following him, stunned by how far he had gone)

    -Brooke at the clinic, totally submitting to God her desire to have children-and God gave it to her!

    -David trusting God about making the 51-yard field goal-and God helped him!

    So anyone out there who hasn’t seen it, drop everything and do! You’ll have no regrets…AT ALL! 🙂

  • –oh I forgot to say, it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! But you probably guessed that from my above entry…:)

  • Last night my family and I wached Expelled by Ben Stein and it realy motivated me to do something about the fact that there are people bing denied their right to speek. I know this post is about facing the giants (which is a great movie along with fireproof) but I dont know where to post this idea. this is a movie you must watch and I would like it to be discused. If you (Alex and Brett) could give me some ideas on how I could lead or help this cause please let me know.
    God Bless you.

  • This film is really awesome! I cannot remember how many times Ihave seen it (must be over a 100!!). I just wish there were subtitles in different kinds of languages, so that more people would be blessed and not only those who know English…Another thing that is bugging me and my sister is that here in Greece, Fireproof is not coming out at all!!!

  • I finally saw it for New Years…WOW. I’ve never cried so much watching a movie in my whole life. It really spoke to the areas of my life that I need to work on and was very inspirational! I loved it!!!

  • that movie changed my dad’s life from dying when killed to eternal. I watched fireproof with my sister when it came here Sheridan, Wyoming and i must say, you Have to see that movie..
    just suggestion 🙂

  • Fireproof is an amazing movie that’s next from these producers. It’s about a man trying desperately to save his marriage. My cousin has joined this fight and I am trying to help him. Please help us out! Join the group “Help save this guy’s marriage” on Facebook and send it to all of the friends in your address book! While you’re at it…check out the movie. It’s inspirational!

  • One of the greatest movies ever! It was truly inspiring to watch the movie and follow the characters through their walk with God and their greatly developing faith. “If we win, we’ll praise him. If we loose we’ll praise him.” What a beautiful mind set for all of us to have!

  • I do have to agree with a lot of what Mimi Gohn said…

    There really is no perfect movie, and Facing the Giants wasn’t one. I thought it was a little corny that everything turned out perfect in the end because life hardly ever works that way–and it certainly isn’t true that God will give you all you want just because you trust Him. Sometimes all you want isn’t all that’s good for you! *SPOILER ALERT* I think it would have made more sense if the coach and his wife adopted, instead of having their own children. Perhaps a higher salary could have made that possible…?

    The acting wasn’t the best but I do think it got better as it went on. I could get past that.

    Overall, though, it was a touching movie that displayed how God can work. There were a lot of good themes, like the quote Emily put. It’s definitely worth watching… it’s just not the be all, end all of movies 😉

  • Facing the Giants is a great movie with an important theme that is relevant to the daily walk. Never give in to fear. Yeah sometimes the acting wasn’t perfect, but I was very impressed how clean they made the whole movie. And I disagree with all those who can’t stand the death crawl part. That is one of the most powerful scenes in the entire film!

  • Well, I really liked Facing the Giants – can’t quite understand how anybody can think it’s boring – I had chills running up and down my arms for most of the movie, it was that moving/touching/powerful. Also I laughed like crazy at the funny parts.

    Brett or Alex, did you write a review of Fireproof anywhere for us to read? If so I’d be interested in reading it.


  • “Facing the Giants” is one of the BEST movies I have ever seen. Clean. Christian (vividly!). Moving script. Excellent music scores. Perfect suspense.
    Being that I’m posting this on July 3rd, ’09. Most everyone has already seen the movie. But I have to put my 2 cents worth in anyway. It is that good of a movie.

    Anyone seen either of their other films … Flywheel and Fireproof?

    I highly recommend it!
    I really love Facing the Giants too, its just that just because your a christian doesent mean you get everything you want in life. I still love thier movies and I’m eagerly awaiting their next!!
    there is a “next” isnt there? 🙂

  • God is really using sherwood alot. I lived in albany, Ga for four years. I was confused about life and the world, but a man one day came up to me at school and asked if i went to church anywhere. I said no, and asked why? He replied i would love if you and your family would come to church with me this sunday. We ended up going to sherwood that sunday. The man that invited me, ended up being my 7th grade sunday school teacher. Little did i know, but i would come to know Christ at that church and become the man i am today do to that man that simply asked if i would go with him to learn about God.

  • That movie was sooooooo awesome Iv’e seen it several times and I cried with the characters everytime they did. They did a really good job making that movie

  • Facing the Giants and Fireproof are GREAT, and INSPIRING movies!!! They definitely had an impact on my Christian life! They’re like my favorite movies ever! I definitely have to commend and thank Sherwood Baptist Church and everyone involved for allowing God to use them in such a great way. God is truly AWESOME and He deserves all the honor and glory for these amazing movies. Keep doing great things for God, Sherwood! God bless.

  • I love sports movies, but Facing the Giants was so AWESOME because it combined football and the gospel message. What really amazed me was the fact that most of the actors are just volunteers from the church, and yet they do such an awesome job! It’s one of those movies that I just want to watch over and over again.
    Fireproof was outstanding! I couldn’t believe once again these were just ordinary people doing such a fantastic job! These people definatly “do hard things,” and I belive that they will have a great impact on the world. These people are so on fire for the Lord, and I hope that God will bless their ministry.
    Fireproof especially helped me to see that I need to start being a leader now, as a teen. So that when I’m older, I’ll have those leadership skills and “not just follow my heart, but LEAD my heat” and family.

  • This was a great movie. I really think it stresses the importance of how a talented athlete also has to show good character and faith.

  • I think that Facing the Giants is an excellent movie! And I would highly recommend it for all ages.. It show’s how when you let God have everything He will truly bless you.. Will it be easy? NO!! Did anyone say it would be easy? NO!!
    It is extremely hard to give God everything but when you do you will be truly amazed!!
    God Bless

  • We just watched Facing the Giants (again :D) a few days ago – what an incredible movie!!!!!! True, the acting wasn’t spectacular, and the filming wasn’t incredible, but for an independent film, they did an incredible job!!! Also, Fireproof is my absolute favorite movie of all time!!!! Even though I’m not married, it still touched my heart in so many different ways.

    And, for those of you who haven’t heard – Sherwood pictures is coming out with their fourth movie: COURAGEOUS!!!!! It looks absolutely incredible – check it out at

    Happy new year to you all!!

  • I like this movie alot! I kept on pestering my mom to buy me it when it came out in our church bookstore. She bought it for me on my birthday. I still have it and I watch it almost every week!
    God Bless!

  • I really enjoyed the movie, it was refreshing to see a christian movie, BUT, I am afraid it sends the message that in order for God to be good, He has to make us win in everything we do…but hard things happen in life, and we don’t always get what we want, and we don’t always get a miracle, but that in no way takes away from the Love of God and his goodness to us….
    so i just hope people don’t miss that… (-:

  • Its a great movie! Its very motivatating:) I loved it and have seen it multiple times:) my church has shown it several times and my youth pastor has used it too:)

  • AMAZING movie!!!! Great for the whole family from age one to one hundred. Incredible message. A movie for football lovers and Christians alike. ^_^
    Love always in Christ, Lani

  • I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I went with my family and some friends to see it and we loved it!
    my favorite part was when Brock is carrying Jeremy (i think it is him) down the field on his back! they used that in my youth group and i was like GO! when i watched it.
    Shine your light and let the whole world see,

  • I own the movie and i watch it often. It is extremely inspiring and i hope every body else will one day see it too.

  • The black guy is the best! So funny! Facing the Giants was the church’s second movie and their movies always get better as they make more. (Movie #4 Courageous is coming out next year by the way)!! What I find MOST inspiring is that all the people involved, whether in the movie or behind the scenes, are volunteers and do it for the glory of God and not for themselves. That is the best part and we can all learn from that. I love this movie!

  • perserverance now has a whole new meaning!

    this inspired me to keep going for God even though sometimes it can be tough 😀

  • I loved this movie! It’s a great modern day David and Goliath story. Plus, I like to watch football. Thanks for the recomendation!

  • On my top favourite movies list, along with Fireproof and Courageous! If you haven’t watched any of these movies, you have to watch them. I reeeally hope they produce another one.

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