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John Piper: The Power of Divine Grandeur


In a series of messages entitled Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, John Piper reveals the powerful antidote to all of our lusts and worldly desires.

For those of you who cannot view the video, or who want to read more (do!), you will find an excerpt from his notes and a link to the rest below:

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ
by John Piper ©

My conviction is that one of the main reasons the world and the church are awash in lust and pornography (by men and women—30% of internet pornography is now viewed by women) is that our lives are intellectually and emotionally disconnected from infinite, soul-staggering grandeur for which we were made. Inside and outside the church western culture is drowning in a sea of triviality, pettiness, banality, and silliness.

It is inevitable that the human heart, which was made to be staggered with the supremacy of Christ, but instead is drowning in a sea of banal entertainment, will reach for the best natural buzz that life can give: sex.

Therefore, the deepest cure to our pitiful addictions is not any mental strategies—and I believe in them and have my own (see ANTHEM). The deepest cure is to be intellectually and emotionally staggered by the infinite, everlasting, unchanging supremacy of Christ in all things. This is what it means to know him. Christ has purchased this gift for us at the cost of his life.

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • That excert was good. I haven’t yet watched the video, but I will comment on that when I do watch it (I don’t have time right now). I’m glad to see you all are back to posting now. It seemed like it had been awhile. 🙂

  • That was beautiful! My brother and I watched it together and I just sat there say “amen” over and over again. It is so true! His last line, “you could say no” hit me so hard and I think I am going to use that as a signature for the next month. 🙂 What an awesome message that has to be spread.

    We’re so happy to see the inspiration blog posts again guys! We missed you.

  • I posted this video in the Armory awhile back. It was great watching it again! Being reminded that the satisfaction that is found in God, completely dominates what sexual immorality offers. Although, in the moment, this may not seem to be so. But the more and more that I fall into it, and the more Christ lifts me from it, the more and more God sinks it in to my mind, It is not worth it! Can these few pasting seconds of pleasure make up for the cost of God’s discipline! For the lost of Christ closeness! For the scars carred in to my future marrige! It is not worth It!

  • This is an incredible message of the freedom we have in Christ. Praise God for his utmost supremacy and his perfect plan for each one of our lives!

  • What a cool concept & a clear way of presenting it. Thanks for sharing this!!! 😀 I’m going to go read some more…..


  • Without listening to the message (I’ll come back, I’m just strapped with a tight schedule) many live life without a purpose. Some think the antidote is to seek God until He gives you a vision that you can go out and implement. I think this is the wrong attitude. The last thing we need is another item that shifts our focus from Jesus…be it a ministry, life calling, etc. If you are following Jesus you’ll be where He wants you doing what He wants you to do. Problems come when we seek fulfillment outside of God’s best.

  • Excellent teaching! I got a lot out of this sermon. Being an Aussie I had never heard of John Piper until now! How sad is that?? I think John should come and visit Australia soon. I would love to hear him.

    Thanks guys.

  • […] And…as if my filter issues weren’t enough, my computer crashed for the second time…I have tried running dell pc restore, and it doesn’t work, and I don’t have the boot disks (but I will get them in a few weeks), so, there isn’t really much I can do but wait.Needless to say, I am rather frustrated, and its a pain having to borrow my grandparents’ computer every time I want to check my email, or write a paper for school, or watch one of my lectures on DVD.However, I think this is all good for me in a sense, because by not being able to use my computer, I realize how dependent I am on it. It isn’t as though I’m one of those crazy people who checks their email once every five minutes or something, but just the fact that when I’m bored my first impulse is to turn on my computer, is a warning light. So, I am going to have to make sure that when I do get my computer working, I don’t spend all my waking hours playing Red Baron (lame, I know).I was reading a blog post the other day, and, although it was focused mainly on how to have sexual purity in our lives, I was struck by the applicability of the idea, to all areas of our life. The post is an excerpt from one of John Piper’s messages and, if I were to choose one quote to sum it up, it would be this: Therefore, the deepest cure to our pitiful addictions is not any mental strategies—and I believe in them and have my own (see ANTHEM). The deepest cure is to be intellectually and emotionally staggered by the infinite, everlasting, unchanging supremacy of Christ in all things. This is what it means to know him. Christ has purchased this gift for us at the cost of his life. […]

  • Wow!! That convicted me. I think every man needs to be reminded that sexual lusts are momentary and never satisfying (if you really think about it). Chrsit is great, that’s why we have men like John Piper tell us that there is a more satisfying feeling then sexual nudges and that is God’s love.

  • Wow!
    That really touched me. I think what I will remember most is his last statement…”you could say no!” Very convicting…how true.

  • So true! Sex is just temporary plesure to the body, while God is eternal pleasure to our spirits! Which is better? Temporary or eternal? God is greater than anything we can ever experience! Leave sex to marriage where it’s supposed to be, and enjoy the eternal pleasure that Christ gives!

  • AMEN & AMEN!!!! This is so true, yet, the church won’t talk about it. Personally, I think that the reason why messages like this aren’t preached or taught in the modern church is because there are many who really don’t want to face their sin. Oh Lord God, I pray that You would bring TRUE revival to your Church, show us our sins, and awaken Her from the slumber of Mediocrity that she is in. In Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

  • AMEN!!! I know that almost all people on earth have been tempted ar will be tempted by this topic.
    I have not heard of John Piper before but His’ really good.


  • Wow… that is so true. People are looking for some kind of mind blowing high and the only thing that can somewhat satify is sex. At least for awhile. After awhile it leaves them as empty and bored as before. Even more so. So they have to be with someone else or try something new. Then a cycle starts. But the only thing that can really satisfy without harming you is God. With sex there are all these repercusions. But with God, it’s all good! There are no harmful repercusions! Which is AWSOME!!! hahaha!!!

  • This is a problem that I have struggled with for a long time. The ANTHEM article helped a lot as well as this video. My own mind was many times a big warzone and I unfortunately lost the battle quite a few times. I know that I have not tried quite hard enough, but now I will. I had just finished reading “Do Hard Things” and decided to check out the website. My problem is pornography, but my main problem now is my own thoughts since I stopped looking at it. I had known what my problem was for a long time and now am really going to try. I really liked “Do Hard Things” and it inspired me. I am have been a Christian since August, 2006 and live in Queens, New York.

  • words can’t even describe what’s going on in my head. all i have are tears. i’m ready to change. for real this time. i’m sorry God for holding back from giving every part of me to you. i love you.

  • i dont understand…..GOD created sex so why is it so wrong? sure casual sex is wrong but if GOD himself created sex then its good! remember everything god created was GOOD! why not sex? in case your wondering yes i am a virgin still but just confused….i have a true love waits ring i havent even kissed anyone and i am 15…..whats the big deal?? just wait till marriage and if people make fun of you just remember that YOU are making an amazing choice to wait till you get married….personally i feel sorry fer people who think im wierd being a virgin…….they will never get to experience thier very first kiss on thier wedding day…..but i will…god allowing that i get married…i will!! and i am so very happy!! !! p.s the title??? “god is better thatn sex”……iam confused and hurt…NO DUH god is waaaaaay much better than sex!!!! why cant people see that?? sigh…just venting out a little im sorry guys…well g2g 2 school god bless!!!!!

  • “First, knowing the supremacy of Christ enlarges the soul so that sex and its little thrills become as small as they really are.” Wow! As one of that “nonexistent” (at least to the church) group, a woman who regularly struggles with lust, this entire message was amazing and an enormous help but it was the above statement that really knocked me back into my seat.

  • My mouth was open while watching this. I lust and look at pornography and I need help. This could be what I am looking for!

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