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Bella: A Pro-Life Film


Every once and a while a movie comes along that has the potential to change lives. But even more rare than that — one in a thousand — a movie comes along that has the potential to save lives. Bella is such a film.

Since Brett and I first saw Bella last September, we have not ceased to be excited about this film. Here is a powerful message, communicated artistically and with excellence, by three young men who are passionate about God, life, and family.

The Rebelution hosted a private screening in Salt Lake City, where we were able to spend the weekend with lead actor and producer Eduardo Verástegui. Last month, while in Los Angeles for several interviews, we stopped by Metanoai Films and spent some time with producer Leo Severino and director Alejandro Monterverde.

The three of them are an incredible picture of the Three Pillars of the Rebelution — character, competence, and collaboration — in action. Many of you experienced Bella in theaters last year and have asked how you can help spread the word. Others missed it in theaters and have asked when it would be available.

For both groups, we have great news: Bella is out on DVD. Already at least fourteen lives have been saved by this film. Through the dedicated effort of rebelutionaries, that number can be increased exponentially.

Talk to your parents, siblings, and friends and decide how you can be involved in spreading this beautiful film to a world that desperately needs its message. Go out and do hard things — and come back here to let others know what you’re doing.

Some reviews of the film Bella from our readers:

“We went and saw the movie Bella this afternoon. It’s pro-life message was very encouraging. Our family saw Jose as the prime example of a gentlemen. We talked about his character all the way home from the theater (an hour drive). The family life displayed in the film is what our family strives for everyday.” — The Koller Family


“[Bella] is amazing! They get the message across without being too preachy or compromising. The characters are believable, the story is beautiful, and the humor is great! It’s a glimpse into what true love is and it’s a home-hitter on the value of life.” — Ana


“I just got back from watching Bella. Everyone should see it! It is a movie that could change lives, heal wounds, and make an impact.” — Holly


“What we enjoyed about the movie were an engaging story line, up-close and compelling cinematography (even in the big city), great acting and character development, a believable plot, and most importantly, a beautiful underlying message about the gift of life.” — Evers and Lois Ding


“I think this movie is a beautiful work of art. The dialogue was alternately hilarious and heart-wrenching. The acting was superb. The camera angles were fascinating. Cinematographically, the film was amazing.” — Tara


“I saw Bella last night. Wow. I’m still a little shaken up. The music, the camera angles, the dialogue, the plot itself, the acting — they were all superb and really moved the movie along, making a simple plot (one day in New York) mysterious, intriguing, and convicting.” — Becky


“For any other guys who think this is a “chick-flick”—I didn’t come away thinking that at all! It involves a ‘chick’ and her very realistic problems. The lead guy character is a good guy figure to study and to have for a hero! It’s a powerful (and realistic) movie with a powerful message!” — Sydney


“EVERYBODY thirteen and up needs to see [Bella]. It is powerful, and it is truth. The sanctity of human life is obviously important to God, and here is a chance to get people to think about that through a great movie.” — Jenna


Have you seen it? Will you? Leave your review in the comments section!

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • I was so excited that it’s coming within an hour of us! I let out a cry of joy and ran up to where my mother was and started verbalizing my joy in a way that she couldn’t understand. 😛 We’ve been looking forward to this movie for months.

  • Hi Alex and Brett,

    The above link to the Teen Mania website is listed as instead of God Bless!


  • Well, I should be grateful that Boston isn’t too far away…Somewhat. 🙂 At least it’s getting closer and closer!

  • Your average Mexican chick-flick usually does not merit two separate posts on a blog run by teenage boys. Therefore, I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this movie is being recommended because of its perceived pro-life stance. But what stops the main character in the movie from getting an abortion? It’s not legal protection for the unborn. Abortion would have been completely legal in her scenario. She would not have been the first person in New York City to get a legal abortion. Also, she does not appear to be the most moral person in the world, as she is sleeping around before marriage. What stops her for getting an abortion is simple: emotional support. She finds a guy and has a family who doesn’t demonize her for getting pregnant before marriage. Horrid treatment of unwed mothers is one of the factors that has enabled Planned Parenthood and other baby-killing organizations to become such a powerful force in America. (Of course there are other factors as well, such as loose-morals.)

    For anyone who opposes abortion, this movie offers an important message: There are ways to prevent abortion other than getting a law passed. Support unwed pregnant women, and maybe we can put Planned Parenthood out of business no matter what the law on abortion is.

  • We just came back from “Bella” (literally we walked in the door about five minutes ago). It was really good! There were a couple times when we got a bit lost in the flashback scenes, but other than that it was really nice. There was definitely a pro-life message there. The camera angles and lighting were really interesting too. It made for a very creative (and very believable) movie.

  • isn’t letting me fill out the form without entering in a credit card. Can you help us out with further instructions/information?

  • You don’t have to actually submit that part of the form to be signed up. I was trying to figure out how to get past it without the credit card information when I received e-mails from in my inbox. Then I got a phone call from Corby, so I know it works.

  • Yay! It’s coming to a theater near home… and another one near school! How exciting! Thanks for reminding us to check the updated theater list! 😀

  • I saw it the other night and was very impressed. The acting was far better than I was expecting, the script was very good, and I loved what they did with the camera!

  • I just saw the movie this past weekend with my wife, and I must say that the message was encouraging and I think it’s helpful for all of us (who aren’t in that scenario) to hear and even feel the turmoil that is in the mind of someone contemplating abortion.

    For a little critique – from a cinematic aspect, I didn’t like it. The closeness of the camera to the people’s faces and the way the camera “bobbed” a lot made my wife sick and it did “annoy” me, too. That said, I think it was probably due to the low cost of the film.

    So, if you ask for a review – I give the clarity of the movie’s message an 8 and I give the camera focus a 3.

    With these comments, I want to make sure that I’m clear in saying that I’m grateful that the message is getting across to so many people. It’s definitely much needed.

  • I am very excited to see Bella is coming to the Indianapois area. Thanks for sending updates about what is happening with the movie. I look forward to supporting it.

  • I got to see an advanced screening of this at Teen Mania’s Honor Academy. It was very good film, and it was amazing how they could pull off an award winner with such a small budget. God gets all the credit for Bella’s success.

  • I saw it last night. We got lost on the way and after driving an hour, missed the first few minutes. Bella is well worth getting lost in the dark! It’s really hard to watch, though, becuase of the message. My mom, a former social worker, calls it a “cry, cry social worker movie”. 🙂 In spite of this, the message is important for our culture and the way they bring that message makes it less offensive and more persuasive, I think. It was definitely something I needed to hear in preparation for possibly helping women at my secular college.

  • My brother & I went to see Bella this afternoon. It was beautiful. It made me smile, made me cry…made me think about what real love and friendship really are. I wasn’t sure how it was going to end, but I loved it. I love how it’s about real people, real hurts and problems, about family and being there when someone needs you. Just a story about life. Not so much about the words, but the actions.

    Beautiful, that’s all I can say.

  • I hope to see Bella soon. I have read several good reviews and am looking forward to seeing it.
    I also heard the producer, Leo Severino, on the radio this week. It was very interesting and made me even more exited about seeing the movie!

  • I saw “Bella” this evening and was quite impressed. During the movie, my thoughts were positive but not stellar, but afterwards my mom and I talked the entire hour and a half home about it, and came up with some incredible allegories and discussion topics. It’s after 1 AM, so I have not time to write a complete review. However, I plan on doing so soon, and it will be posted on my blog, if you want to check it out.

    The summary of the review: SEE THIS FILM!

  • Bella FINALLY came to a theatre near us!!! Hurrah! My family and I went last night. What a wonderful film with a very pro-life, pro-family message. If you go see it, be sure to bring tissues! ( :

    I really liked how they didn’t get married right away. I think it sends a better message to girls who are pregnant. They don’t have the excuse of “yeah, sure, if I found a perfect husband like Jose I’d keep the baby too.” Instead, all Nina finds is a family that’s willing to lovingly adopt her little girl – something that’s a realistic option for almost every pregnant mother.
    So – the big question: Did Nina and Jose end up getting married?? That’s the big debate in our house! ( ;

    Great movie – definitely go see it and support it if you can, if not, get it when it comes out on DVD!!!!

    Carlin N.

  • This was such a beautiful film. As for Carlin’s question, I don’t think they get married. It just wouldn’t be right — it would be a very unbalanced marriage. But the adoption is really, really beautiful. The sensitivity and love in this film, mixed with strong and visionary truth, is astounding.

  • I got to see Bella about a week or so ago, and I loved it. I agree with Pastor Timothy that it was obviously a lower-cost movie, but I think that’s what makes it great-the movie is incredibly simple. Unless, like Mrs. PT, you get sick at a bouncing camera, I think the simplicity of the movie actually enhances the movies message. I kept thinking about what WOULD have been done if the movie was trying to become a super-popular movie and make a lot of money. But by keeping it simple, I think the message was more clearly heard, AND was presented incredibly realistically. As Carlin said, the movie presented an alternative to abortion that is a realistic option.

    In short, I LOVED THIS MOVIE, and I think everyone should go see it if they can!

    Oh, and I’m a big advocate of “voting with the pocketbook”-if you want to show your support for the movie go ahead and pay the money to see it, and pay the money to buy the DVD when it comes out.

  • I saw this movie last week, and I loved it! It was so powerful, and the acting was actually quite good, considering that it was a low-budget film. A must see for everyone!

  • I do not know anything about this movie. speaking of movies this is an alert DO NOT WATCH BEE MOVIE! VERY SUGGESTIVE AND THEY USE THE LORDS NAME IN VAIN!

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