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So I’m Going to College


Going off to college is like taking a giant leap into the unknown. This video was made by Bridget Degnan — a journalism major and one of our best friends here at PHC — right before she arrived on campus this fall.

We asked her if we could share this with you, because it was a much-needed reminder to us about what is really important — not just in questions about college, but in all the big questions we face in this season of our lives.

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • This is beautiful! So honest and true, and though I’m not going to college any time soon I am moving to a distant country (the other side of the globe, actually), and it’s so important to remember that when we center our lives on God, everything falls into place.


  • This was great! I found that many of the things Bridget mentioned in the video were things that were true for me as well, as I went through college. And the end was really cool. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve found this true for myself even though I didn’t end up going to college (God called me to work at a camp over the summer and then to return home for other things). Many of the same things run through my mind even now and it’s 100% true that the only thing that remains the same is God. And it’s also true that it really isn’t always as complicated as we make it – and focusing on God can keep it from getting that way.

  • That’s neat. I have alot of those same questions and doubts about college. I have taken classes near home but now I am looking into/hoping to go away to college. And what a comfort to know in all the changes and uncertainties of life we have a God who never changes, and whose word is always certain. I loved the reminder at the end of the video – no matter what happens, our calling and our ambition is to be seeking FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness! Thank you for sharing this!

  • That was really great, Bridget! And an excellent point. I’m not even going to college right now (and if I do, it will probably be just a few classes at a campus right down the hill), but that’s still very applicable to other aspects of life as well. All our questions, doubts, fears…they’ll all fade into perspective (that sounds a little odd…hehe) when we “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”…

  • I think that this video reminds us of a key point in life. Most of the things we face can be overcome by one central idea: Put God first. Everything in our life, whether it be relationships, sports, school, or our passions, should revolve around God.

  • Wow, what a great message! Although college is a couple years away for me, this can be applied to questions and confusion about life in general. As long as our focus remains on Christ, everything else will just “fall into place.” How encouraging is that?!?

  • Wow, that was a great video. I’m just starting to think seriously about college and it can start to be very stressful at times. This was a great reminder to where my focus should always be. 🙂

  • Great message!!! I think that this isn’t just for college students… I am not going to college and I STILL benefited from it!!!… it is for EVERYONE in ANY situation. When we put God in the middle of things it totally makes things a whole lot clearer when it comes to our lives!!! Thank you Brett and Alex Harris for sharing this video. Praying for you still, Your Sis in Christ, Anna H.

  • That clip definitely portrayed the confusion in life — how sometimes we can be so confident, and at other times don’t even know who we are. When it comes to the popular phrase, “It’s a small world,” life most of the time seems to be the opposite. As we get older, life gets more complicated, and we wonder how everything is going to work out — and how we can use all of our situations for the glory of God. But really, when faith is present, He uses it for His glory.

    “It will all fall into place.”

  • My granddaughter left for Texas A&M this year and we all experienced this same anxiety. It was difficult to watch her leave for this part of her lifes journey. We had to release her and pray to GOD for her safe keeping, it required us to trust HIM

  • This is an interesting topic for my family.
    After getting his associates, Dad realized that he currently made more money than he would when he finished college; thus, he just started working and didn’t go back to college. And that has worked out well for him.
    Mom always regretted not finishing college; therefore, now that my brother and I are grown, she is attending A&M. Of course, we are all trying to be supportive, but attending college at her age presents different challenges than attending college does for young people.
    After attending four years at A&M, my brother still has not graduated and has no idea what he wants to do with his life, but I don’t look down on him for that.
    After finishing two semesters and quitting two others, I currently do not go to college and do not plan to do so any time soon since I quit the two semesters and do not want to spend any more money just to quit again. I know what I want to do with my life, but everyone tells me that I need to do something that actually makes money.

  • That was amazing! It really make sense–even with all the changes, college doesn’t really change our most important goal as Christians. Thanks for sharing, Bridget, for allowing Alex and Brett to post this and impact us all!

    P.S. I was supposed to visit PHC a few weeks ago, but that got cancelled, but I’m coming in two weeks!!! So maybe I’ll get to meet you, Bridget! And see Alex and Brett again, of course 😉

  • This video was especially poignant for me right now, as I’m struggling through through some major choices regarding colleges this very moment. Thank you for posting it. 🙂

  • Just today I talked to som college freshman from my church who were home for the weekend and it really sounded like they were having a hard time putting the Lord first in their lives. Thank you for a very poignant reminder that everyone should hear, whether or not they are college students.

  • I really liked this.
    This last fall 2 of my best friends went away to college. It’s got me thinking, and I’m pretty scared about the whole thing. college? on my own? oh man! I’m only a junior thank goodness but sense I’ve always been really mature for my age it feels like I should be going away now with the rest of my friends. So I’ve already started thinking like she was on the video. But really it all comes back to God, and the reminder to put God first is just what I needed right now 🙂

  • Wow, yeah, the end gave me the shivers too. Cool. Wow. I guess I’m speechless. We should all pray that we remember that about everything in our lives, not just college stuff. Thanks for posting this video, guys!

  • The video’s awesome especially the ending! The video really sums up what Matthew 6:33 is all about. Seek Him first and everything will just fall into place. Thanks for sharing Alex and Brett!

    And thank you Bridget for making this video. =)

  • That was AMAZING! I’m definitely not to college yet (four years till I graduate) and yet I wrestling with some of the some issues from which this blew away some fog, especially how my love for music, running, art (…) fits into my desire to seek God more than anything– how much time should I devote to something that isn’t specifically “religious”. I love this video. It’s so simple. Seek first the kingdom. Everything else will fall into place. I am so encouraged!!!

  • That video was SO encouraging! I’m in the process of applying to PHC right now, (and stressing out a little) and this video really brought me back to the realization of the one main Purpose behind the madness.

  • I can’t see the videos, either here or on Bridget’s website. Any way I could see them somewhere else? Or get a summary?

  • This video was very encouraging. It was amazing and encouraging to see a young adult who is on fire for God using the arts and the gifts He has given them for Him. It was well made and carried so many true thoughts. And, as a new college freshman, it definately resonated with me personally. So many of the thoughts I had before I started this fall (and as I jumped into the thick of it), and what I ultimately have to come back too, over and over again. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Wow, That’s incredible! I really love that video! It’s true and it makes me think about going to college differently, and gives me some things to think about, and remind me of the reason I’m going, when I go off to college next fall. Thanks so much 🙂

  • That’s good to keep in mind. I am currently praying through whether or not I should do graduate school when I finish my degree. I think I have been making the decision harder than it needs to be, almost expecting writing on the wall. Instead my focus should be on glorifying God and seeking to serve Him. School is really secondary.

  • Interesting clip… So, is the REASON she’s going to college to honor the Lord, or is that just the thing she should ALWAYS do and, hey, it COULD fit into going to college? I don’t think that question is really answered…

    My personal story is that I started a community college and it took so much of my time (I was living at home) that I was never able to help out with family things or do simple things to serve. I felt like my life was revolving around COLLEGE rather than my God-given role as a woman. I am not saying this is true for every girl, but it’s something to think about…. What does God want, BEFORE we make the decision? I dropped the class after (totally honestly) many tears and prayer. And I know I’m doing what God told me to. Again, there is no rule for everyone, but what does God WANT? I hope I made sense.

  • Great job Bridget! Thanks for letting Brett & Alex share this here. 🙂 The build up to the end where the shot pulls back to reveal the cross really makes a powerful statement. I think so many of us – myself for sure – can relate to feeling so close and entangled with life’s questions and confusions at times that we fail to see the bigger picture…Jesus Christ. Perspective makes all the difference.) Thank you.

  • This was great Bridget! I love the end when you see the cross. I also like the part about meeting new guys and possibly getting married. :). Very cute.

    God bless!

    Sarah. 🙂

  • So cool! My mom and I have been discussing college options and I have been wondering what it’s like. Thanks, Bridget, for putting it all into perspective. Love the cross at the end!!

  • As a sophmore in High school, I won’t be going to college for a few years, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t and shouldn’t be preparing myself for it now. In my fourteen years, I’ve found that with many things in life it seems like you’re jumping off a cliff without knowing where you’re going to land (or how, for that matter). But, it is so true that if you put God in first, everything else fits where it’s supposed to. It is a great thing to start putting into practice before you get to college. If you can put God first now, it will be a lot easier to trust Him and put Him first later. Thanks for the video!

  • While I don’t think it’s the best thing for a teenager to go away to college, especially a secular college, Bridget did one really cool thing as she prepared to leave home: She wrote her dreams down on paper! (She wrote down Pulitzer, Nobel peace prize, and a few other things.)

    So many college students have no clue what they want to do in life. The first step to finding out purpose in life is to get your dreams down on paper. Even if they don’t come to fruition for a long time, you’ve got something tangible to move toward. Seeing a dream become a reality is sometimes a long process but it can happen by taking one step at a time!

  • In response to Katie Cochran:

    The idea is that the cross should be at the center of everything we say and do. It’s not that living for God “fits into” my college ambitions. It’s more like my college ambitions must fit into living for God. Everything we do should come under this larger umbrella.

    Hope this answers your question! 🙂

  • Well done, well done! As a recent college graduate (just this April, woot-woot!), I can definitely say that it is all up to you (with God’s guidance of course) on how you will make your college life totally fulfilling. The whole college thing really be alienating and challenging at first (haha, couldn’t forget my first day as a freshman more than four years ago!), but everything will go by just fine once you get the hang of it! Just enjoy learning and do not be afraid to take risks. Meet new people that will make this phase of your life more enjoyable to bear (sleepless nights doing thesis and stuff, you gotta have some buddies to endure that with you!). Use your time well because you know that not all people can be on your shoes right now. Know and set your priorities straight so you will be purposefully-driven every single day. And lastly, view college as another opportunity for you to excel for Christ, to be passionate on what you really do best because you know that God is the rewarder of them all (graduation and beyond, hurrah, hurrah!). Have fun so you won’t have any regrets (though you will miss school dearly once you are now working!). Alright, all the best! Fight the good fight! Philippians 4:13 🙂

  • Wow this is really encouraging…I’m going to college in 2 years..I freak out whenever I think about it..mostly because I’ll have to say good bye to my friends and only God knows when I’ll be able to see them again…

    But then, God’s always with us, and everything is in peace with Him….

    “I have commanded you to be strong and courage. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I’m in my third year at collage now, and well that’s a good reminder amidst all my midterms, pro-life work, elections (Canada is in the midst of one too), friendships, and family to be still and know that He is God and to prayerfully consider anew whether I am truly seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness. Thanks Bridget!

  • Sweet Video! I really liked it. I hope for you that college is an amazing place to be built and defined in terms of God’s personal interaction with you. Sometimes when we get away from what’s familiar, we really grow and become more firm in our commitment to The Kingdom and our role in God’s story of redemption.

    I hope college is amazing for you….great work!

  • Wow that was a great video! Im going to college next year and Im only 14 so I think I’ll need all the encourgment I can get
    keep it Up!

  • Katie Cochran:

    Thank-you!!! I agree with your perspective. Though I am hoping to attend a local trade school. I am nineteen and am in a “hurry” to do hard things, but hard things for God and not men and myself. Why does everything have to be littered with rock music, why does so many young people’s lifes revolve around such things? God has called us to greater good, things bigger than the “norm”. Would like to say more, but I have to go. I understand others opinions 🙂 I was just encouraged with what Katie had to say! Thanks. Isa. 6:8

  • Taking nothing away from the message of the video…
    I really LOVED the MUSIC! 🙂
    I recently picked up my guitar that I’ve had stashed away for 10 years, and am now fully determined to use it 🙂 and I was just impressed with the music in the video!
    ~ I would like to play that!
    So I want to say, good job on the production side of the video, as well as the message!

  • Michelle – I’m just curious because it kind of bothers me when people make statements like that. What does rock music have to do with anything. I am hoping to go to music school in LA in two years when I graduate. I actually feel like God is calling me into the music industry, so why is it that a LOT of Christians act like it’s bad or unimportant? I am SO excited about getting an amazing education in music. Why is playing music any less important than whatever job you (or anyone else) are going to do?

  • Awesome job, Bridget!! I’m not gong to colledge anytime in the future, but that is a great reminder of what our whole life needs to be; glorifying God with all we are.

    And just remember, everyone; colledge is not for everyone.

  • RBMA:

    I think music has a-lot to do with our walk with Christ. Let’s face it, would Jesus go to a rock concert? I don’t think so!!! I would love to e-mail you more info on what I and others that I know think about this very important subject. “Rock” music comes from other countries that beleive and practice devil worship, to call the spirits and the demons down to earth: augh!!! 🙁 It doesn’t matter what the people are saying; its the music! There is so much more I could say about this, and I don’t want to be rude, but I feel someone has to take a stand. My e-mail is: [email protected], I hope that you and perhaps others will e-mail me, I will try to be more informative and direct.

  • Also:

    I am not against music 🙂 I love music, mostly hymns, and I think that there is different kinds of music for different events. Though if we are christians and we are the temple of the holy ghost, then we need to be careful with what goes into our temple. I hope I am making sense.

  • Hi Michelle,

    I, like RBMA, have no idea what rock music has to do with going to college. I am honored that you found my post encouraging, but was really confused when you just threw rock music in there when I had not mentioned it all…? I personally find many kinds of “rock” music are extremely worshipful and I think you are being a bit judgmental to condemn all rock music as “evil.” Sure, some of it isn’t the best (although I would say that it’s mostly the words that are unwholesome). Anyway, I don’t think this post has anything to do with rock music so we should maybe not get caught up in this discussion. It seems to me that you sort of had a chip on your shoulder about rock music and wanted someplace to vent, taking your opportunity here.

    No hard feelings, but let’s just stick to the subject, which is college. And I also didn’t want anyone to think that I had somehow communicated in my post that rock music was evil (since you seemed to be AGREEING with me on that stance). I actually really really enjoy bands like Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, and Falling Up.

  • Michelle, RMBA, and Katie Cochran:

    We can debate this “is-rock-music-good-or-bad” issue all we want. However, I won’t go any further than this one question relating to ANY kind of Christian music. Think carefully from your heart.


    Anyhow, can anyone give me a summary of the video or tell me where to see it elsewhere? It’s not showing up here or on Bridget’s website. Thanks!!

  • As next year moves closer, and the sudden realization of this time next year I will be in college still freaks me out. Im so nervous of how im going to live and how im going to handle things. How hard will school be? Lately Ive been filling out scholarships every day and I finally reached my breaking point. I had tried so hard to do all this on my own, to handle everything, but I realized I cant. I believe God had told me to just let him take care of it but I didnt listen for weeks, But when I finally broke I realized he is the only one who can help me. The day I couldnt take any more I sat down and prayed the longest prayer I have ever prayed. And now I have no worries and I know God will take care of it all for me. This video just proved to me that exact thing. From now on I will no longer worry about what will happen this time next year, but instead I will witness to others, and show them that without God you wont get anywhere!

  • these is a great video! 😀 encourages us to put our trust in just Him and nobody else because He will always be with us no matter what!!!!

  • What an awesome video! I will be going to college myself starting this spring. That’s very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey! I know that girl! She was dragging me ALL OVER THE HOUSE making me film random things. Like filming her reading giant books and filming her sipper up her suitcase FROM 6 DIFFERENT ANGLES! I thought she was going completely crazy. But as it turns out, she put all of those clips into this video! Its really is amazing.

  • wow this video was really good…this is really going to help me with life right now…i never thought of it that way….”Seek ye first the kingdon of God and all His righteouness and all these things will be added unto you”

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