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Let’s Get Behind New Action Film Beyond the Mask


I just wrote to Brett, telling him about an incredible Christian action-adventure movie that is coming to theaters in April called Beyond the Mask (

Many Christian leaders around the country have endorsed Beyond the Mask, including Dr. Del Tackett with The Truth Project, Dr. Jeff Myers with Summit Ministries, Focus on the Family, Michael Farris with HSLDA and many others!

I’ve had the privilege of working with Burns Family Studios, started by two homeschooling families with a passion for reaching others for Christ through high quality movies, and it’s been a complete joy to do so.

This is an amazing example of young people doing hard things β€” through filmmaking β€” for the glory of God. And not only filmmaking, but top quality, Hollywood quality filmmaking! This is too good of a movie to not tell you about.

But first, watch the trailer so you can see for yourself:

And take a look what some top Christian leaders are saying:

There are several reasons I’m sharing this movie with you at The Rebelution. One of them being that this is a powerful, well-done movie with the potential to reach many for Christ.

Not only that, but Beyond the Mask is an action-adventure movie and what do young people watch nowadays? Action-adventure movies! The media is a powerful tool and in our day and time, a powerful way to reach young people like ourselves.

Another reason I’m sharing Beyond the Mask with you is this is an amazing example of young people doing hard things for the glory of God, as I mentioned earlier. The Rebelution is all about that and Beyond the Mask is such an encouragement to us as rebelutionaries!

Burns Family Studios was started years ago when nine cousins (from two Burns families) were inspired to make movies for Christ. They started out small and continued to sharpen their skills and widen their horizons over the years when it came to the latest technology in filming and the skills needed. Now here they are in 2015, about to debut in theaters all over the country because God gave them a dream to make movies for Him years ago.

Lastly, I’m sharing this because Beyond the Mask is too good of a movie to not be seen by millions around the country. We’re looking for people with a desire to share Christ through films and through this one in particular!

One way to do just that and to make an impact on your own community is to request that Beyond the Mask come to your local movie theater. It’s free to do on our website and takes only five minutes.

You simply pick the date (April 6-9 is our target dates), local movie theater, and time. Then, you simply spread the word, telling your friends, neighbors, co-workers, church friends, everyone about the movie and get them to come!

Over the years, I’ve seen God do amazing things through The Rebelution, like funding well projects in Africa, sending thousands of Valentine’s cards to imprisoned kids, spreading the word about kids needing to be adopted, the list goes on and on. God is working in our midst and in our generation.

Fellow rebelutionaries, let’s join in and impact our culture in a way that they’ll take notice β€” and that’s through the media. Together, let’s bring Beyond the Mask to our communities and make a difference for Christ!

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helped found Bloom! Magazine when she was 17-years-old. She has a huge heart for missions, kiddos, orphans, and adventures and has traveled around the globe to share Jesus and the Gospel, exploring the dirt roads of Romania, Panama, and Mexico, among others.


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    • @trent_blake:disqus, Actually it doesn’t take much of a time commitment to be a Theater Captain. All you do is go to the movie’s website and request it to come to your local movie theater (takes about five minutes and is free to request). Then once your theater is confirmed, you tell everyone about the movie – via email, facebook, in person, whatever and they reserve tickets themselves on the website ahead of time. Pretty simple and quick!

      If there’s already a showing in your area, you can join that one – just make sure to help guarantee the showing by reserving tickets ahead of time on Beyond the Mask’s website. Then it’s great if you spread the word to let others know about this fantastic movie!

  • I’d like to see a Christian movie as big and popular as Marvel’s The Avengers. Imagine the impact! I hope this starts that process of making that a reality. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, that would be awesome. I’m actually attempting to write a Christian superhero movie, so…I’ll see where God takes me with that one.

    • Oh yeah, that would be incredible! And that is exactly what I’m hoping this film is going to do. It is breaking the mold and showing other indie Christian filmmakers that this type of thing can be done. That Christian films can be good-quality films with solid acting, and good cinematography and music scores, and, oh, about a hundred other things. And they can be historical. And the film can get out there and into theaters. Oh, I’m so excited about this!

      (Hey, Trent, btw, a little late I know, and rather off-topic, but I loved that mile-long Yoda/football/coffee beans comment from way back when.)

      • Thanks!

        You know, it doesn’t take much effort. You could probably do it fairly easy. All you need to know is

        (1) Yoda talks in “inverted order” (with some exceptions)

        For example, “ I want coffee! ” turns into “ Coffee, I want!

        (2) Add Hmm… , Yes… , Yes! No! Yes! , and direct Yoda Star Wars quotes, whenever appropriate.

        (3) Use the HTML tags as follows without the spaces

        (Insert speaker tag here)
        Example: Yoda:

        (Insert character lines here)
        Example: Hmm… Eat Chocolate Moose, I must…

        * Insert character action/narration here)*
        Example: *Starts throwing pine cones at Trent*

        So, with a little bit of effort, virtually anyone can do it. πŸ™‚

        God bless!
        – Trent

        • Thanks for the tips, Trent! I’ll really have to try that sometime. πŸ™‚ And thank you so much for reminding me how to do italics and bold font – I couldn’t remember for the life of me!!

  • Wow! This is so cool! I’ve always wanted more Revolutionary Era movies, and here it is! And made by Rebelutionaries…even better! I will totally see this film sooner or later, and congrats to these guys for making their theater debut!

    • @graysonzaragoza:disqus, yes, same here! And I can tell you – Beyond the Mask is an amazing movie! Maybe there’s a showing in your area…or you can request one (it’s free to do on the website). Hope you get to see it!

      • Plus, I recognized a bigger name actor in it: John Rhys-Davies is the man who played Gimli in LOTR and he was also in the Indiana Jones series. It’s cool how they can get some veteran actors to be in these Christian movies.

        • It think so too! I think it is really sweet of Mr. Rhys-Davies to be willing and almost even interested, it seems, to be in these sorts of productions. There’s another indie Christian film coming out someday soon, and they’ve cast C. Thomas Howell and Jon Voight of all people.

  • This movie looks really neat! I hope i get to see it! I love seeing believers use unique talents for God’s glory… it’s just plain cool πŸ™‚

  • I heard about Beyond the Mask a couple of years ago when the Burns family started working on it. The trailer is amazing! It looks like a wonderful film. I want to see it!!

    • @moriah_s:disqus, It totally is a wonderful movie! Check out and see if there’s a showing near you. Or, like I told Haylie, you can request it to come to your area – free to do and only takes five minutes. Together, we can bring a good movie to our communities, one that will point others to Christ!

      • Since I’m not really on FB, Twitter, or other social media type of networks…it would be hard for me to spread the word. I am not the type who has tons of friends or knows a lot of people. I guess these things would not make me a very good captain.

        • @moriah_s:disqus, Well, there are still other ways to spread the word! Like at church, school/homeschool group, etc. Besides, telling someone about the movie is much more personal than social media anyway.

  • Let’s see, this movie takes place in my favorite time period ever, it’s Christ-centered, the story is interesting, PLUS it features Gimli from The Lord of the Rings. πŸ˜› I see no downside to this!!!

    • @Gabrielle S.:disqus, My thoughts exactly! Be sure to check out the site to see if there’s a showing in your area and reserve tickets ahead of time (no tickets are sold at the actual theater – only online through the movie’s website). If there isn’t one in your area, you can request it to come to your area – for free!

  • Yes! Thank you, Joanna! This came in in my Disqus Digests yesterday morning as I was psyching myself up for a day of advertising. I about screamed. I volunteered to be a theater captain a few weeks ago and it never occurred to me to encourage others on here to do the same. This is an awesome opportunity for us to do a small hard thing to help others in their quest to do a big hard thing. Let’s do this guys!!!

  • And Joanna’s right, this doesn’t take much time. Gathr does all the footwork securing the theater and time for you. You just tell them your preferences, and they do it all. Once your showing is set up, there are endless ways to get the word out there: ask your pastor to get behind it, share it with your youth group, call a couple other churches in the area, share it at your homeschool co-op or school, share it on FB or Twitter. Burns Family Studios has tons of downloadable resources available for this, and once you reach 12 ticket sales, they send you a box of materials to help you advertise. They are doing an incredible job making it as easy as possible. πŸ™‚

  • Hey guys, just an update – we currently have over 1,000 showings requested all over the US (679 of them have been confirmed and the rest are still in processing). It’s so exciting to see God working through His people all over! Keep up the good work – and remember to purchase your ticket on in advance – it’s the ONLY way to get a ticket. Please keep spreading the word about this amazing action-adventure film that glorifies Christ. Together, we are making a difference and I pray that God will use us and this movie for His kingdom!

      • @Blake, We are pretty excited and are praying that God will take Beyond the Mask and use it to draw many to Himself. Make sure to purchase your ticket online since NO tickets are sold at the theater.

  • I just watched it last night!!!! SOOOO good! I’m posting a review on my blog tomorrow! It is coming to my town next month πŸ˜€

  • Hi guys!

    Just wanted to update you all on the progress of Beyond the Mask. Thanks so much to those of you who have been so excited about the movie and its message of redemption and identity in Christ. What a blessing to have your support! Since writing, we have seen a rise in theater showings and in tickets and I’m sure we have many of you to thank for that!

    Beyond the Mask’s movie premiere of April 6th is fast approaching. With such an incredible film with a message of redemption and identity in Christ that the world needs so desperately to hear, we are now focusing on ticket sales and asking for your support in this. We would like to prove to Hollywood that high quality, wholesome Christian films are in demand. Because of the unique distribution method we are using, each of the almost 800 theater showings across the US has a minimum number of tickets that must be purchased online in advance in order to guarantee the showing will take place. On average, a showing needs 65 tickets to “tip” (get the minimum number of tickets). No tickets will be sold at theater doors.

    The driving passion behind Burns Family Studios and Beyond the Mask is to point others to Christ through high quality, family-friendly films. Will you join us in “tipping” theaters in all 50 states by reserving your tickets for Beyond the Mask today? Your credit card will not be charged until enough tickets are reserved to guarantee the showing will take place (so, if for some reason the showing you reserved tickets at doesn’t “tip”, you won’t lose any money).

    Many theaters need to “tip” by March 26th, so the race is on to bring this incredible action adventure to theaters. As I said before, this is too good of a movie to not tell you about, with endorsements from Focus on the Family, Michael Farris and HSLDA, Dr. Del Tackett of Focus on the Family’s Truth Project, Dr Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries, Stephen Kendrick of Fireproof and Courageous and countless others across the nation.

    Please stand for high quality Christian filmmaking by reserving your tickets now! Share Beyond the Mask with friends and family and on social media, too. Together we can make a difference in filmmaking and do this hard thing for the glory of God! Now what are you waiting for? Go get those tickets!

    In Christ,
    Joanna Suich

  • I actually know the producers of this movie. The Burns Family are sweet people. I’m going to see the movie on April 7th. Can’t wait!!

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