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A Plea to Vote (From One Young Person to Another)


Voting is the essence of our responsibility as Christians and young adults to let our voice – your voice – be heard as “we the people.”

I implore you, my generation, do not be silent!

If primaries have not occurred in your state yet, please find out when they will be held and then vote.*

North Carolina (my state) will be one of the five participating in Mega Tuesday: one of the desperate battles of the ages for sweet liberty!

Do not let her be bound – for in the binding of her, it will cost the bitterest and most painful ransoms to release. It is a somber truth that such a release may be entirely unachievable once lost.

Not one American alone was enough to secure from her conception, consequent pregnancy, birth pangs, the triumph of July 4th, 1776, and beyond. Our beautiful “land of the free and home of the brave” has been fought over for centuries!

Countless loyal lives have cheerfully yielded themselves to the spilling of life blood for the cause of liberty. Irrefutably, it has taken many, many lives to nurture and protect and cherish this precious value of liberty.

Please listen carefully and with tender attentiveness:

It is time to arise! It is time to fight! It is time to protect all that is America.

On Saturday morning, I had t737561e2-09e0-4d6f-a86b-0545305a14d6he beautiful, sincere privilege and unprecedented honor of meeting Pastor Raphael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz.

Pastor Cruz expounded on the fact that God has ordered things in such a way that His instituted power starts with Him, goes to “we the people” and then government comes into play.

Without “we the people” (you and me) U.S. government would be dead, lifeless, and utterly paralyzed since it must operate through the Constitution by “the consent of the governed.”

He quoted Dietrich Bonhoeffer in association with the impact of our voting voice.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

To remain silent is a heinous injustice. Bluntly and correctly put by Deitrich Bonhoeffer, it is evil.

Think about silence.

It is something so fragile that the drop of a tiny pin can be heard, yet that one drop accomplishes its purpose: the breaking of silence. One voice – your voice – shatters silence into powerful, authoritative persuasion.

It is our patriotic calling as Americans to reach for the highest good in our Nation, to preserve our freedoms as individuals, and to ensure the lives sacrificed on behalf of that freedom are honored by our sincerest efforts to uphold the American dream (see Galatians 5:1).

“Any man who does not start his day on his knees is not suitable to sit at the Oval office.” – Ted Cruz

I am profoundly thankful for a man of integrity who values prayer and the help of Lord God Almighty above all else to power and aid him in Office!

Today will be decide two things – liberty or death. Let our heartbeats pound with Patrick Henry as we stand for what is right and true: “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

Valiant victory is attainable by one thing: YOUR VOICE.

Martin Luther shrewdly surmised the simplest thing a human can ever do:

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen.”

Go to the ballots. Cast your vote. Let your voice rise with the resounding, pealing ring of sweet liberty.

*PLEASE NOTE: In some states, same day voter registration is allowed. If you have not registered yet, you can be registered to vote in the crucial primary elections through that process. Also, here is another important fact: if you are 17 now, but will be 18 years old by the time of the 2016 General Election, you can be qualified to vote!! Haven’t thought that far ahead? Take advantage of same day voter registration.

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Moriah Simonowich

Moriah is overcoming doubt and legalism to appreciate the steadfast love of Jesus–as well as what it means to be a well-beloved daughter (Lam. 3:22; Eph. 5:1-2, AMP). You can connect with Moriah on Instagram:


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  • Wow, thanks for the article. Since I am only 16 I am not able to vote yet, but I have made it a point to, basically, bring up politics to most people I know and ask their view on it. And I tell them what I believe and so we both get to here different sides of the story (if they are against my beliefs). I hope this article inspires as many people as possible who CAN vote TO vote. In Christ Alone.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Stephan! I am deeply glad that this article was a blessing to you. Keep doing what you are doing–I am sure that makes an impact! Have you ever considered campaigning for a candidate? I have some friends who make phone calls since they are unable to vote yet themselves. Just a thought! 🙂

  • Rather than state my political views and start debating, I’ll simply say this…
    You live in NC? I do too! 😀

  • Thank you so much for writing this article! I’m 17 right now and the state I’m in already had primaries, but I’ll be 18 by the time the elections in November come around. While I was already planning on voting then, this was still encouraging to read. This reminded me of a George Washington quote I heard once that went something like, “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves.”

  • I’m planning on it! And for you guys who are still underage, remember, every vote you influence is a vote! A lot of Americans are uninformed and even though you can’t actually cast a vote, you could nudge someone in the right direction.

  • Thanks for writing this, Moriah! I agree that voting is an important responsibility! I would like to clarify, however, (for everyone else) that this post does not reflect an endorsement of Ted Cruz on my part or on the part of

    • Moderators should be allowed to endorse too 😉

      Least now the choice in the GOP is pretty clear.

      I would really recommend everyone watch the last 5-10 minutes of Rubio’s speech tonight. I’ve never seen such a genuinely Christian politician — he was quoting scripture left and right, and he’s done that throughout the campaign trail. If all politicians had the integrity that he has, we’d have no problems in government.

      • I’ve heard people say he’s catholic, which is ok with me because, hey it’s better than fake christians like Trump who just make us look bad, but I think that has kept a lot of conservatives from liking him.

        • Yeah possibly, but I actually read from Joel Rosenberg that Marco is a true evangelical. The way he speaks is much different than the typical Catholic to say the least — either way, it’s clear Marco believes Jesus is the only way, and tries his best each day to glorify Him.

          • I understand that some Catholics are Christians, but a lot of Catholics do not believe that salvation is by faith in Christ alone because of what he has done for us, taking on the punishment for our sins. If someone does not believe this, then they are not a Christian.
            Ephesians 2:8-9

          • Yeah I agree with you 100%. Some things like predestination or if speaking in tongues/etc continue today aren’t salvation issues – people on either side can be saved. But Catholics who believe in works-based salvation don’t truly believe the essential doctrine of justification by grace alone. Anywaysies, rant over, sorry. =P

        • Wow, very cool. Yeah, he was both inspirational and very rational. But, as Marco said, God has other plans and we need to trust in Him. I think our country will be coming under judgment though unless we reverse course quickly!

  • I actually registered to vote a couple weeks ago, but it was too late for the primaries. Basically, I’m only voting ’cause my dad was kinda wanting me to, so I’m just gonna vote for who he’s voting for lol

  • This is very encouraging! I’m not old enough to vote, but I just signed up to make phone calls for the most conservative man in this race. After reading about the Harris brothers experience working with grass roots, I am excited to try it out.

  • Completely agreed and this comes at an especially essential time for a variety of reasons, namely: the wrong track we’ve been on and the fork in the road choice we are now tasked with.

    What I’d also push us all to do is become knowledgeable about the key issues. For instance, aside from lacking any integrity and flip-flopping on every issue, Trump has zero substance on every issue. As Christians, we are responsible for being ambassadors of the truth — and that means keeping our eyes wide open to false prophets and leaders. There’s nothing remotely Christian about Trump and Christians need to be thoughtful and courteous, but firm, about the principles that our integral to our faith.

    Audrey: one thing we should also be careful of is not to become spiteful about any of it as it’s all under God’s sovereign plan. Obviously that’s not what you were doing, but there are a boatload of people out there who are angry for the wrong reason (and that’s what Trump is capitalizing on).

  • I don’t want to say this. The last thing I want to do is discourage you, but I feel like this is important to clarify. (Seriously though, correct me where I’m wrong.)

    Voting is a good gift that we can use for God’s glory, and I definitely agree that we shouldn’t waste it.

    But as Christians we are sojourners, we don’t belong here. Our hope is set on Jesus, nothing less will satisfy.

    America isn’t enough. We are broken — as a nation, as individuals, as humans — we’re a mess. We need so much more then a leader.

    It’s easy to think that if we get the right guy then he could sweep in and make America perfect again. But it just isn’t true.

    The American Dream was never perfect. The way we hold onto our rights isn’t perfect. God doesn’t just give us rights, He also calls us to give them up.

    He calls us to spend our lives for Him; to lay down every want, need and right so that the World can see the goodness of this God who we love. That’s where we find the greatest joy, we’re made for this!

    I don’t disagree with what you said, but it’s easy to think politics will save us. They can’t.

    But Jesus already paid the price. He’s gathering his people from all over the world, and one day He’ll come back to make things right.

    Until then, we trust Him. If we trust Him with our biggest problem (to save us from ourselves), then we can trust Him with our country and our lives.

    That took more words then it should’ve, sorry. I hope I wasn’t rude, I just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

  • I would like to take the time to mention that being conservative is not a requirement of Christianity, only confessing that Jesus is Lord and believing in your heart that God raised him from the dead (Romans 10:9). While it is true that there are many points of liberalism that-arguably-conflict with God’s word (abortion), there is such a thing as a liberal Christian.
    Just something I wanted to say, as I’ve been in a Christian community that makes the two sound mutually-exclusive.

  • Personally, I don’t believe that everyone has to vote. I believe it should be a person’s own choice. They shouldn’t have to vote if they don’t want to and shouldn’t feel pressured to because they think it their duty.
    I for one am voting because I want to(not that I thought I would feel guilty if I did not vote).
    To be honest I find it very hard as a Christian to vote. One candidate might say all the right stuff to get in office and after he gets in changes his mind about abortion, same-sex marriage, ect just to appeal to the GENERAL public.
    So would you still vote if every single one of the candidates believed something that was absolutely against God and his Word?

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