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Truth in the Face of National Tragedy


Valentine’s Day was stained with blood. The first thing I saw when I logged into Twitter was the words “school shooting” and “Florida” used in the same sentence. My first, selfish thought was, Where? Near here? And then, Oh no. Not again. Our collective hearts are heavy, not only with the news of this tragedy, but with the weight of similar horrors that seem to come on each other’s heels...

Billy Graham: One Man In God’s Hand


God got ahold of his life and he was never the same. God lit a spark in his soul, and his whole life blazed with passion for God because he knew his home wasn’t here. As he constantly said, “My home is in Heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.” He spoke to millions. Counseled US presidents. Befriended world leaders. And always his focus remained the same: the Good News. He reminded us...

Should Christians Stand Up for Their Rights?


Politics are tense these days. Have you noticed? Most of the tensions are centered around whether or not man has a “right” to something. It’s those decades-old arguments: “We have a right to own guns!” “We have a right to have abortions!” “We have a right to free speech!” “We have a right to religious freedom!” and so on and so forth. These ideas are ingrained into Americans as immovable...

rebelling against low expectations

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