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Why Valentine’s Day Is My Favorite Holiday (Even Though I’m Single)


I have never had a date on Valentine’s Day. Not only that, but I’ve never been on a date. Period. So as the season of red bouquets and frilly cards comes around once again, you’d think a feeling of dread would begin to overtake me. I’m as single as they come. But even though I have always been single in February, Valentine’s Day is still my favorite holiday. Here are three reasons why: 1...

6 Ways to Pray for Your Crush


We’ve all been there-that one person who makes your heart feel fluttery and your face turn red. That one person you daydream about (before you catch yourself and turn your attention back to your Algebra homework). That one person who meets all of the superficial requirements on your mental future partner list. And even if you’ve decided not to date during this point in your life; and even if the...

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Your Eternal Romance Can Transform Today


“Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.” (Psalm 146:3) People often talk about marriage as if that is the highest goal in life. As if once you are joined with another soul you are finally complete. As if trusting fully in another person is the greatest thing to pursue. A few weeks ago, I went to a conference that radically challenged me in my...

4 Ways To Thrive As a Young Adult Living At Home


Did you know that being counter-cultural doesn’t stop when you exit your teen years and enter young adulthood? Oh no!  Going against the grain of culture and the world’s expectations is a lifelong endeavor. As Christians, God calls us to be different, to stand out and stand up for what’s right– to be counter-cultural.  So just because you’re no longer a teen doesn’t mean that doing hard...

What My Singleness Says About Jesus


“She’s been single for eighteen years,” My coworker said with awe in his voice to the girl folding clothes beside him. I braced myself. I had been waved over from my post in the fitting room to join a conversation two of my coworkers were having about dating. Usually, I could handle the frequent comments about my lack of experience with love in good humor. Tonight was just not one of those nights...

Use Your Singleness To Glorify God


I’m seventeen. I’ve never been married. Never even courted or dated or any other such marriage-centered things. But today I want to write to you about marriage. A lot of us have grown up in the church with loving parents and youth pastors who have given us many valuable resources and talks about relationships and marriage. How to do them well, what to avoid, where the line is that you absolutely...

Am I Complete if I’m Single?


“Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a helper fit for him.'” (Genesis 2:18) This verse used to stump me. It was something that caused me to prop my chin on my hand and say “huh!” If God knew man shouldn’t be alone, then why are there so many single people in the world today? As I sat back and thought about these...

5 Truths for Broken Hearts Starting New Relationships


If you are anything like me, you had a goal for your future relationship and marriage from a young age. You were going to do it right—you were going to save your first kiss for your wedding day, involve your parents and friends in the relationship, choose the right person on the first try, and live happily ever after. You probably watched friends and family members fall into relational and sexual...

How To Be Single (For All the Wrong Reasons)


This morning I found myself reading a blog post from a teenage girl who was currently in a relationship yet wanted to give reasons for why she wished she was single. While I’m sure she thought herself to be very insightful, the post only projected the lifestyle my generation is and will be living. Her reasons for discouraging the pursuit of a romantic relationship included: 1. “Relationships...

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