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What Impresses You?


There is a part of me that is dazzled by talent. At times certain artists, certain writers, certain athletes, or certain craftsmen can just take my breath away. This little girl had that affect on me, though I must admit to being heavily influenced by the cuteness factor. Still, it is impossible to deny that Emily Bear is impressive.

What impresses you? That was one of the questions my brother Josh asked attendees at the Next conference over Memorial Day weekend. I later found out that the question wasn’t planned — it wasn’t even in his notes. But he was speaking to us from Colossians, where Paul is joyfully proclaiming the preeminence of Christ. This is my attempt at expanding on that question and its implications. Please read the following passage of Scripture carefully. Think about what it says.

Colossians 1:15-19 “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities — all things were created through him and for him.

And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent.

When I watch Emily Bear play the piano, do I remember that she was created through Christ and for Christ? When my heart begins to admire an athlete’s talent, do I remind myself that in Him that athlete holds together? When I am confronted with the intellectual precision of a thinker, speaker, or communicator, do I use that as an opportunity to recall that Jesus is more accomplished, more masterful, more expert, more skillful, more excellent, more outstanding?

When I am impressed by anything on this planet, do I immediately turn and worship Jesus because in everything He is more impressive, more magnificent, more majestic, more imposing, more splendid, more spectacular, more grand, more awe-inspiring, more striking, more stunning, more breathtaking? Because that is what it means for Christ to be preeminent. That is what Paul is saying about Jesus.

What impresses you? And how do you take advantage of those moments to turn and worship your Savior? It is good to be impressed. We are wired to be blown-away by glory. But we only see pieces of glory in people — and they all point to the one who created all things, holds all things together, and is above and before everything.

Some questions for discussion:

  • What’s something that impresses you? It can be anyone or anything.
  • In light of Colossians 1:15-19, how does that person or thing demonstrate Christ’s preeminence? It may be obvious or it may require extended thought. There are few better ways to spend your time.
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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • What impresses me is the love so many people show for God.
    When I see people, going out of their way to serve God in everything they do, big or small, that impresses me.
    By seeing those people serving God they way they are, I get the urge to do the same.
    I used to feel useless because I can’t go and save a poor village from starvation, or preach the gospel to foreign places, but God has recently showed me that I can still make a difference by praying for those people!
    S what impresses me, is people who serve God in all that they do!

  • Alesia: That’s a wonderful thing to be impressed by! Would you mind also sharing how being impressed by people who love God and serve Him points you back to Christ’s preeminence?

  • When thinking of Emily, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if she consecrated her life to God and used her talent for His glory. Yes, inspiring but, when I think of the artists that are alive today that were childhood prodigies, and see them living and using their God-given talent for themselves, it pains me to think that this is Emily’s future unless God gets a hold of her.

    May God give her grace.

  • This is my first time actually commenting on here. I read your book this spring and summer and it really touched me. Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to lead your lives!

    Yuriy K. That is such a good point. I have a lot of things that impress me. But, since any form of art has always touched me, I can’t help but feel similar feelings as Brett/Alex (whichever one wrote this post.) However, I am the kind of girl that can’t help but enjoy God in everything I see. Every painting I look at that is of God’s creation; Every song I hear like Emily’s; and everything I see that is similar to these makes me stop and thank my Lord and Savior for His beautiful craftsmanship. To me, a good example of someone using their talents for God would be Breezy. Some of you may not know of her. She has an online Etsy shop in which she sells prints of watercolor paintings and pen and ink pictures that she has done. She is currently doing something to help a family out. All the money that she earns from a certain painting will be given to help a family to pay their house bill. I think that is great! Though she is using her talent to make money… she is also using it to help others and serve the lord. Here is a link to her blog and her Etsy shop for those that are interested in learning more about her.

    Whenever I think of things like this, it reminds me that while I may be blown away by the talents of others that live on this earth, I will be even more so impressed when I get to heaven and am blown away by God’s craftsmanship in heaven. Even the planets and galaxy’s are amazing. How much more beautiful and wonderful will heaven be and living with my Lord!

    God Bless!
    Jessica P.

  • That was one my favorite (and most convicting) moments of Next. “When impressed by anything, turn and worship Jesus who created it.”
    I’m very easily impressed. When I try to put a finger on exactly what impresses me, what I come up with is “intricacies.” I love to marvel at the complexities of scientific processes and the workings of the human intellect. Things that are so clearly well-designed, it’s a wonder why I don’t immediately give glory to the designer. Since Next I’ve been praying about this. I want to see Christ’s preeminence in the amazing works of His hands. It’s so clearly there, and so much better than any created thing I can see.

    Incidentally, I’m also very impressed by the Rebelution itself. Never let us forget that it’s about God, guys.

  • When I read just the title of this post the first thing that popped into my mind was Jesus. I am impressed by Jesus Christ, I am blown-away by what he did for me, for everyone, on the cross. I am dumbfounded that he wants a personal relationship with me, he wants to help me discover my true potential, my hidden glory.

    But I think you guys want us to think of something finite that we are impressed by. I am impressed by many things, writers are at the top of my list. Writers, fiction or non-fiction, that make stories come to life, that make you think and help you discover something new about yourself or about God. Writers that touch your heart and change your life forever. You guys are amazing writers that impress me, your book has transformed my life and I eagerly take every opportunity to thank God for you and to put to good use what the Lord has taught me through your work.

    I am also impressed by beautiful dancers, especially those who praise the Lord with every step. When I watch them I thank God for role models like that, and I pray that I might praise him in the same way.

  • I am impressed, more than anything, to see young people on fire for their God. It’s the most impressive thing I have seen. Someone dedicating their entire life to their King- is there anything so beautiful? It blows me away. A few other things that impress me are people who find all sorts of little opportunities to advance the gospel- people with musical talent, and horses. Every time I see a horse I remember in the book of Job, ‘Have you given the horse his strength? Have you cloaked his neck with thunder? Have you made him to leap like a locust? His majestic snorting strikes terror. He paws in the valley and rejoices in his strength. He gallops into the clash of arms. He mocks at fear, and is not frightened. Nor does he turn back from the sword. The quiver rattles against him, the glistening spear and the javelin. He devours the distance with fierceness and rage. Nor does he come to a halt because the trumpet has sounded… he smells the battle from afar. The thunder of captains and shouting.”
    And everytime I see a horse, galloping over vast distance, rejoicing his in his God-given sheer and utter power, my heart wants to burst with joy and worship and praise!

  • We as human beings impress me. I am a soccer player so when I look at soccer players my age who have such an amazing amount of talent and skill, I think “Wow, I wish I could do that.” or “I can’t belive how good they are.” It just occured to we when I read the article, that it’s God gave these kids their amazing abilitys. It was God who designed our bodies to be able to perform in these ways. Instead of giving the players the glory for their telents or skills, I need to be giving God the glory for his amazing, incredible creations. Us.
    When I look at humans I know there is no way we came about by chance. All the little things that make up who we are had to have been thought of by someone/something. That someone is God.
    God not only impresses me, he amazes me!

  • Whoa. That was a fantastic piece of piano-work there.
    I need to work on being impressed by the Potter, not the pot. Normally, when it’s brought to my attention, it’s by my friend. Thanks for the post, and the reminder therein!

  • I am impressed by beautiful sunsets or beautiful scenery. These should bring me back to being in awe of God that JESUS created these- that God is the designer of these things.

    I also am impressed by well-written speeches. This is a good reminder that not only the beauty in sunsets but also the talent in using words to speak truth and glorify God should lead me back to Jesus. Since God is THE WORD, my thoughts and words should praise Him. This is also a good reminder to make sure the words coming from my mouth are good.

  • When I watched Louie Giglio’s “Indescribable” Passion Talk, showing all the massive (though the word “massive” is an understatement) stars and awe-inspiring (again, to understate) galaxies in outer-space, I was impressed! The fact that God created all that and sustains all that and watches new stars be born as he watches me cry over a stubbed toe….. I actually started crying out of awe and joy and humility at the thought of the God that made that knowing my name and coming down to our puny little earth and dying in our place. And the incredible thing is that all those stars and galaxies and nebulae were made to give glory to the God that’s bigger than our minds can comprehend. That’s impressive!

  • I guess I’m typically impressed by things people have done that I doubt I could ever do. Intense skill in one thing or another, whether it’s one of the arts or a sport or academic . . . whatever. It’s always something I never would have considered before, but then I see it or hear of it and I just think “wow. I could never do anything like that.” But seeing other people succeed through their own talents also reminds me of my own talents and in turn, encourages me to continue to use them and polish them. Sometimes, I get off track and only think of what I can do for ME with my talents. It’s in those times that I forget where my talents came from–God Almighty, the Creator of all heaven and earth. It may take me a little while to come back to the right focus, but God always draws me to him.

    So I guess I could say, seeing things I admire in people both inspires me and is a stumbling block to my walk, but eventually, God causes me to realize my mistake and that initial “impressment” causes spiritual growth.

  • Thank you for this post! I felt hearty Amens inside when I read it and watched the video, because I often experience this very connection of being impressed and recognizing CHRIST’s preeminence, but I never actually made the connection with that particular Scripture! It makes so much sense now!

    This demonstrates how the arts are an especially expressive form that GOD designed – remember all the instructions and gifts given to the artisans and musicians in the Old Testament for the glory of GOD and the building of HIS Temple? Our bodies are now the Temples of GOD that are to be actively in service to HIM.

    I especially get impressed when watching a performance of some type – whether it is a dance, play or movie – because I see how everything is harmonized together and unfolds a story before my eyes, and that immediately reminds me of the way the LORD orchestrated history. Many times I’ll be watching/reading something that might not even have overtly Christian intentions, and I’ll say in my head “Praise the LORD!”. Then the thought comes to me, “This is a little weird, I’m just praising GOD in the middle of something random…how was I reminded of that?” But I guess that’s a good thing – we’re supposed to rejoice in HIM always, right? 🙂

  • I think talent really impresses me. This might be cheating since this is kind of what you said in the post, but talent really impresses me. I have to admit that too often when I see talent and get a little bit jealous, but really it’s just so amazing to see how much God can do when he creates a person. Seeing talent in people often causes me to worship God because he made whoever has the talent and he gave them that talent. And then you can go and to think, as you said in your post, about how God didn’t even give them half of what He possesses! God is so amazing!!

  • Thanks Brett.
    For me, by seeing how Christ has worked in those peoples lives, changing ordinary people into amazing messangers, I begin to realize exactly how powerful he is.
    People work hard to help build houses for poor villages but it’s truly God who’s making it all possible.
    It’s just amazing how he works so mysterously in our lives, helping us to reach goals that would otherwise be impossible without his guidence.
    Seeing that, I know that he may not be showing me exactly where I need to be right now, but the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I’ll be ready to answer when he calls.
    By hearing about how Christ is working in peoples lives, all over the world, and seeing how much he loves us, it just blows me away!

    I hope that was the type of response you were looking for?

  • Nature really impresses me.
    God didn’t have to make the world beautiful, but He did for our pleasure!

    Sunrises remind me to thank God for a brand new day, sunsets remind me to always be prepared that there may not be a next one.

    Another thing that impresses me is how some people dedicate their entire lives to serving God – even if it may mean A LOT of sacrifice! People like that are a HUGE inspiration for me!!

  • I find myself impressed a lot when people chose not to take the credit for something, and chose to give all the glory and praise to God.

    Also when people chose to be respectful to others. It’s so awesome to see others showing love and respect! 😀

  • To be honest, music is what impresses me. When I hear an amazing vocalist, musician or lyric, I think “Wow.” But what impresses me the most is when one uses their musical talents all for God and His glory. When an amazing vocalist uses his/her voice to lead others in worship or reach out to broken souls, I am immensely impressed.

    I used to have a problem with idolizing artists…But I’ve learned to view them as people like me who are using their talents for God’s glory. When I hear an artist using their gifts for God, it inspires me to do the same. Yeah, I’m not extremely talented, but what matters is that I give my best, just as they are.

  • Wow! I play the piano, but not like that! Composing stuff simply confounds me, that girl is pretty amazing!

    Rachel Danielle, I love to write, but unfortunetly I stink at it! I checked out your blog and read the fourth chapter of your book. I have no idea what your whole story’s about, but the chapter I read was really really great! 🙂 Also, I couldn’t comment for some reason, hence I’m telling you this here. Hope that your manuscript sending goes well! Best of luck!


  • I’m impressed by people who can acurately, and beautifully, express their feelings through music, art, or literature. God made us to think and have a wide variety of emotions, but many of us aren’t capable of expressing what we feel. Of course, it helps if the person is good at what they’re doing! There is so much beauty in being able to express God’s creation through the arts that it never ceases to amaze me what God has created and what it would be like if it were perfect!

  • Every time I see a sunset and watch the beauty of it, I think of God and his glory over all the earth. I also praise God for giving so much of his grace to me throughout the day.

    Another thing that impresses me is thunderstorms. Now I really, really love thunderstorms. I was sitting on my porch during a thunderstorm the other day and was awestruck by God’s awesomeness and supremacy over all things. I think of the Psalms that says “his voice thunders over the waters and His glory fills the entire earth…”

    Colossians 1:15-19 has always been an amazing verse to me. Every time I read it I just want to jump up and start singing the Halleluiah Chorus at the top of my lungs. When I read this verse I feel so loved by Christ, because through him I was created. For him, I was created. He is before me, therefore he leads me. He holds me together, therefore he is sovereign. Christ is preeminent over all the earth. Praise the Lord!

  • I am impressed by God’s beauty, thunderstorms, sunsets, rainbows.
    And by talent that is used, not for show, but because the talented person loves what they do, be it writing, singing,art.
    And, last but not least, CHRIST.

  • I am impressed by beautiful sunsets and sunrises, waterfalls, and autumn leaves. But mostly, I am impressed by Christ’s unselfish love for a sinner like me.

  • In all honesty, if I were a pianist, the video above would mildly depress me. So I suppose I’m impressed by people that can be impressed with this girl’s talent as opposed to jealous of it.
    (She is darling though!)
    Really though, good carpentry impresses me. I know a couple people that can take a few slabs of wood and their tools and make something beautiful AND useful.
    I always thought it was so cool. I still do.
    Christ’s preeminence can be demonstrated here when we realize that – well, first of all, He was a carpenter Himself (under His earthly father) and I’m quite sure an extraordinary one.
    And His Heavenly Father blows all accomplished carpenters out of the water with the things He’s created and ‘carved’ – from absolutely nothing but His power and creativity. Including the talented carpenters themselves.

  • This just proves that God is a wonderful Creator!!! 🙂 It is so rare to see such talent. I know someone who has played for 10 years and worked VERY hard to get as good as that.
    It reminds me of the story of Akiane (sp?) Kramarik, the painter. At 4 years old she began painting absolutely wonderful pictures. Her and her family were atheists, but, if I can remeber correctly, through a vision she had, they found Jesus. She painted what I think is the most lifelike picture of Jesus yet.
    I play piano, but I’m certainly not jealous. God has gifted Emily with a very special talent. My prayer is that she uses it for His glory.
    As to what impresses me, nothing impresses me more than God giving up His only Son for US. But also, everytime I see a baby, whether it be newborn or a toddler, I can’t help but think what a wonderful Creator we have. I’m impressed by the goodness of God, and how, even when you don’t think He’s listening, He’s working for your good.
    Anyway, I’m impressed by a lot of things. To list them all I would need a book, so I’ll just stop here.
    Blessings to all,
    Kay Morris

  • What a thought provoking post, and what wonderful talent from a cute little girl!

    I met a middle-aged lady today at a seminar in Minneapolis who had just returned to the States after spending 37 years in Austria as a missionary. She said that she was having trouble reading her English Bible after reading her German one for so many years. (Imagine that!) She now plans to take care of her aging father and minister to her three unsaved brothers. She never married, but instead has spent all of her youthful years for Christ and plans to serve Him sacrificially with the remainder of her life.

    I also met a young lady (25 years old) who was born in Russia, but from Germany, and had just moved to America last fall after getting saved online two years ago through the witness of an American Christian. She is now attending a Baptist seminary for four years to get a Bachelor in Biblical Theology and learn Greek, Latin, and Hebrew so she can translate Christian evangelism materials into German and return to her country as a native missionary. She has high goals, high hopes, and alot both for and against her. None of her family is saved and true Christianity is persecuted in Germany. She knows that the way will be hard but she’s doing it nonetheless for God’s glory.

    I am impressed by these ladies, and others like them. I am impressed by their vision and self-sacrifice and service for Jesus Christ.

    And it’s when I meet and converse with, or read or hear about people like this that I often wonder; WHAT AM I DOING TO FURTHER GOD’S KINGDOM?? WHAT AM I DOING TO LEAD SOULS TO CHRIST?? WHEN IT’S ALL BEEN SAID AND DONE, WILL ALL MY EFFORTS HAVE BEEN IN VAIN??

    But then I’m reminded by the reflection of Christ that I see in these people, and I know that what they do, they do by God’s will and through His grace. They give glory to their Maker, taking none for themselves. They are truly living their lives in the light of eternity.

    I am so blessed to live in a free nation, where I can (at least for the time being), read my Bible and go to church without fear of the state stepping in. I can say “God bless you” to the cashier at Wal-Mart and nothing will happen, except perhaps she’ll be reminded once again of her Creator. I am so blessed to be saved and on my way to Heaven!

    I am impressed by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, so impressed that I must share His story!

  • I just recently read your book and I was inspired to do something for the Lord not to just sit around and waste away the days God gave me to live.

    To answer the question, I am impressed by many things in this world that God created. But I am most impressed by those who go out into the world to preach what they believe. Whether it’s about God, abortion, or other causes the fact that those few people have the will and courage to speak freely without worrying what the majority of people think of them is impressive and inspiring. I will admit that sometimes I am jealous of these wonderful people. Despite that, these acts show me (and others) that you can make a difference in the world and share the faith.

    So be impressed by the wonders God has made! 🙂

  • I guess what impresses me most is good music that glorifies God. It doesn’t have to be “worship” music, but any music that is lovely to hear. I mean, God created beauty (‘And God said that it was good’), so why shouldn’t we enjoy it?

    I saw above that one comment read that if she were a pianist, that video would mildly depress her. I’m a pianist, and it does. Emily was great! I’m happy for her, but if I could play like that! Now, wait until she gets a little taller, and put her on a pipe organ! I would like to see what she would compose then!

  • I really needed this. I really don’t have anything else to say than that.

    I just really needed this.

  • I am very convicted…So often I am not impressed by christ and who he is but by everything else that surrounds me. Thankyou for this reminder. May I be ever impressed by my savior and who he is and in nothing else but him 🙂

  • I too am impressed by the magnitude of this Rebelution. It is an amazing thing to see so many of today’s youth working together for the Glory of God. This is seldom found in the area in which I live. It truly is important for this (our) generation to rise up for the glory of God. This is why I am impressed by this teen movement.

    I can see the ways in which Christ holds everything together. With our focus on HIM and not ourselves, we all can work together and spread His Glory around the World. We are held together by Christ because we have chosen to do it His way. When we let him lead us everything works beautifully.

    God Bless you all!

  • This is absolutely amazing.

    As to what impresses me (just about anything can impress me, I have to admit), I would have to say that anyone who stands up for what they know what is right, whoever holds up the truth will impress me. I admire those people because I know from experiance that standing up under pressure is really hard, and that it is really easy to give in. Anyone who stands the pressure and holds up the truth has my respect and admiration.

    I hope Emily Bear is a Christian, otherwise she might have a lot of trouble on her hands when she is older. She definately has the media people going for her. I am also impressed because I have a little sister that age myself, and the cuteness factor is very high, I have to admit :).

  • What impresses me? You two, Alex and Brett. You guys inspire me so much. You both are such strong Christians and everything you do is for the glory of Christ. You not only have realized the problems and low expectations in our generation, but you are doing something about it. Everything you guys say and do impresses me.

    When I got to see you last January at Santa Ana, I loved to watch you both speak and talk to everyone about the Rebelution. You were so passionate about it! Your eyes just sparkled with joy as you spoke of how God is using different teens to do amazing things. You both have such a wonderful passion to do what is right and to see others following Christ and serving him.

    Your dad impresses me too. I just read an interview he did in a HSLDA magazine. He was talking about the greenhouse and on training children. It was so good and his advice was wonderful! Your dad has done such an amazing job with raising you and your siblings. If one day I ever marry and have a family, I intend to look at your parents to see how to raise kids! Your parents are awesome guys!

    God bless!

    Sarah 🙂

  • Wow. How cool! I am impressed by God’s grace and love to us. He never lets me down, He is always there. I am also impressed by the way God blesses others to do beautiful things like play instuments, play sports, write, or whatever God has blessed us with. We don’t have to have such extras like talent, but God gave them to us to use to serve Him. How cool!!

  • Wow, this was timely for me…

    I read this post right after I finished watching the 2002 version of Nicholas Nickleby (one of my favorite movies ever!). After I turned off the TV I kept thinking about how wonderful the main character was–how strong, compassionate, loving–and I wished I knew someone like him in real life. Then after I read your post, it struck me: I do!

    Jesus is far more amazing and beautiful than anyone else could ever be. I was impressed by this man’s integrity and self-sacrifice, but what is his character compared to Jesus’s? The One who loves me is so far above even the best men and women, so much so that I can’t comprehend it. He is truly impressive.

    Oh, and that little girl is precious! 🙂

  • I can’t agree more with Yuriy K. if she was to give her life to God the results could be great. For as has been said is it not God who has given her this great talent. Although this young girl is impressive what I find really impressive is when we get a really heavy fog. I’m impressed by it when I look over the back of our fence to a hospital complex and they’ve got all of their lights on and the trees make strong shadows. It looks beautiful! I don’t know about what it is like for you guys but we get this because i live in Australia.

    All praise and glory be to God

  • Wow, God really does know what I am thinking 🙂
    I was just feeling down because I has looked at some great photography, which is one thing that impresses me, and I’m amazed the natural and independent skills of other people, whatever their talents may be.
    But then I wondered to myself why i don’t have such great skill. I look back at my own work, and compare it to others who are better. And thats how I fall off the I’m-not-good-enough cliff and land in a lie.
    Thank you, God, for the reminder that everything is to give YOU glory, and not me, and not any of us!

  • What impresses me is when someone can say that another person is better than they are at a given thing, especially when that other person is in their family. And when they are completely sincere, and not just saying it to look good. That is a hard thing to do.

    When someone does that, they are demonstrating that it is more important to say that a sibling is better than they are, and to build him/her up, than to make themselves look good by saying how good they are at a particular thing.

  • I debated with a young man who is going off to PHC this autumn-at sixteen years old. In this day and age of lower expectations, it’s impressive to see someone like that. Yet it is absolutely incredible to think that Jesus was in a similar forum at only twelve (Luke 2)! Christ had to be living on his own for five days, and He had to have the spiritual and intellectual maturity to be able to listen to and teach the most brilliant teachers of the day at twelve.
    This young man is also very eloquent. Yet I stand in awe of the Maker of eloquence-the Epitome and literal Essence of that ability.
    Finally, we all realize that you (Alex and Brett) are both normal people, but we see how inspirtaionly passionate you are for God’s glory, and yet, even your passion pales beyond cmparison with Christ’s passion for His Father while on this earth; the same passion that we ought to daily strive to imitate.

  • That’s a great reminder. When we see something amazing we need to think that it’s God who did that. Not someone else. Not their own selves. God. Thanks for the post!

  • I don’t know if you would say this impresses me or if it is more refreshing to see. I just got back from Eric and Leslie Ludy’s conference. Leslie, and her assistant Annie radiate the love of Christ. They are always smiling, even when they are sad, but it is not a happy smile. It is a smile that is content in Jesus Christ. It is such a joy to be around them.

  • Wow! I’m glad to see that younger kids even use their talents to full potential! I’ve been in piano for about 5 years and was getting pretty good.. but she’s definitely better than me! Good job and keep going! Maybe this will start to change people’s mind about kids and their potential!!

  • My older sister could play very much like that. God has definitely blessed her with an amazing talent. I think this is an excellent reminder to use the examples of great talent to turn us toward the Creator of those talents.

  • What a wonderful moment listening to this beautiful child expressing herself and the gifts that God has bestowed on her. She is such a sweet, humble, unassuming little girl who obviously ‘feel’s something fresh – a freshness that only God can give any of us. It is so uplifting to see not only this little girl, but the support she is getting from her parents and her grandparents. This is what love, Christianity, and God does to all of us – it is a beauty, a freshness, a desire for greatness yet with a sense of humility, that is so beautiful. I applaud this young girl, her talent, and God, who obviously is the force behind her. Thank you for sharing this on the web- it is such a relief from all of the other things that we have to endure daily from the media. God Bless HER!!

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