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Hold That Thought, God…


After being eaten by a beanbag last month, our brother Josh is back with a challenge about self-control—particularly in the area of electronic media.

We don’t know about you, but his example sounded a lot like us. Can you relate? What are some areas God convicted you about as you watched?

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Wow! This is so true!! Thank you for the reminder. It is so easy to lose track of time on the internet. I know the internet has definitely taken time away from me that I could have spent getting closer to God.
    God bless!!!!

  • I forgot to say, that was really funny, how he illustrated it. That reminds me of myself for sure! 🙂
    ~Kay Morris♫

  • Thats awesome! He illustrated that so well.
    And how much time do we waste on the web even when we should be there? So often I’m surfing instead of researching or writing, and then realize what I’m doing and keep doing it anyway. Horrible, but i do it all the time, fully conscious of it. I need this reminder more than I like to admit. Thanks!!

    Have thy tools ready. God will find thee work. ~Charles Kingsley

  • Very thought provoking! Like many people, I like to jam out whenever I’m in my truck, but I often times I catch myself tuning in to the country stations or the pop. I think this is also an example, what we listen to affects what we say and think.

  • I saw this a few days ago when Joshua posted it on his facebook page.
    My mom and I both listened to it and found it so true!
    One thing I Love about Joshua’s preaching, he always makes it fun to listen to!
    Like being eaten by the beanbag that represents sin. Funny and also very true and inspiring!

    God Bless
    your sister in Christ

  • This has been on my heart lately. At youth last night, the speaker talked about surrendering all of us to God & sacrificing things for Him because He sacrificed it all. And I got to thinking about what I could sacrifice, and I realized I spend A LOT of time on the computer. No, really. The thing is, there is soo much you could do on it! I go on facebook, check my email, watch my subscriptions on youtube, maybe watch a movie or TV show, do some online shopping, and the whole day is gone. It leaves me spiritually drained so much that the desire to read the Bible or talk to God is not really there. This is a HUGE problem. I was just at Bible School for 2 months, and I felt very close to God & I got to renew my faith with Him. I don’t want to lose that closeness and peace. So I decided to try something out. Something small but something that impacted me nonetheless. Last night, God kept nudging me to do something about all the movies I have on my computer. I have a ton of them, not to mention TV shows. When I come home from school, tired and wanting escape from my life for just a little bit, I like to turn one on. But I decided to sacrifice the movies & TV shows for a month. Just a month. And I told God, if I can’t NOT watch these for a month, I promise I will delete every one of them. So if I can’t live without them, they’re gone. Because I don’t want to be tied down to them. So that’s what I’m doing. Less time watching movies & being on the computer, more time actually doing my homework. Among other things. Just a little something I thought I’d share.

  • This is so true, less so for me because I don’t have facebook ;), but still true. He is such a great speaker, funny and easy to listen to. Plus his examples are GREAT!!!

    Nicholas K.

  • Well I don’t have that much internet distraction, i don’t have a facebook or twitter thingy or anything like that (my mom won’t let me 🙁 ) But my peronal distractions are video games and just laying on my bed listening to music and stuff like that insted of doing my schoolwork. Thanks for the post! It helped!

  • I totally agree with Joshua Harris. It’s so easy to be tempted nowadays with things like the media and television and cell phones. I should not let these things take over my life. Where can I find the rest of his sermon on this? Does anyone know?

  • That is a very awesome, very applicable, very convicting talk. Thank you.

    I would love to say more but I would rather not discuss it, and simply get off the computer and put it into action.

  • That was very encouraging. There’s something to be said for how people used to live before computers or tvs were invented. I mean, can you imagine what their lives were like? Time was often spent on mere survival and spending time with their families, churches, and Savior.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all the electronics are bad in and of themselves. Just like Josh Harris was saying, there are so many ways that God has glorified Himself using internet, tv, etc. But I agree with him that we have to be careful to use moderation.

    Our culture, being one of the richest in the world, tries to distract us and wants everyone to live leisurely. And yet, there’s a battle going on spiritually, of which we are soldiers, and we are called to be ready for the coming of our Lord.

    The Rebelution is great because we can fight together (imperfectly, of course) and with God’s grace and power, ultimately prevail against the temptations of the sin in our culture.

    your fellow soldier,

  • wow. this has been so much of my life lately. i think i’m gonna set myself a time of day-maybe 1 hour a day only for technology, and spend the rest of my time doing more important things.

  • Wow, that is really convicting. This is something that I really struggle with, and this really has me thinking. What can I cut out that I do online that causes me to be on forever?

  • That was really inspiring! One thought that came to my mind was how lazy we (I am) are even if we are studying for school. Need a definition: Need a biography on a famous person: Wikipedia is there. How do you spell that: Google it. I think it is similar to Josh’s beanbag example in that we are focused on technology it just takes hold and won’t let go. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to be the clerk that can’t add/subtract without a calculator. If it could be done centuries ago, we shouldn’t have any problems now. I think I’ll log off the internet, now!

    In Christ

  • Thanks Josh! I have seen this before, but your messages are always a blessing. 😀

    The internet can definitely be addicting. I try to incorporate my time with the Lord with my time on the computer. How can one do that?, you might ask. Well I do that by having a blog and documenting my spiritual journey on my blog. It helps me put what I am learning into words and into action and also, I hope, edifies my brothers and sisters. I also don’t have a facebook, which helps with the distraction thing. If you want to check out my blog go to 🙂

    Thanks again Josh!

  • This has been a subject God has really been putting on my heart lately. I really struggle with technology and it’s an area that I can say I have low self-control in. I am very good at multi-tasking, in fact, to be perfectly honest, I was checking my facebook while listening to your brother’s sermon. It’s an area I really need to grow in and I actually have been thinking about fasting from technology (internet + TV) for some ammount of time because I want to be able to be able to go without it and not feel a need for it in my life. Thank you for posting this. This is definitely making me think more about this and give it some serious thought.

  • I think this is very true. We waste so much time thanks to all the distractions that we have in our part of the world.

    I know this is ironic, but I will post this video on my facebook page. Get some more people to think, and to react by wasting less time and seeking God more.


  • Thank you for sharing this with us Alex and Brett. I have been struggling with that very same thing of late. This really convicted me of how I spend my time and what my biggest priorities are. It has definitely challenged me to work harder. Thank you so much!

    In Christ,

  • Wow! I can really relate there…very convicting. 🙂 Thanks so much for posting this guys! GOD Bless

  • Amen. One of the ways that I’ve found very useful in controlling this is that I don’t turn on my computer until I’ve spent time with God first. On busy days, that sometimes means my computer doesn’t go on until 6 at night. If I have time for the computer (and all it’s social networking!) then I have time for God.

    Is there a recording of the whole message? I was disappointed that it stopped at just the intro!

    Does anyone else find it ironic that we’re watching and reading this on a blog – another form of social networking???? 😉 Good example of a godly use 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this! This message came at a very opportune time for me. It really challenged how I think of my priorities, especially those pertaining to technology and the internet.

    Even though FB and Twitter etc can be used for witnessing to others and edifying our brothers and sisters in Christ, there’s the way bigger aspect & temptation of wasting time and just browsing aimlessly. I’ve definitely been there!

    @Courtney: Here’s the full message:
    Hope it helps! 😀

    Thanks again and God bless, Alex and Brett.

  • Wow, thanks so much for sharing this! I think almost everyone can apply that to their lives in a way. I mean, I dont have a cell phone, I don’t have DS or DSi, PSP, I don’t have a Facebook, a Twitter, or Myspace, or anything like that so I can’t spend the whole day texting or tweeting. And sometimes I don’t like the fact that my parents won’t let me have a cell phone (i really don’t need it when you really think about it) or a Facebook or a Twitter but then sometimes I’m thankful that that doesn’t have to be another thing that pulls me away from my spiritual growth.
    Sometimes it’s just the thought of all your friends have it, all your peers have it and that makes us think that we need it. You know, we need to be as good as them, we can’t let them have more than us. But we’re supposed to be laying treasures up in Heaven. We can’t take our cell phone w/ us to Heaven. We can’t take our PSP or DS w/ us to Heaven. We can’t take our mini laptop that we use to check our email and facebook and twitter and myspace w/ us to Heaven.
    We need to think about what is REALLY IMPORTANT and do it instead of doing what the world tells us is important. The world tells us what to wear, what to say, what to think, what to eat, what to drink, who to hang out w/, where we hang out, what to watch, what to listen to, what to buy, where to buy it, what we post, who we add as a friend, and who to serve…don’t you think it’s time we let God decide all that? Don’t you think it’s time to save up treasures that we get to keep for all eternity? I do.

    Thanks so much Alex and Brett for posting this! It’s a great reminder that we’re in this world but we’re really not of it and it’s time to stop being like the rest of the world and start being reflections of Jesus.

    Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

  • I struggle with this all the time! The very reason I just watched that movie was because I was waiting for face-book to load! Even doing home-work slides off to the side while I check what my Aunt over in Wisconsin had for breakfast! It is such a sad portion of my life, (sad as in pitiful), that I am willing to change it. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Yeah….. the FIRST time I came to this post, I started listening to Josh speak again (I was there for the message.) My conscience hit me pretty hard, sitting at my computer, because I really should have been doing some of my homework that was due the next morning. And therein lies the issue.
    I don’t know that I’m on things too much, per se, but I tend to be on at the wrong times. I don’t feel like studying for biology, so I’m going to check my mail instead. And chat with this person, and this person, and check these blogs. That took 45 minutes. It was fun, but I shouldn’t have been doing what I was doing when I was doing it.

    Christopher: you can download the sermon here, or listen to it online.

  • Too true! Wow! Thanks for posting this, it really hit home for me. I haven’t been struggling with this as much anymore, but I definately go through phases of “internet addiction”. This example is so useful in all areas of life, but especially with all the new “toys” that consume our time.

    God bless!

  • On one hand, this is a very relevant message- I know I’ve been filling my time with nonsense instead of doing the things I need to be doing, such as studying.

    However, after weighing what I heard, I feel I need to speak up on something- this is something that I noticed after the “beanbag” message as well. While the sermon has good advice on how to follow God, it (or at least the clip of it here) is rather short on speaking of God’s grace.

    That’s not a little thing- constantly trying to put our lives under God’s control is exhausting and overwhelming, and if some honest Christian is near broken in struggling with sin, and then comes to church and is convicted by this message that even Facebook and the other “little” things are detracting from the service they should be rendering to God, they might snap. I’ve had a taste of “church burnout” myself, and it’s not pretty. I also have an acquaintance who renounced his faith altogether, and although I haven’t talked to him much about it, I’ve gotten the impression that it was due in a large part to hearing the preaching of God’s Law all the time without hearing the Good News as well.

    Please understand, I’m not by any means trying to bash your message or saying you should downplay it- I and others need to hear it! But after listening to a message that’s so true and cuts so close to the heart, I (even I, who have been a Christian for nearly all of my life) need to be reassured that, yes, Christ died for sluggards like me, too!

  • I have to admit that when I saw your description of the link I was like “Oh darn it. This is gonna be convicting in an area that I need conviction. I don’t want to watch this and have to get off facebook” Which was probably not a good sign. But he makes an excellent point. One that I need to hear over and over again… so thanks.

  • He has a good point, although I would have liked it a lot more if he got in to WHY we do that , the destructive side of it. Anyway, he offers some good life coaching even for a non believer as myself.

    Thank you!

  • Ouch! Soooo True (I am supposed to be doing school right now…) I am getting off right now and I am going to pray for more (much more) self-control!

  • This certainly comes at an appropriate time in my life, just recently I was thinking to myself something along the lines of “I’m a spiritual beggar right now. I’m craving the food and the water that only God can give but I would prefer to get it second hand.”

    What I mean by second hand is this. We are surrounded by “encouragement” in every conceivable form. I literally have dozens of christian websites, blogs, forums, modesty rings, and anything you could think of right at my fingertips. Right there, waiting, pressing, every day. And they all have something good to say. The Rebelution has something good to say. Almost every time I come on here the message is directly applicable to my life at that moment. But here is the danger.

    In hearing what other people have to say about God, and their relationship with God, I tend to lose my own chances for experiencing that walk myself. If I let even these good godly influences have too much priority in my life (let alone the loads of secular information) I lose sight of what is really important; letting Gods Word speak to me personally, Hearing the Holy Spirit and walking with Him day by day. I want to be holding Jesus hand, not the guy holding Jesus hand. (Or the guy holding the guy holding Jesus’ hand as the case may be)

    So my spiritual apathy grows in this safe little bubble where I “talk” the lingo, feel safe and secure, (after all – I have had spiritual “highs” before, they will come again) and end up living in light of past victories. Just because I “once” had a great relationship with God doesn’t mean its going to stay that way without constant work. Its hard to get down on your knees every night and pour out your heart to God. It hard to study the Word for yourself, instead of reading someone else’s study. And the enemy knows it. I think an overload of information and availability is one of his biggest tools in this generation. We end up exchanging our one and only, unique, precious, relationship with the King of kings for someone else’s regurgitated experience. We can’t build on the other guys foundation. It doesn’t work that way.

    The sad thing is; we often don’t even realize what we are missing. So thank you for reminding me once again of where my priorities lie. I’m so thankful for the faithful preaching of Gods Word in these challenging times. I need all the help I can get!

    In Christ,

    Lauren Ashley

  • Wow. Funny, I was about to go into some serious procrastinating before I watched this. Another wonderful sign God has blessed me with; Get your work done. Now. Ha ha! Thanks guys.

    God Bless,


  • Well I didn’t watch the video, because about three weeks ago, I made a commitment to God: no internet media (i.e. videos) for a month. It has been amazing how much God has blessed me as I have “rediscovered” Him and my love for His Word. I believe I have also learned much about how little I really need such time-wasters. Not all internet media is bad, of course–it just must be in moderation. I will certainly be back in a week to watch what looks like an awesome clip from your brother!

  • I know that this is off topic but, Alex and Brett, thank you so much for the doing the hard thing of starting the Rebelution blog. It’s been such a blessing, and such a challenge.

  • I’m a horrible procrastinator and video games, movies, internet, and music only helps the problem! This is something I will definitely be working on!

  • My mom has limited my internet (although sometimes I wish she wouldn’t) and I am really thankful because it has really protected and it has, also, made me not dependent on the internet. Sometimes we can forget what a blessing parents can be but we need to really appreciate them and thank God for them.

  • Really, really good message. One that definitely needs to be talked about this day and age. Little things piled together can take a long time to sort through and before you know it, you wasted so much time. Our focus must be completely upon God, and that is a message we must never stop preaching. Kudos to your brother.

    Your fellow outcast,

  • Oh yes, this is so true. Just as I was watching this video I realized that today I have gone through just such a scenario as Josh talked about. Minus the Princess Bride quiz. This is definitely an area I can work on.

  • WOW i loved that! I do it all the time I get to doing my own thing and totally get sidetracked. I kinda just thought how this could go along with a “hard thing”
    Alex and Brett are always telling us to do hard things. Josh really just hit us with the BIGGEST hard thing to do. The Harris family sure does know how to work together.

  • Hey!
    This is amazing Josh! I love the way you get the message across! I was exactly where you are at the beginning of the year. I had Twitter, Facebook, a blog, and email… I was spending WAYYY to much time on them. So, by my parents orders, I deleted all of them except my e-mail. It was very hard for me to do at first, but now I am rather glad I did it. I will admit, I do miss my facebook. Thanks for posting this!
    Danielle 🙂

  • Dear Harris brothers and others,

    I have been very fortunate that I have been isolated from those things which you have mentioned. I live in the middle of nowhere with internet that I didn’t really use until I heard about your website. I am thankful that God has put me here and I know that He has put me here for a reason that I have yet to learn. I know that He has put the rest of you out in the confusion of the world for a different reason than He put me here and, I will not hide my feelings, I pity and admire you at the same time. I pity you for the reason that you have to be in that confusion, but I admire you for the reason that you are ABLE to stand in that confusion and be a light, for God, to the fallen world.

    I pray for you, not out of pity, but for your encouragement.

    Thank you,
    your brother in Christ,

  • This is so relevant to what I’ve been goign through. At church this week my youth pastor was tlaking about idols and we got on the subject of cell phones. After further discussion, he challenged those who were willing to, to not text for a month. I don’t have a cell phone, but realized (or at least I’m starting to) how much of my time has been consumed with electronics.

  • I never had a problem with spending too much time on the internet until I read Do Hard Things. 😉 Then I checked out the website/blog, joined the forum, and met and started e-mailing like minded rebelutionaries! But after a while God started to convict me and I’ve left several other forums, stopped visiting so many blogs, and slowed my e-mails to friends. It has definetely not been easy as I love to talk and interact with poeple, but it’s something I realized I let get in the way of my spiritual and academic life. Praise God, things are now changing!

    Thanks for the video Josh; you’re hilarious! And thanks for posting this Brett and Alex!

    Sarah 🙂

  • This is SO HUGE!! If young people can learn to practice self control and self discipline, it can change their lives. At Master’s Commission, we push this hard. You’ve got to make space for God each day if you want Him to be the center of your life. Keep up the good work guys!!

  • hey! love this blog. I love the videos of your brother, I think it’s the first sermon I have watched on the internet in it’s entirity (sp). He makes it interesting and not just dull! And you guys are exactly like him only with hair! Keep up the good work! Also, Brio mag has kinda come back! It’s, so could you let all the teen girls on this site know? I was so excited it came back! I don’t know about breakaway though. sorry dudes! anywho, loved this blog entry!

  • “Popular daytime television programs illustrate this point in a powerful way. The format is always the same: you show as much garbage as you can during the program and then take the last few seconds to issue some moral exhortations. When you think about it, the logic behind this is truly incredible. How can any thinking human being believe that a one minute, haphazard, second-rate moralizing statement can ameliorate the effects of a full hour of unmitigated moral filth?”
    -J.M. Njoroge associate apologist at RZIM

    I just read this quote from Ravi Zacharias’ daily newsletters letter and I was so convicted!! I have watched Law and Order:SVU since middle school and always justified watching it because there was a hint of moral truth or justice at the end. This relates to your brother’s sermon in the fact that I don’t NEED to watch that show or any other crime related fictional series. I could be doing better things like praying or doing some sort of ministering to a friend. Yet, so many times I have wasted my time on the Law and Order: SVU marathons. I have been edified.Now it’s time to use self control. Thank you so much for posting that video.

  • Um…I was literally just doing everything Josh was describing! Not cool!! I’m going to go write that essay I needed to work on NOW. 🙂 Thanks for that!

  • God Writing is another dead link on your blogroll. I was going through all the links and thought I’d mention which ones are deleted or discontinued.

  • I needed to hear this! I always waste alot of time on the computer playing with my cat 😉 all these ” little” things really add up in your day.

    Thanks for posting this

  • Oh My Goodness! I have been laying off chores and homework and even God by doing things like watching T.V. and just sitting around and spacing out. I hope to improve more on my self control, and prioritize things the way they should be.

  • Wow. Yes I have been convicted of the same things Joshua mentioned in his video. I am homeschooled, and coming into my 5th and last year of high school; I am struggling with staying on top of my school work. In some ways I am improving, but if I come upon a math problem I don’t like, or get stuck while writing a speech, it’s off to facebook I go and waste an hour or two. This reminds me I need to get off the internet until my work is done.
    one thing that wasn’t mentioned: how do you work on improving your self control?

  • Great sermon. Hitting the truth right on the head must run in your family.
    By the way, I liked the article about you guys on PHC’s website.

  • Josh pinned down what I had struggled with personally for a long time. I have spent a lot of my time on the internet (especially in the evenings) most of it has been uplifting, but it still is time spent where I probably could have been doing more constructive things.

    So, after God put this on my heart, I made several changes in my life and I put standards on myself. First, I only check my email about twice a day. And I sit down once a day after everything else on my schedule is done and respond to emails. What I used to do was think throughout the day “oh, I have to respond to that email” and end up getting totally distracted. So, set a specific time that you are going to check email, look at facebook or check out the Christian blog you like.

    Secondly, I have taken “fasting” periods from my computer. I actually went on one for two days this week, and it was refreshing. It also was an opportunity for God to speak to me.

    And lastly, I started a journal of goals, prayer requests and mission statements for myself. One of my goals for this semester of school is to limit my evening computer time to two (maybe three) evenings a week. This time will be filled doing more productive things.

    Finally, I got together with people I know who also had serious time busters in our lives. I have one friend who wastes a lot of time watching T.V. We were talking one day about our “time busters” and we decided to keep each other accountable on how much time we spent intaking media. This has helped me tremendously!

    Growing up and taking control of my life is a huge part of growing into an adult. I realize that as a young adult, I cannot let these forces in my life control me if I will continue to fight the good fight. Thank you for this reminder, and it has encouraged me to try even harder.

  • Man, this is so true. I definitely need to work on self-control in the area of wasting time, especially online. I make lots of excuses, and some of them are even good, but the important thing is to focus on God, instead of on *fill in the blank*…
    It’s a little ironic, really, because I’ve been on the web looking for different ways to make a difference as a teen in my own hometown, which (of course) reminded me of your site. So, I’ve been doing good things-looking at Loose Change to Loosen Change, and a program in my town to help homeless teenagers, and Compassion International… and not getting my homework done, and not concentrating on the things I am supposed to be getting done during this time.
    So, I guess the moral for me goes back to something that has been my theme for a while – the tyranny of the urgent. This is a concept my father taught me (like a gargantuan number of the important concepts in my life) that basically means “Do the important things first, and then the ‘urgent’ things.” So many things are urgent, and I have to get them done RIGHT NOW… at the cost of getting the important things done.

    And now that I’ve rambled for a while, semi-hypocritcally, I’ll get off the computer and go do the work that I’m supposed to be doing.
    Thanks again for getting me back on track. 🙂

  • Awesome. I watch too much TV. Not a lot of different shows; I’m pretty good about staying away from all the junk on. But I watch a lot of old movies on TCM, sports, and Fox News. And then a few shows that I do like that are clean. So yeah…TV is a problem for me.

    Thanks for that post! Great reminder!

  • Yes, that definitely sounds like me. I spend at least 2 hours a day on websites like this one, reading edifying articles, going from one interesting looking link to another, when I should really be studying. (imagine how much time I would waste on the net if I was on Facebook??) And, I have known for a while that it was a bad habit, but it didn’t really hit me till now that it was an area of sin (such an ugly word, no) in my life, like my “inability” to keep my room tidy. What you and I would call “a bad habit” is usually sin.

  • I am so convicted after reading this, because I got here to your site just that same way! A little of this and a little of that and I ended up here. Glad I did today to hear this message, but now I have work to do.
    well, I will quickly retweet this first! : )

  • WOW! That was so true of the world we live in today. I do this all the time with facebook. I tell myself that I am just going to check my mail and then I will make click after click and boom I will have been there for thirty minutes to a hour. But what if we take the time we spend on facebook and twitter and spend that time on here. Getting ideas on how to live your life better and make an impact in your community.

  • Wow! Encouraging! I don’t have facebook or any of that stuff YET, but my parents are considering it, plus we still have dial up which obviously inhibits alot…:) But I see that all the time and definitely am prone to the same thing. Praise the Lord for those who speak on such current issues so honestly and humorously! Bless you Harris family, whom God has so blessed with the gift of discernment and communication!


  • Wow how convicting. Omigosh someone just tweeted me…interesting link….brb. JUST KIDDING! Seriously, this is a major issue in my life. When I should be doing school, I often find myself wandering around the internet, and often times I’m looking at “good stuff.” Here’s an idea–and you guys can talk to me about this–but maybe if I set aside a small block of time where I can be surfing the web each day and keep myself strictly to that time it will go a bit better. Pray for me in this! 🙂

  • I was just now surfing around when I stumbled on this video. God really used it to reminded me how mindless surfing can often take me to dangerous places, and even when it doesn’t I’m still building a time-wasting habit. Thanks for this video!

  • Dear Alex and Brett,
    i try very hard as a christian to do right and i am on my way to becoming a doctor. I would love an answer to my question i am about to ask ,but if not i will just wait till God wants me to know. Why does mankind have to suffer? i was cursed with a horrible past when i was 7 by a human being and i wish to know why i must suffer with all that has gone wrong when i was that young. If God cared about me then why did he allow that to happen? I shake as i write this but only because i am afraid to know what that truth is. I know you do not know me but please pray for me. Thank you,

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