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Graduating College With Zero Debt


Keep sending your stories to brett [at] therebelution [dot] com. Today we have an article from Kris Kandel, a young lady whose seven year battle with Lyme Disease led to some surprising blessings.

We love Kris’s story for two reasons: (1) because it demonstrates how God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and (2) because it is a testimony of thinking outside the box when it comes to college.

No College Debt: My Story and Mission

Life is not fair. It throws things at us that hurt (in my case literally) and changes our course without our even realizing it. I never set out to get my college degree without debt, or to start my own business. These were the blessings that came later.

I got Lyme Disease when I was 16 years old. For the next 7 years I was in pain, nauseous, and often didn’t know what days I would be able to get out of bed. Try going to college like that! Not going to happen. It was hard watching friends leave to exciting campus lives. Being left behind. I decided to take one internet class, just to keep my mind off of illness and the 47 pills I had to take throughout the day. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it! So the next semester I took another class.

At the same time I started my photography business. I couldn’t hold a full time job, but I was good with a camera, and could easily take family photos or senior pictures for friends. Editing on my laptop as I lounged in the armchair after a photography session was perfect for my fickle body. I didn’t make much, but it was enough to pay for one course a semester.

Slowly, I accumulated credits from home as I fought my way out of Lyme. By the time I was healthy, I had over 40 credits to my name. After a ton of research I found a school that would let me bring in all these credits (most schools only accept a few outside credits). Score!

Discovering CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior Exams

Then my Eureka moment: I found out about CLEP – College Level Examination Program, DANTES, and Excelsior Exams. Basically you can study a subject and test out of a class for less than $100!! That’s about 10% of the cost of a typical online course! My small photography business could easily cover the cost of these college credits! Now I could speed up my goals to complete my degree without worrying about paying for $1,000 & $2,000 per course. Amazing!

The most challenging aspect of doing college this way, was that the tests didn’t have official textbooks or study guides. I was on my own to figure out what I needed to know and hope I studied the right angles. At first I was terrified every time I walked into the testing center (plus the fact that one of the centers fingerprinted me as I enter and exited the room – not the most relaxing thing!), but as I started speeding up and taking a test every 4-8 weeks I realized it was perfect. Not only could I test out of more than ½ of my degree, I could do it in just over a year!

With the flexibility of testing out of courses and setting my own schedule I wasn’t locked into a college timeline. I didn’t have to be in a classroom at 8 a.m. on Mondays. This flexibility also allowed me to grow my photography business meeting clients when it worked best in their schedules. With my health back on track, I focused 100% on weddings, working weekends and editing evenings. Studying mornings and early afternoons. It was hard, yes. Lots of work, yes. But on Feb. 24, 2011 I took my final exam and received my Bachelor of Science degree in History – DEBT FREE!!! AND I had a full-grown photography job waiting for me to step into.

“I realized that my story was crazy!”

A few months after graduation people started approaching me about my college experience. How did I do it? How did I know what to study? How do you take a CLEP test? I realized that my story was crazy! Having lived it sometimes it’s hard to see how what a different approach to college it had really been.

I could have avoided so many mistakes if someone had been able to explain a better approach to this type of college education. So I wrote an ebook and started a website ( to encourage students to think differently about what the education system tells them. It’s exciting to see how God is using my story to encourage other students to think about college loans and debt.

Many of my friends graduated from Christian colleges with almost $100,000 in student loans. They want to be missionaries, but the missions won’t accept them until they are debt free. How sad that they are wasting years and strength on paying back a bank instead of doing what God has called them to.

Double digit debt doesn’t have to happen to you! Think differently. Take my story (without the health problems I hope!) and see if it fits your goals. Are you an independent learner? Do you like challenges? Are you willing to put in the self-discipline to study without a teacher? Then you may benefit from testing out of college!

Sometimes life isn’t fair. It throws hard things at us. But looking back I realize that without Lyme I wouldn’t be standing where I am today. A college graduate with zero debt. A business owner. And a student advocate.

Remember that girl who watched her friends go off to college thinking she was left behind? Well, let’s just say God sure has a sense of humor and He knows how to turn things around!

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