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Project: Host Secret Church


I am a Christian.

My extended family are atheists. I work for a Catholic family. And some of my friends don’t know what they believe.

We think radically different things about who we are, what’s wrong with the world, how it can be fixed, and where it’s all going.

All over the world ideas are at odds. Most religions are about satisfying a god; Christianity says you can’t, and God has to do it for you.

Islam teaches that there’s one god, atheists think there’s no such thing. All the while Hindus and animists have gods by the dozen.

What are we supposed to think with all these beliefs? Is there just one right way to believe?

How does the gospel compare? What, if anything, makes Christianity different? Should we Christians share our religion with people who don’t agree?

How we face questions like these is vital. We want to think like Christians in this world of views.

So please join the Secret Church simulcast.

On April 29th, 2016, David Platt, president of the International Mission Board, will be leading 6+ hours of intense study on these issues.

There will also be a time of prayer for a specific people group and some info in the work left to be done there. The event will be simulcast live to Christians in over 30 countries as we seek to understand how the gospel affects the way see these things.

The goal of Secret Church is that the people of God will leave equipped with the Word of God to proclaim the gospel of God. I pray it will serve your soul, like it has mine in the other years we’ve done it.

Registration is already open so feel free to check it out and start planning. Maybe have some friends over to watch, or get your whole church involved.

You can sign up, learn more, watch teaching for past years, or find a host church all at

Are you ready for Secret Church?

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Courtney Coburn

is a junior from Oklahoma. She loves old books, animals, the MCU, and almost anything competitive. She wants to point to Jesus in everything she does, by speaking and showing the Gospel.


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By Courtney Coburn
rebelling against low expectations

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