rebelling against low expectations

AuthorLuke LeFevre

is a 22 year old speaker, writer, and revivalist from Nashville, TN where he helps lead a young adult movement called Revival Coalition, which focuses on inspiring and mobilizing young adults and college students to see this generation reached with the Gospel and to be set on fire for God—unto seeing revival and awakening in our cities and nation.

Know What You Believe. Know Why You Believe It.


Editor’s Note: Throughout the years, TheReb has published thousands of articles, each challenging and encouraging Rebelutionaries to do hard things and seek God. But among these posts, some have especially resonated with you, our readers. So over the next few weeks and months, we’re bringing back these classics, reposting our most popular and well-read articles every Thursday. May they encourage...

The Harvest is White: Go and Make Disciples


“The harvest is white.” Jesus said those words two thousand years ago and they are as true today as the moment He first spoke them. Millions of people across the world breathed a sigh of relief as the political cycle in the U.S. came to a long awaited end this week. I have posted little on social media about either of the candidates—though I absolutely had my opinions—and I will not speak out...

How Can a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering?


News has been circulating recently about shootings, terrorist attacks, injustice, and world chaos. In recent days these types of events have become more and more common. With events like these occurring more frequently, one objection to the existence of God seems to tower above all the others: How could a good God allow evil and suffering? This question is not exclusively asked by the...

There’s Only One Way to Change the World (And This is It)


As I embarked on my first year of college, I began to notice that nearly all of my professors viewed their field of study as the most important and vital. For various reasons they would lecture about how their field, in one way or another, has changed the world. My Mass Communications professor would declare that the Internet has changed the world, and by using it, we can change the world as well...

Why You Need To Stop Fighting Temptation


Our culture has been molded around temptation. Advertisements are designed to evoke impulsiveness, the Internet has created a plethora of access to garbage, and not to mention the things our peers present to us. All you have to do is walk out your door or turn on the TV to see it. It seems to come from all sides. And it’s not just porn, drugs and the like; it’s in every sphere and every context...

WARNING: Don’t Let Your Dream Become Your Purpose


We all have the same purpose. Does that statement surprise you? With all of the dreams and aspirations about finding purpose that we see in the world today, can it really be that simple? People spend their entire lives searching for the meaning and uniqueness of their existence and here I come, a fresh-faced 18-year-old, saying that our purpose has been right in front of us from the very...

rebelling against low expectations

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