rebelling against low expectations


Does anyone else have trouble with their youth group?


K. WRITES: Okay, so I’m the newest member of my youth group (the only 8th grader and homeschooler). I’ve gone to this church my whole life. I was really excited to finally move up into the tight knit youth group. Unfortunately when I moved up I realized three things: 1. My youth group of 12 people is made up of really popular kids 2. They aren’t that welcoming and are...

Take the #LymeDiseaseChallenge to Support Ana Harris


Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? You know, when all the athletes and celebrities dumped buckets of ice water on themselves to raise funds for ALS research? Well, there’s a new challenge in town — the Lyme Disease Challenge. And instead of dumping ice water on your head you take a bite out of a lime. As many of you know, my dear wife Ana has been very sick with Lyme Disease for over two...

How to Stop Being Bored And Start Being Wonderstruck


Do you ever wonder at the world? Not in a tired way. Not like you’re upset or frustrated. Like you’re in awe. We live in a world of marvels, glorious complexities and breathtaking beauties. Every day we are surrounded by them. Yet we drink them all in without a shred of wonder or an ounce of awe. We are bored. How poignantly G.K. Chesterton assesses our condition: “We are...

How do you stay motivated?


ALANA WRITES: Lately, I’ve been in a slump where I know I have to do something, but in the end nothing is usually done. I want to want to do hard things, but I’m backsliding on this commitment. How do I get out of this? What tricks have you discovered for staying motivated? Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section! There are currently 7 Comment(s) Have something else you’d...

How can we determine God’s will for our lives?


JOY WRITES: As a teenager I always hear, “Do whatever you believe God wants you to do” or “Find God’s will for your life and follow it.” So my question is… How?! How do I know if God wants me to go to college or enlist in the military? How do I seek God’s will as a teenage Christian? Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section! There are currently 7...

To Teens Who Want to Stand Out


For the past five years, I have placed a high value on my popularity — what people currently thought of me. It was one of my biggest priorities, but not in the way the typical teenager thinks of popularity. You see, I am different than most people. I believe that “fitting in” is undesirable. “Being normal” is not on my list of goals in life. In fact, I want to be un-normal...

Should people pretend to be God in plays or videos?


ELIZABETH WRITES: How do you feel about God or Jesus representations? Like the ones BlimeyCow do in their videos to be sarcastic? I was just wondering what you guys thought about that subject. I know some people who consider it un-Christian and some who consider it completely harmless. Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section! There are currently 17 Comment(s) Have something else you’d...

The Real Reason You Aren’t Moving Forward


“Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side, while He sent the multitudes away. And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there.” — Matthew 14:22-23 He wasn’t coming. I wonder if that’s when the fear first lodged in their throats. I wonder if the sons of Zebedee...

Is there anything important left for young people to do?


CARSON WRITES: It often seems to me that everything that can be discovered, developed, or invented is already discovered, developed, or invented. And then if there is something to be done, you don’t realize it until someone else does it. What can we do about such a dilemma? Share Your Thoughts in the Comment Section! There are currently 7 Comment(s) Have something else you’d like to discuss...

Where should guys and girls draw the line on physical contact?


AMANDA WRITES: I’ve heard many different viewpoints about how much physical contact is too much before marriage. I’ve seen some people saying that girls should never hug guys, and some people say we shouldn’t touch them at all. I’ve decided not to kiss a guy till my wedding day, but what about other things? Hugs? Holding hands? Is there a specific place we should stop...

rebelling against low expectations

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