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Three Things to Remember About God, Relationships, and Singleness


I am nineteen years old. I have never dated anyone or been in a serious relationship. Do I want to get married someday? Absolutely! Since I was a little girl, my dream has been to be a godly wife and a mommy to a house of little ones. However, during this time of my life, God has me absolutely single. Even though it is hard sometimes, God has been teaching me a lot about how he views...

Counterintuitive Advice for Guys about Lust


I’ve got a question for you guys: Is it possible for young men to get through their teen years free from lust? Or what about this: Is it possible for a young man to find such a deep level of freedom that if he saw an immodestly dressed woman getting harassed on the street, he would be able to help her without lusting or would it be too much of a temptation? Or maybe he should run away, since...

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How Do I Keep My Mind Clean?


“Help! Evil thoughts keep rising up and attacking me! I can’t stop it!” Does this ever describe how you feel? Do unwanted thoughts keep popping into your mind no matter how hard you resist them? Welcome to the club. Just about everybody can identify with you, to some degree or another. Whether it is sexual temptations, lies about identity, hatred toward others or self, ill-will toward...

Ann Voskamp: A Letter to My Son


I met Ann Voskamp at Patrick Henry College in September of 2011. She was there for a public interview with Marvin Olasky for WORLD Magazine and the coffee shop crowd was overflowing into the lobby. We all strained to hear the soft-spoken words of this homeschooling mother of six, this gentle wordsmith, who was championing gratitude for even the smallest of God’s good gifts. After the...

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Free To Be Modest


The following article by Nancy Leigh DeMoss is excerpted from the transcript of a May 2005 Revive Our Hearts radio program. Before we get into the specifics of what’s right to wear, what’s wrong to wear, what looks modest, what looks immodest, we need to lay a foundation. I’ll tell you the starting place for all of us has to be answering this question: “Why do I...

John Piper: The Purpose of Clothing


In the second of a series of messages on the topic of marriage, John Piper turned his attention, briefly, to the issue of clothing, for men and women. The sermon was delivered this past Sunday, providential timing for all of us as we prepare for the release of the Modesty Survey results. What is more exciting, Piper hinted at the possibility of a full message on the topic of clothing in the near...

The Responsibility of Modesty (Part Two)


By Shannon Moeller, a strong Christian young man from Illinois. Originally submitted as a text response to’s Modesty Survey. Deuteronomy 22:8 says, “When you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof, that you may not bring the guilt of blood upon your house, if anyone should fall from it.” My sister has often heard from other girls, “It...

The Responsibility of Modesty (Part One)


The following article was submitted as a text response to’s Modesty Survey. We share it with you because the author provides an excellent summation of men’s responsibility in this area. A Christian Guy – Age 20 Let’s be honest. We’re men, and we’re responsible for ourselves. We’re responsible for our thoughts, for our lusts, for our...

(Mis)Interpreting The Modesty Survey


This is just a quick post to clarify several confusing issues that may have been misunderstood by a small number of our audience: 1.) The statements that compose the survey are not “our” statements or the survey results. They were submitted (as questions) by 215 girls from around the world. 2.) Whether a statement calls something modest, immodest, or “a stumbling block”...

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rebelling against low expectations

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